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Irredeemable, Vol. 5

Irredeemable Vol Don t miss the Eisner Award nominated series that has taken the comic book industry by storm Volume of BOOM s original ongoing superhero series from comics legend Mark Waid IRREDEEMABLE dares to ask

  • Title: Irredeemable, Vol. 5
  • Author: Mark Waid Peter Krause
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Don t miss the Eisner Award nominated series that has taken the comic book industry by storm Volume 5 of BOOM s original ongoing superhero series from comics legend Mark Waid IRREDEEMABLE dares to ask the question what if the world s greatest hero decided to become the world s greatest villain What happens to a world when a savior betrays it and who can stop it ADon t miss the Eisner Award nominated series that has taken the comic book industry by storm Volume 5 of BOOM s original ongoing superhero series from comics legend Mark Waid IRREDEEMABLE dares to ask the question what if the world s greatest hero decided to become the world s greatest villain What happens to a world when a savior betrays it and who can stop it A twilight of the superheroes style story that examines the nature of good and evil from the writer of KINGDOM COME and EMPIRE Collects Issues 16 19.

    The Definitive Irredeemable Vol Mark Waid, Peter The Definitive Irredeemable Vol Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Diego Barreto on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Deluxe collection of the critically acclaimed series by legendary comic writer Mark KINGDOM COME Waid The first three volumes of the Eisner and Harvey nominated series collected together for the first time in one oversized edition in premium hardcover slipcase format. Irredeemable Premier Vol Mark Waid, Peter Krause Irredeemable Premier Vol Mark Waid, Peter Krause on FREE shipping on qualifying offers When the Plutonian, the world s greatest superhero, snaps Eric O Grady Eric O Grady is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The third character to use the Ant Man name, he was created by Robert Kirkman and Phil Hester, and first appears in Irredeemable Ant Man December . Mark Waid Waid scripted the opening of The Gauntlet storyline in issue Jan .Waid wrote the Doctor Strange mini series Strange, and several series for Boom Studios, notably Irredeemable with artist Peter Krause and its spinoff Incorruptible.In July Marvel relaunched a monthly Daredevil series with Waid on writing duties Waid and artist Paolo Rivera garnered positive reviews for their Firestorm in Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm Fan We discuss The Drowning storyline from AQUAMAN s , and then move on to Firestorm in United We Fall Part from LEGENDS OF TOMORROW . MarvelMasterworks Comics and Collected Editions LAST WEEK MARVEL BUY Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol OHC BUY Black Panther Book Intergalactic Empire Of Wakanda TP BUY Extermination TP BUY Cosmic Ghost Rider Baby Thanos Must Die TP BUY Ben Reilly, Scarlet Spider Vol TP BUY Daredevil Back In Black Vol The Death Of Daredevil TP BUY Marvel Two In One Vol Next Of Kin TP Ant Man Storia editoriale Il personaggio esordisce sul n della testata Tales to Astonish vol , una collana antologica pubblicata dal al e che presentava storie a fumetti di fantascienza per poi passare al genere supereroistico successivamente continua sulla stessa testata dal n al n e, dal n diventa Giant Man e le sue avventure continuano fino al n .

    • Best Read [Mark Waid Peter Krause] ✓ Irredeemable, Vol. 5 || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
      445 Mark Waid Peter Krause
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Mark Waid Peter Krause] ✓ Irredeemable, Vol. 5 || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Mark Waid Peter Krause
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    1 thought on “Irredeemable, Vol. 5

    1. WARNING: Kind of spoilerish if you haven’t read the series.This volume includes: playing possum, blackmail, secret agreements from beyond the grave, somebody still BELIEVES in the innate goodness of the Plutonian (Hah! Fool!), E.T. smack downs, bitch slaps from the spirit world, heat vison beam to the face and…Mark Waid takes his highly praised story in places you won’t predict and its volume five and he’s still keeping the reader off balance. Peter Krause’s art is kind of jittery (The [...]

    2. The cover shows Tony about to suffocate his dear friend, Samsara, in space. Could this be a tale of revenge? I found out, it's about giving power to machines, Modeus. The gang dwindles as they try to figure out how to kill Tony. So much plot it, slows down the action! This volume is filled with flashbacks, it felt like I was reading a soap opera. Meanwhile, Tony & Sam cause havocUTONIUM: What if I told you I could undo it?The Plutonium realizes Sam is Modeus.

    3. Now it makes a whole lot more sense what I read in the last volume. I read six first and I was pretty lost. Backtracking, I can see the progression in the storyline. This one was more reflective, as the surviving members of the Paradigm look back at their lost comrades, and they regroup in their exploration of the situation with Plutonian. I liked the message from a member of the group who was one of the firs casualties to Plutonian, as he had recorded a message for the group to be watched on no [...]

    4. Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later - after four superb books, the fifth “Irredeemable” book isn’t as good as the others. Which isn’t surprising, I was waiting for the wires to become more noticeable and some cracks to appear - I was just hoping it would take longer to show. So the fight back against Plutonian continues in earnest and Mark Waid uses a trope that is often used in Batman comics where a new villain is introduced - and defeats Batman! Of course, that villain is later d [...]

    5. OK so Volume 5; the bad guy (well Plutonian is one too, but his original antagonist) has been hiding for a while now, but he's found in this volume. Very interesting work here discussing the psychology behind his obsessions with Plutonian, and some other developments in terms of who will be able to stop him.Throw in a plan for stopping the Plutonian (made by one of the characters who dies in the first few panels of Volume 1 - the Hornet) by the guy who is equivalent to their Batman, the human wi [...]

    6. I think this has always been the stronger of Mark Waid's two titles for Boom! Studios. Max Damage remains on his quest for redemption in this dystopian tale. Now though he is joined by a recovering alcoholic cop and the girlfriend of the man who destroyed the world. Alana Patel is actually some character, and the white surpemacist society storyline is pretty much wrapped. There remains a generous dose of big screen action too.

    7. Ok. So this volume got things back on track a bit. I'm still somewhat torn about continuing this series but I did think this volume was an improvement.

    8. The Earth's cities have been destroyed and its people are frightened. No one has been able to throw up any kind of defense capable of repelling the Plutonian. The remaining members of Paradigm are still reeling from their last attempt to defeat him (which ended with Q-Bit destroying the demon Cary summoned as backup, and Bette's candle going out - the one thing that they know for sure will take away his powers). Qubit seems to think that Tony can be reasoned with; the others are not so sure.A se [...]

    9. This is the last volume I read back in High School. I really liked it then, I really enjoyed it now. The ending makes this long fight worth it. A nice twist. A nice fuck you to that piece of shit. I also love it because it leaves us with a lot of things to do after all the destruction. The heroes aren't just in a simple "We win" stage. Nah, they have to figure out a lot. But I really liked this volume too because of how much indepth look we get into a lot of the characters. Without spoilers we g [...]

    10. Having stepped away from this series for a bit, I found myself a little confused until the very last page of the arc. Why this works is because the danger of the story feels realistic in a way other superhero stories don't always succeed. This didn't work until the final pages when it all made sense, and then it all came about for me.So if you like this series, don't be thrown off by this volume. It all comes together.

    11. I was worried that the entire story was going to start losing its thunder. I was wrong.This one picked it all up again, and very nicely. Suspense, mystery, and action. This tale has it all.SPOILER ALERTOkay, I'm gonna do this easy & lazyImagine that Lex Luthor only hated Superman because he was actually in love with him the entire time. So in love, in fact, that he "went missing" in order to take over the body of Jimmy Olsen, superman's pal; a once dead, now reanimated Jimmy. This is how Lut [...]

    12. Super good guy becomes super bad guy. We've seen it before, but not this level! Millions killed!. It leads into the "Incorruptible" series.

    13. What do you do when your favorite super-powered hero becomes the most dangerous super-villain in the world?Hold on tight, because the end is neither near nor are you out of danger yet.Just when you thought you could see the light at the end of the tunnel (and this critic, like many readers, presumed at least once over the course of the last four volume’s of Mark Waid’s post-apocalyptic ‘good guy goes bad’ series thought that the title was operating mostly on borrowed time or an abbreviat [...]

    14. Still an interesting read. This isn't the best thing I've ever read and I feel like I've read similar stories and now the uniqueness of Irredeemable is gone, for me at least. I still like the characterization, the action and so forth. I guess I'm waiting for a jaw-dropping moment, but there's something to be said for just a good story being told competently.

    15. Wow!! Ohmygosh!! What a ride! This is the best book in the series to date! I'm not going to give away any plot details as there are a lot of surprises and cool things that happen in this volume and it's no fun if you already know what to expect. This volume doesn't concentrate on just any specific hero. We flip back and forth from Plutonian to various select members of the Paradigm, some of whom have minor story lines while others have major ones. I just finished reading the latest Incorruptible [...]

    16. Well that was much improved. World: Good grim dark art that fits this series, still no sense of motion. The world building here was also great with the past coming into play. Just like he's been doing all series, Waid gives us enough world building for the story to have a wonderful stage. Story: Much more focused and paced wonderfully well. The last arc was expected but this one was not, which is understandable as it was impossible for readers to see this coming as there was no allusions to it. [...]

    17. Since the main idea of this series seems to be none of the heroes are as good as they appear to be, it only makes sense to learn Batman surrogate Hornet had a plan to bring down his best friend once he started to get suspicious of the guy (and for good reason!). The Hornet's backstory comes out, and the terrible price he paid in exchange for some aliens to step in should the Plutonian go bad comes to light. Meanwhile, guilt-ridden, Plutonian desperately tries to revive all the people he killed i [...]

    18. This is where the series finally goes through an uptick in my opinion. The first couple of volumes is where Waid presents this world that utterly and completely has no hope. It was honestly a little disturbing for me to read.Then the next two volumes, while the threat isn't completely resolved, hope is given to the reader. However, even though we can breathe a sigh of relief, those two volumes seem to be lacking. Coming out of a very intense reading experience, the intensity isn't replaced with [...]

    19. This is certainly not a stand alone story. It's very much an extension of the previous volume.The plot starts with Kaidan, and develops her power into something even more incredible. It seems there may be no real limit to her powers (barring the inability to tell a story).The entire volume is really a set up to the extension of Kaidan's powers and the introduction to an alien species with the ability to challenge Plutonian. The story is interesting and certainly moves forward the original plotli [...]

    20. In this volume of Irredeemable the story jumps back and forth between various members of Paradigm and Plutonian. We learn more about Kaidan's powers then she thought was possible. Qubit and Survivor battle it out over fault. We finally learn what became of Modeus and how Samsara has come back to life. The reader also sees a hint of possible end to Plutonian's reign, although we do learn that Hornet very much sold his soul to do it. This story is just as amazing as it has been and I can't wait to [...]

    21. I'm really digging the expanded mythos of this superhero universe, the interstallar travel, the characters who are dead but we learn more about through various, creative ways of flashbacks. And the character building is pretty clever too.Also cool that both sides, heroes and villains, are flawed and not presented as purely Good or Evil. I'm a big fan of the shades of grey morality this series embraces fully. Plot wise, some very, very interesting things happen. Definitely looking to reading the [...]

    22. I know I know, from my last review one would think that I found the whole series "Irredeemable" to be Irredeemable, but alas as I have been getting these from the library for free, I'll admit the initial premise was enough to make me get one more and give it one more try, ankfully the art was a little better than the last one, and the story did get a bit more interesting, ghshould I read vol. 6?

    23. An enjoyable though not exceptional volume of Irredeemable. Good characters and good ongoing plot, but the story’s biggest flaw is that it feels formulaic: meet the protagonists in the present for a bit; see a bit of backstory that casts a surprising light on one of them; then have a big battle with the Plutonian.

    24. The continuing tale of (in essence) "What would happen if Superman snapped?". Waid's writing is solid, but pulled down by Peter Krause's functional but uninspired art. It remains interesting, and I'll be continuing to buy it -- but I wish there was more bang for the buck here (esp since the collections are only four issues long, in this case issues 16-19).

    25. The Plutonian reveals that he is onto his old enemy Modeus's deception, and has just been along for the ride this whole time. The Paradigm uncovers secrets about the Hornet and his contingency plans, while the teams itslef struggles to keep from falling apart. Waid's series loses a little steam here, but will hopefully pick up in the next volume.

    26. Mostly an explanation of the Hornet's Vespa Protocol, up until the final confrontation in this volume. We also learn more about Kaidan's abilitiy to summon the spirits of the dead and Qubit's motivation for saving the Plutonian in the last installment.

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