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Irredeemable, Vol. 6

Irredeemable Vol When a force even greater than the all powerful former superhero Plutonian comes to earth will it finally be the savior the world has been waiting for or will it prove to be an even bigger threat See

  • Title: Irredeemable, Vol. 6
  • Author: Mark Waid Peter Krause
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
  • When a force even greater than the all powerful former superhero Plutonian comes to earth, will it finally be the savior the world has been waiting for or will it prove to be an even bigger threat See what everyone is talking about in this Eisner and Harvey Award nominated superhero series from comic book legend Mark Waid.Collects Issues 20 23.

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      492 Mark Waid Peter Krause
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    1 thought on “Irredeemable, Vol. 6

    1. Meet the new bossSame as the old bossWon’t get fooled again. Lalalalalalala!!! Keep dreaming.What the hell is it with these super heroes and their secret agendas? Plus, they’re all nuts. Don’t worry alternate version of planet Earth, you’re in good hands! The Paradigm has your back.Really, really spoilerish, so beware!!!As E.T. fully realizes that having a captive Plutonian isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be, the remaining heroes, try to out fox one another.Um, I don't have a clue [...]

    2. "He's not simply daydreaming. He's utterly withdrawn from all reality of his own accord."This volume is similar to "A World Without Superman" except The Plutonian is daydreaming throughout the story, while the remaining members of The Paradigm try to restore order in Sky City.Confusing at certain points."WAKE UP!"

    3. Is it fair to review this when I accidentally read these out of order? I figured I probably should before I forget what I read.I thought I had read volume five, but I was wrong, and I realized it fairly soon after I started reading it.Waid is a tricky fellow. He has some moments where you feel just as delusional as Plutonian does. I couldn't figure out what was really happening. The other lowdown thing he does is have me feeling kinda sorry for Plutonian. Yeah, I wish I didn't. He's a really bad [...]

    4. Sometimes I think as readers we want Mark Waid's tale of a superman who goes insane and decimates the world to be great. The series was excellent at the start and has settled into solid story telling (nothing wrong with that). We see the Plutonian possibly go even further insane and he ends up being transported from the alien prison to an alien insane asylum. On Earth we start to see Survivor might be as bad as the Plutonian, if not worse, and Qbit remains an interesting supporting character.

    5. I found this to be a rather dull entry in the series. I'm always waffling on whether I'll continue the series or not, but I suppose I've come this far so

    6. What happens when you capture a criminally insane murderer? Put him in an insane asylum of course! But when that insane murderer is the Plutonian, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, how do you treat and keep him locked up? Meanwhile on Earth, Survivor and the Paradigm begin the task of rebuilding in the wake of Plutonian's destruction - but have the people of Earth traded one egomaniacal superhero for anotherMark Waid writes another spellbinding book in his magnificent series looki [...]

    7. Now that Plutonian has been contained by a powerful alien force, the Earth is safe!Oh wait, no it isn't. In fact, the void left by the Plutonian may actually have made the world even more dangerousThe Paradigm is shattered, The Survivor is getting drunk on his own power, taking credit for the victory and making others suspicious of him. Meanwhile, Mobius is still at large, and in love with Plutonian.Who's plan has a chance to help and who is just looking out for themselvesMeanwhile, Plutonian mi [...]

    8. This series is settling in nicely. It almost felt in reading the last trade that this would quickly run out of places to go, but Mark Waid shows that he’s willing to weave a narrative that doesn’t telegraph where it’s going next, and that is genuinely exciting reading. I won’t say more than that for fear of spoiling anything—I’ll simply state that this is another solid entry in an involving series, and some of Waid’s best work in years.

    9. Ok I love superheroes in comics. And I love that since the fifties and the sixties they have evolved from superheroes-with-no-flaws-at-all-and-serious-do-they-ever-poop? to ordinary-people-who-just-happen-to-have-powers. It makes them in my eyes much more loveable. This comic is a whole other ballpark. It digs into the psyche of a superhero/super-villain. And does that way better than everything else I have read (not that that is saying much because I don't just read comics all the time, and als [...]

    10. The Plutonian has been taken away to mine terromite on a prison world. He remains mentally disconnected from his body, however, preferring to remember more pleasant experiences/times (or at least dream them – we can't be sure what's going on in his very disturbed mind). But even their prison cannot hold him, and he ends up in a mental hospital inside of a sun. Back on earth, Survivor is making sure that everyone knows who's responsible for their liberation – mostly him – and is making all [...]

    11. A slower volume. Some things are awesome, some not so much. The bad parts are really due to the diving into the mind of Mr. Irredeemable himself. While a neat idea (and kind of a nice fuck you to him) it's really boring. They could have cut these flashes to just one page each time instead of dragging it out. While back on earth least we get some more interesting plots. Some repetitive ones, especially with Savior, but everyone else stays interesting. Also the end of this volume really sets up fo [...]

    12. It almost seemed like the story had pretty much wrapped-up at the end of volume 5, but apparently there's more to tell. It's all a bit anti-climactic, sort of like the latter half of the second season of Twin Peaks, after Laura Palmer's murderer was revealed. I'm not sure there's really much more of interest to be added to this particular saga, though what was here was at least fitfully interesting.

    13. So people are beginning to feel safe b/c Plutonian was taken away by the aliens, unfortunately, they aren't actually able to hold him, which will eventually cause some awkward. I feel like we are waiting to see who else is going to go evil and the relationships are getting interesting.

    14. SPOILER ALERTWhat saves the day? The Plutonian goes insane. He snaps in a total different way, and i like the humanity he is given with this arc. I also enjoy watching Survivor prepare to go nuts with hubris, power, and madness. Oh, it's coming. You know it is. What I did not really like is the prison and asylum arc. Who are these beings, that they are so powerful they require a prison with the capabilities of having the gravitational pull of a black-hole? Who are these beings they require an in [...]

    15. The tempo has slowed down as Earth rebuilds while Aliens tackle the containment of Plutonian. Still an exciting series.

    16. And the story becomes even more imbalanced. World: The art is fie, it's been strong throughout and continues the trend here. The world building for this arc is fairly strong. It serves the story well and give readers another glimpse of the world. Good stuff. Story: Not bad, interesting and expected. You know the direction that this story was going to take with Survivor. Fairly straightforward and paced reactivity well, it is well written. It's just that the characters which were one of the best [...]

    17. This volume was interesting, but concerning. I'm not certain where the plot is going with Survivor, but it seems like it may be going to the same place as the Plutonian. This could be commentary about how great power corrupts, but I don't know if that story needs to be told any further. I've read Kingdom Come, and seen the Green Lantern as a god. I don't know that I need that story again.I realize the Plutonian is the main character in the plot, but I sort of wish his plot was over. I think the [...]

    18. Still really, really good, but part of the issue with this arc is that it's really embracing the sort of bizarro stuff regarding the subconscious and how they're opting to deal with the evil Plutonion. The over-conceptualness of it is a bit of a drawback, and we're now two arcs out from what attracted me to this series to start.I'll eagerly grab volume 7 (and I'm in this for the long haul, truth be told), but I'm kind of hoping things start shaking back to what made this series great to start.

    19. I really think this one lost of the emotional center of the book, namely chasing down the root of Tony's desire, and did far too much meddling with aliens on the route to Tony's fate at the ending this volume. The story of the Survivor drives this one more, and his inevitable corruption is a good plot point, if not maybe a bit too tidy way to tie things up. The first half of this series was pretty close to perfect, so I'm hoping this is just a bit of a mid-series sag before it starts the upswing [...]

    20. The Plutonian has been hauled off, catatonic, by aliens for their own nefarious purposes. But at least Earth is safe, right? Well, the seamy side of the surviving heroes is starting to come out, and a return to normalcy and rebuilding may not be as easy as it seems.There some cool stuff from Mark Waid here, but Peter Krause' art continues to underwhelm, and this is a pretty thin volume, too (four issues, much of which have many pages of large panel art with little dialog). The series feels in a [...]

    21. The series is really starting to pick up again with this installment. The tension that is felt in the first two volumes fades in the later ones, but it's back now however focused on a different individual. In a world where superheroes seem so on edge that one nudge will push them over, how can anyone live in safety or without fear? What an incredible premise

    22. This series just gets better and better. When you think, Where is Waid going to go from here? his answer is, To the middle of the sun and an asylum for the criminally insane superpowered. Good grief, where does he come up with this stuff? Between this and the next tpb, the escape from the sun sequence is one of the best in the series.

    23. There was a lot more happening in this volume than the previous volume, and I have been drawn back in to the story. The author manages to make the Plutonian a sympathetic character again, and raises a lot more questions at to the plans and motivations of the Paradigm and Modeus.

    24. While I like the creators and title just fine, this four issue collection was a bit padded and predicable: Plutonium is trapped in a Dante's Inferno type way and by the time the last chapter wraps he'll wind up escaping.

    25. This series started out so strong but has dragged on to long. I'm getting tired of the plutonian and the only things I really enjoyed about this collection happened towards the beggining. the art was also rediculously inconsitent.

    26. I get that this is an unrealistic comic book containing super-powered beingsbut isn't the inclusion of aliens a form of jumping the shark?

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