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The Temptation Trap, Book 1

The Temptation Trap Book Introducing Book One of The Temptation Trap the long awaited follow up to The Wedding Rescue and The Courtship Maneuver If you ve been waiting for Axel s story this is it Emma Wright is in over her

  • Title: The Temptation Trap, Book 1
  • Author: Alexa Wilder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Introducing Book One of The Temptation Trap, the long awaited follow up to The Wedding Rescue and The Courtship Maneuver If you ve been waiting for Axel s story, this is it Emma Wright is in over her head Three months ago her life was perfect amazing job, shiny new MBA, great friends When her job turns into a nightmare overnight, Emma feels like her life is going downIntroducing Book One of The Temptation Trap, the long awaited follow up to The Wedding Rescue and The Courtship Maneuver If you ve been waiting for Axel s story, this is it Emma Wright is in over her head Three months ago her life was perfect amazing job, shiny new MBA, great friends When her job turns into a nightmare overnight, Emma feels like her life is going down the tubes The only bright spot is her hot new boyfriend He s the man of her wildest dreams sexy, smart, sweet, and a master of her body between the sheets He can t seem to get enough of her full figured curves, so it s too bad she s starting to think he s keeping dangerous secrets Axel Sinclair likes control At work, at home, in bed He gets what he wants, and he never loses Not until he meets Emma Wright, and she turns his well ordered life upside down Emma was supposed to be a job getting his hands all over her luscious body was only a bonus Before he knows it, Axel is in deep Axel is sure Emma s guilty as hell Can he do his job and bring her down Or will he follow his heart and claim her for his own BOOK ONE EXCERPT Emma Wright was becoming a problem She was supposed to be a job An easy job Get close to her, find evidence that she was selling confidential data to a competitor Get paid a ton of money How hard could it be She was the head of Human Resources at a shipping company, not Mata Hari This kind of thing was the bread and butter of Sinclair Security I figured I d take the meeting and pass the case to one of my guys Then I got a good look at Emma Wright Fiery red hair, creamy skin, abundant curves, and clear blue eyes with a wicked glint She was irresistible Luscious, soft, and than a handful in all the right places The moment I saw her picture, I knew I d be handling her myself Sleeping with the suspect wasn t usually my MO, but in this case, I was prepared to make an exception Normally, my approach was to get the evidence, give it to the client, close the case, and cash the check Not with Emma Getting her into bed wasn t the hard part Neither was pretending to be her lover But Emma was tricky She was smart Funny Gorgeous And surprisingly kinky Deliciously kinky I d never admit it, but it s possible I was taking my time on the case just to have an excuse to keep her in my bed Release Schedule Book One January 15, 2016 Book Two January 22, 2016 Book Three January 29, 2016 Book Four February 5, 2016 Book Five February 12, 2016

    • Best Read [Alexa Wilder] ☆ The Temptation Trap, Book 1 || [Fiction Book] PDF ✓
      357 Alexa Wilder
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    1. THE TEMPTATION TRAP-BOOK 1-A MOST ENTHRALLING, SUSPENSEFUL, ROMANTIC STORY I love series, you get to know all the awesome characters, and the characters in this series are awesome, sultry, powerful, and full of unexpected surprises; and they give you something to look forward to.This story focuses on; Axel, aka Adam, is head-turning gorgeous, wealthy, sultry, and owns Sinclair Security; Emma, a curvaceous, fiery red-headed beauty, and in charge of the HR Department of Harper Shipping. What you [...]

    2. This is an author who knows how to suck me in, hold my attention, have me begging for the next word, get me all worked up, bring me to a climax and then make me happy that I have hit a cliff hanger! I swear I hate it when she gets me there but I will always come back for more!Axel Sinclair is a man a mission. He is looking for a corporate spy. He will do whatever it takes to get his man, even if that man happens to be a sexy, beautiful woman. So Axel plays his part, he assumes a new identity, be [...]

    3. This book is sexy as sin, and super mysterious. I was hooked immediately. AND super psyched because this is Axel’s story –and we met Axel when he was a supporting character in “The Wedding Rescue” trilogy. This is the follow up to the The Wedding Rescue and The Courtship ManeuverAxel Sinclair is a security expert and in this story we catch him in the as he is working undercover. He is trying to catch someone giving away company secrets. The person the company thinks is doing it, Axel is [...]

    4. Review by Whitney at The ClubAxle's job and business in security usually is easy and fast. Look into a case of some kind of criminal activity, gain evidence and turn it into the person who hired him. But taking his most recent case with Emma has brought complications he never expected. The closer he gets to her, pretending to be her boyfriend to gain access to her private space, it no longer is a job and he can only hope that she is innocent in the claims against her.Emma has an easy life until [...]

    5. I always expect good entertainment from Alexa Wilder's stories. So when I had the chance to read an ARC of her new novel's first installment, I jumped with joy. That cover alone is stylish and the title promises some mystery to solve.Axel has been hired to expose Emma for selling company secrets to the competition. Appealing, right? The fact that he's doing a job and doesn't care for her welfare took me aback, but I was sure he would soon turn soft as he realized she was innocent and the woman o [...]

    6. This review is from: The Temptation Trap, Book One (An Alpha Billionaire Club BBW Romance) (Kindle Edition)Axel, from The Wedding Rescue, is back in his own story. The hot, sexy, alpha that owns his own security company has been hired by a company owner to find out who is stealing and selling trade secrets. Axel, aka, Adam, meets his target Emma. She has recently had a job promotion and has access to company records so the FBi contacts her asking for help that she agrees to. Adam sleeps with Emm [...]

    7. I have been patiently waiting to get my hands on Axel’s story since I read the Wedding Rescue. Finally I have it and now I can’t wait for the next book to come out to continue the story.Axel is working a case for his security company and he becomes attracted to the alleged criminal. Emma is a woman who is being framed for something but there is more to it than she knows. At least I hope so but I have to wait for the rest of the series to find out. Their attraction jumps of the pages, Axel is [...]

    8. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewG! What am exciting beginning and an upcoming exciting series. I was hooked when I realized Axel or as of right now "Adam" was undercover. The fact that it has the twist of her being looked at as a thief makes this so suspensful and definitely an edge of your seat book. Alexa was very creative when she came up with this plot and has developed the characters amazingly. Axel is going to be completely floored when he realizes she is working [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book. The story of Axel and Emma is hot, sexyd intriguing. Knowing Axel's line of work, it gave the storyline some suspense scenarios. I love how Axel, a sexy control freak himself falls for the beautiful innocent Emmaa suspect and his supposed to be job. At one point, he struggles weighing out his options between his real motives and helping Emma to prove her innocence. He was falling for her hard and fast!Although this book ended on a cliffhanger, I really look forward to the ne [...]

    10. I totally loved Alexa Wilder's other books so I HAD to read this and was not disappointed.This book starts a new series following Emma a Human Resource manager and who Axel (posing as Adam) has been hired by her boss to find out what she is selling to their competitors. He has seen her on video giving info to someone that LOOKS like a competitorEmma was suddenly promoted into a position she was only supposed to be filling on an interim basis, her life was going great. Then an FBI agent approache [...]

    11. We finally get Axel's story! There is no slow build up in this story of how Axel meets Emma--a woman he is investigating for a client. It jumps straight into basically a summary of their meeting and courtship, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars. I like how the story builds in all her other books and felt a little let down that this one wasn't written in the same style. Emma is under suspicion by her boss that she is selling company secrets to a competitor. Axel is hired to investigate but decide [...]

    12. The Temptation Trap, Book One by Alexa Wilder is another winner! Alexa has a way of developing her characters, in this case, Emma and Axel, which begins weaving a story of suspicion and love. Axel, who is an owner of Sinclair Security, is hired to find out if Emma is participating in corporate espionage. Emma is the head of Human Resources of Harper Shipping with access to all company files. Therefore she would be able to get information without any problem. However, is she really committing esp [...]

    13. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Alexa Wilder has started another great series.Adam (Axel) and Emma meet one night at a cooking class and the sparks start to fly. This is a story of mystery, sex, and underneath everything possibly love. Axel has been hired by Emma's boss because the boss thinks Emma is selling company information. Emma has been contacted by the FBI for information on her boss. Neither Axel nor Emma know what the other person is doing. That all comes to a h [...]

    14. The first book of The Temptation Trap is a wonderful beginning to this suspenseful series. It keeps you turning the pages to find out what is going on and by the end of this book, you're ready to resolve this cliffhanger with the next installment. I can't wait to see how the story progresses in the next book in the series. The characters are very well described and you can't help but like Emma from the start. If you like romantic suspense don't miss this series! I was provided an ARC by the auth [...]

    15. I always expect a great story from Alexa Wilder so when I had the chance to read an ARC of the first book in her new series, I jumped with joy. I have been not-so-patiently waiting to get my hands on Axel’s story since I first read the Wedding Rescue. Alexa Wilder gave us another great book that is full of sizzling chemistry and suspense that's told in alternating points of views. Alexa has brought us another great series. I can't wait for the next part of the series! I was provided this book [...]

    16. I received this book as an ARC member in return for an honest review. I am intrigued with the story line. Both Emma and Axel/Adam think they are doing the right thing. They are so involved with the sex aspect of their relationship they haven't seen the other might be withholding information about themselves. Now Adam/Axel thinks Emma is a thief and is going to expose her so she can go to jail even though he is starting to care for her. I think that is going to destroy Emma. I can't wait for the [...]

    17. ARC ReviewAxle works as a private detective of sorts. I am sure he thinks he is very good at his job, but Emma, his current assignment is not what she appears. These two have the strangest relationship. He is pretending to be her boyfriend, and she, reluctantly is working for the FBI. This is one messed up relationship that promises no end of drama and suspense. I loved this story. As always Alexander Wilder ends her stories with the best cliffhanger. I can hardly wait for book two

    18. Temptation TrapThe storyline is what had drew to the novel and it wasn't a failure to trap me into the drama. The starting of a romance with undercurrents always catch my attention with minimal sex is great. I tend to get weary after pages of just hot sex. I like substance in the story telling. . . Sorry it's just I read a lot of romance. The novels storyline tend to become alike and familiar in so many ways. This novel has a good start and worthy read. I want to go forward to book two of the Tr [...]

    19. The Temptation Trap, Book One is the latest serial from Alexa Wilder. This is the story of Axel Sinclair we have been waiting for! Axel was hired to investigate Emma Wright and they find themselves deeply attracted to each other and become involved. There are twists and surprises on every page, including espionage, FBI, and the Russian mob. I literally gasped at the end of book one and cannot wait until I can read the next book to see what happens next! I received this ARC for an honest review.

    20. Received an ARC copy for a honest reviewEmma appears to be quite the good girl. She works and is good at her job. She spends time with her friends and she has a boyfriend called Axle.Axle is a private detective who is dating Emma.But not everything is as it seems.Emma is Axle's current job and Emma is inadvertently working for the F.B.IConfused? Don't be. Read and everything will become clear.I'm looking forward to the next book in the set.

    21. Loving it!A little intrigue, hot chemistry and only book one.Adam, hired to investigate Emma. Emma investigating for the FBI. Neither one knowing what the other is up to. Emma and Adam have some hot chemistry going on but, looks like that might change when Adam thinks he finally has proof of Emma betraying her employer.Great start to another great series Ms. Wilder!Looking forward to the rest of this series!

    22. I like this author very much, and read almost every book. This series is the less favor for me. I actually not finished this series (only read to book 2). Compare to other series, I could not wait for the release date. It can said a lot. After all, I still highly recommended this author. Although it kind of annoy that she like to divide one story to several books. Good thing is she always released on time and each book not schedule for long time.

    23. Wow! That's all I can sayI received this book as an ARC for an honest review. Wow is this series off to a great start. My mind is already working over time trying to guess how this is going to play out. Emma and Axel have a definite connection and the suspense of what's coming is going to drive me crazy. Can't wait for book two! Hurry Ms. Wilder please!!!!

    24. Review by K.M. Thompson, author of the Daylight seriesTotally unexpected!I was unsure of this novel, it was less than 50 pages but by the end it was totally worth it.This book was so action packed, I couldn't put it down. The writing was compelling and believable. And that ending! WOW! Awesome cliffhanger! On to the second book I go.

    25. I have received this Book as ARC for a honest review. Emma is such a sweet character and totally humble simple girl . Axel finds her attractive and they both enjoyed a very wild chemistry . Axel doesn't blow his cover and keeps hoping that Emma will leave the signs of corporate espionage.

    26. YesAlexander Wilder does it again. This is book to start this series has me ready to move on to the next part asap. I'm excited to know how he deals with what he has learned. Hopefully she doesn't slap his face. Lol

    27. Can't wait for book 2I usually hate novellas as a rule, but there are always exceptions. I have been waiting for these stories, and am glad to say so far they do not disappoint. Can't wait for the next book!

    28. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wonderful! I love Alexa Wilder's writing. I have read several of her other works and enjoyed them all. This new series may be her best yet.

    29. I love this book! The characters were great. I read all the books in order, so I was familiar with Alex and who he was. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

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