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Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Four Twenty Blackbirds A magical maniac is loose in Alanda The victims are always women always lowerclass and the weapon is always a three sided stiletto most often found among Church regalia But the killers are never ch

  • Title: Four & Twenty Blackbirds
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: 9780671577780
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • A magical maniac is loose in Alanda The victims are always women, always lowerclass, and the weapon is always a three sided stiletto, most often found among Church regalia But the killers are never churchmen, and they always commit suicide immediately after the bloody deed.Tal Rufen is just a simple constable But he really cares about his job, and when one of these murdA magical maniac is loose in Alanda The victims are always women, always lowerclass, and the weapon is always a three sided stiletto, most often found among Church regalia But the killers are never churchmen, and they always commit suicide immediately after the bloody deed.Tal Rufen is just a simple constable But he really cares about his job, and when one of these murder suicides happens on his beat he becomes obsessed His superiors don t care the victims will never be missed, and their murderers are already justly dead But every instinct Tal Rufen has cries out that he has seen only one small piece of a bigger and much nastier puzzle.

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      268 Mercedes Lackey
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    1 thought on “Four & Twenty Blackbirds

    1. reminded me of a monkish murder mystery with only a little magic. The end tied up too quickly and very predictably.

    2. This book was the weakest of the series for me, even though it had an interesting story and likable characters. The author took a different approach from the previous books. None of our main characters were musicians, and the free bards only played a background role. That wasn’t the issue for me, though. I didn’t mind the change of pace.I enjoyed the first 20%. We’re introduced to a new character, a constable, who’s trying to solve a mystery. There appears to be a serial killer who reall [...]

    3. Fantasy is my favorite fiction genre. I picked up the bardic voices books because of the music theme. I enjoyed all of them, but this book stood out to me. It successfully mixed fantasy and detective genres together into a fantastic novel. I have read the book on a number of occasions and it's one of my go to books when I'm in between new novels and need some time away from my research reading. While the other books in the series focus more on action, this book is much more thoughtful. It engage [...]

    4. It was a little too detailed. It was interesting in connecting with the prior books. Like the diligence of the policeman involved.

    5. I honestly thought I was 100% done with this series after my review of the 1-3 omnibus. But then I saw a copy of this book in my local used bookstore, and was intrigued by the murder mystery angle (because I'm a sucker for murder mysteries). I would put this one on par with "The Eagle and the Nightengales" (#3) which was my favorite, by far, of "The Free Bards" omnibus. It started off strong--harried, totally ordinary fantasy-land policeman as a main character? Heroic/sympathetic main characters [...]

    6. From Kirkus Reviews First hardcover appearance for Lackey's Bardic Voices series (The Eagle and the Nightingales, etc.). In the city of Haldene, constable Tal Rufen ponders a string of brutal murders. The victims are all poor street-musician girls, but Tal's clues are confusing: The perpetrators are also all dead (they always commit suicide right after carrying out a murder); in every case, the weapon is a knife with a characteristic blade, but somehow it invariably vanishes from the crime scene [...]

    7. So I'm going to take the time to use this space to rant a bit about this book. First off, the narrative style drove me nuts at the beginning - huge blocks of straight narrative, little dialogue, (well, lots of internal dialogue as the characters mused for pages about what might be happening in this serial killer mystery). I gradually got over that though, or maybe just dealt with it better. Then Lackey introduces a romantic subplot, which of course made things more interesting for me. It wasn't [...]

    8. Good fantasy with a mystery twist, no actually a mystery as we (the readers) are introduced to the killers and follow them as well as the hunters. We meet the killers about 40% into the book, our hero and heroine don't figure it out until about 70% then don't manage to find and stop them until over 90% through.This book features Police constable Tal Rufen from the city of Haldene; he's been a constable since he was 16 and has 20 years on the force, he is serious about his work and well read. He [...]

    9. A re-read. One of my Internet hangouts was having a discussion about spec fic somebody claimed that it was all fluff, but that Mercedes Lackey was deeper than most other authors. (I know, I know. Me too.) My recollection was that ML was concerned with matters of ethics in her fiction, but that she handled them in a fairly naive way. So I thought I'd re-read some of the books by her that I remembered liking to see if that was correct.In general, I'd say that it is. But I also read the wrong book [...]

    10. This last book in the Bardic Voices series actually has very little to do with the Free Bards, and everything to do with several of the minor characters from previous books. This is actually more of a mystery than the fantasy/romance of the first 3 books, altho the mystery isn't very deep, since I think I figured out the murderer in like 3 or 4 pages--if it took that long. But Lackey gives her usual touch to this one, and it was still enjoyable, even if it wasn't quite what I was expecting from [...]

    11. The last of the Bardic Voices, I loved the whole meld of priesthood and music and government and law and order that ML wrote into this work. The characters are deep, once more, not surprising at all since it's ML, to a point that they even question their own characters! It was truly amazing to read about the personal problems that they all went through. And all throughout that a wonderful plot that just kept everything tied together.

    12. A crime thriller where the protagonists bumble about ineffectually while the killers run circles around them. Eventually the killers get caught, not by any cleverness or deduction, but by pure serendipity. And it's not even the protagonists--upholders of justice that they are--who do the catching.

    13. This was not my favorite book of hers. There were a lot of lengthy passages of main characters asking themselves questions, and I'm learning I really do not like that style (kind of like Kathy Reichs' books). The overall story was interesting, and I liked the characters well enough - probably just wouldn't read it again.

    14. A combination of a good fantasy story (with likeable, interesting characters, good vs. evil, and a fun world setting), with a good crime story (including murders, and the hunt for the killer). An enjoyable read with a rather surprising ending.

    15. A significant improvement over the previous books, but of course it is more of an independent story set in the same world. A fun detective story set in a magical world. This one was what the series should have been about from the start.

    16. Not my favourite of this series, it was still an interesting read.I think it was the theme of a murder that put me off. I see Mercedes Lackey more as a writer of fantasy than a writer of fantasy-thrillers.

    17. Bardic Voices series. This is a great fantasy series. You can hardly go wrong ready books by Mercedes Lackey.

    18. I read the bard series because it revolved around music and singinguff I love to do. Unfortunately, the Bard series just didn't resonate with me much. It was a descent read, though.

    19. A bit slow in parts, but otherwise an enjoyable mix of two of my favorite genres - mystery and fantasy.

    20. I really like it at first, as a murder mystery and hated to put it down, but I have to say the ending was rather a disappointment, which is why I gave it a 3 instead of a 4.

    21. bardic voiceslove mercedes lackey and the worlds she concocts. this story continues a prior story in this seriesvolves a hunt for a serial killer and a committed constable.

    22. Take the Bardic Voices 'verse but put a crime procedural spin on it and add magic and the local religion. That's it. Subverts expectations for the protagonists but in a good way.

    23. Lackey does enjoy her nursery rhymesI'm curious as to how much she enjoyed those and fairy tales as a child

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