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The Beach Wedding

The Beach Wedding THE BEACH WEDDING is the first book in the fun and romantic Married in Malibu series a spin off of Lucy Kevin s New York Times bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series Lucy Kevin is the sweet pen

  • Title: The Beach Wedding
  • Author: Lucy Kevin Bella Andre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE BEACH WEDDING is the first book in the fun and romantic Married in Malibu series a spin off of Lucy Kevin s New York Times bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series Lucy Kevin is the sweet pen name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre BOOK DESCRIPTION Liz Wilkinson has finally landed her dream job overseeing Married in Malibu,THE BEACH WEDDING is the first book in the fun and romantic Married in Malibu series a spin off of Lucy Kevin s New York Times bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series Lucy Kevin is the sweet pen name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre BOOK DESCRIPTION Liz Wilkinson has finally landed her dream job overseeing Married in Malibu, a new wedding venue for the Hollywood elite that promises perfect, paparazzi free happily ever afters She vows to do whatever it takes to put the new company on the map Even if it means working with her ex fianced pretending to be in love with him again, too As a bestselling thriller writer, Jason Lomax writes plot twists for a living But he never could have imagined needing his ex fiancee s help to arrange a secret beach wedding for his famous niece Nor did he ever expect to fall even in love with Liz the second time around When their fake dates and kisses become breathlessly, wonderfully real, will Jason be able to convince Liz that neither of them is pretending any And that the love they once felt for each other never actually went away

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      167 Lucy Kevin Bella Andre
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    1 thought on “The Beach Wedding

    1. I had planned on just reading a chapter before bedtime. They next thing I knew, I had reached the end. But I didn't want it to end. The only way that happens for me is if the book flows well, has great characters, and a plot that not only makes sense but develops throughout the story.Liz Wilkinson has been hired to run the new wedding venue in Malibu. She hires talented people that not only complement the business but they add to the story. With weeks still to go before the grand opening, her pa [...]

    2. Such an amazing romance from Lucy Kevin, the pen name of one of my favourite Authors, Bella Andre. I loved this book entirely and I'm so excited to read further books from this great series, Married in Malibu.When we meet Liz Wilkinson who has just got a new Job as Manager of the Wedding venue called Married in Malibu. She is so pleased with this amazing job, until she meets her first customer there, Jason Lomax who happened to be her ex fiancé from 10 years prior. He has asked for them to offi [...]

    3. “What a deliciously sweet romance”The Beach Wedding book #1 of the new series “Married in Malibu” by Lucy Kevin AKA Bella AndreWhat can I say? Lucy Kevin is the pen name for my favorite contemporary romance author Bella Andre. She’s kicking off a brand new series “Married in Malibu” and it promises to be a huge success. Sometimes we just need the sweet and delicious instead of the down and dirty. Liz Wilkinson just landed her dream job. Manager of “Married in Malibu” a wedding [...]

    4. The Beach Wedding is the first book in the Married in Malibu series, and a spinoff of the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series. It was an enjoyable and light hearted read.Liz Wilkinson is the Wedding Director for a new venue that services the elite in Hollywood. She's driven and fully consumed with work - this is her life and she has no time or interest in anything else. Jason Lomax, the best selling thriller author has the success he always dreamed about. He fulfilled his career aspirations and hi [...]

    5. Married in Malibu is the first book in a new series by Lucy Kevin aka Bella Andre. Liz and Jason were engaged years ago & Liz broke the engagement & ran away. Now Liz is given the job of her life, opening & managing the Malibu version of the Rose Chalet (from the Four Weddings & a Fiasco series). Before she could get the venue set up & running, she was given the chance of a lifetime. An up & coming actress, Amber, was supposed to marry the love of her life in France. Howe [...]

    6. Fabulous! Wonderful! Outstanding! I can use each and every one of these words plus many more describe this well written book. It is a very well written sweet romance novel of second chance love. Ms. Kevin does not pull any punched in pulling the readers heart strings. And she pulls them really hard.The Beach Wedding is the first book in a sort of new series by Lucy Kevin, Married in Malibu. You see this is a sister series to the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series (fantastic as well). You have rea [...]

    7. Another delightful book of Lucy Kevin, aka Bella Andre, who with this pen name, Lucy Kevin, writes novels so beautiful and fluffy and wonderful couples but sweet stories without hot scenes, but as wonderful as those signed as Bella. Only for this I give 4.5 stars and not 5 stars I love hot scenes!Liz and Jason were engaged a decade ago but they were young and Liz immature and scared she fled fled to Jason could realize his dream, fled to pursue her professional achievement. But they never forgot [...]

    8. Liz and Jason's relationship ended abruptly 10 years ago. Helping Amber plan her dream wedding was one of the reasons Jason sought Married In Malibu out. Seeing Liz again after all those years brought out the trapped emotions from within. Despite being the successful writer that he is, Jason could never go past not knowing why Liz left him. I was thrilled to have been given this opportunity to review the first book in this series since I'm a big fan of Bella Andre. Her writing style as Lucy Kevi [...]

    9. I have read Lucy Kevin's Four Weddings series and was excited to be given an advance copy of this book to read and review.A new wedding venue is opening in Malibu (an extension of the Rose Chalet venue in the Four Weddings series) and Liz is thrilled to have been chosen to manage this new venue. An opportunity to showcase "Married in Malibu" lands in her lap when an actress needs an new venue to host her wedding but along with this exciting opportunity, comes an unexpected reunion. Jason Lomax,a [...]

    10. This is the tantalizing "sweet" start to the newest series by Lucy Kevin (Bella Andre) which pairs Liz and Jason who were engaged 10 years ago until Liz ran away just weeks prior to the wedding. Now she is the manager to the newest boutique wedding venue in Malibu catering to celebrities and all their secrecy and security needs. Jason is now a best-selling thriller author who is planning his niece's wedding after her scheduled wedding was becoming a paparazzi nightmare. From the first time Liz o [...]

    11. The Beach Wedding is a sweet, second chance romance that is a spin off of the Four Weddings and a Fiasco series. Liz and Jason were formerly engaged and Liz ran off just before the wedding with no explanation, leaving Jason heartbroken. Fast forward 10 years and Jason comes to the new wedding venue Married in Malibu looking for a place to host his niece's wedding. What he finds is Liz, the woman he never stopped loving. The two reconnect and while Liz fights her feelings and tries to remain prof [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this book. I also enjoyed the "Four Weddings and a Fiasco" series which this is a continuation of. This is the first book in the Married in Malibu series. Liz Wilkinson has been hired as the manager of the wedding venue that is called Married in Malibu. It is due to open in 3 weeks. After hoping she can get a big name to be the first wedding there in walks novelist and her former fiance, Jason Lomax. He wants Liz to have his nieces wedding there. Since she is a Hollywood actre [...]

    13. A sweet, quick read that starts off the new Married in Malibu series. Liz has been hired as the new manager of the Married in Malibu location that is to be an exclusive wedding location for celebrities and other clients who need lost of privacy but still a beautiful location. Liz is relishing the challenge of getting the venue ready for weddings when the biggest challenge of all comes in, Jason, her ex-fiance looking to book a wedding quickly for his actress niece. Watch the sparks fly and see i [...]

    14. This second chance romance by Lucy Kevin is the set up of her new series depicting weddings to be held at the facility run by Liz Wilkinson. Jason and Liz were in love ten years ago and are brought together again with the planning for his niece's secret wedding. Liz is all business and wants this wedding to be successful to prove herself to her new boss. Meanwhile, Jason wants his niece's wedding to be perfect AND to get Liz back. He really wants to resume their former relationship. The setting [...]

    15. This is the first book I have read from Lucy Kevin but not the last. The Beach Wedding was a great read from beginning to end.Married in Malibu is a new branch of a San Francisco wedding company. Liz has left the corporate jungle to plan weddings. Jason just needs to find a new venue for his niece's wedding. Liz and Jason have baggage. When he goes to see if she can help him, he realizes that he must figure out a way to get her back. Liz is just trying to get through this without losing herself [...]

    16. Omg! I couldn't put this book down, nearly burnt dinner lol.Liz and Jason were so madly in love, but they were giving everything up to be together Liz knew she had to let him go, so he could follow his dreams of becoming a writer10 years later and not a day has gone by without thinking of him, the only way she can cope is to throw herself into her work.Liz and her team must work hard to open the wedding planning business on time, only fate has thrown a spanner in the works. And in walks Jason, w [...]

    17. The Beach Wedding was like a breath of fresh air. Lucy Kevin definitely puts her all into this new series. This story of second chances, grabs you from the beginning and takes through Liz's doubts and fears of being smothered by love and Jason's doubts and fears of losing love. In the end they realized all they had to do is believe in each other and their love. Loved this book and love Lucy Kevin!!!

    18. That wad a great story. Jason and Liz were together for some time and engaged to. Marry when Liz called off the wedding without a real explanation to Jason. 10 years later they meet again when Jason's niece is looking for a venue to marry without the paparazzi. Don't want to spoil all but good story line.

    19. I really like the storyline, but felt that the book was rushed. I would prefer a longer book, where there is more depth to the characters and story. That being said I did love watching Jason and Liz reconnect and get a second chance at love. I also enjoyed getting introduced to all the other characters that will be a part of this series.

    20. Another amazing sweet love story by the amazing Lucy Kevin!!! I loved this story and learning about all the new friends at Married at Malibu!!! I loved Liz and Jasons sweet story and the forever love!!!

    21. I loved this book fast read, wonderful characters , can't wait to read the next in the series The Summer Wedding! Love Lucy Kevin books!

    22. A great easy readLoved it!! A second chance book. A light romantic book and happy ever after. Love the series. I had read the other series and so glad of this new series.

    23. This is a fun beach read. It's predictable from the start but the characters are likeable and will keep you reading.

    24. SweetBella Andre's books under the name Lucy Kevin are sweet. Her new series has started off with a winner. I highly recommend you purchase this book!

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