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Exits Claire Kim hates herself and the world she lives in Working at a mirror store she shows customers their reflections and daydreams about erasing her own One night on her way home she gets her wish F

  • Title: Exits
  • Author: Daryl Seitchik
  • ISBN: 9781927668344
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claire Kim hates herself and the world she lives in Working at a mirror store, she shows customers their reflections and daydreams about erasing her own One night, on her way home, she gets her wish Follow Claire as she wanders invisibly through the city and her own psyche.Daryl Seitchik was born in 1989 and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania She iClaire Kim hates herself and the world she lives in Working at a mirror store, she shows customers their reflections and daydreams about erasing her own One night, on her way home, she gets her wish Follow Claire as she wanders invisibly through the city and her own psyche.Daryl Seitchik was born in 1989 and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania She is best known for her semi autobiographical comic series, Missy, which earned her a nomination for the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent in 2014 She is nocturnal.

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    • ✓ Exits || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Daryl Seitchik
      307 Daryl Seitchik
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    1. Existentialist writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote No Exit in 1944. In it three people are stuck in a room, which may be like existence, or the afterlife, maybe Hell. In it one of the characters asserts, "Hell is other people." These three damned souls are just waiting, in some sense as Becket's Didi and Gogo wait, in Waiting for Godot, for meaning. These works came about during WWII, amidst the loss of millions of lives as fascism or at least chaos reigns, in that political landscape. [...]

    2. Somewhat on the artsy side, but fun.Claire Kim works in a mirror store. One day, she finds herself becoming invisible. At first, it's pretty cool. She plays pranks and spies on people, but soon begins to miss having her existence acknowledged This is a quiet and thoughtful book. Seitchik keeps text to a minimum, preferring to let the visuals carry the story. There are visual echoes--repeated themes, shapes, and panels--that heighten the surreality of it all. I really felt Claire's alienation and [...]

    3. I thought I was just gonna read another third of this book last night and then I was done all of a suddenAlright my reviewI'm pretty sure Exits was on a recommended shelf at the Strand but then I got it from the libraryThanks libraryAnd thanks to the Strand too for the recommendation Even though I did not love the endingWhat I did absolutely love was so many parts of this story and its tellingAnd the way it reminded me of a lot of very real people and feelingsIt reminded me of another cartoon ch [...]

    4. A very fine debut graphic novel that does a great job balancing its weighty themes with deft humor and tying everything. It's not a talky book and as a result I ended up blitzing through it because I have no self control and I look forward to rereading it in six months or so and taking my time. It's just that Daryl Seitchik's art was so awesome I felt compelled to consume it as rapidly as possible. She is an incredible illustrator and is absolutely locked in here. It's outstanding work, and a gr [...]

    5. Exits is far outside of world of DC/Marvel comics, with loose, experimental cartooning and a protagonist filled with ennui. This is a definite successor to the indie comics of yore, dealing with the tragedies and daily stresses of today's world. Claire works at a mirror store. She hates her boss, her job, and increasingly, she hates her life. Then one day she turns invisible. She's still alive, but no one can see her. So she tries to find meaning in a life where she exists at the outskirts, obse [...]

    6. I had the intentions of reading this throughout the weekend, and then just couldn't stop. The illustrations are simply spot on, and are exactly what I'm looking for in a graphic novel. Simple, yet complex. I feel biased because I love characters like Claire and identify with the angsty vibe she puts out. I highly recommend this lovely little novel.

    7. A quiet, darkly humorous glimpse into the life of an isolated woman. Her experiences of metaphorical invisibility morph into literal invisibility.

    8. I almost never read graphic novels but picked this one up because I connected to the theme. I'm exploring and trying to overcome ways I've become comfortable with being invisible in my life and was curious to see how this story addressed its central premise. While the book's tone is often whimsical, it does also offer some sober insight into what causes some people to become invisible to others, and the upsides and downsides of not being seen.I love the art style, especially the use of rich, dee [...]

    9. Interesting idea, about willing oneself to disappear. Not entirely clear why though. Would have given 3-stars, but I loved the use of sketch-book raw-drawings look used on the pages about dreams and contemplation.

    10. Girl works at mirror store, is chased by man-baby, and turns invisible. The stuff in her house turns invisible too, and then she has a dream about an underwater plane-fish.By which point you're probably so bored by the lack of story (or sense) that you put the book down.

    11. via NYPL - Intriguing premise, nice artwork, with some nice beats but not quite living up to its ambition.

    12. Will not be recommending this to patrons who are just reading graphic novels for the first time, but might be perfect for some hipster or angsty teenager.

    13. A wan, eerie, occasionally spellbinding tale about an alienated young woman who becomes invisible–which causes her to become even further adrift. I'll be wanting to revisit this one sometime in the months ahead.

    14. This is my first exposure to the work of Daryl Seitchik. This is a fascinating book, especially in its thematic (and iconic) handling of appearance, vision, and eyes.

    15. I loved this one. Quiet, thoughtful (funny!) comic about a woman who becomes invisible. Just a small step away from our world, it presents this invisibility as something complicated and interesting, an illness, a gift, a curse. It is both freeing and intensely isolating, especially for a woman intent on disappearing. There's safety in anonymity, but we all also want to be seen & known.

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