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Haunt Of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe

Haunt Of Horror Edgar Allan Poe What scares you Serial killers Vampires Earthquakes Extreme sports The dentist Horror comics legend Richard Corben Creepy Eerie and longtime collaborator Rich Margopoulos leave no gravestone unturned

  • Title: Haunt Of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe
  • Author: Richard Corben Edgar Allan Poe Rich Margopoulos
  • ISBN: 9780785122791
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What scares you Serial killers Vampires Earthquakes Extreme sports The dentist Horror comics legend Richard Corben Creepy, Eerie and longtime collaborator Rich Margopoulos leave no gravestone unturned as they offer up wicked spins on the classic poems of Edgar Allan Poe Each adaptation is hauntingly rendered in black and white with gray tones as only Corben can doWhat scares you Serial killers Vampires Earthquakes Extreme sports The dentist Horror comics legend Richard Corben Creepy, Eerie and longtime collaborator Rich Margopoulos leave no gravestone unturned as they offer up wicked spins on the classic poems of Edgar Allan Poe Each adaptation is hauntingly rendered in black and white with gray tones as only Corben can do it along with the full text of Poe s poem for comparison Collects Haunt of Horror 1 3 and extras.

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      376 Richard Corben Edgar Allan Poe Rich Margopoulos
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    1 thought on “Haunt Of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe

    1. Good effort I'd say was good to read. Though they were not exactly the kind of think we will say adaptation but rather inspiration and it was fine job done

    2. La literatura de terror y las historietas han compartido el desprecio de la crítica literaria seria (ya sea la que estudia a los clásicos o la que se desvive por cualquier cosa que se presente como vanguardista). Aunque, esta situación ha ido cambiando y actualmente se reconocen los logros artísticos y culturales de ambos géneros, afortunadamente esto no le ha arrancado a ambos géneros su condición de "literatura pop". Así es que las magistrales adaptaciones de las obras de dos grandes d [...]

    3. Like any collection, this has its ups and downs. The source material, Poe and Lovecraft, is excellent, and it's nice to see an artist of Richard Corben's calibre taking it on. I find, far too often, that, especially in Lovecraft's case, the artists that tackle his stuff aren't very good.That's not the case here. Corben's excellent. I've loved him ever since the very first Bat Out Of Hell album cover for Meat Loaf.There were definitely some liberties taken with the source material, especially in [...]

    4. Korben je, uz pomoć Riča Margopulosa, Poovu poemu "Gavran" uspešno adaptirao za "Creepy". Verzija za "Leglo strave" je znatno slabija – ne samo crtački, već i scenaristički (ovo se posebno odnosi na jeftini preokret na kraju koji ne postoji kod Poa). "Usnula" je istinski jezovita vampirska nadogradnja istoimene Poove pesme (sa primesama Kingovog "Salemova"), dok je strip verzija "Crva pobenika" krajnje bizarna naučnofantastična estravaganca (glavna junakinja Korbenove verzije, namerno [...]

    5. ¿Se supone que esto tenía que dar miedo?Yo amo a Poe, y todo lo que este hombre escibe me parece fascinante, y la idea de llevar sus poemas y relatos al cómic me encanta, la idea central de toda está novela grafica en sí es muy buena. Ya he visto en varias ocasiones cómo se adaptan poemas al cómic, donde ocurre una historia paralela relacionanda con las palabras del poeta, y es una ¿tecnica? ¿figura literaria? (en fin) que me encanta un montón. Pero el gran problema con esste cómic so [...]

    6. I'm a big fan of Richard Corben, so I did enjoy this. But I'd say that some of the stories worked for me and some didn't. The stories are basically re-imaginings of Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems. Most of them are kind of goofy, to be honest, but they've got great Corben artwork.

    7. Perhaps my three star review is harsher because I came with impossibly high hopes. A collection of Poe and Lovecraft with art by a famed Eerie and Creepy artist? Could there be anything that would be better? Corben is an artist that, like Wrightson who I reviewed earlier, kept a tradition of horror art alive. Poe and Lovecraft are, arguably, the best known of the horror genre of their time, creating and redefining the field. So, what went wrong for me? The work seemed to alter the classics. Corb [...]

    8. Richard Corben has created a little cottage industry of Edgar Allen Poe Adaptations. He's been illustrating Poe stories since the 70s, and no one other illustrator tackles the job quite like Richard Corben. This collection of adaptations is remarkable in two ways.1) Corben the artist is a unique artist at the top of his game. His idiosyncratic style has mastered lighting and renders everything - people, buildings, trees - in a tactile, squishy manner. Everything feels alive, which suits Poe well [...]

    9. Mi política es, siempre que sea posible, leerme las obras originales antes que las adaptaciones. Y en este caso, tenía leída la mayoría de las obras de Poe que adapta Corben, y de todos modos vienen como bonus al final de cada historia (debería ser antes, pero bueh), así que me largué a leerlo de una. Y me encontré con varias sorpresas, tanto buenas como malas. Empecemos con las malas: Corben no sabe dibujar en perspectiva, ni es bueno definiendo la edad o la supuesta belleza o fealdad d [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the Lovecraft version of this that I read awhile back, but somehow Poe doesn't seem to benefit as much from the same treatment. Like with the Lovecraft one, they seem to be trying for at least a few less-often-adapted works, but some of them don't seem to have enough meat on the bone for the presentation.Here and there there's some really effective stuff. Richard Corben's evocation of the narrator's obsession with Berenice's teeth in "Berenice" is pretty great, but for the most [...]

    11. The material on which this book is based is excellent, of that their is no question. The drawings are also fantastic. Richard Corben brings people to life and his imagination for the supernatural elements is terrific. The book is divided into two parts, the first one based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. The problem for me was that I'm not a very good reader of poetry, so I didn't enjoy it very much. Sometimes I struggled to connect the imagery with the original text. On the other hand, when [...]

    12. Amazing Corben Art, But Weak AdaptationsWith consistently astounding black and white Richard Corben art, this book is really nice to look at. It's a mixed bag to read though. Digging into some of the adaptations, I wondered if they had even bothered to read the source material or if they were going on vague memories. I'm fine with liberties being taken, and the stories in this book that work best for me in which the authors went way outside the box, like the adaptation of Poe's "Eulalie." Some o [...]

    13. Got this $30 book used for $15 at Bookman's and then saw it for $10 at another Bookman's used books store. Bought it for the Corben art mainly. I like that the stories are adapted from Poe and Lovecraft, but I wasn't wild about the price tag nor the text part. You see, the publisher includes the text pieces of every short story or poem after it is first adapted in a comic book style. If that raised the cost of the book then I wish they hadn't done that as I already own prose books by Poe and Lov [...]

    14. I would recommend this book mostly on the power of Richard Corben's art. The creative license involved in adapting Poe's and Lovecraft's stories is a bit hit-or-miss. Also, the artist does not always pull off the narrative in a cohesive fashion in several of the stories. You can't just have characters popping in and out of short stories with no explanation as to who they are. It throws off the whole story. Hopefully more of the stuff that Corben drew in Heavy Metal and other similar magazines wi [...]

    15. This collection of comics based on Poe's work is hit and miss. Some of the stories were good, some weren't. All were at least loosely, and I mean LOOSELY, associated with some poem or short story of Poe's. Honestly, the attribution to Poe in at least half of the stories is tenuous at best, and I think they would operate better as stand alone stories, rather than cramming lines of Poe's poetry in with them. At times, the stories work. Other times, the writing of the dialogue cannot come close to [...]

    16. I really, really wanted to rate this book higher. I like the works of Poe and I love most of Lovecrafts, but this here never really got to me.The art is pretty nice and often fitting the stories. But the interpretations of the stories are very hit or miss, mostly misses unfortunately.I wouldn't call it bad. It's just that Corbens interpretations of the stories don't fit with my own and so it feels as if he takes too much liberty as an artist.In the end:Nice and fitting artSome pretty good storie [...]

    17. Los dibujos de Corben me encantan, sin embargo siento que este no es de sus mejores trabajos. En cuanto a las historias, me sorprende que la mayoría estén basadas en poemas que en realidad no brindan suficiente material para una historia, por lo cual algunas parecen muy rebuscadas e incluso cuando se comparan con el texto original de Poe no tienen mucho que ver. Me hubiera gustado más que se basaran en otros relatos como "William Wilson" o "La fosa y el péndulo".

    18. I love Poe so I should have loved these adaptations. The artwork is beautiful, but most of the stories have a tenuous link to the original Poe poems and shorts, at best. You might be better served reading the old Warren magazines or EC Comics if you want to see it done better.

    19. Great Grey-Tone Richard Corben art.The story adaptations are a little groan-worthy, but at least they actually supply the original story or poem for the reader to re-read at the end end of each adaptation.Nice hardcover edition too.

    20. This is a graphic interpretation of many of Poe's famous stories . Until some cases, they used his actual text . In others, they based it on his ideas. In all cases, they included the original story afterwards so you can see the source material .

    21. Una extraña serie de adaptaciones a cómic que recopila bastantes obras importantes de Poe, algunas de forma sublime, otras como trabajos que solo cumplen, pero fuera de ello un trabajo bastante entretenido y sencillo que puede disfrutarse por sí mismo. Recomendado.

    22. it's very interesting to see Poe in a new and very different interpretation. I think each story could of incorporated more, especially "Berenice" as a lot was missed out. by far "the raven" is the most powerful adaptation. really enjoyed the read

    23. This really quite sucked. Most of the artwork was quite awful. I hated the way they interpreted Poe's works. It was just plain stupid, and weird. They didn't even do "The Fall of House Usher" which would have made a really good graphic story. I was really disappointed by this graphic novel.

    24. Interesting interpretation of Poe tales. Lots of pretty art, some not so much. Good to read for any Poe fan!

    25. I read most of Poe works in hs. Berenice was scary those damn teeth! I thought this was going to be more about the stories the adaptations was cool but could had been better.

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