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Sweet Texas Kiss

Sweet Texas Kiss Small town Big secrets Welcome to Sweet Ridge The Cooper brothers receive the shock of their lives when their deceased father owner of the lucrative Guac Ol company wills away their inheritances to

  • Title: Sweet Texas Kiss
  • Author: Monica Tillery
  • ISBN: 9781440595486
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
  • Small town Big secrets Welcome to Sweet Ridge.The Cooper brothers receive the shock of their lives when their deceased father, owner of the lucrative Guac Ol company, wills away their inheritances to three random women No one s surprised when Jack Cooper leaves the family estate to music superstar Macy Young than his oldest son Seeing his childhood memories beingSmall town Big secrets Welcome to Sweet Ridge.The Cooper brothers receive the shock of their lives when their deceased father, owner of the lucrative Guac Ol company, wills away their inheritances to three random women No one s surprised when Jack Cooper leaves the family estate to music superstar Macy Young than his oldest son Seeing his childhood memories being handed over to his high school rival the first woman to break his heart stings, especially when Gavin is left only a pair of old reading glasses and a cryptic note Luckily, Macy can t sell the house for one year plenty of time for Gavin to find a way to get it back Living in the harsh spotlight of country music fame has cost Macy, and a little hometown peace and quiet just might heal her soul But giving up and giving back Gavin s greatest prize may not be the tune she plans to sing.Can a country star and a country veterinarian find a way to bury their animosity and rediscover their first love in the process

    • ☆ Sweet Texas Kiss || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Monica Tillery
      237 Monica Tillery
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    1 thought on “Sweet Texas Kiss

    1. Sweet Texas Kiss is the first book in a 3 book series written by 3 different authors. They are all standalone, but this one introduces the three brothers who are in for the shock of their lives, when their father passes away and does something totally unexpected. For reasons unknown to them, he's gifted away part of his estate to three young women, all parts that the men in question expected to inherit themselves. In this story, once the background has been set, it's Gavin who finds out that his [...]

    2. A brilliant story about going back home and finding love when you least expect it.Gavin Cooper couldn’t understand why his father didn’t leave the family home to him after he passed away. Instead he left it to one of Gavin’s classmates who went off to Nashville and became a well-known country music star. Now Gavin must figure out how to get the house back.Macy Young has had a successful music career but it was filled with heartache along the way. The death of her best friend Tori sent Macy [...]

    3. I loved this story! Jack Cooper raised his three boys after his wife died when they were young and even though he didn't have to worry about money, he raised them to work hard and not take things for granted. When Jack became ill, he discussed things with his sons and they all thought they knew what the will would reveal, but were they surprised! Jack gave each son something, but it was not at all what each expected. This story we meet Gavin, the oldest, who took care of his father when he becam [...]

    4. A few type-o's and some of the sentences weren't grammatically correct, but I enjoyed this book. I'd have liked a few more clues as to what the glasses meant/where they came from.

    5. After the passing of their father the Cooper boys were expecting to receive all they had been promised, but Jack seemed to have something else in mind for his sons. Instead of leaving each of them what had been discussed over the years, they each received an odd item with a cryptic note attached, while, what they felt was their birthrights, what they really expected, was left to three different women outside of their family.Sweet Texas Kiss is Gavin’s, the oldest son’s, story. He was promise [...]

    6. This first book in this new series is off to a good start. It was well written, easy to read and had interesting characters. After the death of their father, the Cooper boys wondered why they had to meet with their fathers lawyer to go over the will. They have always known what they would inherit and thought it a waste of their time. When the will is read, the Cooper boys are livid at the changes made without their knowledge. Was their father out of his mind or was he helping them from beyond th [...]

    7. At the beginning of the book I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. Just like the Cooper brothers I was angry and frustrated at the reading of their father's will. I kept thinking why you would start a story this wayen it got REALLY good. I love the fact that the book is set in a small town. It obviously has an impact on the way the characters think and act, and how they act impacts the town as well. It becomes Macy's haven in a world that has gone awry since her friend's death. And for Gavin, i [...]

    8. This is the first book in the Sweet Texas Secrets. After the passing of Jack Cooper's father, things did not go as him and his brothers thought they would go. Each one thought they would receive something from their father in his will, but it went to a woman! I knew half way into the book that his father was looking out for each one of his boys. The only way he could after his death. It was sweet. Jack thought the family home would go to him. He dreamed his entire life what life would be like if [...]

    9. A nice introduction which looks to be a great series about 3 brothers who think they have been wronged by their father.We first meet up with the three brothers as they are listening to the outcome of their fathers will. They learn things are not as they thought they would be. After they leave with the results, we concentrate on Gavin's side of the story.Gavin is a vet in Sweet Ridge, Texas. Macy is a country music star that now lives in Nashville, but grew up in Sweet Ridge. They have a past tog [...]

    10. This series starter had a strong beginning, I loved the way the reader is introduced to the Cooper brothers, however I felt the middle stalled a little. The middle really focused on Macy and Gavin being complete jerks to each other and being childish about things that happen in the past (some very silly and some super serious). Neither of them acting like the adults they were supposed to be and so it was very hard for me to connect to either one of them. At the start, I felt compassion for the 3 [...]

    11. Tillery has created an inviting little town in Sweet Ridge and I enjoyed meeting the characters. I like the Cooper brothers and I look forward to figuring out what each of the bequests from their father mean. My only complaint with this story was that it needed to be a little longer. I felt like the flip from angry and resentful to loving and admiring was too quick and easy for Gavin. I know that he has a history with Macy and the fact that he had a crush on her in high school helps the feelings [...]

    12. Sweet Texas Kiss is the first in a trilogy and it's the perfect introduction to the Cooper brothers.This book focuses on the eldest brother, Gavin. When Gavin's father passes away, he learns that the house he had been promised has been given to an old high school classmate, Macy. Macy is just as shocked as Gavin to hear she had been given the house in the will.Macy left her hometown years before and never looked back when she became a successful recording artist; however, she hasn't sung in a co [...]

    13. I love connected stories and was excited to learn about this new series about the Cooper brothers. This is the first book and is about Gavin Cooper, the town veterinarian and his former classmate and country singer, Macy.Gavin along with his brothers is shocked to learn that their recently deceased father did not leave them the things they expected, but instead left things such as the family home to someone else. He son also gets a cryptic note and an unusual item.Gavin and Macy were competitors [...]

    14. Review Posted at HarlequinJunkieGavin Cooper and his brothers are shocked to learn they’re not getting everything they were promised by their dad when they hear the reading of their old man’s will. What’s worse, the house that Gavin has been living in has – for some reason – been left to his old high school arch nemesis, Macy Young; which makes no sense at all. Especially to Gavin, until he begins to realize that his Dad might have done the right thing after all when he starts to see M [...]

    15. “Sweet Texas Kiss” is a down-to-earth and sweet contemporary romance that calls to the heart. Read full review in the 2016 June issue of InD'tale Magazine.

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