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Reunited Reunited The story continues The reunion between Ryan and Nico was sweet as sugar and as hot as hell but after ten years apart can they find true happiness When the one man Nico had wished to never s

  • Title: Reunited
  • Author: J.J. Harper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reunited The story continues The reunion between Ryan and Nico was sweet as sugar and as hot as hell, but after ten years apart can they find true happiness When the one man Nico had wished to never see again suddenly appears, is it purely the coincidence it appears to be, or is there a reason he showed up at the exact moment Nico and Ryan found each other again I watc Reunited The story continuesThe reunion between Ryan and Nico was sweet as sugar and as hot as hell, but after ten years apart can they find true happiness When the one man Nico had wished to never see again suddenly appears, is it purely the coincidence it appears to be, or is there a reason he showed up at the exact moment Nico and Ryan found each other again I watch the man I love walk back through the doors of the restroom his ass is tight and firm and feels so damn good How have I lived without Ryan for this long He is such a good man, a strong assertive and confident man Ryan and Nico both discover living with each other is not easy They know the love they share is real but they re not the same men they once were The passion between the two men continues to rocket sky high but so does the tension, causing tempers to rise between them I love you Nico, but I hate your past Or that I hate how your past has decided to control us When secrets emerge and the past threatens the two men, can they pull together or will it too much for Ryan to cope with By the time the puzzle has been solved it may just be too late for one or even both of them Warning contains explicit gay sex and strong language Intended for audiences over 18 years of age This is book 2 in the series and continues from the cliffhanger ending of Reunion.

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      434 J.J. Harper
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    1. So after the WTH moment at the end of Reunion, Reunited begins with us finding out who exactly is Marcus's husband is and of course it's a doozy, this in turn sets us up nicely for what is a roller coaster ride in true Ryan & Nico style.The boys are trying to come to terms with if you like being back together and in love, this however doesn't protect either one of them from the insecurities, the regret and the harsh reality that one was left behind and one was perhaps forced to leave 10 year [...]

    2. Another great readMost of us fell in love with Ryan and Nic in book one and have been patiently waiting for this one. So good! So hot! So nerve wracking! I don't know how these two have time to even eat with all the sex ! Hot damned! We learn more about these two, and the past. Each one deals with the past differently. Nic put his feelings for Ryan in a box in his heart and tried to ignore the pain. Nic went into the military and got into dangerous situations. The photos of Nic and Ethan (Tate) [...]

    3. Ryan and Nico were always meant to be together. But fate had other plans. Now 10 years later fate has stepped in again. In Reunion we witness Ryan and Nico coming back together with a jaw dropping conclusion. Reunited picks right up where Reunion left off with Nico's past staring right at them. Both Ryan and Nico are determined to put the past behind them even when someone is threatening their future. As they work through their past and towards their future you can really feel the emotions of th [...]

    4. Book: Reunited (Reunion)Author: J.J. HarperPublication Date: 3/16/2016Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 4 Stars REVIEW *May contain spoilers *This is book 2 in this series and it is explosive. Nick and Ryan are going to their high school reunion well they are if the bullies do not kill Nico first. Also they run into Marcus who lets them know he is there also with his husband Tate. They all plan to get together and wow what a shocker when they all meet up. Can Ryan handle Nico's [...]

    5. We get an opportunity to see Ryan and Nico make a go at a relationship after 10 years of separation. In order to have a successful adult relationship Nico must learn to trust Ryan and let go of his past and Ryan must try and remain supportive. They run into someone from Nico's past and someone maybe from his past or recent acquaintance may be sending pictures from his past and threatening to out him. Is it a plot to destroy his and Ryan's relationship or to destroy Nico? That is question. This w [...]

    6. Must read The wait was worth it I really loved reunited it was really great to read about Ryan and nico ,I'm looking forward to reading the last book to read about when ryan past appear ,I highly recommend this book it's a must read I just love JJ Harper books they get u hooked from the start

    7. I absolutely loved this book. Tons of sex. Ryan and Nico are so in love and it's so strong. Their relationship takes a few diggers. They go to their HS reunion and find that one of their classmates is married to Nico's bad ex. Things happen that put some dampers on their relationship.This is an absolutely have to read!! I was given an advance copy to give my review.

    8. ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI closed Reunion, the first book in this series, with a “OMG-face”I expected something bad coming on the second one.In Reunited we found Ryan and Nico exactly where we left them at the end of the first book.Nico’s past is back, with a new name. Ethan is now Tate and he’s married to Marcus, Ryan and Nico’s ex classmate. When Nico starts to receive old, compromising photos and mysterious messages, it’s clear that someone is t [...]

    9. *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***Nico and Ryan are back together, but there are a lot of things that might still keep them apart. With their 10-year reunion looming, Nico and Ryan are surprised to discover that the man their old friend Marcus is married to is none other than Ethan, now named Tate, with whom Nico had hooked up right after leaving their hometown years before. As things from Nico's past start to surface, this will put a strain to h [...]

    10. Ok, this book started right where first book ended & it was so good, expected by really good. This was a great story & a roller coaster of emotions. I loved Ryan & Nico in first book & I love them more now. They can withstand anything as long as their together! My heart was up in my throat a few times & I cried a couple of times Close to end of book I so wanted to throw my Kindle, haha. Oh gosh, I so can't wait for their next book, sad to see it end there though.

    11. Great.This is a great follow up to Reunion. It has a bit of everything that goes into making a good read. A bit of humour, some sexy, a touch of mystery and a spoonful of action. Already looking forward to book 3.

    12. Loved this second bookEnjoying participating in the relationship between Nico and Ryanis book was hot, sweet, schmexy as hell with little surprises thrown inCan't wait for book 3!!

    13. So what I thought was going to happen did happen. Tate, is the person I though he was going to be. That was too easy. What wasn't easy was some of the conversations that went on at the beginning of this book. At the reunion, Ryan and Nico were seat with Marcus, Tate, and some people they got reacquainted with earlier. So, they're all talking and then they started getting really personal, like about deNico imagining Ryan naked when they were still in high school and how when he actually saw him i [...]

    14. After reading Reunion, and the way it left offI couldn't wait to start Reunited! I must say I enjoyed Reunited, more than Reunion. I felt this book had more depth? or story line? There is still a lot of Sex in this book that is for sure. All, and all if you enjoy steamy M/M books with a twist, I recommend picking this book up. it's a short, fast read! Cant wait to see what happens next with Part 3!

    15. 5 Heart Review by KatI literally COULD NOT WAIT for this release! A cliffhanger ended the last book and I do not do cliffhangers! Luckily, this book was not long for waiting for and picked up at the exact same moment that we were left off hanging. First off, you really need to read Reunion, the first book in the series. Ryan and Nico are back and we discover that, yes, just as I suspected, Marcus’s husband Tate is no other than Nico’s old porno star mate, Ethan! I know there is no surprise t [...]

    16. ***2016 has been a very unstable year. Not only have I lost favourite role models in droves, I have been into dark places more times than I could count. Yes, I experienced highlights as well but the darkness has had a big impact this year and the only way to keep it at bay was reading, mass reading, back to back books with no stopping and no reviewing. I do apologize to all the writers that I won’t be able to review their books yet but I will get to it. Promise!***

    17. The boys are back the boys are back!!! *waving my hands in the air gleefully*I'd been waiting so patiently for this second book to be released after the climatic finish to the first book and I must say it was worth the wait.Ryan and Nico are back and they are a whole lot sexier, serious, passionate and humorous! You get to read how they begin to settle being together again in a relationship and it's not as easy as they thought it would be. Besides trying to find their way in how they fit togethe [...]

    18. In this book the story of Nico and Ryan continue as well as the ten year high school reunion. We learn more on the twist on who is harassing Nico and why. Holy wow! I did not expect that. In the continuation story we get to see how their relationship is going as they work on dealing with the past that keeps surfacing every time they start to have a comfortable relationship. Each one deals with a different past and just when they start to put it past them the past resurfaces again. I don't think [...]

    19. Book two picks up right where book one left us, wondering what’s going on. Nico’s past hasn’t only come knocking on his door, it’s literally beaten it down and taken up residence. There’s no escape from it, and all the reunited lovers can do is stick together and try to ride out the storm.Decisions have to be made, and things are never what they seem. The past threatens to destroy what these two have, ripping apart what future they have planned together.Nico’s past is troubled, and h [...]

    20. This is the second book of Nico and Ryan and their relationship and carries on from the cliffhanger at the end of Reunion. Reunited begins with us finding out who exactly Marcus's husband is and you're left with a Oh No feeling. We have 2 Hot Alpha men learning to navigate through the baggage their past brings into their lives. “I love you Nico, but I hate your past. Or more that I hate how your past has decided to control us.”The struggles are there from the very beginning but also is the u [...]

    21. INSTA-WET MOMENTS*PROOF TRUE LOVE HURTSPart two of of the toughest, hottest, love story that is Nico Angeles and Ryan Connelly. Book One: REUNION was beautiful, painful, intense but rock solid in their love for each other. This story takes place with them under the threat of outside influences trying to take them down. The beauty of the love that these two head strong, very determined men have for each other seems unbreakable. But even the hottest, most circuit board melting insta-wet moments I' [...]

    22. This is the second book of Nico and Ryan and their relationship scenario's, and carries on from the cliffhanger at the end of Reunion. I was dying to know what was to come in this book for these two incredibly sexy hunks and I wasn't disappointed.This book deals with how they are managing their love together after the ten year separation, they are getting to know one another, love again, and experience all the problems and insecurities from their past that come with it. I much preferred the seco [...]

    23. ***Reviewed by Sarah for ASBC***Reunited is book 2 in the Reunion series and carries on where reunion left off so you can pick straight back up on Ryan and Nico’s story.After the ending of Reunion and that little cliffhanger that JJ left us with - we get some answers from Nico’s past. But it doesn’t stop there either, Nico starts having texts and calls and reluctantly shows Ryan what his past looked like before but not without complications. Just as Ryan and Nico start to settle into being [...]

    24. This book continues perfectly from where book 1 endedI won't mention anything that will give away spoilers, but it is someone from the past, a past that neither Ryan or Nico wanted to ever see again!!!With more secrets from the past unfolding, can Ryan move past them? Will it be too much? Can Nico prove his devotion to Ryan? Is love enough? Will they get their HEA? All these will be answered and so much more!!! With a huge plot twist at the end Will it be too late? Will everyone survive? I absol [...]

    25. Ryan and Nicos story picks up right where it ended in Reunion. As their story continues you will get pulled deeper and deeper into their relationship and more questions will arise. In this book there will be a few tests and trials for them to get through and they will learn that they can endure anything as long as they stick together.First off I have to say I think this book was even better than the first book and I didn't think that it would be possible to outdo the first book. Ryan and Nicos r [...]

    26. I love it when a book grabs me so much that I simply have to finish it in one setting, and this most certainly was one of those books! I love a book 2 that goes in real time and picks up right where the first book left off! Ryan and Nico have cleared the air about what happened years ago, but tension and hurt feelings still linger, and sooner or later they will come to the surface, can cooler heads prevail when they do?There is still the attack Nico suffered to deal with, and the correspondence [...]

    27. 4 out of 5 starsRyan & Nico have my heart swelling. I enjoyed Reunion so much that when I was 75% thru I had to buy Reunited so I would be able to continue reading their storybut now I have to wait for part 3 and that makes me sad. This novel is a lot more mystery and investigative than the first where they were just reconnecting after 10 years apart. Within only a short time of being back together they face some crazy complications. I enjoyed watching their relationship become real for them [...]

    28. Great read ifyou enjoyed book 1, like series, MM Romance, overcoming your past, hot sex scenes, and an HEA for now.Side Note: I liked this one much more than the first one. While the sex scenes were over played again, more of them felt a little more well placed. The connection between the two is wonderful and I enjoy watching their relationship blossom. While I predicted the major plot twist, it didn't matter to me because it was worth continuing and see it all play out. I like that both men are [...]

    29. This is the second book of the series and Ryan and Nico are desperately trying to come to terms with each others back stories from the past 10 years. When some unwelcome pictures turn up on Nicos computer and he starts getting unwanted texts and phone calls, Ryan begins to question Nicos love for him and wonders if they can stay together. Things are further complicated when the person who left Nico for dead many years ago turns up at the reunion with his husband. Eventually things turn very nast [...]

    30. Another awesome book by JJ Harper, full of alot of MM steamy sex and a little suspense. Reunited start right where book 1, Reunion, finished so read it first. I can't wait to read book 3.Nico's past is immediately the present when the lovers enter their reunion. Is this the cause of Nico's most recent problems? Problems that continue to worsen, problems that may not be able to overcome. They both have admitted they are in love but love might not be enough?These men never seem to rest, they can't [...]

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