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The Empire's Ghost

The Empire s Ghost An epic fantasy debut The Empire s Ghost weaves together the lives of the haves and the have nots both desperately fighting to reassemble the remains of a fallen empire The empire of Elesthene once s

  • Title: The Empire's Ghost
  • Author: Isabelle Steiger
  • ISBN: 9781250088482
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An epic fantasy debut, The Empire s Ghost weaves together the lives of the haves and the have nots both desperately fighting to reassemble the remains of a fallen empire.The empire of Elesthene once spanned a continent, but its rise heralded the death of magic It tore itself apart from within, leaving behind a patchwork of kingdoms struggling to rebuild But when a new diAn epic fantasy debut, The Empire s Ghost weaves together the lives of the haves and the have nots both desperately fighting to reassemble the remains of a fallen empire.The empire of Elesthene once spanned a continent, but its rise heralded the death of magic It tore itself apart from within, leaving behind a patchwork of kingdoms struggling to rebuild But when a new dictator, the ambitious and enigmatic Imperator Elgar, seizes power in the old capital and seeks to recreate the lost empire anew, the other kingdoms have little hope of stopping him Prince Kelken of Reglay finds himself at odds with his father at his country s darkest hour the marquise of Esthrades is unmatched in politics and strategy, but she sits at a staggering military disadvantage And Issamira, the most powerful of the free countries, has shut itself off from the conflict, thrown into confusion by the disappearance of its crown prince and the ensuing struggle for succession.Everything seems aligned in Elgar s favor, but when he presses a band of insignificant but skilled alley dwellers into his service for a mission of the greatest secrecy, they find an unexpected opportunity to alter the balance of power in the war Through their actions and those of the remaining royals, they may uncover not just a way to defeat Elgar, but also a deeper truth about their world s lost history.Isabelle Steiger has crafted a powerful and masterful debut with The Empire s Ghost, the first book in a haunting new epic fantasy series.

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      239 Isabelle Steiger
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    1 thought on “The Empire's Ghost

    1. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2017/05/16/The Empire’s Ghost was a book that sounded right up my alley: an epic fantasy that touts a complex, multi-faceted story complete with a rich cast of characters and many points of view, not to mention the potential of a brand new setting filled with unique cultures and warring kingdoms—all set within a world where magic has once been lost but is ready to be found again. And indeed, it was a solid novel that delivered on all its prom [...]

    2. DNF. I normally always finish a book but I just couldn't find any connection to the numerous plot lines that were creeping along. I left it and came back 2 times, thinking a mood change or a different day would change my perspective. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The Empire's Ghost, at 25% (which was probably close to the length of a regular novel) still didn't hold my attention and I have to admit defeat, this read wasn't for me.I received this ARC copy of The Empire's Ghost from St. Mart [...]

    3. Review from Tenacious Reader: tenaciousreader/2017/0The Empire’s Ghost is epic on many levels. The massive empire of Elesthene is now history, fractured into separate lands. Magic has become fable, thought to be rooted in superstition rather than historical fact. The story gives viewpoints from several rulers, all with their own agendas and ruling styles. You also get the view point of many citizens and soldiers as well. It gives a sweeping view of what life is like across the board, giving th [...]

    4. The Empire' Ghost is a book full of mysteries and dark secrets, fading magic and the plots of the cunning. There are a lot of characters involved which I came to love.Braddok for example is one of my favourite outlaws.I loved how the story progressed slowly and every character had a back story, and depth that not many authors accomplish without being boring. I found that Steiger has mastered the art of not telling much, but having said everything that is needed. The hesitant stories and pieces p [...]

    5. Interesting premise and a beautiful cover which actually caused me to read it. A really, really slow and confusing start - too many characters from all over the darn kingdom. It made trying to figure out what was going on, who were the good guys vs bad guys,where exactly things were happening. Just too much going on to really get a handle on anything until over half way through and then everything drew together into a cohesive story and was enjoyable.

    6. A hefty read, The Empire's Ghost weaves together a multitude of tales - mysterious and adventurous into this colossal first book of what promises to be an epic series. In the wake of the fall of the empire of Elasthene, Imperator Elgar has no qualms about airing his ambitions to reforge the huge kingdom under his rule, and only three more kingdoms have yet to fall to his control. In Esthrades, the calculating and unnerving Lady Arianrod Margraine has taken her father's throne upon his death, wit [...]

    7. I received the Empire's Ghost over my Magic Chest book subscription in May.After reading six of crows, I was in the mood for more thrilling multi-POV fantasy novels and this book did not disappoint.Even though the start was quite slow, due to the eleven ! POVs. It took more than a 100 pages to introduce most of them and tell their part of the story. Due to the sheer height of the book, this would account for approximately 150 pages in "normal" book size and that is a bit too much for my feelings [...]

    8. this starts off pretty slow and it kind of takes a while to understand where the story's heading. at least to me it did. there is a lot of politics, strategy, and social play at work here, and a few fight scenes thrown here and there, but there's more dialogue interaction which I honestly enjoyede characters are quite interesting, and some you sort of wonder why they're even there like *cough* Roger *cough* (I see you) but maybe we'll find out more about everyone's purpose later on.

    9. The Empire's Ghost started out unevenly -- like it couldn't quite decide what tone to take, so it took them all. But once it got rolling, I really liked it. It doesn't work the way books normally do in the sense that often times, characters make sensible decisions that preclude large swathes of possible plot. (For instance, a character who can't fight might actually. stay out of a fight!) There's a lot going on, and at the same time, there's very little actually happening; most of what propels t [...]

    10. This book was enjoyable after getting into it. This took quite some time, about half the book.Since the book is about 400 pages long, this means it takes about 200 pages.This book tells the story about a continent that once was the one country Elesthene, beautiful, rich and the place where magic fled from. Imperator Elgar wants to bring magic back to this world and also wants to recreate the illustrious Elesthene. To do this he already has conquered to of the five (Aurnis and Lanvaldis) lands on [...]

    11. D.N.F.Unfortunately, I am going to have to shelf this one. I only made it 4%, which I usually prefer to push farther, but there were so many different characters and plot lines just in that small amount of time, it is very hard to follow. I couldn't tell you who any of them were or what the story was even about. None of the characters peaked my interest either, they all seem very downtrodden.

    12. A well-written but over-busy debut novel, "The Empire's Ghost" is the answer to the question, "What would 'Game of Thrones' be like if the plot never really went anywhere?" The answer is that it would end up feeling a lot like "The Empire's Ghost." There is a LOT of intrigue, treachery, plotting, double-dealing, theiving, assassination, battling, and covert traveling in this novel. Ms. Steiger REALLY loves her intrigued to be fair, she's pretty good at writing it! George R.R. Martin would be imp [...]

    13. Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature!The Empire's Ghost is the first book in a new fantasy series in which the great empire Elesthene rose and at the same time ended the use of magic. (If you want a more thorough summary, I definitely recommend you check out the summary, as it will provide much more information.) Honestly, the more I think about this book, the more I love it, and I definitely plan to purchase a copy of this book for myself.The most prominent thing about this book, in [...]

    14. "As much as I love being made privy to confessions of dishonesty and criminal acts in my own establishment," Morgan interrupted, "I don't believe I gave you two any impression--any at all--that this was the proper place to stash your spoils."The quote rendered above was the first moment while reading this book I laughed aloud (certainly not the last), and was also the moment I fell in love with everything about it. And yes, this quote came from page seven.To say this book was good would be doing [...]

    15. I initially gave this book a 4/5, mostly thanks to a likable (if sometimes difficult to keep track of, due to its sheer size) cast that's simply fun to read about. I have to bring it down to 3, though, because of one simple problem: I'm not quite sure what the plot of this book actually is.I mean, there's a bunch of sublots. There's the probably-evil Emperor that wants to conquer the entire continent and sends our main heroes on a Quest to recover an object that may or may not be magical. There' [...]

    16. I wanted to like The Empire's Ghost. I did. The set up was interesting, the kingdoms each had a distinct personality, but what really broke the book for me was the fact that all the introductions were so front-loaded. I had a hard time keeping track of character names. A large cast is an expectation for epic fantasy, but having a list of characters at the end of the book would have been majorly helpful.For fans of sprawling novels, there's a lot to like here. I especially loved the scheming quee [...]

    17. I was pretty good for a first novel. It has a lot of slow spots and has a lot more of "OMG, I can't stop reading this" spots. You can tell who a character is towards the end of the novel by the way they are acting when another character comes upon them before they introduce themselves. There is a lot of swordplay and a lot of bloodshed. It is a true fantasy/medieval setting with dungeons and castles and peasants and royalty with a couple of mages thrown in along with soldiers and war and romance [...]

    18. I had a hard time getting into the story on this one, which is why I chose to abandon it. However, I'm giving it three stars because I thought the writing itself was well done with a natural flow and the "significant" characters intriguing and well-developed if somewhat too numerous in number (I got just over a third into the book and had already been introduced to around 10 perspectives). The pacing felt a little slow for my taste, but, then again, that could be attributed to too many perspecti [...]

    19. I started reading a few weeks ago and had to sit it down. Maybe it was me getting used to this authors ways of writing or maybe not. The character building is slow So slow. I was over halfway through still thinking I may have to just put this book down. The Empire's Ghost is an introduction of characters, plots and twists nothing more and nothing less all the way to the last page. But in the end I guess Isabelle Steiger did her job she has me waiting for the next book to see where this story goe [...]

    20. DNF. Just not for me. I have tremendous respect for writers who create their own worlds complete with map and socio-political histories, but I was looking for a fun read that would draw me in kind of the way The Hobbit could. This book was too disjointed and threw too many weird names of lands and people at me in a nonlinear way that didn't let me build the narrative in my own mind. I'm also not a fan of long, minutely described battles and fight scenes.It was just too much work to sort it all o [...]

    21. I rather enjoyed this novel, though I had an advanced review copy which made it slightly difficult to follow along due to spacing and formatting. That being said, I found myself engrossed in the story and rather impressed with the author's ability to weave that many different stories into a cohesive whole. I was quite impressed and would definitely read another if there were to be a second installment which seems to be the case from the ending.

    22. This was definitely a epic fantasy book. It is interesting and despite the large number of characters, they all feel different and you get to know some of them pretty well. The story itself starts out slightly confusing, but as you learn who everyone is and where they are and what they are doing it becomes more interesting.I will be looking forward to book 2.

    23. A book with just one character you like is still a triumph compared with all the other books where nothing interesting grows. If this had simply been the story of Arianrod Margraine, it would have been a great book. As there are other, rather more flat and boring characters taking up the vast majority of the pageload, it isn't.

    24. Roger is my favorite character so far, but who knowsat might change. The storylines evolve parallel to each other, which is very well done. I'm curious to where they come together, what will happen when and whereSo, off I go, reading the next chapter. A must read if you are looking for something catchy

    25. It took me less than two pages to know I enjoyed Steiger's book. I'm a fan of her diverse and complex characters, I'm a fan of her fantasy setting, and I'm a fan of her writing style in general. I'll be the first in line at Indigo when the second book is released!

    26. Nice big cast of characters. Just the right amount of character interaction and world building.The last few chapters feel too much like a setup for the next book, which isn't necessarily something I'm against - definitely better than ending on a cliffhanger.All in all a solid fantasy book.

    27. Well, for a beginning of a series, I think it can stand as a good start. Don't read it laying down or you will soon be snoozing. It's long, and there are a lot of characters to keep straight. I plowed through and in the end I was rewarded with good feelings about a sequel.

    28. d.n.f 25% and the book failed to create any sort of appeal, character or story-wise. felt like a chore with too many uninteresting characters, no real plot to speak of and welldom

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