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Food for the Fishes

Food for the Fishes When Licinius Murena wealthy fish farm owner is found dead not many tears are shed Certainly not by Trebbio who had just been booted out of his cottage by the landowner nor by his widow daugher

  • Title: Food for the Fishes
  • Author: David Wishart
  • ISBN: 9780340827390
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Licinius Murena, wealthy fish farm owner, is found dead, not many tears are shed Certainly not by Trebbio, who had just been booted out of his cottage by the landowner, nor by his widow, daugher, or farm manager With friends like these, who needs enemies Marcus Corvinus is the man to find out, with the help, of course, of his clever wife, Perilla.

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      121 David Wishart
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    1. Marcus Corvinus, the [sardonic, sassy, Senatorial, smart-talking, but smart] Roman detective at the Jersey shore. No, he's not really in in Jersey, but at Baiae, the Roman vacation spot for the upper-crust. Corvinus and family [wife, mother, stepfather] are vacationing in Baiae, a posh resort for the idle rich. The local successful fish-farmer, Murena [which means eel], falls into a tank of moray eels and dies. To save an acquaintance who has been falsely accused of the murder, Corvinus decides [...]

    2. Marcus Corvinus, Ancient Roman aristocrat, layabout and amateur detective, is holidaying by the sea at Baiae with his wife, mother and stepfather when the town drunk Trebbio is accused of the murder of local fish farmer Murena. Only thing is, Corvinus is sure Trebbio didn't do it. So he must find who did. Not easy, since the Murena Fan Club had a total membership of approximately none, particularly within the deceased's toxic family - a widow, daughter, two sons and a son-in-law are all firmly i [...]

    3. Marcus and Perilla are in Baiae with his mother and step father. Everyone is enjoying the pleasure town, Marcus has found a regular townie wine shop and befriends one of the regulars. When that man's hated landlord is found dead, Marcus sets out to save his accused skin. THe family is a collection of nasty folks and dirty business deals abound. Interesting side story with Priscus getting into the Baiae lifestyle. Interesting story and like Marcus I should have figured it out from jump for a very [...]

    4. If not waiting for something new to be published I often seem to work my way through series, which is what I am doing with the Corvinus books. Must have missed them when they came out originally

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