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The Life of Reilly: The Best of Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly

The Life of Reilly The Best of Sports Illustrated s Rick Reilly In the last years as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated Reilly has covered every aspect of the sporting life from tennis moms to Lakers obsessed Jack Nicholson This collection presents the be

  • Title: The Life of Reilly: The Best of Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly
  • Author: Rick Reilly Charles Barkley
  • ISBN: 9781931933599
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the last 15 years as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Reilly has covered every aspect of the sporting life, from tennis moms to Lakers obsessed Jack Nicholson This collection presents the best of Reilly unforgettable sporting moments, favorite columns, and unpublished pieces.

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      403 Rick Reilly Charles Barkley
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    1 thought on “The Life of Reilly: The Best of Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly

    1. This book is a collection of many of the columns that Reilly wrote for Sports Illustrated. I really enjoyed the ones pertaining to people and sports I was interested in. There were also several stories he told about ordinary people that were good. I basically skimmed over those about sports I don't enjoy. All in all it was a most entertaining book.

    2. Rick Reilly's back page column in Sports Illustrated is the highlight of the weekly magazine for me. So this compilation of the best of his works was a must. The one page articles are interspersed amongst some longer short stories that he's written. Reilly writes with wit and heart. His stories about the famous, the infamous, and the regular guys (Joe Fan if you will) make you laugh and also bring you to tears sometimes. He is really writing little glimpses into life, just using sports figures a [...]

    3. Rick Reilly was one of the best writers that Sports Illustrated ever employed as a staff writer (high praise indeed). His column at the back of the magazine was one of the best reasons to read it week after week in the 90's and 00's. This is a collection of some of his best. They run the gamut from hilarious (his profile of cheerleading), to heart wrenching (his tribute to the Columbine HS gym teacher who died during the shooting. The book is a bit dated - published in 2000 it features stars and [...]

    4. I'm not sure why I'm reading this. But I amA: Eh, I quit this one. It was okay. Reilly has some funny moments, but he's also kind of annoyingly critical and contradictory -- like in one essay he makes fun of cheerleaders, and then in the next he suggests that they're a good thing. And far be it for me to criticize someone for being too critical, but really? Making fun of cheerleaders and baseball? LAME.

    5. Basically, it's a collection of Reilly's columns over a few years (say, 1995-2000). Reilly writes the column on the last page of Sports Illustrated every week, but, despite that, he doesn't really write about sports.He writes about life, using sports as the metaphor. He has a very-Brysonesque sense of humor, and he's one of the few columnists who's been known to set me giggling.There are some really top notch columns in this collection.

    6. When I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated, I would flip to the last page every week as soon as I got the issue. You don't always have to agree with him to see his points, but it's always a good article. Funny, inspirational, heart breaking, sarcastic, and a voice of reason. You'll laugh, agree, shake your head in disbelief, and occasionally wipe away a tear. Buy it, read it, you won't regret it.

    7. A very enjoyable collection of Reilly's Sports Illustrated columns. I read this collection specifically because it included two of my all time favorites by any author - "Glory to the Gridiron"; a humorous comparison between football and baseball, and "Funny You Should Ask"; Reilly's essay to his son on the meaning of life

    8. Sois is a book about sports? Yes. No doubt about the rich and spoiled sportsmen who are arrogant and boorish? In part, yes. But this book is different. It rips into arrogance and celebrates sportsmanship and achievements against the odds. Even if you hate sports, read this, it'll make you laugh and sob in equal measure.

    9. Rick Reilly is my favorite sports columnist. I've never read every single of his articles, but this book gives me the best of the best. Saves me the need of having to keep his old columns or articles.

    10. My favorite sports writer by far. He's bold, witty, and introspective throughout each of his articles - had me going from laughing out loud to thinking about what matters in life in the same article. Really a brilliant writer.

    11. A reprint of some of Rick Reilly's best columns from Sports illustrated. Rick is an excellent columns writer and many of these reprints will leave you laughing and also feeling very good about the world.

    12. At this point, old and outdated. I did remember many pieces I had read way back when and in that timeframe when they were fresh, great articles. Some are classics but most do not stand the test of time

    13. Good stuff. A collection of his SI writings, including some of his longer features, most notably his multi-part article on doing the 1992 Barcelona Olympics on the cheap. Still one of the funnier pieces of sportswriting, although really only tangentially about sports, that I have ever read.

    14. I used to subscribe to Sports Illustrated. Week in and week out, my favorite part of the magazine was Reilly's column on the back page. This is a collection of his best columns and longer pieces. He's a funny guy and a gifted writer.

    15. First book from author I read. Hooked. I enjoy his humor (first starting reading his column in sports illustrated) and his perspective.

    16. As a long-time Rick Reilly fan, I've read a lot of these collumns before, but it was great to revisit them. Apparently, according to my wife, if you're not into sports, it's not much of a book

    17. I really liked the selection of stories/articles in Rick Reilly's other book "Hate Mail from Cheerleaders", but for whatever reason I didn't like these selections as well.

    18. His golf essays are his best. Brilliant writer. Material from 1990s is a bit dated but that's not his fault.

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