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Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill Marcia Evanick introduced readers to the three Fletcher sisters in Catch of the Day and Christmas on Conrad Street In this novel she returns to Misty Harbour Maine to deliver the story of Jocelyn F

  • Title: Blueberry Hill
  • Author: Marcia Evanick
  • ISBN: 9780821774250
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Marcia Evanick introduced readers to the three Fletcher sisters in Catch of the Day and Christmas on Conrad Street In this novel, she returns to Misty Harbour, Maine, to deliver the story of Jocelyn Fletcher a dynamic woman who finds romance where she least expects it.

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      457 Marcia Evanick
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    1 thought on “Blueberry Hill

    1. I’m listening to this on audio otherwise I would’ve quit it early on. This is a very by-the-numbers romance with absolutely no originality or spark. I feel like I’ve read this story a billion times. Everything about it is bland and, horror of all horrors, cutesy toddlers have taken over the plot. I am not dealing well with this turn of events.Jocelyn is a 26 year old lawyer who has decided she made the wrong career choice. She takes a leave of absence to find herself and heads to Maine whe [...]

    2. Jocelyn Fletcher is having a mid career crisis. She has see too many scumbags go free while working as the youngest ADA in Baltimore. She takes a leave of absence from her job and visits her sisters in Misty Harbor. Problem is she will need a job and a place to stay because she will not live with her sisters. They line her up with a nice job as the live in nanny/housekeeper for the sheriff. Quinn is the single father of 3 children. His sister is helping out, but he needs to hire someone to help [...]

    3. I enjoy reading books set in Misty Harbor. It is a nice small town. This one is the last of the Fletcher sisters moving to town. Jocelyn quit her job as assistant DA and came to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Her only job option is nanny/housekeeper for the sheriff, Quinn.What I enjoyed:* Jocelyn and Quinn were great together and the kids were adorable * I liked Phoebe and Gary but can't believe they let 11 years go by* The standard courting ritual the men of Misty Harbor go thro [...]

    4. 3rd in the Misty Harbor Series.This is the youngest Fletcher sister, Jocelyn's story. She leaves her stressful job in the Baltimore DA's office looking for a little clarity in her life. She finds Quinn Larson and his 3 kids in need of a nanny/housekeeper. It wasn't her plan, but it works for her.The story is very slow to get started. I found myself getting bored in the first 150 pages or so. It seemed to be very focused on the kids and their personalities and what they did all day, etc. BoringIt [...]

    5. A really cute, fun story. This is a story about Jocelyn who is the sister of the character in Catch of the Day. She leaves her life in the city to go be with her sisters because she's re-evaluating if she really wants to continue to work in the DA's office. She takes a job as a houskeeper/ nanny to Sheriff Quinn.The story had humor and was a fast moving plot. The secondary characters were great to see, and I liked that the reader was able to see what was happening in the lives of Jocelyn's siste [...]

    6. I finished listening to this today. A nice light book, although intriguing in the car. This is my first e-audiobook on my ipod, and it was hard to listen to. It was recorded as 1 long mp3; 8+ hours and no track marks. Supposedly you don't need it, but if your ipod gets bumped, it takes a long time to fast forward in 20 second increments to the 7 hour mark. . .

    7. Very entertaining!Jocelyn is a successful attorney who is suffering from burnout.She decides to go visit her sisters in Mained get a job. The only job they have found for her that isn't totally horrible is the position of nanny to the local sheriff's three small children. Quinn needs live-in help desperately, but sure wasn't counting on hiring someone he's attracted to!

    8. Spoiler alert!Am I the only one that was annoyed by the vasectomy angle there at the end? Pahlease! Has the author not heard of a reversal? For some reason I just couldn't get on board with it. It was just not very imaginative.

    9. I really liked this story when it was dealing with the main characters. Sometimes I just wanted to hear about them, and not every one else!! It was a cute idea for a book, and I liked it very much over all! I just wish there would've been more about the couple's relationship!

    10. Read a Christmas novella based in this town and enjoyed it, plus it included a teaser on this book. Fairly good. Enjoyable read, amusing without being ridiculous, nice characters. I'll have to see if the library has more of her work.

    11. Good book. Very similar to book one. I didn't get a chance to read book two as it was not available at my library. I like this series, it's fun and sweet and the Maine location of Misty Harbor is interesting.

    12. i didnt love it that much. For me, the side story of Quinn's sister Phoebe and her highschool sweetheart Gary Franklin goes much more interesting.

    13. I love Marcia Evanick's romance books. Love that the location is in Maine, I think that adds to the romantic feel. Her stories don't ramble and aren't drawn out.

    14. Very predictable. Light, quick beach read, but I felt the over descriptive sex scenes "cheapened" this book.

    15. Jocelyn Fletcher takes a leave from her asst. district attorney job in MD after watching another bad guy walk free. She heads for Misty Harbor ME where both of her sisters - a doctor and a restauranteer have settled and married locals. They get her a job as nanny to Quinn Larson, the sheriff. Qunn's ex-wife has recently been killed in an accident and he's brought Ben (5), Victoria & Isabella (3) back to live in Misty Harbor. The instant attraction is a drawback for Quinn, but he's desperate. [...]

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