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Over the Middle

Over the Middle O M G That s the only thing on my mind when I m assigned to help superstar tight end Duncan Hart rehab his elbow With a body that looks like a sculpted masterpiece his chiseled features melt the he

  • Title: Over the Middle
  • Author: Lauren Landish
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • O M G.That s the only thing on my mind when I m assigned to help superstar tight end, Duncan Hart, rehab his elbow With a body that looks like a sculpted masterpiece, his chiseled features melt the hearts of women everywhere, including mine.There s just one problem Duncan s an a hole, with an ego the size of our football stadium He lives for the roar of the crowd HeO M G.That s the only thing on my mind when I m assigned to help superstar tight end, Duncan Hart, rehab his elbow With a body that looks like a sculpted masterpiece, his chiseled features melt the hearts of women everywhere, including mine.There s just one problem Duncan s an a hole, with an ego the size of our football stadium He lives for the roar of the crowd He thrives on it And he wants to let me experience the Hart Attack yes, he has a name for it But that s not going to happen At least, that s what I keep telling myself All s fair in love and war, and I have two choices take him down, or let him score.

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      320 Lauren Landish
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    1 thought on “Over the Middle

    1. This was so not for me, don't get me wrong. It was fun and good, but just a bit to much.So Duncan was an ass from the start and then one day he sees the light and he's instantly the better man. Like come one really? And all was well in the world. NotSo Carrie was a nice h she's sweet, hardworking and I admire her for losing weight and keeping in shape. But otherwise I just couldn't connect with either Duncan or Carrie.It was al just so fast and so much in one little book. Like one thing I really [...]

    2. Pretty good story of arrogant, hotshot college football player bound for the pros and trainer. I didn't realize until towards the end of the book that this one is part of a series with the first book being Blitzed. I did like this book better than that one, but it was nice to see how the previous couple were doing. I do have to say that I forgot that I read Blitzed first which I did give 3 stars and another of her book which I gave 1 star, but since I'm a cover whore the cover is what drew me to [...]

    3. What a great sports romance story by Lauren Landish. The MC have this rich storyline that keeps you entrenched from page 1 until the last word on the last page. Duncan is this big ole manwhore who plays college football. He is in his last year of college and has his eyes on the big league when he gets hurt. He ends up getting assigned a certain training team intern to rehab him to get him back in shape and her name is Carrie. He is completely bowled over by her and the games begin. Carrie isn’ [...]

    4. Duncan is the arrogant, hot shot footballer with a reputation for parties and wild women. Carrie is a smart, beautiful internist with a solid career ahead as a physical therapist. She is assigned to treat Duncan's injured elbow and their epic journey begins. Loved this story because I see the internal feelings, thoughts and responses of a cocky, self centered jock slowly change into maturity and a better human being. Life adds to the mix when his reputation and a jealous ex girlfriend challenge [...]

    5. Duncan Hart is your typical player and doesn't care about anything besides football. When he got hurt and needs rehab he refuses to go until coach gives him no choose but to go. Carrie meets Duncan way before having to rehab him and first impression wasn't good and add his reputation and Carrie knows to stay away. Duncan wants Carrie but Carrie won't be another score for him. But Carrie sees that Duncan is changing and gives in but someone wants to get Carrie out of the way. I liked this book an [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this book! A hot as hell cocky football player, a woman who doesn't fall at his feet, and lots of sex what's not to like about Over the Middle.I received a courtesy copy of this book for an honest review.

    7. Really sweet book. Um, there was a little bit of unbelievable angst, but other than that, I really liked it. You can tell Lauren knows what the hell she is talking about when it comes to football, which is a very pleasant surprise. So many times I read sports romances without any actual sports in them.

    8. 4.5 -- Touchdown -- starsDuncan is a superstar football player at the university and he has hurt his shoulder. He needs physical therapy. Carrie is an intern at the university’s training staff and needs to help Duncan. Carrie doesn’t care that he’s famous and even hates his reputation. Everybody warns Carrie to stay away from Duncan, but she sees another side of him and she even likes that side. Their relationship definitely has its ups and downs, but can conquer everything at the end.Carr [...]

    9. WOW What a wonderful read!!! Oh and you may find that you have a huge crush on Duncan by the time you get to the end of the book I certainly have!!!Duncan plays college football and is in his final year. He's a cocky man-whore who thinks he deserves a place in the pro league!!! When an injury interferes with his plans, a certain training team intern Compleately knocks him off his game!!!Carrie will not take s*** from 'Touchdown' as he's nicknamed, she refuses to let him give her the 'Hart Attack [...]

    10. I was given an ARC for an honest review by the author.Lauren has done it again! I felt like I was in the characters shoes with ever event and emotion that was put out there. Watching how Duncan changes before everyone's eyes was amazing. Seeing him mature and do everything he has to in order to become the man he wants to be instead of following in his fathers footsteps was awe inspiring. Carrie working hard to keep her feelings for him on the back burner the whole time and make sure that he is d [...]

    11. This is a wonderful and heartwarming sport romance and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The story covers Duncan Hart, a arrogant, love them and leave them football player and Carrie Mittal, who is working towards her degree and credits as a internship therapist and is a grade A college student. What you will find in this story is, drama, suspense, a arrogant man, a feisty determined woman, elbow rehabilitation, getting a tattoo, workout, disagreements,dates/dating, emotional feelings exams, accu [...]

    12. Review by Lisa KaneCute read about a football playing manwhore Duncan Hart (of course he's a player-his special sexual move is the Hart Attack!) and Carrie, a sweet student studying sports medicine. There's some light angst, some underhanded tricks by a jealous ex and some great football action. Duncan is reformed early on and so the reader is spared unnecessary sexual escapades while the hero "finds himself". Both of the characters are basically good and honest and genuine. At first glance Carr [...]

    13. Loved itAs always Lauren has written a romantic,intriguing and sexy book. I love the characters and enjoyed watching their lives unfold

    14. Too similar to other books I've recently read in this genre. A blend of two books to be honest that at times I thought I was reading one of those.

    15. Duncan classic ego driven man whore athlete who gets his dose of reality in the form of rehab to his elbow by Carrie. She's not going to put up with his bs and not going to drop to her knees like all the other ladies do. She pushes him to be the person he is meant to be not the ass he puts on. He pushes her to her career glory, confidence and realizing how amazing she is that he sees. Beautiful story of them testing each other, building a friendship, working together professionally and falling i [...]

    16. This is my first Lauren Book and I'm pretty sure I picked a good one to start with. I love how it wasn't overly dramatic and fake feeling. Everything between Carrie and Duncan felt real. I can't wait to listen to/read more of Lauren's works, especially if Emma narrates again. Emma did great with the stuck up attitude and even changing how Duncan came across as the story progressed. I've never been a fan of sports, but between the two of these ladies I'm a little interested now (at least in footb [...]

    17. Loved it!!! I was happy there was lots of football action in this, as well as the right amount of sexy-time action. ;) It was awesome how Carrie inspired Duncan to change and be a better guy. There was not toooo much angst, which was great. It was exactly what I was in the mood for. I'm glad I stumbled across it in ku.

    18. Over the Middle: A Sports RomanceI keep falling more in love with this author. Thank you for the laughs, drama, seduction and love between Duncan and Carrie; and introducing Troy and Whitney.

    19. Good storyI really enjoyed this story, which is a surprise to me as I am not into sports.Twists, turns and surprises happen throughout this book, but all aid in making the story a great read.I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

    20. Duncan Heart is a star football player and also a notorious player with the women. Carrie gets assigned to help him rehab his elbow. But she teaches him that there is more to life than just another conquest.

    21. Football loveThis is a great football romance. I absolutely loved it. Duncan and Carrie are awesome and the storyline was great. There was just enough drama to keep you wandering and the characters were very likable.

    22. Great story!! Duncan and Carrie made a perfect pair and I loved seeing their story develop! Can't wait to read more!

    23. Lots of enjoyable football background -I thought Carrie went from shy to not too fast and kind of the insta love/ lust

    24. Cute, steamy love scenes, happy ending with a sweet bonus. Would love to have seen Chelsea get what was coming to her though but it's still a cute read

    25. One of the best written and thoroughly executed sports romance novels from start to finish.

    26. This may have some *minor* spoilers.This book is awful. I tried really hard to get through it and at about 48% I just stopped. I couldn't take it anymore. Everything happens REALLY fast. Carrie was made out to be a strong woman, but I felt like she caved too quickly. Duncan literally plowed over her in the hallway and walked away without so much as a "sorry" or even helped her up, but yet she was attracted to him in more than just a physical way. Seriously? But hey, if asshole is your brand of g [...]

    27. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.Can I start with WOW! Just Wow!! Yummy and enticing book.Duncan - well let's see here how to be kind when describing him, hmm.ok arrogant, pr!ck comes to mind. Yes the star of the football team, cocky, jerk, thinks he is what all women want and has the notches on the bedpost to prove it all. But how does this cocky, arrogant little "boy" match up to a junior trainer who is not afraid of hard work and is DEFINITELY not going to allow Duncan Ha [...]

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