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My Soul Looks Back

My Soul Looks Back In this captivating new memoir award winning writer Jessica B Harris recalls a lost era the vibrant New York City of her youth where her social circle included Maya Angelou James Baldwin and other

  • Title: My Soul Looks Back
  • Author: Jessica B. Harris
  • ISBN: 9781501125904
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this captivating new memoir, award winning writer Jessica B Harris recalls a lost era the vibrant New York City of her youth, where her social circle included Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and other members of the Black intelligentsia.In the Technicolor glow of the early seventies, Jessica B Harris debated, celebrated, and danced her way from the jazz clubs of the ManhIn this captivating new memoir, award winning writer Jessica B Harris recalls a lost era the vibrant New York City of her youth, where her social circle included Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and other members of the Black intelligentsia.In the Technicolor glow of the early seventies, Jessica B Harris debated, celebrated, and danced her way from the jazz clubs of the Manhattan s West Side to the restaurants of the Village, living out her buoyant youth alongside the great minds of the day luminaries like Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and Toni Morrison My Soul Looks Back is her paean to that fascinating social circle and the depth of their shared commitment to activism, intellectual engagement, and each other.Harris paints evocative portraits of her illustrious friends Baldwin as he read aloud an early draft of If Beale Street Could Talk, Angelou cooking in her California kitchen, and Morrison relaxing at Baldwin s house in Provence Harris describes her role as theater critic for the New York Amsterdam News and editor at then burgeoning Essence magazine star studded parties in the South of France drinks at Mikell s, a hip West Side club and the simple joy these extraordinary people took in each other s company The book is framed by Harris s relationship with Sam Floyd, a fellow professor at Queens College, who introduced her to Baldwin.More than a memoir of friendship and first love My Soul Looks Back is a carefully crafted, intimately understood homage to a bygone era and the people that made it so remarkable.

    My Soul Looks Back A Memoir Jessica B Harris My Soul Looks Back, her most intimate book, showcases an era when the Black artistic elite flowered and Jessica, along with her love Sam Floyd, lunched with Maya Angelou in California, shared popcorn with James Baldwin in the South of France, and nurtured a social aesthetic that spangled, all too briefly, beneath the kliegs. My Soul Looks Back by Jessica B Harris My Soul Looks Back is an extremely sensitive and compelling story of NY in the s and the life and times of some of Americas greatest literary figures This memoir had deeply emotional and touching insight into the plaque that swept America in the and . My Soul Looks Back A Memoir Kindle Edition The author of the memoir My Soul Looks Back as well as twelve cookbooks, her articles have appeared in Vogue, Food Wine, Essence, and The New Yorker, among other publications she has made numerous television and radio appearances and has been profiled in The New York Times. My Soul Looks Back Book by Jessica B Harris Official My Soul Looks Back is a great New York City memoir I thought of James Wolcott s Lucking Out and Patti Smith s Just Kids, both documents of the city in the seventies, as well as books from an earlier New York, like Anatole Broyard s Kafka Was the Rage and Mary Cantwell s Manhattan, When I My Soul Looks Back The Genius of Marion Williams My Soul Looks Back The Genius of Marion Williams is an outstanding track portrait of the legendary gospel singer in all of her glory Listening to early sides like Packin Up and Surely God Is Able, it s easy to understand her influence on the likes of Little Richard and Aretha Franklin. My Soul Looks Back A Memoir by Jessica B Harris My Soul Looks Back is a great New York City memoir I thought of James Wolcott s Lucking Out and Patti Smith s Just Kids, both documents of the city in the seventies, as My Soul Looks Back orbisbooks Firmly rooted in the black church tradition, James H Cone relates the formative features of his faith journey, from his childhood experience in Bearden, Arkansas, and his father s steadfast resistance to racism, through racial discrimination in graduate school, to his controversial articulation of a faith that seeks to break the shackles of racial oppression in America. HOW I GOT OVER Lyrics VICKIE WINANS eLyrics Vickie Winans How I Got Over lyrics video HOW I GOT OVER HOW I GOT OVER MY SOUL LOOKS BACK AND WONDER HOW I GOT OVER I MADE IT OVER I MADE IT OVER MY SOUL LOOKS BACK SEARCH LYRICS eLyrics V Vickie Winans Lyrics What Does a Soul Look Like Ananda The soul is that part of us which is a part of God It is formless and invisible, so it does not look like anything The soul, when taking human form reincarnating , is contained with the physical, astral, and causal bodies The physical body is easily observable and tangible Just look in My Soul Looks Back YouTube Nov , Provided to YouTube by Entertainment One Distribution US My Soul Looks Back James Cleveland The Great Gospel Men Classic Performances By The Greatest Gospel Men

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    1 thought on “My Soul Looks Back

    1. I fell for it. I took the black millenial bait. "Oh, check her out in that fashionable still relevant outfit on the cover of this book". A black author talking about the great and sexy setting of New York with some heavy weights? Gotta support black women authors you know? YEA, sign me up. I committed the book sin of, "Judging a book by it's cover". I've worked in libraries for 12 years, I should know better.This book was bad. It really was. By the 5th page, I could tell this was going to be a n [...]

    2. "It was a time of life lived fully, deeply. Random encounters would smoothly morph into dinners or gatherings that would then be transformed into events that could go well into the wee hours of the morning, but always underneath it all, there was the heartbeat of work and writing and speaking and teaching and all the daily madness of life." — My Soul Looks Back, Jessica B. Harris "My Soul Looks Back" by culinary historian Jessica B. Harris didn't quite feel like a memoir; as one reviewer noted [...]

    3. Ms. Harris (who I had never heard of prior to this book) wrote a memoir about having a seat at the cool kids' table. During 1970's New York City where icons-in-the-making like James Baldwin and Maya Angelou were members of an elite group of African American artists during a time when intelligence, creativity and activism were at its peak. While being surrounded by such creativity is worth recalling any chance you get, her story could have been better told as an essay in the New Yorker. After abo [...]

    4. (Review revised, final: 12/4/2017)Frankly, the ethics of My Soul Looks Back preocuppy me, even more rather than the content. Jessica Harris's way of storytelling pushed my "Hmm, something's hinky" button. I asked myself many times: am I readingA Memoir of Jessica B. Harris , orThe Unauthorized Biography of Ex-Boyfriend Samuel Clemons Floyd, Jr.with the appendix: The Final Performance Days of Maya Angleou ? Had Ms. Harris divulged as many intimate, revealing details about her adult post-20s life, [...]

    5. I liked this a lot - it's a lovely little snapshot of 1970s New York amongst the black stars and intellectuals - James Baldwin , Maya Angelou, Nina Simone (who said about The author - 'who's that bitch in the red dress?') Toni Morrison and more. It is the memoir of someone slightly on the periphery (she was a lot younger than the others) who maybe didn't realise how much she did actually fit in until later. It lovingly describes food, restaurants, and long boozy evenings and includes recipes! I [...]

    6. My Soul Looks Back, a memoir by Jessica B. Harris, appeared on my news feed on Good Reads several times before I finally clicked on its link to read its description and decide if I was interested or not. After reading its brief general description, I was mesmerized. I quickly requested the book and waited anxiously for its arrival. When it came, it did not disappoint. Ms. Harris sounds exactly like someone I would love to read about, a cosmopolitan, well-traveled, intellectual, culinary expert w [...]

    7. Read for work. I had never heard of her before, and now I'm on a Jessica B. Harris binge. James Baldwin and the entire black literary/cultural scene of Manhattan in the 70s (with visits to Hait, West Africa and the South of France), food, Greenwich Village when a beginner journalist could afford to live there this is one of those memoirs that I imagine the author's friends have been telling her to write for years.

    8. An amazing memoir of the author's time in James Baldwin's inner circle of friends that included Maya Angelou, Rosa Guy, Paule Marshall, Toni Morrison and other literary wonders.

    9. Jessica B. Harris has had a fascinating life --- and I love her descriptions of food, particularly the meals she would have at West Village Spanish restaurant El Faro (RIP). But, it felt a little surface-y to me. She writes that she had deep conversations with luminaries like Maya Angelou, but never reveals what exactly they said. Things like that.

    10. This was an amazing memoir of the life and times of black luminaries in the 60s-70s and beyond. It travels from New York, to Europe, to Africa, to North Carolina. You may not recognize the author (I didn't!) but you'll definitely recognize the people in her circle. And, by the time you're finished, you'll have an appreciation for the author that you probably should have had before you started. :) Fantastic book. I recommend it for everyone who wants to discover life outside of their own experien [...]

    11. "My Soul Looks Back" chronicles Jessica B. Harris' tangential relationships to James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Nina Simone, and other Black luminaries through her relationship with Samuel Floyd. It's beautifully written, and really captures a time when Black intellectuals loomed larger than life. However, "My Soul Looks Back" seems to drag a bit, especially near the beginning. It's only in later chapters that the story really pulls together.

    12. This lovely memoir painted pictures and palettes of a time that is past and present, future too. The icons of American and Black Excellence of the Black Atlantic culture from the 20th century whose impact is still felt today - Baldwin, Simone, Morrison, Angelou and more. All present. Imagining the moments of author Jessica B. Harris first meeting of each - she puts you her humble and young shoes. I cried reading it not for any real sadness - other than life's ups and downs - loves and loses - li [...]

    13. My Soul Looks Back is an extremely sensitive and compelling story of NY in the 60s and the life and times of some of Americas greatest literary figures. This memoir had deeply emotional and touching insight into the plaque that swept America in the 70 and 80. I was excited to hear about Jessica's trips to Haiti and how much she loved it there and the mention of James Baldwin, Samuel Clemons Floyd, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou & Nina Simone being part of the author's circle of creative, sage, [...]

    14. I expected a soul-searching memoir, but the book seemed more like a description of the famous people Harris knew and their activities. You can tell Harris has a deep interest in cuisine, and I was amazed that she could remember so many of her meals in detail. She described herself as on the periphery of Maya Angelou's and James Baldwin's circles of friends, and I could never tell if she wanted to be more included or not. The author was very reserved in relating her own feelings, and I would have [...]

    15. Didn't really like this book. I tried to ignore the reviews on here to let myself be free to inform my own opinion but I found this book to be pretty boring and seemed almost as if these were memories solely for her journal to keep and cherish. The interesting parts of these book however did increase my rating. I enjoyed the playlist function at the end and will create a playlist with these songs, I also enjoyed the recipes that went along with the chapters - a very unique touch.

    16. If you're expecting something other than a literary rendition of "Entourage: The James Baldwin Edition," look elsewhere. It's at turns disappointing and baffling that Harris, who spent so much time with people famous for their ideas, was much more interested in their fame than their ideas. I picked up this book expecting some level of insight on the intellectual world of Baldwin, Angelou, and the others name-dropped continuously throughout, but beyond the occasionally illuminating descriptions o [...]

    17. Don't want to give anything away but love, love this book--the 1970s in New York and Paris with this iconic circle of friends--page by page you share amazing meals with them and literature and trips all over the world. Music, food, liquor and friendship in the 1970s--a destination read. There are incredible recipes sprinkled in throughout the book [can we still buy ham hocks?] and a music list at the end for each chapter! This book is so special! My Soul Looks Back: A Memoir

    18. I did love the visuals of New York and all her travels and acquaintances, and I wanted to like this book so much that it took me a while to realize that it isn't that good. I could feel the presence of her thesaurus with unlikely words used too many times and unnatural phrases that kept recurring (i.e. "ood me in good stead."). It renewed my appreciation for Hemingway's writing advice to just say it honestly without trying to be fancy. Sometimes lines of words seemed like space fillers. The asso [...]

    19. My Soul Looks Back by Jessica B. Harris is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early May.An extremely intuitive 1970s memoir in Manhattan with precise, local detail. I had really geeked out over the mention of James Baldwin being part of the author's circle of creative, sage, intellectual friends (since I just watched the documentary, I Am Not Your Negro). The author gains entry into this circle by way of Samuel Clemons Floyd III's involvement in the SEEK program (dates him and shares his inte [...]

    20. This is the second book I've read that was recommended by Carla Hayden, librarian of Congress, in the August 6, 2017 By the Book review in the NY Times. She didn't actually recommend the book; rather she mentioned it because reading the book reminded her of James Baldwin's "If Beale Street Could Talk."I found this book interesting though it felt, at times, like reading zealous diary entries rather than compelling stories. I enjoyed the back stories and details about notable poets and authors who [...]

    21. Harris has a story to tell and the style to do it. In her rarefied world among the Black intelligentsia, there are conversations at the dinner table that continue through the night, exquisite parties, dancing and music with slight reference to the turbulence of that decade and the 70's. There's an unsettling naiveté pervading the book that made me wish for a professional navel-gazing intervention for the author. Listen, how could you be the decades long lover of James Baldwin's best friend and [...]

    22. My Soul Looks Black by Jessica B. Harris is a great memoir. Her book is about famous African Americans featured in New York. Yet, I felt this Read fell flat. She spoke about the people but didn't give more details about them that would have made this more of a fascinating read. It seemed like she mostly talked about those around her and not about having direct contact with these people mentioned. When she mentions a little bit about herself, it was okay. Still Jessica B. Harris could have done m [...]

    23. I read this book as the result of reading about it via the website Buzzfeed. I think it was on their "must read for the summer" list/article. In any case, what a rich fascinating world Jessica B. Harris showcases here! I was not familiar with her or her works before giving her memoir a try, and it was like slowly savoring a good hot drink. Her descriptions of New York City and France; her anecdotes about Maya Angelou and James Baldwin; and her shared recipes, all made for a memorable reading exp [...]

    24. My honest opinion is Jessica B. Harris is Bougie! This was a name dropping memoir of a middle class woman. The end was interesting, as she talked about the rise in awareness of AIDS and HIV. Also she discussed not knowing her life partner was a gay/bi-sexual male. Overall if you are bougie, you will love her story. I just wish she would have share life lessons or talked about the things she learned in a way that was not like she was bragging about what she had or who she knew. The playlist at th [...]

    25. I had to think hard about this one. I wouldn't really say I enjoyed it. It was pleasant to read but I felt detached from it. I wasn't immersed. It wasn't bad enough for me not to finish it as I often don't finish things I'm not interested in. The author seems very detached from her own experiences as well. She doesn't really ground herself as the focal point of her own story. She's completely wide-eyed and starstruck with these African American literary heavy hitters, but what about her? I wante [...]

    26. reading the other reviews, everyone does have a valid point about it not truly being a memoir of her life. the name dropping didn't bother me much because i think she did a good job of setting up the fact that she was on the periphery of this mammoth crew. what i enjoyed was that it read like she was reading it to me. it felt like an oral account that was transcribed. i loved that feel. somehow i was very engaged despite not much happening. i checked it out of the library so i guess i had much l [...]

    27. As one who is immensely interested in the black arts movement and the creative's of its time I enjoyed this peek through the window into the enviable life of the author and her cadre of artistic and academic friends. Her vivid descriptions of their haunts ushered me into the times and places, also causing me to look at the current occupants of the locations from a different lens. I found the story to be personal and inviting, though I felt a bit lost through some of the descriptions of French fo [...]

    28. I'm sorry to say that I really disliked the first half of this book. It seemed as though it was just 70% summing up the names of the people she met and places she had been without any personal touches or descriptions. I did not even get a good sense of Baldwin, who was so prominent in this book. Most of the anecdotes fell flat and seemed superficial. However, the second half offered just what the first half was lacking and those stories definitely hit - the AIDS plague of the 80s, visiting Baldw [...]

    29. Slow and Uneven at First, But Picked UpActually, this book was a challenging read. It promised an insider's look back to times and places that were formative in our American culture, especially literature. But this promise was not quite kept. There was an inordinate amount of name dropping but that wasn't followed up with writing about actual interactions with the names dropped, with only a couple of exceptions toward the end of the book. Overall, it was disappointing and it feels like a stronge [...]

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