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The Secret Life of Lilykins

The Secret Life of Lilykins On the surface Lilykins lives the life of a typical house cat But Lilykins has another life a secret life that transports her to a world of incredible adventures The Secret Life of Lilykins is a stor

  • Title: The Secret Life of Lilykins
  • Author: Max Goodman Erik Mace
  • ISBN: 9781522809715
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the surface, Lilykins lives the life of a typical house cat But Lilykins has another life a secret life that transports her to a world of incredible adventures The Secret Life of Lilykins is a story filled with animals, adventure and absurdity But at its core, it s a story about the power of imagination.

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      213 Max Goodman Erik Mace
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    1 thought on “The Secret Life of Lilykins

    1. Great story of Lilykins and her adventures. I loved the illustrations and the way Max Goodman told the story. This is a book we have read several times now and enjoyed it each and every time.

    2. A really delightful illustrated children's book about a lovely cat called Lilykins who lives with her two human daddies and her older feline brother. Lilykins gets up to a lot of fun adventures. She's a cat with a big imagination. I found myself smiling at her antics and the sweet illustrations and soon Lilykins grew on my heart. The story itself is not badly written although due to some poor sentence placement and formatting I couldn't tell if the whole book was meant to rhyme or just some. I h [...]

    3. This is an amazing book. The story brilliantly captures what all cat lovers know -- we have no idea what's going on in a cat's mind! For Lilykins, her encounters with everyday life become exhilarating adventures in imagination. She also has a deep appreciation for all that the world has to offer. With vivid writing and eye-popping illustrations, Lilykins is a must read for kids and adults alike.

    4. Oh, man, I would love to give this more stars. It has so much going for it. First, it is about a cat that has Walter Mitty like adventures. Second, he is owned by a gay couple, who wonder what sort of adventures he is imagining. And third, the adventures are kind of cool, in a rhyming sort of way.Well, yes the colors are bright. And yes, the cat is cute. And yeah, its fun that he has adventures, but to tell the truth, I got bored with the rhymes. I got tired with the adventures. There wasn't a p [...]

    5. The Secret Life of Lilykins is an enchanting book written for children, but it's also appealing for all ages. Initially this book caught my attention with its lyrical rhythmic prose, but all in all it kept my focus with its imaginative storyline and whimsical illustrations.This book follows the daily life of a seemingly normal everyday house cat named Lily (aka Lilykins.) Through reading, it becomes quickly apparent that Lilykin’s life is anything but normal and ordinary. She has an amusing ol [...]

    6. Thank you to Netgalley, create space publishing and Max Goodman for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. What a very sweet story this is. The Secret life of lilykins follows the many adventures of Lilykins an adorable little cat. Lilykins is owned by two men and lives in the house with another big cat. Lilykins goes on many adventures from killing the bird that sits on the windowsill and annoys her to swimming underwater. The book is written in a rhyming way which sometimes wo [...]

    7. If you are searching for a new book to share with your child about the power of imagination, definitely check out The Secret Life of Lilykins written by Max Goodman and illustrated by Erik Mace. The 26-page paperback book follows Lilykins, who seems to live the life of a typical house cat but who also has another secret life that transports her to a world of incredible adventures. The picture book is perfect for early readers as well as younger listeners. The colorful illustrations help bring th [...]

    8. Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available in exchange for an honest review.This was a cute book with an imaginative kitty named Lilykins. She lives with her daddies and has dreamlike adventures using her imagination. Lilykins is definitely relatable to kids who use their imaginations daily (and to us old folks who try to sneak in a daydream or two).I really appreciated that Lilykins has two dads and that is just presented as fact, nothing else. Representaion matters!On the whole, a nice [...]

    9. I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.Lilykins is a cat who live in an apartment with her two daddies. To avoid boredom she creates great adventures using her imagination, including underwater diving, pretending to be a queen and eating the pigeon outside the window. It is a delightful book, told in rhymes which work sometimes better than others. Lilykins flights of fancy will make sense to anyone who loves cats. My daughter really liked the und [...]

    10. What's most lovely about this story is that, at its heart, it's about the things that make childhood so magical: family and imagination. I've personally wondered many times about what's going on inbetween my cats' ears and that question, surely universal to all cat lovers, is the spark for this delightful, charmingly illustrated story. The kids in your life and the kid in your heart will love Lilykins!

    11. I loved this book and so did my children. So much so that tonight, after dinner, my son asked for the cat book again (I read this to him last night). The story is about a cat who is obviously loved, and her imaginary adventures. The illustrations were adorable and the story was cute and rhymed nicely.

    12. I have mixed emotions about this story and the placement of some words in the pictures. Let's start with page 1 of the story of Lilykins the cat"And a brother named Charlie who occasionally drubbed her.DRUBBED: hit or beat (someone) repeatedly.I think the word should have been DUBBED: give an unofficial name or nickname to (someone or something). "the media dubbed anorexia “the slimming disease.”"synonyms: nickname, call, name, label, christen, term, tag, entitle, style; Then the "dubbed" na [...]

    13. Princess Fuzzypants here:With the Holidays just around the corner, what can you get for little ones other than toys. Books are always a good choice. The early lover of books never loses that love. In books we can travel to distant lands and times and meet characters we would never know otherwise.Lilykins is a kitty who also travels to near and far without ever leaving home. It is a very good talent to have. I, purrsonally, am a pro at it and highly recommend it to other cats.Humans are always lo [...]

    14. I wanted to get my thesaurus out and give it a good workout with this one. I would award one million stars if that were possible. It’s such a sweet enchanting tale of Lilykins, a cat with a secret life. Her regular life consists of her older cat brother Charlie and the two guys who own her. The story is told in rhyme which I love and it explains just where cats go when you can’t find them. For Lilykins she has been underwater diving, pretending to be a queen and eating the pigeon outside the [...]

    15. I received this book in exchange of an honest review from NetGalley.The title and having a cat in this picture book drew it to me. I liked the idea of a silly kitty named Lily and the rhyming was nice, but the only reason I read this entire book was to give a review. I doubt my daughter would like this book, waiting while mommy tried to read the unfriendly font. Or if she tried to read it there would be too many far reaching rhymes she couldn’t guess. I don’t see myself using this in storyti [...]

    16. This book was good, but I think I expected it to be a bit more rhyming. It started off well and the wording jumps about a bit I found. The story is a solid one with some nice images but not sure if we will read it more than a few times. A good read for younger people with cats as its sure to be a hit with them.

    17. I received this book from Giveaways-- it was a really cute book. The kids I read it to really liked it too.

    18. Great children's book. My two little ones loved it! The illustrations are wonderful, and we love that Lilykins has 2 dads!

    19. Cute rhyming story about the daydreaming life of a cat! Kids 6-9 will enjoy this tale, especially those who love cats and rhymes! Illustrations were cute, too!

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