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No Good Deed

No Good Deed He s not asking for much All Gregor Maravilla wants to do is feed all of the starving children on the planet So when he s selected to join Camp Save the World a special summer program for teenage act

  • Title: No Good Deed
  • Author: Goldy Moldavsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He s not asking for much All Gregor Maravilla wants to do is feed all of the starving children on the planet So when he s selected to join Camp Save the World, a special summer program for teenage activists from all over the country to champion their cause, Gregor s sure he s on the path to becoming Someone Great.But then a prize is announced It will be awarded at the eHe s not asking for much All Gregor Maravilla wants to do is feed all of the starving children on the planet So when he s selected to join Camp Save the World, a special summer program for teenage activists from all over the country to champion their cause, Gregor s sure he s on the path to becoming Someone Great.But then a prize is announced It will be awarded at the end of summer to the activist who shows the most promise in their campaign Gregor s sure he has the prize in the bag, especially compared to some of the other campers campaigns Like Eat Dirt, a preposterous campaign started by Ashley Woodstone, a famous young actor who most likely doesn t even deserve to be at the camp Everywhere Gregor goes, Ashley seems to show up ready to ruin things Plus, the prize has an unforeseen side effect, turning a quiet summer into cutthroat warfare where campers stop focusing on their own campaigns and start sabotaging everyone else s.

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      230 Goldy Moldavsky
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    1 thought on “No Good Deed

    1. I so like the premise of this book. Even more now that I’m done with this humorous novel by the author of KILL THE BOY BAND, which I so enjoyed last year. You’d think a camp where kids with a humanitarian purpose go to develop their humanitarian spirit and share meaningful conversation with other humanitarian kids would be less hectic than a sports camp, let’s say.Wrong. And it’s all because of Mr. Drill, who decides to award the best camper/humanitarian with an internship, something eve [...]

    2. Not to be weird, but this is one of the funniest books ever written.“You going to paint me like one of your French girls?”“How do you know about my French girls?”There's something about the way Goldy Moldavsky writes parody novels. It never feels like she's making fun of boy band fangirls or people who fight for social justice, even when she writes parodies. In fact, her two parodies so far have sent a positive message about their respective groups. Part of her positive message comes fro [...]

    3. An ARC of this book was sent to me unsolicited by the publisherI've seen a good amount of positive reviews for this book so maybe I'm the odd one out on this but I wasn't into No Good Deed at all. I thought the plot sounded really original and it had a lot of potential but the characters prevented this book from becoming likable for me. I was not a fan of the main character at all and because of that, I was never able to get into the book. The main character, Gregor, was so incredibly annoying t [...]

    4. rlly short review:5 stars to Goldy Moldavsky's newest AMAZING book. we all know this was my most anticipated book of the year from page one, i knew i was gonna love this. reading goldy's books feels like watching a really really hilarious youtube skit. she's got the BEST imagination and her stories are always wild and unforgettable. but at the same time, the teens she writes about are relatable and authentic. even if i tried, i could not think about ONE thing I disliked about either of her books [...]

    5. I was an incredibly smart teenager. Much wiser than my parents, for sure. For the most part, I received exactly the adoration I deserved, which is to say my inexplicable intellectual arrogance was essentially ignored. But, once in a while, I did get called out. I never appreciated my parents’ glee when this happened and felt their enthusiasm for my public dressing down was a bit harsh. It is to that end that I so easily identify with and wholly support our hapless hero, Gregor Maravilla.As he [...]

    6. As per Goldy's style this book was hilarious and an absolute mind fuck. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did Kill the Boy Band. When I first read the blurb, I wasn't that interested, but I picked it up any way cause I will probably read anything Goldy puts out. She has such an addicting writing style. I feel like I'm watching a movie in my head. It was super entertaining and the humor was similar to Kill the Boy Band as was the whole "what the fuck is happening? what am I reading?" vibe I get from [...]

    7. Not for the first time, I wondered what the hell was happening at this camp.Question:What do you get if a bunch of social justice warriors went to a summer camp together?Answer: A hilariously captivating book called No Good Deed.The writing and imagery was so vivid in this book that reading it felt like watching a movie. I've read Goldy's previous book, Kill the Boy Band and absolutely loved it. (If you haven't read Kill the Boy Band yet, you should. One of the characters in this book is mention [...]

    8. I was largely indifferent to the majority of the novel. I thought our protagonist was annoying and had his head up his own ass and he whined constantly. I am sure it was meant to be funny but it was lost on me.The camp itself was perfectly ludicrous and I loved it. Easily the best side story was I Like Paint's, a boy who speaks a language no one understands. When we found out what actually happened with him, I burst out laughing on my flight. I couldn't help it; it was completely unexpected and [...]

    9. Oh boy, this was so stupid and corny. I am definitely the wrong target audience for this novel. I can see how it would be fine and cute for 12-16 year olds but good god this was not worth my time.

    10. I have a lot of thoughts on this book. It's gonna take some time to sort them all out. It was good but like super weird?? Idk man.

    11. I loved this book and finished it quickly because of the interesting plot and the sabotages that happen. I liked the character Ashley because of her uniqueness like what she does with dirt. Overall this was an amazing book and I definitely recommend it.

    12. Mon avisActual rating : 4,5/5Gosh, I love Goldy Moldavsky's books. They're so different from what I'm used to read, it's really refreshing. I'm glad that I liked No Good Deed as much as I liked Kill the Boy Band (which I really want to re-read now). It was hilarious and heartwarming and even a bit sad at times, but mostly funny, ahah. I'm sure that not everyone will like this kind of unrealistic, crazy story but it totally works on me, so there's that. And the characters were adorable. Basically [...]

    13. LONG LIVE GOLDY MOLDAVSKY. I swear, this woman is ushering in a new age of YA that is fast and loose and dark and most importantly, funny. Do you know how rare that is? Most contemporary YA isn't that funny. It is sweet, it is quirky, it is kindhearted, but it isn't funny. This book is. More books should be.

    14. When I read Goldy Moldavsky's debut last year, I had a great time. Kill the Boy Band was a crazy ride into the absolute insanity that can be fangirl culture, but it was also tempered with what good can come out of that same place. Add to that a dangerous mission, a diverse cast, and enough slapstick dark comedy to keep me entertained while simultaneously cringing, and I had a blast!I had no idea Moldavsky would have a follow-up out so quickly, so I was excited to read more of her trademark humor [...]

    15. The premise of this book is terrific--a summer camp for social activists who are all determined to make a difference in the world. For Gregor Maravilla, it's a chance to start fresh, maybe reinvent himself, and work on his social skills among teens who are just as committed to their own causes as he is. He's stoked to have been selected for a place supported by his inspiration, Robert Drill, who gained wealth through his technology but is now dedicated to spending that money for good causes. Wha [...]

    16. Rating: 4.2 Stars.Short Summary: Gregor heads to Camp Save the World a special summer program for teenage activists who are looking to enhance their cause. When the prize for the demonstration of the greatest activism is announced, things slowly get out of control.Having read “Kill the Boy Band”, I’ve been deeply intrigued with what Moldavsky would do next. I loved how over the top her first book was, and I was so hoping for more of that fantastic dark humour. I was not disappointed.What I [...]

    17. I wanted to love this book. I was really into the set-up, with all of the jokes about young activists and junior social justice warriors. There were parts of it that were so good, but I felt like it got so tangled up with the love story or friendship story in the middle and lost some of the focus that I was looking for. If the weight had been a little more in favour of Gregor figuring out what the deal is with changing the world and trying to understand how to do that as a young person in a worl [...]

    18. I freaking love Goldy Moldavsky. I read Kill the Boy Band last summer and it was so much fun. This book, thankfully, was no exception - I loved it so much. It's so weird, and quirky, and fun and that's exactly how Goldy's writing is. Also, I'm obsessed with crossover in contemporary books (i.e. Morgan Matson and Becky Albertalli) and in this book the ex-boyfriend of a character was in the last book. I love it!!

    19. DNF @ 20%. Didn't like the narrative instantly and had to push myself to keep giving it a chance to get better before finally calling it. Maybe it /does/ get better the more you read on, as the premise is hilarious, but.

    20. “No Good Deed”, by Goldy Moldavsky is a realistic fiction book about a summer camp meant for good, but has gone bad. Gregor Maravilla is chosen for a summer camp, Camp Save the World, where everyone there is fighting for a cause. He's fighting to feed the starving children of the world, but his competitors aren't making it easy. After a series of competitions, there will be a prize awarded at the end of the summer. But throughout this journey, things do not go as expected for Gregor. Between [...]

    21. Another gem from Goldy Moldavsky, who shows that she can build characters better than many of her peers. Solid sense of humor and purpose in this book.

    22. I LOVED this book, and I honestly wasn't expecting to. The plot sounded kind of bizarre, but I love Goldy Moldavsky's persona on social media, and wanted to read something of hers asap. I'm so glad I did. Let me name a few reasons why.The setting - Camp Save The World - is such a character in itself, and the other campers were brought to life so flawlessly. Gregor, our narrator, is so aware of issues and tries so hard to stay PC all the time, and it's almost comical how much that mirrors my own [...]

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