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THE CORBIN BROTHERS: The Complete 5-Books Series

THE CORBIN BROTHERS The Complete Books Series Free with Kindle Unlimited Enjoy all Corbin brothers books in this discounted bundle Currently FREE with the Kindle Unlimited Program or All full length books No cliffies HUNTER People weren t

  • Title: THE CORBIN BROTHERS: The Complete 5-Books Series
  • Author: Lexie Ray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Free with Kindle Unlimited Enjoy all 5 Corbin brothers books in this discounted bundle Currently FREE with the Kindle Unlimited Program or 0.99 All full length books No cliffies HUNTER People weren t supposed to live through what I lived through, and most of the time, I wish I hadn t I came away from military service fucked up beyond all recognition, slinking backFree with Kindle Unlimited Enjoy all 5 Corbin brothers books in this discounted bundle Currently FREE with the Kindle Unlimited Program or 0.99 All full length books No cliffies HUNTER People weren t supposed to live through what I lived through, and most of the time, I wish I hadn t I came away from military service fucked up beyond all recognition, slinking back to my family s cattle ranch in Texas to heal, my tail between my legs Well, leg Singular My brothers hire Hadley Parsons to put me back together again, and she s the best of the best, tough and beautiful to boot She won t take an ounce of bullshit and she s made it her mission to see me through my recovery one way or another With her unconventional methods, I find myself looking forward to seeing her every single day AVERY Our ranch has been in our family for generations and generations, and it s said that ranching runs in Corbin blood If that s true, though, I must not be a Corbin I ve always dreamed of doing something different anything different from the ranch, but blood is blood, and I can t see my brothers dream go under But when the ranch faces a real threat, I don t have a choice but to do the unthinkable enter into a marriage of economics with Paisley Summers, daughter of a wealthy rancher one property over I ve known Paisley since elementary school, but that doesn t mean I like her Can we learn to love each other in this new arrangement, or will this marriage tear our families and our ranches apart EMMETT I don t know what it s going to take for me to get noticed in this family, but I m pretty sure it won t take very long to get my brothers attention associating with one of the most notorious women in town Peyton Crow is best known for granting instant gratification to lonely souls in town, but she s a lot than she seems Once you get past all the sex and conflict, she has a heart of gold and a love and understanding for horses that rivals my own But will my brothers finally take my ideas for expanding the family ranch seriously And will Peyton ever see that she s worth much than anyone gives her credit for TUCKER I have secrets in my past that need to stay there things I don t talk about But when one of those nightmares comes back to life, there s nothing I can do to hide those terrible things from my brothers any longer Amelia Banks makes frequent appearances in my nightmares, both of us survivors of a sadistic serial killer from my time away from the ranch as a cop I thought that was all over and done with it had almost killed me and driven me crazy But when Amelia shows up on the ranch, terrified that the killer is hunting her once , I start to realize that some things are never really other CHANCE I ve been taking care of the ranch and my brothers ever since our parents died, and have watched my brothers pair off with women who love them one by one I d like to experience some of that love, too, but I only have eyes for one woman who happens to be our housekeeper It would be too complicated There would be too many factors against us being together But I can t get her off of my mind even as our ranch suffers a brutal attack that might end the family business for us Corbins once and for all.

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      407 Lexie Ray
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    1 thought on “THE CORBIN BROTHERS: The Complete 5-Books Series

    1. A lot of love out of tragic events This book has five full length books in it. Each book about one of the five Corbin brothers and their quest for love. Each one a bit different. And along the way you see the changes made to the family farm.

    2. Good bookThis was a new author for me. For the most part I enjoyed the storyline, mAybe I'd hoped for a bit more at the end maybe a glimpse into the future for all of them.

    3. Phenomenal Work Of Literary Art By Lexie RayI hope I can properly express how extraordinarily awesome I found The Corbin Brothers to be. I absolutely love this book, one of the best I've ever read. Beautifully written, with heart and passion throughout. Lexie really knows how to tell a story that grabs you and won't let go till the very end. I definitely see myself reading more by Lexie Ray.They are a really special group of men that are brought closer together, than just by blood, through a fam [...]

    4. There are 5 brothers in the Corbin family – no girls and all born within 10 years popped out as their friends say ready to work the ranch.But then their parents die and the eldest, at 18 is left with the job of bringing up the boys and also keeping the ranch going. Not so easy when the other boys don’t think they want to ranch and have other ideas – perhaps a cop, perhaps a Marine, perhaps a horse breeder and perhaps an entrepreneur.So some leave, but come back for various reasons and this [...]

    5. Lexie Ray you rock! Not enough stars! What is not to love about them Corbin brothers. Each story gets you right in the heart. The story flows smoothly and it was hard to put down. You felt the characters and I can say that doesn't always happen. I would love to see how each of their stories evolved even 3 yrs down the road. Love happiness frustration and holy heck hotness galore! Ladies you are sure to have some new book bf's!! No disappointment here at all thanks for a fantastic read!

    6. Brothers who fight to save themselves, as well as the ranch.I really liked Lexie Ray style of writing. The Corbin Brothers were all true to life. Their relationships were sometimes problematic and they didn't ways do the right thing. The ladies were strong characters, but all had their own challenges. All this with a background of a failing ranch, with drought problems, theft of cattle and money problems.Each brother had a good story and the romance/sex served to enhance the worries. Very good r [...]

    7. Review: The Corbin BrothersI only got about half through the first book and had enough. I hated the language and the vulgar sexual talk. It was a good story but I couldn't get past the rest. I would not recommend this book to anyone. When I read a book I want to feel good at the end of it even if the main character dies. I learn a lot from books but bad language and vulgar references don't leave me with a good feeling at the end of a book.

    8. WOW! I can't believe that I waited this long to read this series. I loved how I was drawn into the story from the first page and that I felt very connected to the characters. I found this book very hard to put down. I know that this will be able to be one book that I will be able to read again and again. I can't wait to read more books by Lexie Ray.

    9. This is a story about the Corbin brothers. Each brother has his own story and they may share a theme but each brother has his own hang ups. This book is entertaining from beginning to end and is well written. The only minor is there could've been more passion, who doesn't love a sexy cowboy though.

    10. 5 Sexy Brothers5 Sexy, Stubborn Texas brothers! You have 2 with PTSD, 1 who was fighting his feelings, 1 who is misunderstood by the others and the oldest who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Add this to a struggling ranch and 5 stubborn, strong, loving women and Pow you've got 5 great books!

    11. I took a two day break in-between but boy did I enjoy this series. The stories are very tightly intertwined so I'm really feeling the void now that the series is over. Only criticism is that a couple of the books had serious editorial mistakesothers didn't. No excuse for that, really.

    12. Fun and surprisingWith each brothers personality revealed a new adventure began. It was interesting how Lexi Ray introduced the inner workings of each character and contrasted their opinion of themselves to how others saw them. Romance and suspense abound!

    13. Amazing I love the Corbin brothers and what they stand for. Each brother has to go through something hard in their life. They handled it well.

    14. Great readAll of these stories about the brothers were wonderful. They each found their women and they all found each other.

    15. This was a great series.Lved the story of each bother. This family went through a lot to get to a happy ending. I would recommend this book highly

    16. Larger than Life Chance, Tucker, Emmet, Avery and Hunter are the Corbin brothers. Five very different individuals with their deceased parents remote Texas ranch as the tie that binds them together. Each book in this compilation features a brother, his struggles, hopes and meeting of a romantic partner. These men are flawed, but honorable. The challenges the ranch faces range from drought to financial to criminal. Each brother faces a different set of concerns but their lives provide heartache, j [...]

    17. Delicious cowboys and romance Delicious cowboys and romantic interludes keep the pages turning, intrigue and circumstances keep the reads very fresh and new. Good reads.

    18. AwesomeJeez this boxset is a fab read. There are five Corbin brothers and each book is based on one brother. We meet them all briefly in book one. Each book was very well written and the story throughout each book was amazing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who believes that love happens whoever you are and that romance is anything but dead.

    19. Really goodHaving it in a book set is awesome. Reading them all together makes it so much better. This series is well written and all characters are awesome. This is really a good series and and awesome read. Lots of romance, seems the Corbin boys can seem to see or understand when they are in love. Which makes for a good read.

    20. I read 2 of the 5 books and started the 3rd. I found the first 2 brothers whiny and pathetic so when the 3rd book started out the same way with the "hero" whining about none of his brothers understanding him and no one appreciated him or listened to him, I gave up. Who wants a hero who is so pathetic. The writing was pretty ordinary as well.

    21. Good readThis is a good feel good factor series plenty of romance and good wins through in the end. Each brothers story finding the love of their lives is different but the ranch and family are common factors throughout. There are plenty of ups and downs to keep the interest going. A generally good all round romance.

    22. A good seriesI enjoyed reading this series. I admit that there some slow parts at the beginning, but thing pick up fast and keep going until the very end. Each book is tied together and some things won't be solved until the last book. Ignore the order on the cover, it goes like this, Hunter, Avery, Emmett, Tucker, and Chance.

    23. Suspenseful, Intriguing, and Funny!I thoroughly enjoyed each character - their fears, faults and many great traits. I sympathized with all of the trials and tribulations the family went through. I thought the series was a great read.

    24. Long roadEveryone one of the brothers have to face some hard challenges. The hardest are facing their feeling for the ladies who walk into their lives. But they find they can make it work.

    25. Lighthearted RomanceFive brothers each find romance, each book about a different brother. Some off the wall scenarios. A pleasant easy read.

    26. Love it booksI would love it if you did a Christmas books about the Corbin's the books are sexy and very very hot more soon

    27. Fabulous!If you love hot men and gutsy women, you'll love these stories. They are well written and I enjoyed reading them.

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