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Distracted No More (Assured Distraction, Book 4)

Distracted No More Assured Distraction Book Love Sex Rock n Roll Carter Sheridan It s not my fault groupies throw themselves at me I am after all the bass player for the hottest band in the world As the only single member of Assured Distracti

  • Title: Distracted No More (Assured Distraction, Book 4)
  • Author: Thia Finn
  • ISBN: 9780997340747
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love, Sex, Rock n Roll Carter Sheridan It s not my fault groupies throw themselves at me I am after all the bass player for the hottest band in the world As the only single member of Assured Distraction, a different girl warms my bed every night, hell sometimes I m cocky and live my life the way I want, and I don t plan on changing any time soon Halo VictoriLove, Sex, Rock n Roll Carter Sheridan It s not my fault groupies throw themselves at me I am after all the bass player for the hottest band in the world As the only single member of Assured Distraction, a different girl warms my bed every night, hell sometimes I m cocky and live my life the way I want, and I don t plan on changing any time soon Halo Victoria I m not looking to rekindle my past relationship with Carter That ship sailed when he left me to chase fortune and fame without so much as a background glance With my career taking off, I am not going to let anyone distract me even if he is devastatingly sexy Life has been all about the music and the women for Carter but what happens when the past meets present Can Halo forgive and let go of the past or is her pain to great let Carter in Take a front row seat as lives are altered in the exciting conclusion to the Assured Distraction Series.

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    • Unlimited [Sports Book] Ó Distracted No More (Assured Distraction, Book 4) - by Thia Finn ✓
      270 Thia Finn
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    1 thought on “Distracted No More (Assured Distraction, Book 4)

    1. I loved it!Carter is my favorite in this series! I just loved him I'm glad he got his girl! Finally but I'm sad it's over! I hope for another rock series by This Finn I absolutely loved this one!

    2. Absolutely loved this book, a great read from front to back covers. I can thoroughly recommend the series to anyone. Awesome author, awesome book.

    3. This story was spot on to what I had visioned. Carter needed to grow up and be taught the lesson in which Halo gave him and then some. That he have to give her a choice and be willing to fight for them and make it work. She knew the real him and got the real him if you ask me. We all knew Carter would be that last one standing because his growth as a person had to come from within. His demons were not as transparent as the others which made it that more deep and you that more invested on the roa [...]

    4. This series is just incredible, I love how each book is a standalone and yet intertwines with one another. It was Carter's turn in this book and oh the things that this man has done, my oh my. Halo is such a strong woman and I love her character right from the start she is the sweetest of sweets (read the book and you'll see what In did there). We're taken on a bit of a roller coaster ride with these two the one where you can't close your eyes because you need to see what's to come and you're sc [...]

    5. Carter is the last member of Assured Distraction single, and man is he taking advantage of his position with the groupies. Victory is paired up with Hayden by the record label to start recording songs and go out on a short tour to get their names out there to the country world. When Cash tells them to meet up with Assured Distraction for part of their tour Victory's world could turn upside down. What no one else knows is that she's Carter's high school ex girlfriend, and she's not sure how he's [...]

    6. The final book in the Assured Distraction series is the icing on the cake. Thia Finn has finished this series on an extreme high with Carter and Halo's story. Carter has been the playboy that all playboys would aspire to be but when all your band members have that someone special maybe a different woman and sometimes more every night starts to get old and even lonely. When a blast from his past comes crashing back into his world unexpectedly it throws Carter for a loop and has his mind and heart [...]

    7. Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ★★★★★ Rating~~~~~~~~~~In this fourth installment in the Assured Distraction series we follow Carter Sheridan, bass player for the band. Carter is one that has three things on his mind: Band and Sex. The last thing he expects is to have his past come back into his life in one hot little package named Halo "Victory". What will the ultimate womanizer and groupie lover do now? Eight years since Carter broke her heart has led to a fateful meeting, [...]

    8. FAMILY ISN'T ALWAYS BY BLOOD!As this bunch of guys and gals prove to us time and again, family isn't defined by blood in all cases. They prove this time and again. This time it is Carter, our biggest man whore, who also learns the lesson that sometimes our first love is "the one". Imagine his shock when he finds out is high school girlfriend is actually the new act called Victoria and that she has teamed up with Hayden to be AD's opening act! Crap is about to hit the fan! But Carter realizes two [...]

    9. Second time around Carter the bad boy of the band, reunites with an old flame, Halo. Halo was his high school love, will this be there chance at happily ever after.

    10. It was a great read. Loved the h and the fact she was strong and went after what she wanted instead of pinning away for Carter. Loved this series. Rated very good

    11. Loved this book! Couldn't wait to see the story of the final single member of the band. Not just any member though. The biggest player ever. He has a different woman in his bed every single night and loves it that way. When a flash from the past comes knocking, it all changes. Or does it?Carter's book was a big surprise but one I loved reading!

    12. BittersweetSaving the worst for last ?? Now calm down I meant player. Carter I knew you would fall the hardest and I love that you got your second chance with Halo. Thia Finn I hate that this series ended, it was one of my favorites. Happy Hayden is up next and we get to see everyone again. Thank you for a great ride.

    13. I have devoured every book in the Assured Distraction Series. I am an official groupie of a fictitious rock band and proud of it. I was not looking forward to saying good bye, but with Carter's story I knew I would have no other choice. The series has come to an end.What shocked me most was the suspense created by Thia Finn. I couldn't wait to see how Carter reacted to the mysterious woman. Kudos to the author for the great teases and the hints of what was to come, but when they met DYN-O-MITE!! [...]

    14. I loved this book! I love Carter and Halo! There were so many emotions and unexpected turns which had me on the edge waiting to see what the outcome was going to be. Definitely love that these can be read as standalones. I love to fall in the love with the characters separately and then you get a view of them later. Overall I have gone and purchased the other 3 because I loved this one so much!

    15. I received a free copy from Quill & Ink.I loved this series. I ready all 4 books in 6 days!! I was so excited for Carter's story. I just didn't connect with Carter and Halo. They were in lust for sure but love??? Carters grand gesture at the end end helped a little. That being said it was still well written and the story with the band kept me interested. I loved the twist at the end. It was a great way to end the series!!!

    16. I loved this, at least partly because I am a musician (Bass player actually) - The author did a really nice job of getting many details right. And while I think Carter has been an ass, you can feel for him; I really liked how it evolved, and as I jumped in at book four, it was nice that it was totally readable without reading the previous ones. Since I liked this one so much, I went and picked up the series. It is long, but worth it.

    17. Loved itAnother great rocker love story. Finally Carter has his own story. I love Halo. I couldn't put the book down. I can't wait for the next book.

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