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Play With Me, Baby

Play With Me Baby Guy Rule It s only stalking if you get caught Rhys Campbell doesn t believe in love at first sight until he sees Macy Holland in a coffee shop and finds himself stalking her across town to a sex toy

  • Title: Play With Me, Baby
  • Author: Fiona Davenport
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 365
  • Format: None
  • Guy Rule It s only stalking if you get caught.Rhys Campbell doesn t believe in love at first sight, until he sees Macy Holland in a coffee shop and finds himself stalking her across town to a sex toy shop.Macy isn t sure what to think about Rhys, except that he s sexy as sin in his custom suits and even hotter out of them with all his tatted up muscles The sassy virginGuy Rule It s only stalking if you get caught.Rhys Campbell doesn t believe in love at first sight, until he sees Macy Holland in a coffee shop and finds himself stalking her across town to a sex toy shop.Macy isn t sure what to think about Rhys, except that he s sexy as sin in his custom suits and even hotter out of them with all his tatted up muscles The sassy virgin finds herself quickly falling into his bed, but little does she know he s playing for keeps.

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      365 Fiona Davenport
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    1 thought on “Play With Me, Baby

    1. Play With Me, Baby is book seven in the Yeah, Baby series by Fiona Davenport. I have to admit that this is my very first Fiona Davenport book. What drew me, well, just look at that cover. And then there is the blurb. I was hooked. And…I LOVED it! So, of course, now I’m going to have to go back and start at the beginning of this series.This is a short, sexy as heck, insta-love, over the top alpha male story. And I am a sucker for these things. One might say I’m addicted to them. Rhys Campbe [...]

    2. 5 BABY MINE STARS“I may not be a virgin, but it’s been a long fucking time, angel. I don’t even remember anyone before you.” "And, it’s the biggest fucking turn on to know I’ll be popping your sweet cherry, being the first and only man to ever be inside your pussy.”This hero “Rhys Campbell", was my PERFECT DREAM HERO. He has tattoos and piercings (And I give you one guess as to where!!). He was just so alpha, sexy, and SINFULLY YUMMY. [image error]I WAS SALIVATING MOST OF THE BOO [...]

    3. 3.5 - Yummy and full of sexiness as always!No matter which book you pick up in the Yeah, Baby series, it's always going to be a fun, syrupy sweet and scorching hot read. This one was no exception. Rhys and Macy’s story was enjoyable and the perfect « relaxing in the tub » kind of books. :D

    4. Honestlyif I've said it once I've said it a MILLION times. This is the ONLY author of these shorties that is consistently GOOD for me. This was another really enjoyable read for me. Who doesn't LOVE a tatted up and pierced stalker? ShortSweetd SMOKIN' HOT.

    5. Oh how I love a hero with stalker tendencies.Rhys sees Macy in a coffee shop one morning and he realizes he wants her so he follows her and ba da bing ba da boom we get some insta-love OTT awesome-ness!I really liked how the author incorporated some of the characters from her past books, and I'm hoping Xander gets his own story too! I can see him becoming a crazy intense lover tooNot much else to say, you can pretty much expect the usual with this story. It is safe, short, hot and sweet. An over [...]

    6. Warning: If sexy heroes with tattoos and piercings make you want to bite your lip and do dirty thingsad on. Of course after reading the authors warning, I just had to read this little piece of smut ;-D There’s just something about these OTT smutty novellas that hits the spot just right when you need some sexy times and no drama. Just an OTT alpha hero who’s totally besotted, a usually sweet and naïve heroine, some wonderfully sexy smut and a whole lot of OTT everything. And for the most par [...]

    7. Ahhh! Fiona Davenport never disappoints me! These authors have the combination down right and consistently bring us hot, steamy, sweet and OTT stories. They do it all without the cheating and ow/om nonsense as well! -hot, sexy alpha who had been celibate for years - YEAH! not a manwhore! -feisty virgin heroine who couldn't resist his charms-no pushing away-no ow/om drama whatsoever -cute epilogue

    8. Ok so this whole series is insta love on steroids with a whole heap of sex and breeding and alpha chest thumping and I fucking love it. Check out my reviews here

    9. I've arrived a little late to the party, but I'm still drinking the Kool-Aid—at least the Rhys Campbell-flavored pack. Pour me a bucket 'cause he's sexylicious. And smitten, my catnip! Right from the start, Rhys knows whom he wants and she is Macy. He's already calling, no, claiming her as his girl on page two and then forcing his way into her life. Rhys nabs Macy rather easily too (the book's major weakness IMO) because:(view spoiler)[1. He doesn't take "no" for an answer. Rhys and Macy have [...]

    10. I loved this one!!!a quick read with some really steamy sceneswarningn't read this one in a public setting because the little old lady next to me glanced at my tablet ,then glanced back at me with a frown on her face!well it served her right and probably got her all hot and bothered too !One of the best in this series so far :)

    11. This was a nice short story about two people who meet while getting coffee with an over the top alpha and a sweet heroineI enjoyed this instalove. Finished it in one sitting.No cheating, No O/W or O/M*Received an ARC for an honest review*

    12. Just perfect. This author duo never lets me down. What a first meeting too! Men don't think things through lol. But oh how he made up for it. 100% safe

    13. Love this series!I really enjoy Fiona's Yeah Baby series. The only the only thing I wish is that the book be longer so I can immerse myself in the characters and story.

    14. A fun addition to the series.The small love story of Rhys and Macy involves insta love, a lot of stalking, a little of being deceptive and a lot of cum for breeding purposes.I enjoyed how cuckoo Rhys sounded throughout the book- it was adorbs and he was a little insane.A quick read with a cute epilogue.3.75/5

    15. I KNOW I say this every single time I read a story from the Yeah Baby series, but hands down this story is my FAVORITE of all in the series. Why? 1. Male character's name is Rhys. Sexy AF name. 2. Rhys is a complete ALPHA CAVEMAN and his possessiveness is noted and swooned over from page 2 to the end!3. Rhys' characteristics and physical presence are completely overwhelming to his life and soul mate, Macy.Rhys and Macy's story is a super hot, extremely sexy, instalove NOVELLA that will leave you [...]

    16. I love this series! They're ooey-gooey, delicious, insta-love stories with sexy alpha males and awesome heroines!Macy (best friend of Aspen from "I'm Yours, Baby") is an aspiring writer. But, until she gets her big break, she's got to pay the bills, so she's working at a sex toy shop. She loathes taking help from anyone, including her best friend Aspen, and Aspen's husband Weston. She's very self-sufficient, and she likes it that way.Rhys owns his own successful investment company. He catches si [...]

    17. Fiona Davenport never fails to amaze me. They have this genius way of telling different stories each and every time. This book is no different. They give Hot Alpha Men that go for what they want and nothing would stand in their way.Trust me these Heroines are no push overs or doormats. They maybe inexperienced but give these Dudes as good as they get.This book is so hot and just what the doctor ordered. It’s perfectly light and makes you feel hot and bothered at the same time gives you a story [...]

    18. I never tire of these little romcom romances. Juicy, sweet and sexy, all ready to delight your inner smut fan.If you like your alpha man all possessive and decisive, Rhys is your man of the moment. I liked the way he and Macy meet, very funny and deliciously linked to characters from other novellas by the author.I'm also fond of where Macy works and what she wants to do in the future. It gave the plot a twist to heighten the tension in the couple. Of course, the main activity between them is une [...]

    19. Another enjoyable quickie! I loved how Rhys was worried about thinking he was stalking her ☺ I also loved how Macy stood up to him about her writing deal. If you want a quick easy read, Fiona Davenport is my go to for that! *thanks to the author for sharing a copy of this with me*

    20. By now, I have read a few of Fiona Davenport's books. I will be honest, Play with Me Baby was not one of my favorite books from them. I liked it, not loved it.Play with Me Baby is the seventh book in the Yeah, Baby series. If you know anything about Fiona Davenport, then you will know that their books are short novellas that draw you in and take you on a hot adventure that you will never forget. Their past characters seem to pop up everywhere as well. Full disclosure, I did not read the other bo [...]

    21. 5 Stars!Fiona Davenport are back on the scene with their next standalone installment to the Yeah baby series. These books are sexy, sweet, fun, scandalous, quick, dirty, and always promise multiple happy endings.Play With Me, Baby was a great little read that captivated me cover to cover. Macy and Rhys quickly heated me the pages on my kindle and had my heart beating a little faster. I rooted for them hard while swooning for Rhys and his demanding alpha ways. Their journey was over the top and i [...]

    22. As always Fiona's books are short, sweet, sexy and HOT.with an overbearing alpha, and the woman who he has his sights on. And this one is no different. It was the wham, bam , you will thank me ma'am. Not much I can say about this, since it is short that anything I say can be considered a spoiler. But just know , it won't let you down , it will give you those warm, butterfly feelings, and you get to catch up with Weston and Aspen!! Reviewed by GypsyBelle* I own a copy of this book*

    23. This book stars Macy who is best friends with Aspen in "Baby, I'm Yours" , who we got to meet briefly with her witty attitude. Macy is a red headed firecracker that doesn't take crap from anyone. She catches the attention of Rhys and he will move Heaven and Earth to make her his. Macy is not going down without a fight and Rhys might just find that he has meet his match. The chemistry between these two is combustible. You will not be disappointed. Turned on? Definitely!!!!!

    24. New authors for me and this was a funny, sweet, smutty, sexy and quick read. Reminiscent of an AR novella but with it's own unique writing style that was a pleasure to read. Would definitely search out more books by these authors.

    25. Wow! Hero was a possessive caveman stalker and I loved him. Heroine was feisty and virginal. They were perfect for each other and I loved how he made her career dream come true. And the baby epilogue was too cute for words!

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