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Poison and Prejudice

Poison and Prejudice When Izzy agreed to become an undercover poison taster she didn t anticipate that it might involve driving around the streets of Los Angeles with a corpse in the trunk Because the police asked her to

  • Title: Poison and Prejudice
  • Author: Chelsea Field
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Izzy agreed to become an undercover poison taster, she didn t anticipate that it might involve driving around the streets of Los Angeles with a corpse in the trunk Because the police asked her to She also didn t think finding a body together could be considered a bonding experience until she met Connor s family But fate delights in marking its territory all over IzWhen Izzy agreed to become an undercover poison taster, she didn t anticipate that it might involve driving around the streets of Los Angeles with a corpse in the trunk Because the police asked her to She also didn t think finding a body together could be considered a bonding experience until she met Connor s family But fate delights in marking its territory all over Izzy s expectations And this time she ll be caught between the powers of Homeland Security, an evil human trafficking ring, and the Taste Society all working toward different ends

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      438 Chelsea Field
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    1 thought on “Poison and Prejudice

    1. I absolutely adore the Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery series. It feels like my birthday every time a book in this series releases. I always enjoy reading about what is going on with Izzy and her gang. This series installment was no exception. It kept me chuckling and hanging on to see what crazy situation Izzy was going to get herself into again.In Poison and Prejudice, Izzy and all the characters from previous books are back but this time she is running the show. Still working for the Taste So [...]

    2. 2.5 stars. I think I'm starting to want a little more romance now, since the lack of development for the H's character is starting to bother me. The amount that the h thinks about Connor, talks about Connor, and misses Connor, is just silly given that Connor is almost never around. And that fact makes it seem like the MCs' relationship is mostly in the h's head. Which was frustrating. Also the propensity of trouble finding the h was irksome. She really needs to be more proactive about her ninja [...]

    3. A fun wild ride cozy mystery with some romance and humor! A MUST read!Another wild romp through the life of Izzy! This is the fourth book in an incredibly creative and hilarious series! Each book of the series brings more surprises and wonderful character development. Izzy works for a secret group who are taste tester to the "rich and famous." In this book, her client is a well loved movie star. We learn more about Connor through his sister Harper who takes a bigger role in this storyline than i [...]

    4. Another fun installment in the Eat, Pray, Die mysteries. Izzy is back with another client and another mystery to solve. Lots of fun, romance, and mystery kept me turning the pages. Can't wait for the next one!

    5. Probably my least favorite book of the series. It just has stupid choice after stupid choice because she expects someone to save her. There were also several lulls in the book. Overall, didn't make me want to really keep reading.

    6. 4.5 **** Simply said, I enjoy this series and it's characters and scenarios. This one dealt with a dark subject matter that engaged the reader without being too graphic. Some lack of commas and a couple other little things lost part of a star; otherwise, a very good, quick read.

    7. Giggles galore!This whole series is fabulous. Chelsea Field has created a wonderful cast of characters that you just can't help but love. Each story has its own mystery, yet the overall series suggest an even deeper one. I can't wait to see where she takes us next!

    8. Ready for the next in the series!I've read all the books in the series and this is the last one for now. Loved each one. The concept of the Taste Society a a secretive company is unique and offers a way to build in all kinds of situations. They keep you turning the pages to see what kind of schemes our heroine comes up with and land her in trouble. The contrast in personalities of the main characters keep their romance evolving in ways to hold your interest. Can't want for the next book!

    9. I want moreThese books are great, fun reads. A professional taster with a penchant for finding mayhem and murder, good looking and intelligent men who want her, a crazy old lady neighbor and a whole cast of interesting characters keep the stories moving and fun.

    10. Best books ever!I loved all the characters and the plot. It was wonderfully entertaining! You have to read the whole set and you will want more!

    11. Love love love. This whole series is amazing! It's witty, and hilarious, starring a female protagonist who is an average everyday woman who just happens to find trouble at every turn. I recommend this entire series to anyone with a sense of humor. Any fans of Janet Evonovich (sp?) would also love it.

    12. Hungry for more!I've devoured the entire series of Izzy Avery Taste Society mysteries in five days, while convalescing with a cold. I was about to buy the next one in the series only there isn't one!Chelsea Field, write fast, please! I'm hungry for more!

    13. Humorous MysteryChelsea Field is devine! Her books just keep getting better and better. Izzy's latest assignment is with a Hollywood star. Drugs, murder, a failed picnic, Conner's family and much more. I just love this author, she is cheeky, smart, funny and learning new things every day, whether she wants to or not! Not to be missed!

    14. Another great addition to the series! I love this author's writing style. As always, this book had the right amount of humor. I liked the mystery and the plot overall. I was also really happy to see Harper in this book more than I was expecting! I do wish there had been a bit more Connor in this book. We did learn something huge about him, but I was hoping for a bit more. He had been a bit more central in some of the previous installments, and I just love when he and Izzy investigate more togeth [...]

    15. Funny and easy to readEasy to read and amusing. Wish there were more in the series. Finished in a couple of days while taking care of my baby and hanging out at the beach.

    16. Fun, Intense and Charming: Recommended!This book is #4 in the Eat, Pray, Die series and it starts off at a fast pace. Isobel’s current assignment is working for a famous actor, Zachariah Hill. She’s an undercover poison taster, trained by & working for the Taste Society. Isobel (Izzy) tastes Zac’s food before he eats it and can detect any harmful additives.It doesn’t take long until Izzy and Harper find a dead body in a car trunk. Izzy agrees to help the police and Homeland Security [...]

    17. Not memorableHave very much enjoyed previous books in this series, but this one was boring and stiff. So little of her trademark humor here, and wonderful old Etta was much too scarce. Will give the next in line a try.

    18. Interesting, but not quite up to parI've read the full series and generally enjoyed all of the books. The mystery is interesting. However, this story lacked the normal level of humor with Izzy, Etta and others. The chemistry between Connor and Izzy also fell short.

    19. Perfect Antidote for a Rainy Afternoon!Isobel Avery is a poison taster tasked by a secret society to go undercover to prevent the rich & famous from succumbing to poison. Poison & Prejudice is the 4th book in this hysterical, yet thrilling series. This time around Izzy, has been hired to protect movie star heartthrob Zachariah Hill. And such begins the high energy ride that is Izzy's life. From a poison spider to a crazy stalker to a vicious murderer Izzy attracts them all. However, as m [...]

    20. This fourth book in the Eat, Pray, Die mystery series continues to amuse me. In this one Izzy, who has a genetic variation which allows her to taste poisons without dying, is food tasting for a famous movie actor, recently separated from his movie star wife. When she borrows his car to run an errand and finds his estranged wife dead in the trunk she is at a loss for what to do, so she takes the car back to the garage while she contacts her investigator boyfriend, only to discover the body missin [...]

    21. All of these Eat, Pray, die books are great-the characters are fun & the story lines are interesting-can't wait to read another one

    22. She can do no wrong with writing in my book!!Well Izzy is up to her ears in a whole mess of trouble again. Although she doesn't have to go finding it it just seems to find her. She's protecting a movie star from being food poisoned when she ends up finding a dead body in his trunk. And then the fun really begins, because there also seems to be a human trafficking ring going on and along for the ride with Izzy are Conner, and his sister Harper. You will still get your fix of all the other beloved [...]

    23. Another great book for this series. In this one she had really started to open the characters up so your getting to know them a little more. I enjoyed every minute of this read ♥️ I can not wait until book 5 comes out. Excited to see how their adventure goes.

    24. Chelsea Field is a wonderful escape read.I wish this series came out faster. They're great reads. 4 was wonderful, crazy who done it with romance on the side. Bring on 5!

    25. Another great readI love Izzy and her quirky neighbors along with the stoic Connor and whoever her client is at the time. She always get sucked into nefarious crimes and somehow finds her way out of them. I look forward to the next one along with knowing more about Connor!

    26. Well written bookI enjoyed the series immensely. It is interesting and amusing. A fun read I finished in an afternoon. Can't wait for the next book.

    27. Once again in trying to do her job for the Taste Society Izzy finds herself getting swept up into investigating a crime. This time the stakes are higher than ever as she tries to help Homeland Security look into a human trafficking ring. Luckily she can count on her Connor and his family for help.Poison and Prejudice has a slightly darker tone than the earlier books in the series but still has plenty of moments that will make you smile and it is nice to see the deepening of Izzy and Connor's rel [...]

    28. Once again I am floored with the escapades of Izzy and crew. I don't think I would ever enjoy the idea of tasting something to see if it is poisoned, but Izzy has a special gift. This time out, she and the gang manage to tangle with a dead body, the police, Homeland Security and so much more. I don't like to say much about the storylineat is the fun of this series.each page leading you into unexpected surprises and jolts of suspense. Well written, great characterization and all in all fun to rea [...]

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