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Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise Reality television just got deadly When a contestant on hit reality show Transformation in Paradise turns up dead Detectives Cooper and Quinn find themselves out of their comfort zone on a remote hol

  • Title: Dark Paradise
  • Author: CatherineLee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reality television just got deadly.When a contestant on hit reality show Transformation in Paradise turns up dead, Detectives Cooper and Quinn find themselves out of their comfort zone on a remote holiday island Amid growing pressure from the mainland to solve the high profile case, Cooper struggles with the island s lack of resources and the decision from up high that thReality television just got deadly.When a contestant on hit reality show Transformation in Paradise turns up dead, Detectives Cooper and Quinn find themselves out of their comfort zone on a remote holiday island Amid growing pressure from the mainland to solve the high profile case, Cooper struggles with the island s lack of resources and the decision from up high that the show must go on With the million dollar winner takes all prize still up for grabs, the show s five remaining contestants all seemingly have something to hide Did one of them commit murder Was a crew member involved Or does the island have secrets of its own Dark Paradise is a fast paced novella, a bonus story in Catherine Lee s page turning Dark Series Join Cooper and Quinn as they take a break from the city and find out that island paradise isn t all it s cracked up to be.

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      447 CatherineLee
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    1 thought on “Dark Paradise

    1. It seems believable that reality shows might become a murder scene. People who take part in such shows are a special kind of character, adventurous, attention seeking, troubled and competitive. Six such characters are still in the contest - one of them is dead now. As always Catherine Lee creates real characters. She makes the reader guess along with Cooper and Quinn until the climax in the end.It's a mystery to me why this is number 4.5 (and not #5). By no means it's only half a book. It's a no [...]

    2. I had a hard time with the amateurish writing style, the juvenile story, and the questionable editing. The characters all ran together until I was almost done with the book. Cooper and Quinn were interchangeable as were the forensic techs and uniformed cops. None of them stood out for me and they all seemed rather childish in both their actions and thoughts. The mystery might have worked in the 'YA' genre for young kids, but it didn't work for me. Too simple. Great cover though.

    3. This is the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it. It was a fairly quickly read and would be perfect for a lazy afternoon. I thought Quinn and Cooper were very relatable and likable. It was well written and kept me guessing for most of the book. I was able to figure out who the killer was before the end but did not see the big twist coming. I will definitely be reading more by this author. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This is my honest review.*

    4. ‘It was barely lunch time and Detective Charlie Cooper was already exhausted.’And he’s about to find that rest will become even more elusive! Cooper and Quinn find themselves on remote Lord Howe Island, after a contestant on a reality television show called ‘Transformation in Paradise’ turns up dead. Is it an accidental death, or is it murder? There’s plenty of pressure on Cooper and Quinn to find out what happened, and to solve the case quickly. The reality show producers want the s [...]

    5. When a contestant on a popular reality show is found dead on an isolated island off Australia’s coast, Detective Charlie Cooper and his partner, Joe Quinn, are sent to investigate. The victim, not popular with anyone associated with the show, was suffocated in her bed, and Cooper and Quinn learn that everyone is a suspect. The popularity of the show has drawn attention from their higher-ups and the media, and the pressure is on them to solve the case quickly.Dark Paradise by Catherine Lee is a [...]

    6. I liked this book but as one other reader said, it didn't keep me up turning pages. As an Australian author, I like reading what other Aussies are doing. The Lord Howe Island setting is a bit different but I'd suggest that Catherine Lee has most likely spent a holiday there, and it's a place I'd be interested in visiting. I was a little disappointed in the lack of local characterisation from Lord Howe apart from the copper and the plant lady. I'd have found some quirky locals more interesting po [...]

    7. Another one in Catherine Lee’s Dark series. Cooper & Quinn are sent to Lord Howe Island where a contestant in a reality TV show has been found dead. Until the autopsy has been done they are unsure if it is a natural death or murder and yes – it is a murder.The complexities of the personalities, and also the isolation & lack of resources make life more difficult for Cooper & Quinn. One million dollars is up for grabs so will the show go on?Congratulations Catherine on another inte [...]

    8. The idea for this story isn't bad. A murder takes place on a tropical island during a reality tv show. Someone didn't grasp the concept of elimination by competition? Anyway, one of the contestants gets murdered and it's left for the detectives to sort through the remaining contestants and the crew of the show to figure out whodunnit. A basic tv show type plot that could have been elevated by good writing, but it wasn't. The ending made sense, but didn't sound nearly as exciting as it should hav [...]

    9. Cooper and Quinn have fast become my favourite detectives. And once again they do not disappoint. In what is billed as a novella Catherine Lee still manages to pack a full story. The whole story centres on a reality TV show and the murder of one of its contestants. Our detectives are dragged out of their comfort zone (literally) when put on a plane and flown to a remote island where the series is being filmed. Cooper feels even more as a fish out of water with this whole reality television conce [...]

    10. I really enjoyed my first Aussie detective mystery by Catherine Lee. The plot and the solving of the crime flowed very smoothly with the reader being given just little enough information about the suspects and the crime to keep them guessing whodunit, much the same way real life detectives receive theirs. Clue by clue. Question by question. I truly look forward to reading the next books in this series. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    11. I really enjoyed this book as it had a great pace ad plenty of twists and surprises to keep you guessing. The characters were a great mix of people you liked and disliked so therefore couldn't help but get drawn into the story. I loved how I never would have guest the killer and can not wait to go back and read more books in this series by Catherine Lee!I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    12. Not much detecting going on here. Plenty of getting coffee, getting snacks, listening to shallow people on a reality TV show tell lies. Very Australian, so the dialog, interactions, reactions, concerns, and setting were all a little different than a US reader would expect. Regardless, not much of a mystery, not much of a case, not much interest in the victim, the suspects, or the detectives.

    13. This novel is reminding me of Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes stories, in that it is a closed setting (an isolated island), and several people could have commuted the crime. They each get interviewed and you get to wonder who did it. The end wasn't predictable and it was well written also. I will surely take a look at the first of the Dark series novel by that author.

    14. Catherine Lee has written a good story with Dark Paradise but it wasn't my cup of tea. To put it simply her style of writing, the plot, the dialogue, and the description reminds me very much of Dame Agatha Christie. I couldn't stand Agatha's style although my wife loved her and had me get her a copy of every book she ever wrote. If you like Christie you'll love this book.

    15. A quick read - novella - with Cooper and Quinn investigating a murder on an isolated island resort with a reality show filming. The victim is one of the survivors as the show comes to a conclusionStraightforward - the added interest is that Cooper and Quinn are also isolated with few of the usual resources and manpower to hand.

    16. Too much competitionAlthough a novella it felt as if there was a rush to the finish. Too little detective work and things just falling into place. Could've taken more time to work through the characters and plot and make the whole experience more intriguing

    17. For a Novella it took me a while to read as didn’t grip me. As I wasn’t hooked I didn’t really follow who the characters were, who was the boss etc. I read to find who had done it, but tbh I wasn’t that bothered by then!

    18. Island Paradise MysteryGood characters and an interesting situation, reality TV show, Paradise Island setting and a death to investigate“This is my honest review of a Copy that I was gifted of this book”

    19. An okay police procedural set in Australia, in this case on Lord Howe Island. You don't get much of the setting though. The story involves the death of a contestant on a reality TV show. A reasonable quick read.

    20. Quick Read about a mysterious crime in a beautiful settingBreezy who-done-it set in an Australian vacation locale. Idiomatic terms and lots of cultural flavor (no aboriginals, tho). Who murdered the reality show contestant? We find out who and why in good ord r.

    21. This is my second book in the series, and I liked this one almost as much as the first one I read. It is an Aussie police procedural featuring likeable and interesting characters, and a credible plot which kept me involved throughout. I will definitely read more in this series.

    22. Great mystery read set in Australia. I love who done its and this is a great novella. The characters are few but the cause is even more sinisterFirst time read by author but not my last

    23. Quick and fast read. I wasn't surprised to learn who was behind Zara's murder. But yes, I didn't expect Kyle to be one of them. Read it in one go. Not bad!

    24. It was okayNot the worst way to pass a couple of hours, but more substance would have been nice. It was very predictable.

    25. Nice readSolid characters and a solid mystery. Good description of the physical area and an interesting premise. While it didn't keep me up at night It was entertaining.

    26. Dark paradise it wasn'tI didn't really get into the book. I didn't care for the characters or what happened to them. I would not recommend this author.

    27. Good plotI enjoyed this book tremendously,a good story line, lovely level of description. The plot was plausible and the suspects varied - kept me guessing

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