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Taming Lady Lydia

Taming Lady Lydia When her father Earl Franklin dies unexpectedly eighteen year old Lady Lydia is sent to live with her guardian the unknown and enigmatic Lord Thomas Markham Initially eager to leave her new home L

  • Title: Taming Lady Lydia
  • Author: Felicity Brandon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: ebook
  • When her father, Earl Franklin dies unexpectedly, eighteen year old Lady Lydia is sent to live with her guardian, the unknown and enigmatic Lord Thomas Markham Initially eager to leave her new home, Lydia is indignant at her guardian s firm and protective behaviour, but everything changes that first night when she accidentally discovers something shocking about life at MaWhen her father, Earl Franklin dies unexpectedly, eighteen year old Lady Lydia is sent to live with her guardian, the unknown and enigmatic Lord Thomas Markham Initially eager to leave her new home, Lydia is indignant at her guardian s firm and protective behaviour, but everything changes that first night when she accidentally discovers something shocking about life at Markham Hall Now, in spite of his rules and expectations, the young and indulged Lydia finds herself inexplicably drawn to her guardian Lord Markham it seems, is a gentleman who will finally provide the firm hand she has always needed, and Lydia begins to crave his discipline, desiring him to take her over his knee and deliver a sound spanking.With their affections for one another growing, Thomas and Lydia seem set for a bright future if only events would stop conspiring to tarnish their happiness Can their burgeoning romance survive the scrutiny of Thomas mother, the Countess, and the interference of their peers And can Lydia learn to live by Her Lordship s governance, and find the happily ever after they so desire

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    1 thought on “Taming Lady Lydia

    1. A beautiful written Regency novel by Felicity Brandon. I love Regency novels and I am adding this to one of my favorites. Lydia becomes the ward of Lord Thomas Markham after the death of her father. Lydia discovers very quickly that the house and the Lordship himself are not your average household. Lord Markham awakens feelings in Lady Lydia she has never felt before and isn’t sure about. Felicity Brandon does an amazing job of slowly exploring Lydia’s feelings and emotions and struggles she [...]

    2. really loved this book, it grabs you right from the start . I loved lord Markhams character just so alpha yum,where as lady lydia is a bit sassy at times but is bold when coming to defend others.Lady Lydia is sent to Markham hall after her father dies. Her guardian is Lord thomas Markham a man who likes to run his household with a firm handHowever once lydia is settled in the household she decided to explore, but she sees something she isnt meant to see, and lying about it does her no good, caus [...]

    3. Lady Lydia needs sturn guidance and Lord Thomas her guardian will make sure that will happen and put her in her place.Being a Lady she is shocked by how Lord Thomas runs hid household but the curiosity gets to her and starts questioning finding and feeling things that shocks her about herself.Thomas is very Dominant and controlling and nothing slips by him which I loved,and I enjoyed Lydia asking all those personal questions and Thomas answering every single one though embarrassing to her he mad [...]

    4. What a naughty book! I've read many many historical romance novels but I've never read one like this before. Most historicals are pretty vanilla, this one is definitely another flavor. I loved the story but I didn't always like how complacent Lydia always was. I would have liked a little bit more of a fight. Also the exhibitionist in me wanted to see some action at the ball instead they went to their room. All in all a good read. It was well written. Next would be to find out what Thomas's mothe [...]

    5. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon was a great historical romance with just enough suspense to keep things interesting. I have always had a special place in my heart for historical romance as it was my first foray into the romance genre. Lady Lydia is extremely sheltered and naïve in the beginning of this book, until the passing of her father and in comes Lord Thomas Markham. Thomas is the man who while older than Lydia is going to usher her into adulthood while having some very explicit and [...]

    6. Taming Lady LydiaI tend to really love historical storie and this one really hit the mark. The author's writing drew me into the story as I followed along. the descriptions were as such that you felt like you were there with the characters. I highly recommend this story.

    7. 5 StarsTaming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is a very erotic regency/historical romance. It is not a genre that I read very often, but I do enjoy- and this has to be one of the most intense, passionate and compelling historical romances that I have ever read. Ms. Brandon is a new to me author, but that status is definitely changing after reading this book, as I will be going on a one-click spree to purchase all her other books to get very acquainted with her work. I went into the story thinking [...]

    8. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is a historical romance erotic story. This is the first story that I have read by this author and I enjoyed it. Her writing style is such that it will pull you in from the first word and keep you engaged until the end. Her attention to details will pull you in from the beginning. Her creative characters are connectable, lovable and will pull you into their world. They will take you on a roller coaster ride of various emotions that you will need to cool off o [...]

    9. Taming Lady LydiaBy: Felicity Brandon5 out of 5 starsThe story Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is a historical romance book. This genre is one that I don’t read frequently however found myself drawn to the cover and the description of the story. I am so glad that I decided to read it as I found this to be a wonderful book. It drew me in from the beginning and I found myself not wanting to put it down until I had finished reading the entire story. I loved reading about the characters of L [...]

    10. In Taming Lady Lydia, we're introduced to Lydia Franklin who after losing her father goes to live with her new guardian, Lord Thomas Markham; a man she's never even set eyes on. Understandably, there is some reluctance on her part, which turns into bratty behavior. Not to worry, though, Mr. Markham has high standards for those who are part of his life, either in his employ, or his ward, and a definite means of seeing that those standards are upheld.Lydia was, to me, a very well-written character [...]

    11. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is an excellent, 5 star worthy period novel. I love the fact that this book was sort of like Fifty Shades of Gray meets Pride and Prejudice. The characters in this book are all very well written and the manor of speech takes me right back to one of my high school English classes when I had the pleasure of reading Jane Austen novels.The life the characters lead in this book is unacceptable for the time period they live in. Lydia moves from London to live with [...]

    12. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is an intriguing, compelling late Victorian era romance surrounding Lydia Franklin and Lord Thomas Markham. I particularly enjoy historical romances and this is no exception. The characters are compelling, if a tiny bit lackluster. I wish Lydia’s defiance was more pronounced and Thomas was a bit insufferable but it fit within the narrative and time period. I can tell a decent amount of research went into the interactions between members of English society [...]

    13. 5 Star Taming Lady Lydia By Felicity Brandon  Taming Lady Lydia By Felicity Brandon is a Historical Romance erotic story.I absolutely live historical romance books,this one. No different I couldn't put it down once I started reading . I really like the authors style of writing and her ability to grab your attention from beginning to the end. Her characters were all creative and connectable.Her characters will pull you into the world and take you on a up and down roller-coaster ride, one minute [...]

    14. A well written regency story that caught me from the beginning to the end. It has drama, action, passion, emotional ups and downs, feelings and chemistry. A not fast paced story that lets the reader know the feelings and development of the main characters. The instant connection and affection between the main characters develops through the story.I like that Markham is bold and goes for what he wants. He has to settle and break away to get the one thing that he really cares about. Lydia is innoc [...]

    15. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon5 StarsTyping with one hand, while fanning myself with the other. Holy buckets this book… In the synopsis the publishers added a note stating that this story includes spankings and sexual scenesUmmm yea, there was, written absolutely beautifully I might add.I love a controlling alpha in my stories, and Lord Thomas Markham defines controlling alpha, he doesn't miss anything and Lady Lydia has learned this quite thoroughly. What started out as her becoming hi [...]

    16. Taming Lady LydiaBy Felicity BrandonIt was the year 1813 when Lady Jane receives a letter, the letter contained news that her brother Earl George Franklin had passed away while performing his duties in the Royal Navy. Lady Jane’s thoughts immediately went to her niece Lady Lydia. Lady Jane was fretful as to know who would be stepping forward to be the guardian of her wilful niece. But she didn’t have to worry as her brother already had someone in mind to be her niece’s new guardian. The pe [...]

    17. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is an adult romance crossed with a period drama. It is set in a time when ladies were assumed to be innocent and incapable and had to be looked after by a man until they “came of age”. We first meet Lady Lydia after the death of her father and before she is to meet her new guardian, the mysterious Lord Thomas Markham. She is a naïve, spoilt young lady accustomed to getting her own way. What Lord Markham teaches her is far beyond what she would have imag [...]

    18. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is a historical Romance about a young woman having to live with her guardian once her father died. The only trouble is she is having feels for this domineering man but he feel the same way towards her.Lady Lydia has moved in with her guardian Lord Thomas after her father has dies, the only trouble is that he runs a very orderly house and Lydia is used to getting her own way, some people would say she was spoilt. Although Lord Thomas likes his rules followed [...]

    19. 3.5 STARSI went into Training Lady Lydia with a little hesitation. Normally I cannot read historical/regency novels because of my educational background BUT I was actually surprised that I enjoyed this book.So we meet Lydia who becomes the ward of Lord Thomas Markham after her father passes away. She really likes to push boundaries but soon realizes that Lord Markham has quite an interesting way of dealing with discipline. What I loved the most was that we really saw how she dealt with her feeli [...]

    20. Lady Lydia is young and naive. Lord Thomas Markham is worldly and dominating. I truly think he came to care for her. For me, he seemed a bit controlling, and I get that is the point. The story was woven beautifully together and I was intrigued with the synopsis. Felicity Brandon's storytelling is wonderful.Thank you, Felicity for the chance to read Taming Lady Lydia.

    21. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon4 StarsHistorical romance is a genre I haven’t delved much into but when I saw the synopsis for Felicity Brandon’s Taming Lady Lydia I was definitely intrigued. Taming Lady Lydia did not skip a beat on heart racing romance, and the relationship between the naive, innocent Lady Lydia and the stern Lord Markham did not disappoint. At the beginning of the novel I was more drawn to Lord Markham and his strong nature but as the storyline progressed I really be [...]

    22. I was looking for a good historical romance. When I read, I am typically all over the place with the books I choose, and it had been a while since I had read a good historical romance. I chose Taming Lady Lydia and it did not dissapoint. The romance was steamy, much more than what I was expecting, written beautifully. It takes submissive relationships to a whole other level and back to a different time period. I also loved the storyline, Brandon did tell a story and not just write steamy scenes. [...]

    23. After thoroughly enjoying this book, I am most certain that I should have been born a lady in the 1800’s! Although, the part I didn’t like in this story, and I am sure it really is just fitting for the time set, was that Lydia has no purpose other than being Thomas’ ward, possession, and eventually his wife. Her innocence in all things sexual has been given to Thomas to direct as he chooses. While the idea of having no responsibilities sounds great, I wish Lydia and other ladies of that ti [...]

    24. I was not sure I would enjoy this book, but I am glad I read it. I enjoyed every page. This story is set in 1813 the writing style to start with was hard at first but the more you read the easier the old English is to follow.I would recommend Taming Lady Lydia written by Felicity Brandon to anyone who loves a book that is set in the old English times where you have Lords, Lady's and countesses.This story follows Lady Lydia. Lydia has just lost her father and is now being moved to the country to [...]

    25. Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon is a fantastic example of historical fiction. It takes a popular genre and fills it full of passion that I don’t often find in books such as these.When Lydia’s father passes she is sent to love with the formidable Lord Markham. Grieving and ripped from her world Lydia has to try and adjust quickly, or face the consequences.Lord Markham has vowed to keep Lydia safe and in line. If the only way to do that is to show her a bit a strictness and punishment th [...]

    26. I won't repeat the premise of the book, which is adequately covered in the blurb and other reviews, but this Regency erotic romance is head and shoulders above other such books I have read. It is written with a light touch, adequately exploring the timidity and naivety, with the occasional spoilt outburst, of Lady Lydia Markham, and Lord Thomas Markham, the man appointed as her guardian on the death of her father. Lord Markham has had a racy past and is very keen on spanking ladies bottoms, whil [...]

    27. When her father dies, Lydia’s care becomes entrusted to Lord Markham as per her late father’s request. Lydia is headstrong and independent and vows that she will return home to London as soon as possible, only going to Lord Markham’s residence as a formality. However, upon wandering the halls of the gigantic house one evening, Lydia happens across an unusual occurrence that leaves her both fascinated and confused.After trying to hide her eavesdropping, Lord Markham introduces Lydia to his [...]

    28. Entertaining spanking rompThe thing which struck me most was the way the author conveyed Lydia’s confusion and mixed-up emotions so well. It’s a richly-written story about a very naïve and indulged young lady who finds that life with her guardian unexpectedly opens her to new experiences.I didn’t find a great deal of tension or drama in the story, and few twists, but not every story needs them to be entertaining. If you like a combination of wealthy regency characters, spanking and romanc [...]

    29. What a book. definitely a proper title for an outstanding story!I had NO idea what i was getting into when i purchased this book, i went into blindly- so glad i did so! I LOVE a good ‘steamy’ romance’ especially during that time frame. Lol ;) “Lady Lydia’s father passes away & his friend, Lord Thomas Marcus was who he chose to be ‘Lydia’s guardian if anything was to have happened to him ‘ Lydia just shy 5month of her 19th birthday and extremely - sheltered, spoiled & inno [...]

    30. Taming Lady LydiaBy Felicity Brandon5 starsI absolutely LOVED this story! Historical romance is my all-time favourite genre to read so I knew as soon as I read the blurb it was the book for me and it was! The writing was just spectacular, from the details of the surroundings and clothes to the innocence of Lady Lydia and how she dealt with what she was feeling. I felt like I was actually watching it rather than reading it. I was completely swept up in the story from the very first page until the [...]

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