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Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason WHEN THE MOST TOXIC PEOPLE COME DISGUISED AS FAMILY WHO CAN YOU TRUST Betrayal by blood cuts the deepest Teller s found his ride or die girl The light Charlotte brings to his life has touched the dar

  • Title: Beyond Reason
  • Author: Autumn Jones Lake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WHEN THE MOST TOXIC PEOPLE COME DISGUISED AS FAMILY, WHO CAN YOU TRUST Betrayal by blood cuts the deepest Teller s found his ride or die girl The light Charlotte brings to his life has touched the darkest parts of his soul But a devastating secret from her past resurfaces to threaten their future Every truth can be erased with one lie When a sinister truth is exposedWHEN THE MOST TOXIC PEOPLE COME DISGUISED AS FAMILY, WHO CAN YOU TRUST Betrayal by blood cuts the deepest.Teller s found his ride or die girl The light Charlotte brings to his life has touched the darkest parts of his soul But a devastating secret from her past resurfaces to threaten their future.Every truth can be erased with one lie.When a sinister truth is exposed, it forces Charlotte to question everything about herself Even whether she s worthy of Teller s love.The darkest betrayals never come from your enemies With Teller s love roaring louder than the lies, Charlotte can finally put her demons to rest But has too much damage been done for her to prove her loyalty to the Lost Kings This is the conclusion to Teller s story Beyond Reckless should be read first.

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      324 Autumn Jones Lake
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    1 thought on “Beyond Reason

    1. This was an enjoyable conclusion to my unexpected part two.As I said, I really like this series. And this author. Her author notes at the end of every book are always a hoot.I feel like we'd be friends. Or just really chummy email buddies. Anyway. Charlotte was aight, I really liked Teller, and I loved catching up with some of the other characters too. Still get annoyed by Heidi thoughAnd still enjoying this cover model.That's all I got.

    2. “I'm here, Sunshine. I'm here,” Beyond Reason picks up directly after Beyond Reckless and it is the conclusion to Teller’s story. Although this is the ninth book in the Lost King MC Series, Beyond Reason and Beyond Reckless can be read as a stand-alone duet however, as I am a huge fan of all things LOKI, I highly recommend reading the entire series from the beginning in order to truly enjoy every sliver of goodness that exists in this world. Beyond Reason is another stunning addition to th [...]

    3. Part 2 of Teller’s story was just as amazing as part 1. Marcel Teller made my ovaries explode and my toes tingle. His mouth is dirty when he’s in bed with his lady but more importantly he’s a sweet, gentle and protective man who loves fiercely. That was pretty obvious while reading Beyond Reason. His lady Charlotte is his complete match. Wow, how I loved them together. She’s strong, tough and knows the MC environment and rules which only is an advantage when you involve yourself with a K [...]

    4. ♛BEYOND REASON: Teller's Story, Part Two♛Available 10/30♛: amzn/2xsVmmH♛iBooks: bit/LKMC9_iBooks♛Kobo: bit/LKMC9_Kobo♛Nook: bit/LKMC9_Nook

    5. Favorite Quotes:I’ve never feared dying. Not living has always been my biggest fear.That’s all it is, Charlotte… Talk. They really just like baby-making practice.Although the patch on the front of her “property of” vest says Queen B. I assume the B stands for bitch. And I don’t think my assumption would offend her one bit.You give me too much credit. I’m not that deep.You light up my whole world, Charlotte. You’re the something I was missing and didn’t think I’d ever find. An [...]

    6. I like this series a lot and I read all of them cause I don't wanna miss anything as AJL has a lot of other threads running through the main romance. That being said, I am still not feeling the lurve for Charlotte. But I am happy that Teller is happy and really, reading a saga like this is kinda like real life - there are just some people in the world you tolerate cause they are there and you aren't supposed to do horrible things to them, but they kinda fade into the background and you just get [...]

    7. Every time I finish an Autumn Jones Lake book, I think this hero is my favorite. How could she possibly top herself in the next book? After finishing Beyond Reason I feel that way again. When I was 20% into the book I thought, "OMG I am only 20% in and have all the feels already." This story takes you on a trip that has so many twists and turns. Guiding you through the whole thing is Teller. Teller is steady and strong. His love for Charlotte knows no bounds. They are a couple that has fit toget [...]

    8. Beyond 5 Teller and Charlotte Stars "I know how strong you are. You don't need me. But I want to take care of you Charlotte"Wow. Where do I start? With each book I am in deeper with the men of the Lost Kings MC and their women. This is my favourite series EVER This book was a two part set - Beyond Reckless was incredible and set the scene beautifully for Teller and Charlotte's story. It finished on the precipice of more to come - our hero and heroine were just together but dark figures from the [...]


    10. It took me longer than expected to read part 2 of Teller’s story but not because of the usual reasons a book takes a while to get thru. This story isn’t boring; it doesn’t drag; it’s not even that lengthy. But man does it pack a punch right to the heart! And it is incredibly captivating. Every moment in time means something to the end game. You have to pay attention or you might miss it.I would definitely categorize Beyond Reason as explosive. It just seemed like every page had a secret [...]

    11. "I don't know what you're talking about."Oh, how I love these Lost King MC characters. Each book introduces me to a new character or gives me more info about an existing one, and I love them too. As the family grows, so does my addiction to this series.Beyond Reason is part two of Teller's story. So make sure you read Beyond Reckless first. I'm sure that most reading this review already have, so you know that Teller is Heidi's brother. Teller's baby sister is married to his best friend Murphy. T [...]

    12. A fitting conclusion to Teller's story. This one went to some dark places but the LOKI family always ends up on top. Love this series.

    13. Beyond Reason is the continuation of Teller's story that was started in Beyond Reckless, so with that being said yes you need to have read Beyond Reckless or there is no sense in trying to read this novel. Also I suggest starting with book one in this series in order to really enjoy and understand just what is going on though. No if you just want to read about Teller, then you can certainly do that, Autumn does an outstanding job giving back story and does something that I have never seen before [...]

    14. Teller was a man that was lost in a sea of his own guilt and pain. He was slowly being swallowed by the darkness that was surrounding him until he meet Charlotte. She brought a light that pushed back the darkness and gave Teller hope and brought him back to life. In Beyond Reason, the tables were turned and Teller is the one to bring light to Charlotte's dark past. As her deepest pain and secret is revealed. Teller is the strong rock for Charlotte during this time. He gives her love, support and [...]

    15. Exciting, intriguing and fast paced, this was the type of read where I sat down and before I knew it it's read sitting. After the ending of Beyond Reckless I couldn't wait to read the conclusion of Charlotte and Teller's story. The conclusion does not disappoint!!The writing was fresh and and on point. Charlotte and Teller's character really evolved, and realistically dealt with their struggles and new developments. Charlotte discovers details of a horrible nightmare from her past that has her f [...]

    16. Love these LOKI boys and their amazing women. Great conclusion to Teller and Charlotte/Sunshine's story. Lots of MC drama and amazing sex. All the peeps from previous books are here to help out. Great epilogue.Can we have a spin-off story cause I want to know more about Whisper?Now everyone say it with me .Z Z Z Z Z Z Z .I need his story now.

    17. WOW! So complex. Every character has so much depth and so many layers to them. Teller was so much more than I expected him to be. He grew so much not only throughout the series but over these two books. Beyond Reckless and Beyond Reason are both incredible reads. This is how romance should leave you feeling at the end-with a big smile and a happy heart!#TeamTelleforLife

    18. Whenever I read an AJL book, I want to kick single life to the curb and get my hands on some Wrath/Murphy/Rock/Teller. That HEA they give to their women. First off, don't read this book if you haven't read Beyond Reckless first. It's a duet, so there's a bit of a cliffhanger and this one starts right where the first one ended. Beyond Reckless was pretty mild - at least, for me - compared to this one. In Beyond Reason things blow up and the long-ago buried skeletons from the closet come out to pl [...]

    19. Reviewed by: Candice Marie I’m always a little sad whenever I finish reading a LOKI book because I’m just not ready for the story to be over yet. I just love these characters and this series so much that the book could be 1,000 pages long and it still probably wouldn’t be enough!Beyond Reason was absolutely amazing!! The author truly outdid herself writing the PERFECT conclusion to Teller’s story. During certain parts I was nervous and uncertain which direction the storyline was going to [...]

    20. #TeamTeller all the way!Beyond Reason was everything I was hoping for and more. Teller has always been one of my favorite characters from this series even when he was being all ornery. The way he loves his sister I knew when he finally found his one she would be one lucky girl. And Charolette is that. She is feisty, strong but broken. When a secret she's been hiding comes out Teller is the man to put her together again and helps her find her way, just like she's done for him. These two are a won [...]

    21. I was lucky to be picked as an ARC again for part 2 of Teller’s book. I read it as quickly as I read the first one! I am so glad Autumn wrote this book into two; there is so much going on from the first book that needed more than few pages at the end or an epilogue.Teller steps up to be the bigger man and helps Charlotte solve a dark mystery which brings closure to part of her life she would rather forget. Getting answers almost tears them apart, but Teller shows his Sunshine that he is in it [...]

    22. Well the lady does it once again, I personally can't get enough of the Loki boys. Can't believe how much teller seemed to mature over the two books (that's what the love of a good woman does lol). Feel like Autumn really brings these characters alive for me and this continues to grow with the series. Loved the banter between Murphy and teller and was really giggling when teller ask Murphy If Heidi makes him get on all fours like a dog and if he has a bear costume. Autumn really handled what happ [...]

    23. Received an ARC for my fair review for Enticement Book Promotions. Wow, As you guys know I am still trying to catch up and let me tell you that Ms. Jones is wonderful, wonderful.  I will not tell you that this one ended with a bang, and you will enjoy it. This is the 9th book in this truly amazing series, and this is the conclusion of Teller and Charlotte’s story. In this story devastating secrets are revealed, which is heartbreaking, and leads to how Teller and Charlotte overcome their past [...]

    24. For me everything Autumn writes turns to pure gold.This is Tellers story part 2 if you haven't read part 1 stop right now and get to it.This one picks up where Part 1 left off.Charlotte pushed Teller away believing she was saving him, but Teller being a true LOKI alpha biker doesnt take any notice and when he gets a phone call from Charlotte's brother he brings all his alpha hotness and stubbornness to the surface. When Charlotte reveals the truth about her past Teller wants nothing but revenge [...]

    25. UNREAL how good this conclusion to Teller's story is! I'm thrilled Teller was given two books and the kick-ass heroine he deserves.

    26. Was glad to see Tellers story work out the way it did. I like how you get a peak back at all the other characters as well. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    27. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.Beyond Reason is the conclusion of Teller's story. You need to have read Beyond Reckless first or you are going to be lost. When the most toxic people in your life are disguised as family, who can you trust?? Betrayal by blood cuts the deepest. Teller has found his ride or die girl in Charlotte. She brings light to his life that has touched the darkest parts of his soul. However, a devastating secret fro [...]

    28. Review by: Melanie(5 stars)Ok, so, Part One left us with knowing Teller and Charlotte were in love, but as her Uncle Chuck was the President of the Wolf Knights MC things were not going to be easy for the pair, especially with Uncle Chuck/Merlin dead set against Teller not only taking a Knights’ girl, but pursuing the truth when Charlotte tells him about her past and why she has no trouble whatsoever leaving her so called “family” for the Lost Kings MC.I really enjoyed this book. After eve [...]

    29. Gah 😍😍 #TeamTeller all the way!! I freaking love Teller and Charlotte’s story soooooo much! Charlotte is a bad ass, feisty, smart, strong woman who has been through some messed up crap, but still doesn’t put up with people’s shit and knows how to put Teller in his place and stand up for herself. She is also kind, sweet, funny and has a big heart! Teller is a fiiiiine, sexy, sweet, caring, alpha male with a heart of gold! He is protective of everyone but especially woman and will go a [...]

    30. OMG, I can't believe I'm all caught up with the series now! (Been binging on these books the past couple weeks, thanks to a fantabulous friend of mine.)Teller & Charlotte were so great together! They went through even more drama, more sexy horizontal mambos & more a**hole interferences in this second part of their story. And the fact that they got TWO epilogues, with specific & satisfying details Woot-woot! If memory recalls, these might be the best epilogues of the bunch, so far. #T [...]

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