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Naked Good Reads: How to find Readers

Naked Good Reads How to find Readers Every author knows that is the social media platform where million readers and authors meet In her latest naked book Gisela Hausmann reveals strategic tricks how to find out Basic rules for effec

  • Title: Naked Good Reads: How to find Readers
  • Author: Gisela Hausmann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every author knows that is the social media platform where 55 million readers and authors meet In her latest naked book Gisela Hausmann reveals strategic tricks how to find out 3 Basic rules for effective networking on how to become a Player playfully how to improve your own profile so real readers will want to connect with you hEvery author knows that is the social media platform where 55 million readers and authors meet In her latest naked book Gisela Hausmann reveals strategic tricks how to find out 3 Basic rules for effective networking on how to become a Player playfully how to improve your own profile so real readers will want to connect with you how to pick your quotes so you and your books get found in Google searches for free, no SEO what to do when you lost track of what your groups are doing as a Data Library and so much Step by step instructions and 47 instructional illustrations will help you to improve your profile, connect with real readers who actually read and review books, and become a player on This is the latest book in Gisela Hausmann s series of Naked no fluff books Read it in 90 minutes and know what to do to find real readers NAKED REVIEW How to Get Book Reviews What to do now that closed all loopholes NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Reviews by Top Reviewer Naked News for Indie Authors How NOT to Invest Your Marketing NAKED WORDS 2.0 The Effective 157 Word Email NAKED TEXT Email Writing Skills for Teenagers NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Product Reviews on 7 Insider tips to boost Sales Naked Determination, 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear Naked Eye Opener To Reach the Dream You Must Forget About It

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Naked Good Reads: How to find Readers : by Gisela Hausmann ✓
      214 Gisela Hausmann
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Naked Good Reads: How to find Readers : by Gisela Hausmann ✓
      Posted by:Gisela Hausmann
      Published :2019-01-20T16:56:24+00:00

    1 thought on “Naked Good Reads: How to find Readers

    1. The best coaches keep their head in the game and adjust their tactics based on conditions. Ms. Hausmann has certainly done this with "How to Find Readers"."How to Find Readers" is a treasure trove of timely advice. If you've closely followed the publishing industry, you'll know some of what Hausmann shares, but I promise you this book will open your eyes to much you don't know. For example, did you know has 55 million users?Hausmann postulates that " offers everything authors need", going so fa [...]

    2. "Naked" means no fluff. Loved the "let's get right to the point," no-nonsense approach to sharing information. I'm busy and read the whole book on a 2-hour flight! I've been a member of for quite some time and had NO IDEA about all the fun and exciting things I can do here. Thanks to Gisela, now I do! I'm looking forward to finding a cool group for me and participating in interesting conversations. I found this book when Gisela had a Facebook book party. She's FULL of great ideas. Her writing s [...]

    3. ‘In today’s book market every authors’ biggest problem is to find new readers.’The gifted and talented Gisela Hausmann never ceases to amaze her readers. She graduated with a master's degree in Film & Mass Media from the University of Vienna. Gisela is a marketing and mass media expert. She is also an email evangelist. The author of over twenty books, she publishes books under her “naked” brand of books, meaning Gisela publishes “no-fluff” books. Born to be an adventurer, Gis [...]

    4. Naked Good Reads (naked, as in stripped-down/bare essentials) is a reference manual, a very readable bullet list of ways, as the title itself says, for authors to find readers. By the same mechanism, readers find other, similar readers. Readers and writers alike can each see what the other is up to, say hello to one another, become friends, and comment on each others' preferences. And on a social media venue in which each of fifty-five million users is an actual reader? News about books spreads. [...]

    5. Takes a bit to get to the meat of the book, but once there, there is some good information. I recommend creating a cheat sheet like I did.

    6. Very helpful read, chockfull of information on how to do and its increasing importance to the author community.

    7. I intended to write and post this review almost two weeks ago, once I was done with my first read. After getting diverted by personal issues for 6-7 days, I revised my review date to about a week ago. A not very long book, easy to read and easy to review, I thought.This book tells authors how they can benefit from the sites in terms of getting readers, any author’s soul food.Since then I have fallen into a routine. Open up this book. Log into my account. Read, tinker. Read, tinker.I am writi [...]

    8. I felt a sense of urgency reading this because when a top reviewer advises authors to pay attention to , I do. Especially Gisela Hausmann, who researches, analyzes and reads the publishing world tea leaves better than anyone in the industry. There is so much helpful information in this book on how to understand, navigate and maximize the platform that I had to read it twice.

    9. I've come across a lot of authors who avoid because they find it confusing or complicated.This book explained simply how you can network on as well as etiquette around approaching potential readers. It did make a few assumption regarding classifying your friends into groups depending on how much they read/review and how many friends they have. I only mention this because by my profile I'd look like a networker when I'm actually a reader. This is because I keep my author profile separate from m [...]

    10. I have always had trouble using properly. This book gives an excellent description of how to use the site and get the best out of it. Gisela Hausman takes you from finding out the best people to have as top friends, through how to make the most of your profile. She taks about giveaways and the best way to go about using them, and even mentions games you can play with others on .It is written in a way so as t make everything clear. This is a book every Indie author (and even traditionally publis [...]

    11. I have always been hesitant to jump into the pond - or swamp as some people call it - but this book provides some great advice on how to set up your GR presence and how to leverage it to gain one of the most precious things an author desiresVisibility.And you know what? It's actually fun!

    12. Another wonderful, no fluff, guide from Gisela Hausmann to help authors properly navigate a social community built for readers, . In this short and powerful instructional guide, Hausmann not only offers important how-to advice, she explains why in the simplest of terms. Some things I’m pretty good at figuring out for myself, but when I see an industry expert, not only validate some of my theories but expand upon them, it makes me feel smarter. I’m finding that the more Hausmann books I read, [...]

    13. Subtitled ‘How to Find Readers’, this is another of Hausmann’s writing books crammed with common sense and down-to-earth advice.First, I must pose a question: ‘If you’re a writer, do you belong to ?’ And, if you don’t, a supplementary question: ‘Why not?’ may boast a membership of ‘only’ 65 million, but all those people read books. You’re a writer who, presumably, would like people to read your books. Here’s a community whose sole purpose is the promotion of books and [...]

    14. This is my second book written by Ms Gisela Hausman. I am very impressed with her total understanding of this subject. For me it will take two or three readings and some study time before I have a good grasp. I whole heartily recommend this book to the general public.Terry Canipe, Free Mexican Air Force will be Flying Tonight

    15. Naked Good Reads: How to Find Readers is a perfect handbook for someone unfamiliar with all the beneficial tools on . This someone was me! I never heard of nor did I know how to operate on such a forum. Today we are inundated with social media that it becomes difficult to know where to land and which forum is a right fit. Thanks to Naked I have landed in the right spot and now feel very accomplished on how to maneuver in this forum. The book is a no nonsense to the point step-by-step guide wit [...]

    16. A helpful book in tackling the clunky website of . I say clunky because it isn't the easiest of platforms for an author. It is much more geared to a reader. Having said that, it is worth mastering and holds a lot of promise if you can figure it at and of course, it's where the readers are. now. With the help of this Naked book, I've managed to a learn a lot more than I would by playing around on my own. It's nice to learn something new that I would never have found on my own. My only criticism [...]

    17. Naked Good Reads: How to Find Readers is a must read for authors who want to grow their readership, and enhance their social media savvy. It's a quick read loaded with valuable insight and results-driven tips.Recommendation: Perfect gift for new authors. Purchase a few copies.

    18. Naked Good Reads, by Gisela Hausmann, does not disappoint. It is a concise, no-nonsense, data-driven look into user-friendly strategies an author can utilize in order to harness the perks available in the platform. This is also not a one-time read. It must be read once for overall information, then read twice (or even more times) in order to implement all the suggestions there.I would have liked the book to have given me more in one or two areas, but, overall, as a guide to the things one can d [...]

    19. This book is well-researched, very clearly written, very logical and linearly laid out -- you get from "A" to "Z" in a very orderly and efficient manner. This book is 'Good Reads 101' and I don't mean that condescendingly. I wasn't aware of many things about Good Reads that were put forth in the book so I stayed away from the website, not realizing its full potential for me as an author. There is some speculation by the author about the future, increasing importance or influence of GR, with rega [...]

    20. As an independent author, I have lost count of the number of books that I have read this year, on how to optimize my book sales, garner reviews or just to be more efficient.I tend to speed read ten book samples (on a given subject) to determine if a book is worth pursuing further. It is therefore, a testament to the quality of Gisela’s writing, that this is the third of her books that I have purchased in the last few weeks.As a speed reader, my first read through is spent taking notes for acti [...]

    21. may be the new for Indie authors, and although Gisela Hausmann writes for Indie authors, most of her well written no-fluff Naked books are applicable to traditionally published authors, as well. Certainly, in this new age of publishing, both traditional and self-published authors are expected to promote and market their books to an extent not seen before in the history of writing. So, we need help from savants such as Hausmann to navigate the murky waters of reviews and readership. When came o [...]

    22. Having just completed, NAKED GOOD READS, my head is spinning with the amount of information contained in this book. It was like reading for Dummies. This will not be a book I put away and forget about. It's one that will be pulled out and referencing again and again. I would suggest that while reading, you have your open so you can follow the illustrated, step by step, instructions to get the most out of the information provided. has always been a mystery to me. With the help of this book, I [...]

    23. This is a useful guide to for authors and written in Gisela's usual naked (no-fluff) style. She prides herself, rightly, in delivering a message pointedly with no filler.It is a timely message too with encouraging authors to use as a forum. Indeed, it is more than encouragement as has now closed the doors to all the previous forums and hung a sign pointing folks to .The author is no doubt a seer. She forecast this coming and if you follow her closely it is clear she has her finger on the pul [...]

    24. I've been using for a while but I have never explored it as I should have. After reading Mrs Hausmann book I'm not only understood how it works, but I feel motivate to work on it. As a writer I learned how I should use to reach readers.I'm going to quote Mrs Hausmann, and I hope she doesn't mind, "All of us knows something other's don't know." She certainly knows a lot about and she put all this information in this book.I highly recommend this book.I'm going to read it again and follow the ste [...]

    25. Sometimes the bet things in life are the ones that spell the directive out for you. In this book, author Hausmann gives authors, and even readers for that matter, a step by step guide in understanding the website and how it is all connected. I truly appreciate the time she had to have spent in the research phase of the writing process to give us a proper view on how this website works. can be big and overwhelming, but Hausmann proves that it can be conquered.

    26. Not a good book to read on a Kindle. The graphics are so small and so frequent and didn't do me a bit of good. I did get inspired a few times to make some changes on my page, but not enough for the time spent reading and trying to decipher. I suggest to others - do yourself a BIG favor and get the paperback.

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