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The Horses in My Life

The Horses in My Life Trainer Monty Roberts who is famous the world over as the man who listens to horses celebrates his best loved horses chosen from the tens of thousands he has worked with over the past years

  • Title: The Horses in My Life
  • Author: Monty Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781570763236
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trainer Monty Roberts, who is famous the world over as the man who listens to horses, celebrates his best loved horses, chosen from the tens of thousands he has worked with over the past 60 years.

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      379 Monty Roberts
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    1 thought on “The Horses in My Life

    1. I read this book in two days. It was a pageturner, but only for those highly interested in the subject of horse training methods using nonviolence. Monty retells touching stories of the most influential horses in his life. I cried at least twice! Though the stories are in general about his trials and tribulations with training, there are elements of the universal human struggle with self and others. There is failure, triumph, and courage to believe in ones self. It is a very inspirational read. [...]

    2. Awesome. It's the second book by this author that I have read, and I loved reading his autobiographical accounts of the horses he has known and loved. They teach us so much. If I read too much about him and his horses, I'll get the horse-crazy fever again, because I know what can be done with these amazing minds, especially if you get to them before some fool has damaged them.

    3. I approached this book with trepidation, but actually, it was a nice collection of moments with specific horses that shaped him into who he is, and how they changed his life. Somehow, it reminded me of Angela's Ashes in that way. Monty Roberts is a horseman's Frank McCourt? Maybe so.

    4. Love the way horses interact with us, each one has it's own personality which Monty brings out in the book. A Good read!

    5. For those who love horses and/or work with them, this is a fantastic book. Monty Roberts shows how horses should be listened to and that they don't need to be beaten or "traditionally broke" to work and live with humans. I always thought there was a way! While I struggled with some racing terminology, the love he feels for these beautiful creatures is so worth reading about! Thank you, Monty Roberts!

    6. I am not one who takes well to short stories, but this book has changed that view a little. Suited to horse enthusiasts aspiring to learn the 'language equus', it is a celebration of Monty Roberts' best-loved horses. The tales are crafted beautifully, diaplaying individual characterics, experiences, successes and failures with each horse. What amazed me was the diversity of the disciplines described - from Western riding horses through to racehorses, from mustangs to thoroughbreds, from performi [...]

    7. Monty Roberts discusses his book The Horses In My Life. Monty Roberts is famous the world over as "the man who listens to horses," and for his autobiography of the same name. In this new book, he celebrates his best-loved horses, chosen from the tens of thousands he has worked with over the past 60 years. All 52 of the horses featured--from Ginger, the retired ranch horse, to international classic-winning Thoroughbred racehorses, have contributed something unique to Monty's understanding of thei [...]

    8. I tumbled headlong with enchanted awe into 52 neatly packaged stories, complete with dozens of glossy photos, of legendary and influential equines. Great idea for a book. Color me thoroughly intrigued by them all, though I'm still traumatized by Ginger.

    9. I loved this book! After reading his other book 'The man who listens to horses' it was great to learn more about all the horses that changed his life. Monty Roberts is a true inspiration and I hope I can forge a smilie relationship with my horse based on love trust and understanding.

    10. A celebration of Monty Robert's best-loved horses. There was no question that I would read this one day, and it was everything I expected.Recommended for horse-lovers who are interested in Monty Roberts.

    11. Boy, everybody has an opinion on Monty Roberts and all i can say is that his intimate revelations regarding the horses that stand out in his life are remarkable. He started out very young with a very keen eye for conformation and was so successful and that's BESIDES his horse whisperer attributes.

    12. A lot of similar information from his first book, but this one focuses on the horses much more than his life and the join-up method. I really enjoyed the pictures of the horses and the stories behind each one

    13. I love love love this book. Amazing read for any horse lover. great book by a great writer who's had an amazing life with horses and making life better for all horses.

    14. I enjoyed the short stories about the individual horses. Still wonder who the trainer is who left those horses in the trailer all those years ago.

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