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Enlightened Courage: A Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training

Enlightened Courage A Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training brought to Tibet by the Indian master Atisha

  • Title: Enlightened Courage: A Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training
  • Author: Dilgo Khyentse Padmakara Translation Group
  • ISBN: 9781559390231
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training, brought to Tibet by the Indian master Atisha.

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    • [PDF] Ø Free Download ✓ Enlightened Courage: A Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training : by Dilgo Khyentse Padmakara Translation Group ↠
      200 Dilgo Khyentse Padmakara Translation Group
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    1 thought on “Enlightened Courage: A Commentary on the Seven Point Mind Training

    1. Commentary on “The Seven Point Mind Training” by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje. Good practical advice and lots of encouragement to practice Mahamudra meditation. I was surprised at references to hell, lower realms, and gods plural in addition to assuming religious practices such as making offerings to statues, circumambulation, etc. Khyentse was obviously a religious Buddhist and yet he also talked about gods and demons being projections of our own minds. Still trying to figure out the Buddhist worldv [...]

    2. A different translation of the slogans than I've read before. It was interesting as some of the translations for better with how I understand the slogan - and matched Dilgo Khyentze's commentary. Very classic presentation though. Very culturally Tibetan.

    3. "Once, in one of his previous lifetimes, the Buddha was a universal monarch whose custom it was to give away his wealth without regret. He refused nothing to those who came to beg from him and his fame spread far and wide. One day, a wicked Brahmin beggar came before the king and addressed him saying, 'Great king, I am ugly to look upon, while you are very handsome; please give me your head.' And the king agreed. Now his queens and ministers had been afraid that he might do this, and making hund [...]

    4. Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche is just awesomeIt's concise but dense, which is great because you get a lot of ideas quickly and can put it down and pick it up easily, starting at a new section or re-reading the previous.After awhile I started to wish there were longer explanations for some of the points. Of course, DKR has many other books.

    5. This book is a condensation of Bodhisattva training, the essence of Mahayana Buddhist practice. It's probably a good idea to study it under the guidance of a qualified buddhist teacher. It is short and succinct - I plan to read it many more times to reinforce the essential points Rinpoche lays out so clearly.

    6. One of my favorite books from my buddhist reading. Dilgo Khyentse takes a lot of thoughts and makes them straight forward and easy to understand. If you are interested in Buddhism, than this book is neceasssery.

    7. the whole of dharma boiled down to seven points, accessible to all levels of students, and staying on my bedside table for frequent re-reading. thank you for teaching.

    8. While I've loved some of the other Tibetan Buddhist texts, this one is either too obscure for me or just not the right thing for me at the moment

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