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Rapture Carol Ann Duffy s Rapture is about the loss and rediscovery of love in all its aspects erotic intellectual emotional

  • Title: Rapture
  • Author: Carol Ann Duffy
  • ISBN: 0330433911
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carol Ann Duffy s Rapture is about the loss and rediscovery of love in all its aspects erotic, intellectual, emotional.

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      240 Carol Ann Duffy
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      Posted by:Carol Ann Duffy
      Published :2019-02-04T04:47:05+00:00

    1 thought on “Rapture

    1. Carol Ann Duffy is a spectacular poet. She is one of the few writers where I agree with every good review. I won’t post them all, but suffice to say usually critics find different aspects of the writer to compliment or criticize, and I often agree with just one or two, if with any of them at all. With her, they’re all right.Another thing that makes Duffy vastly different from other poets for me is this: I want to write like her. There are so many poets and writers I adore, that I would not h [...]

    2. Falling in loveis glamorous hell, the crouched, parched heartlike a tiger ready to kill; a flame’s fierce licks under the skin.Into my life, larger than life, beautiful, you strolled in.Another modern cycle-- sensing a theme in what I like here. This follows the course (or perhaps disintegration would be a better term) of a love affair - and is clearly massively, massively personal.Which always fills me with this guilty squirm -- how would it feel being the 'you' of these poems? Literature is [...]

    3. I purchased this as part of 2016's Oxfam Scorching Summer Reads campaign. Duffy is one of my favourite poets, and this was a collection which I hadn't yet had the pleasure to read. And a pleasure it is. Rapture is a series of interconnected poems about a single relationship, and the themes which Duffy encompasses are wide and surprising. A rich story weaves its way through.As ever, her turns of phrase are beautiful, and I adored her use of nature imagery, and the way in which this was woven into [...]

    4. As I love to say, I love love poetry. I was eager to dive into Duffy's because I'd heard so many good things about it and because I've admired an earlier volume of hers, The World's Wife, enough to read it more than once. Rapture lived up to my anticipation, rewarding me with good poetry about the high feeling of love. The volume follows the course of a love affair--presumably an experience of Duffy's--from its fresh breath of discovery to the crash characterized as death and darkness. In betwee [...]

    5. It's the simple honesty of Rapture that makes it what it is - rather than trying to be overly deep and metaphorical Duffy just writes from the heart, and it shines because of that.

    6. I remember reading the first stanza of 'wintering' in The Guardian's review some time ago, at a particularly heartbroken moment in my life. It was as if Carol Ann Duffy had reached into my heart and distilled the tumult into words. This is a lovely read, the poems inside like fine pearls strung into a necklace, a movingly beautiful piece of work showcasing the breadth of human emotion; the tangle of feelings that come tied up with love. It is also, one of the most accessible collections of poetr [...]

    7. " my love will be shade where you are,and yours,as I turn in my sleep,the bud of a star."This poetry is simple and warm and honest. It is thoughtful and sweet without gooey sentimentality. It feels like a breath of fresh air on a cold night, and a warm bath after a run. Clear, candid and colorful with imagery, the feelings in these poems are tangible to any reader.

    8. Actually, more like a 2 1/2. Some striking work, some predictable. I think this boils down to personal taste, I don't mind love poetry, I just think the essentially ephemeral nature of love means you shouldn't linger on it too much, and this is a collection of love poetry through and through.That said, I enjoyed the obsessiveness Duffy conveyed, the depiction of a spiral into madness that reflects the beginning of a love affair. I even understand the reason she chose to focus an entire collectio [...]

    9. In my opinion, there are very few current poets who use vowel sounds to the same wonderful effect as Duffy. She is a real expert with language and can move between tragedy, humour and pathos with great skill. She speaks of human experience in a modern, accessible voice that doesn't distance her readers. Instead, it seems she has been spying on our private emotions, so accurate is she in expressing our hidden thoughts. Sublime.

    10. Really well-written as would be expected from the Poet Laureate, slightly repetitive at times but the themes that run through the book give it the cohesion which leads the reviewers to recommend looking at it as a collection rather than taking the poems individually. The different emotions in the love affair are depicted brilliantly.

    11. Lovely. My favourite is "Art". So many of them are beautiful, though. One of my favourite lines of poetry is from "Hours": "Time hates love, wants love poor,/but love spins gold, gold, gold from straw."

    12. Carol Ann Duffy weaves words together that ooze like honey. I don't know how she manages to compose poetry that is at times both gut-punchingly beautiful and yet entirely apporoachable, but I'm so glad that she does.

    13. If you were made of air, if you were air,If you were made of water, if you were water,If you were made of fire, if you were fire,If you were made of stone, if you were stone,Or if you were none of these, but really death,the answer is yes, yes.

    14. A beautiful collection of love poems that I adored. I haven't read many contemporary love poets and I'm glad that I discovered Duffy at the right time. You can read this one time and again and still manage to discover something new each time. Made me fall in love all over again.

    15. Really good, favourites (and the ones I want to revisit): Forest, World, Elegy, Fall (!!), Ithaca, Art, Unloving.

    16. I may have bought a sun and moon ring based on the AMAZING imagery in this poem. Seriously good stuff, that it is my poetic opinion.

    17. 'Then love comes, like a sudden flight of birds / from earth to heaven after rain. Your kiss, / recalled, unstrings, like pearls, this chain of words. / Huge skies connect us, joining here to there. / Desire and passion on the thinking air.'RaptureThis is a stunning collection of poems, describing the complex trajectory of a love affair, from first infatuation to the emptiness of ending and grief.The experience of love is all consuming. It's represented by the turn of the seasons, the four eleme [...]

    18. Stayed up till 2 am reading this and thinking about it because the words wouldn't go away, some of them making me cry. Duffy's poems are uplifting and sad and beyond lyrical, but more than that it knows the truth of love poems. The structure of her poems mimic the similar shakiness and reverence of love, and with references to great poets, it is almost an ode to poetry. The poems at the end imitate the ones at the start, creating a sense of closure that ends in "Over" and suggest she has come fu [...]

    19. It was okay - some of the sonnets weren't particularly interesting until a closer look, which was sometimes laborious and made the reading tedious. Romance doesn't particularly interest me so the overarching theme became, to be frank, boring. This may, of course, be due to my cold INTP-T interior that shuns any meek, humanly emotion such as love. Carol Ann Duffy would be better to evoke Spock, for me, than red roses! She may also be a good poet for bringing back the sonnet, but it wasn't like sh [...]

    20. I’ve been on a Carol Ann Duffy poetry reading kick lately and this collection was another success. It’s evocative from the very first line and I love how Duffy’s poetry already gives you very concrete images and feelings on the literal level. Obviously thorough analysis will reveal more, but you don’t have to wait for all meaning to become clear until you’ve fully figured out the metaphoric level. That being said, a lot of the poems here touch on the fall-out of (personally) significan [...]

    21. I loved some poems more than others - some were absolutely amazing and all in all a good poetry collection. The thing is, and this surprises me, I was a bit tired that all the poems were about romantic love, which is nothing against the book because that's what it is about, but even so I think that's why I didn't like it more.

    22. This collection is a modern "sonnet sequence" of sorts, filled with a burning, overflowing passion that makes you experience the different shades of a romantic relationship. Duffy plays with the sonnet form (all of its variants and even other poetic forms) and the concept/ideal of love by means of fragmentation, intertextuallity and self-reference.

    23. The poet's turn of phrase carries the reader through the pages in a whirlwind of emotions; from the faintest memory of a touch to the screaming madness of longing, from the summits of elation through the valleys of grief, never pathetic in tone, always sincere, deep and honest. Unbelievably credible!

    24. This is the first book I read by Carol Ann Duffy and I doubt it will be the last. I am left speechless by the the intensity and originality of her poetic language, the beauty of her images, the all-consuming strength of the love described in her poetry. A book to treasure and be reread often.

    25. Hmmm, is it a book or love poems in general?This book did not grab my heart like it did to lots of people. Pity, there are a few good ones – the first and last few ones.

    26. there are so many poems i physically recoiled from here that i don't know how to account for the quite good ones

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