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Selected Poems Containing poems chosen from her first four acclaimed volumes this collection also includes six poems from the later The World s Wife

  • Title: Selected Poems
  • Author: Carol Ann Duffy
  • ISBN: 9780141025124
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Containing poems chosen from her first four acclaimed volumes, this collection also includes six poems from the later The World s Wife.

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      376 Carol Ann Duffy
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      Posted by:Carol Ann Duffy
      Published :2019-02-17T04:58:53+00:00

    1 thought on “Selected Poems

    1. This selection includes poems from five of Carol Ann Duffy's previous collections, including: Standing Female Nude, Selling Manhattan, The Other Country, Mean Time, and The World's WifeFrom Standing Female Nude (1985)There are not enough faces. Your own gapes backat you on someone else, bu paler, then the momentwhen you see the next one and forget yourself.If must be dreams that make us different, must beprivate cells inside a common skull.One had the other's look and has another memory.Despair [...]

    2. Carol Ann Duffy's poetry's often a narrative piece but starts in a very intelligent way , in complete suspense and like a riddle , she is a master of narrative techniques,By the way is it possible to recreate myth without naming it , this has always been my question, through the imagery for instance or the whole text turns to a layer of intertextuality with what has already been existed in mythology? If anybody could help me out with this question?

    3. Meh. One fantastic poem, "Valentine," and the rest were boring as shit. I can't believe I read the whole thing.

    4. An extraordinary compilation of Duffy's works, I was exposed to all her magnificent poems which I greatly enjoyed reading.She submerges the reader in the lives of fascinating people, from giggling schoolgirls, to crisis refugees to vulnerable young women. Duffy penetrates the language to a whole new level, playing with it so skillfully that her poems are extremely entertaining and can be reread a number of times without ever having the same meaning.I understand if the entire collection seems a b [...]

    5. I wanted to like the Poet Laureate's work more than I did, but I didn't.There are some lines that are moving, clever or funny, but mostly I felt I had to force my way through it to get to the end (which last, five-line poem, Mrs Darwin is one of the humorous and clever poems that I liked).I can see that there is merit here but, given that this is a 'best of', I don't think I'll be seeking out any more of Duffy's work as it doesn't seem to speak to me in the way that it clearly does to the awards [...]

    6. A real treat for me this week - there's a precise yet spontaneous quality to Duffy's choice of words. Dipping in and out of this the last few evenings has really been a discovery of places and people that only really exist in both of our heads.

    7. best 16th birthday present ever. succinct, precise, mesmerisingly vivid poetry. Duffy's vernacular drips with the female form, both bound and liberated.

    8. Read for class; but not bad. But didn’t really connect with the poetry. More of an appreciation of good writing.

    9. Duffy's poems are really interesting and seems to go deeper and I was not expecting to like it as much as I did.

    10. This was an interesting tasting plate. I was surprised to find that I don't like all Duffy's work consistently: I particularly liked the poems from Selling Manhattan (1987) and Mean Time (1993), was uncomfortable with the ventriloquising of non-white perspectives in some of the selections from Standing Female Nude (1985), and actively bored by everything from The Other Country (1990). And the final selection confirmed what I already knew, that I am just not that impressed with The World's Wife d [...]

    11. خب شاید به پای سیلویا پلات و آنا آخماتووا نرسه اما شاعر خوبیهکرولان دافی، شاعر، نمایشنامه نویس و نویسنده ی اسکاتلندی در دسامبر 1955 در شهر گلاسگو متولد شد. وی در دانشگاه لیورپول فلسفه خوانده است. او علاوه بر شعر بزرگسالان در زمینه ی شعر کودک نیز چندین کتاب به چاپ رسانده و جوایز م [...]

    12. [4th book read for the Cramathon, December 2014.]This is a nice enough selection from the poet’s various works, but like Carol Ann Duffy’s collections it is a bit hit-and-miss for me. The quality varies not so much from poem to poem as from line to line (she uses details well, but I am not entirely convinced by her imagery), but overall it is still an enjoyable read. The World’s Wife poems are my personal favourites, since I feel they have more humour to them and are very accessible (provi [...]

    13. Duffy's writing is, as always, wonderful. However, some of these poems are verging on preachy in tone and while I feel poetry that sends a message is GOOD poetry, I also feel that poetry should never read like a lecture, which some of these poems do. Also, some of the erotic content feels unnecessary to me--and I am NOT the kind of person to say such a thing, but it's true. It feels like it's there to get a rise out of the reader--there for shock value, which lends such poems a feeling of insinc [...]

    14. Such a beautiful poet. Favorite poems by her include "Talent", "Standing Female Nude", "The Dolphins", "Dies Natalis", "Model Village", "The Virgin Punishing the Infant", "Originally", "Small Female Skull", and "Mrs Midas". Her poetry ranges from deep and romantic, to harsh and brutal, to just plain non-nonsensical. I didn't know that there could be a poet with such variety in her writing and such a beautiful, beautiful mind. This was exactly what I didn't know I was looking for.

    15. A nice change to listen to a little poetry. The author reads her own poems in this collection and does a great job with timing. I wasn't familiar with this author, but I'll now look for her collections. She does a marvelous job creating vibrant, subversive, and eclectic characters in short poems capturing each one. I enjoyed the solid anchoring of these poems in something understandable and tangible while still using poetic form to capture mood, creepiness, or wonderful imagery.

    16. These poems are so eclectic! My students love them as well, I used them in my comp and lit class. Duffy's style is postmodern, open-formed, and really different. Some poems make you laugh out loud ("Stealing," for example, is one where she steals a snowman from a frontyard) and others are pretty creepy. I like how she addresses taboo topics. The reader visits the mindset of a child molester in one poem. You will get the chills reading some of her stuff.

    17. A selection of poems from 1985-1997. This doesn't, consistently, have the polish of The World's Wife or the beauty of Rapture, but the first poems are from when Duffy was only thirty, and it has her characteristic wit, humour and sparkling command of language. Devastating and beautiful stand out was Shooting Stars.

    18. I learnt a great deal about modern poetry doing her work for alevel. Her issues include feminism, lesbian relationships, love, philosophy, humour and monologues from alienated figures. Her work is experimental in theme and construction.

    19. This is a great collection that I have read most of many times. Not as funny as some of her other collections, but beautiful.

    20. I wasn't much of a fan of poetry until I read this selection of Duffy's poems. I thought these poems were beautifully written with so much beautiful imagery, I loved studying them all.

    21. These poems are superb. I learned a great deal about how to use fragments successfully in stanza transitions. I wish the book had been complete--my copy didn't have the last 4 pages.

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