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Feminine Gospels: Poems

Feminine Gospels Poems A new collection of poems ranging over the experience of women historical and imagined real life and larger than life from the award winning author of The World s Wife From the sadness of Elizabeth I

  • Title: Feminine Gospels: Poems
  • Author: Carol Ann Duffy
  • ISBN: 9780571211302
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new collection of poems ranging over the experience of women historical and imagined, real life and larger than life from the award winning author of The World s Wife.From the sadness of Elizabeth I, looking back on her long and powerful but lonely life, to the travails of a woman whose work is literally never done as she continues to trawl the seas to feed her billion oA new collection of poems ranging over the experience of women historical and imagined, real life and larger than life from the award winning author of The World s Wife.From the sadness of Elizabeth I, looking back on her long and powerful but lonely life, to the travails of a woman whose work is literally never done as she continues to trawl the seas to feed her billion offspring, to a movingly lyrical reflection on the beauty of a growing child, Carol Ann Duffy explores in this volume the myriad components of women s lives and loves through the crystallizing prism of poetry Sometimes erotic and personal, sometimes historical and grand, sometimes witty and full of surprises, the poems in Feminine Gospels are all beautifully crafted works that are as varied in style as the poems in Duffy s earlier acclaimed volume The World s Wife Together, they will challenge and entertain as they explore the fullness of the female condition through their author s unique poetic voice.

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    1 thought on “Feminine Gospels: Poems

    1. It's really hard to rate a book of poetry especially one that varies so much. There are poems here that warrant a 5* rating to me (like "Loud" which I thought was amazing) and then there were others that I felt lukewarm about. So, I've averaged out and gone for 3*!

    2. Absolutely stunning. I am going to be typing a full review of this on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled for the link.

    3. Some poems I thought were excellent, but feels a bit too high brow for me and didn't feel any sort of emotional connection. Liked the historical aspects though and the theme of women.

    4. Carol Ann Duffy's poetry is about women and female identity. These poems are slightly aslant from the last volume of hers I read, The World's Wife, in that aside from "Beautiful," which is about the effect of beauty on Helen, Cleopatra, and Marilyn Monroe, the women she concerns herself with are those of the everyday, anonymous world. "Loud" tells of women becoming vocal in support of humane action and support for their own rights. My favorite in Feminine Gospels is a long narrative poem called [...]

    5. It's going to be difficult for me to rate this book. Initially, I wasn't sold on Carol Ann Duffy, but eventually she grew on me, like when you're waiting for the sun to come up. At first, it's cold and dark and there isn't much to do except stand around, but then the sunset happens and you're grateful you woke up to see it.Some of Duffy's poems really didn't resonate with me, but as a whole it's a really cohesive collection and I am very grateful that I read it. I am also grateful that I read po [...]

    6. Some good poems that I felt I could identify with, but most of the collection I struggled to find any real interest in. Not that Duffy is a bad writer (she's clearly talented), I just didn't personally enjoy or connect with her style.

    7. Duffy explores the female: from history (Elizabeth I to Marilyn Monroe) to the beauty of birth and raising a growing child, to some more erotic and sometimes personal poetry. I found the poetry to challenge and entertaining regarding the "female condition."

    8. Carol Ann Duffy didn't ring my bells. I enjoyed her writing, but it didn't fire my imagination, it didn't (shaming admittance coming up) make me want to write poems like that .I think there's two reasons for this. One, her language is plain and accessible, but not in a way I thrilled to (she has said that she is not a Seamus Heaney style poet, seeking out interesting words). Every so often my inner ear would hit on a rhyme, a rhythm, a little hook that had me hunting back and forth along the lin [...]

    9. There are some poems in this collection that are syllabically pleasant and well put together, but it never had me sat in that other place you can drift to with poetry. Never did I clasp my forehead with my hand in awe or disbelief at the words on the page. It just didn't do for me the things I desire from poetry. Three stars.

    10. Her use of language isn't always painful, but her themes consistently stink. More than half the poems involve fantasies in which a little chick fantastically becomes a grand, huge, important woman. Such idle illusions endanger actual growth.

    11. About:Feminine Gospels is a poetry collection that was written by Carol Ann Duffy and published in 2002. Carol Ann Duffy is Britain’s Poet Laureate. This collection explores different women and aspects of women’s lives. From historical figures to more personal explorations. Did I Like It?:Yes I did! I thought this was a really good collection. All of the poems were good! Carol Ann Duffy is a wonderful writer and very clever. I liked both her inclusion of historical figures and her seemingly [...]

    12. Despite having only read a few of Carol Ann Duffy's collections, I think that it is only fair to say that she is easily my current favourite poet. After reading Rapture, I was sure that no other work could ever be quite as good, but Feminine Gospels proved me wrong.Carol Ann Duffy combines beautiful figurative language and wit throughout this collection of poems to successfully present the female form and condition. I found the Laughter Of Stafford Girls' High and The Diet particularly interesti [...]

    13. i loved this!! her writing is so imaginative, and so beautiful. i loved that all the poems were about women, and all different types of women. i think it is also clear that i am very tired and have no idea how to write about poetry. some favorites:beautifula dreaming weekthe light gathererdeath and the moon

    14. I really liked the writing style. My favourites were the long queen, beautiful, the woman who shopped, history, anon, and wish. The Laughter of Stafford Girls' High seemed intimidatingly long, but it was a lovely read. All the names did confuse me a little though, but it's difficult for me to remember names for people anyway.

    15. *Read for schoolIt's difficult to rate a collection of poetry for the obvious reason of each poem being really different and the response each gets therefore also varies. Having said that overall I really enjoyed it and would give it either 3.5 or 4! In particular really liked 'The Map-Woman', 'Wish' and a couple of others. Looking forward to delve deeper into it once school starts

    16. Some good poems, and some utter nonsense.It's truly Carol Ann Duffy, with asyndetic lists, internal rhyme and allusions overflowing from the pages

    17. Currently finished this anthology in school, and though I didn't really like the elegies at the end, I generally enjoyed reading the rest.

    18. Sadly, this just didn't live up to many of Duffy's other collections. There was one poem I enjoyed, and a couple that had a run of lines I found poignant and touching, but the rest just fell flat.

    19. I am most fascinated by the long verse story of the epidemic of giggling school girls. Joy managed to engulf everyone. Laughter seems like a good prescription to have.

    20. I struggled to comprehend the poems when I first read them, I wasn't entirely sure what the meaning was behind them, but after looking into them in more depth I was very impressed.

    21. I must confess I do prefer Duffy's 'The World's Wife' collection. Having said that, this collection is excellent. Her variety of female speakers is vast, and the multiple voices adds gravity to her pressing concerns; the portrayal of women and female identity. My favourite poem is 'Beautiful', especially the stanza written from Marilyn Monroe's point of view!

    22. I get Duffy's lyricism in her poetry, but I can't seem to be able to associate with the poems. I found myself frustrated, and that rarely happens.

    23. Really worthwhile, especially for "The Map Woman," "Beautiful," and "The Laughter at Stafford Girls' High."

    24. This is a collection of poems about women. In these poems, Carol Ann Duffy explores issues of female sexuality, beautify and physiology. I am not too impressed by this collection, to be honest. Most of the poems fail to capture my interest. The writing style I find fairly loose which makes the poems hard to follow at times. I was easily distracted by something else around me while reading this book because the material wasn’t captivating enough. That beings said, there are two poems in this co [...]

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