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Strangers in the Night

Strangers in the Night Feel the thrill of unexpected passion between strangers in the night this New York Times bestselling story collection from Linda Howard Lake of Dreams Thea Marlow had encountered her soul mate in the

  • Title: Strangers in the Night
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9780743444262
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Feel the thrill of unexpected passion between strangers in the night this New York Times bestselling story collection from Linda Howard Lake of Dreams Thea Marlow had encountered her soul mate in the depths of her overpowering, frightening dreams Now, on the shores of a country lake, the stranger comes to her in the flesh and lures her into a timeless love BlueFeel the thrill of unexpected passion between strangers in the night this New York Times bestselling story collection from Linda Howard Lake of Dreams Thea Marlow had encountered her soul mate in the depths of her overpowering, frightening dreams Now, on the shores of a country lake, the stranger comes to her in the flesh and lures her into a timeless love Blue Moon Sheriff Jackson Brody knows folks get a little crazy under a full bayou moon But on the trail of a scorching murder mystery, it s the lawman himself who succumbs to the spell of a beautiful, mysterious stranger White Out In the midst of an Idaho blizzard, Hope Bradshaw offers shelter to a stranger and an instant, hungry passion flares between them When a radio bulletin warns of a dangerous escaped convict, her blood runs cold has desire blinded her to the risks of trusting a man who is an expert at covering his tracks

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    1. 5 stars, 4 stars and 2 stars for three stories.This book contains reprints of three stories which were first published in the 1990s.5 stars for WHITE OUT.Loved it. Nice plot twists. Some suspense. Intriguing sex scenes. Hope runs a lake resort in Idaho. During a blizzard, a nearly frozen man knocks on her door and collapses. She drags him inside, removes his frozen clothes and gets inside a blanket with him to give him her body heat.(view spoiler)[CAUTION SPOILERS:After awhile, with his body war [...]

    2. Kindle edition. Three short stories, all written by Linda Howard, all previously published. The first two listed below have a paranormal edge. All three stories involve thoughts of conception and include explicit sex scenes. Lake of Dreams: 2.5 stars. Not crazy about this one. Too much time spent in dreams, or in her head. She keeps seeing him murder her, but it's only in her dreams. Isn't it?? Very sexy. Nice ending.Blue Moon: 4.5 stars.Loved this one!! A sheriff and a "different" woman who liv [...]

    3. #82 for 2017 RCGenre : Suspense RomanceThis book consist of 3 short stories written by Linda Howard : 1.Lake of Dreams2. White Out 3. Blue Moon

    4. I was supposed to be reading a simple, cute YA in The Wrong Side of Right but for some reason, it wasn't compelling enough for me so I decided to take a break. I started other books but couldn't get into it as well. In the end I just picked up one of the the last few Linda Howard books I haven't read yet and what do you know, I finished without even updating my currently reading shelf. Lesson of the day: when in a reading slump, pick up any Linda Howard.So onto the review!I absolutely loved all [...]

    5. OK - these aren't classic fairy tales but there is love and danger and magic and happy-ever-afters. Oh yeah, and lots more sex that the stories you grew up reading. Strangers in the Night is a collection of three novellas with the recurring theme of sex with strangers. In Lake of Dreams, the two lovers have been reunited again after many doomed reincarnations. They have one final chance to get it right. In Blue Moon, a sheriff meets a woman with mysterious gifts and falls hard. But is she a murd [...]

    6. For an anthology collection, these were surprisingly good. (I usually prefer full length novels.) I liked all three stories.4 stars: Lake of DreamsHighly original short story with a mix of suspense, romance, paranormal and horror. Kept me on the edge of my seat! 3.5 stars: Blue MoonShort but sweet love story with an sexy small town sheriff and psychic heroine. This one ended a little abrubtly for me--would have liked for it to be longer. Good read.3.5 stars: White OutHeroine saves sexy hero duri [...]

    7. Mungkin karena ada unsur supranatural, saya kurang bisa menikmati novella di buku ini. Di Novella pertama, Danau Mimpi, ini sangat aneh krn heroine-nya ketemu bolak-balik, mimpi bercinta seksual terus. Di Novella kedua, Bulan Biru, lebih baik sedikit, bercerita ttg sheriff yg bertemu dgn gadis yg dianggap penyihir oleh seseorg. One Night Stand terjadi dan kemudian saling jatuh cinta.Di Novella terakhir, Kabut Salju, juga agak aneh dgn adegan agak ke non consensual sex yg berlanjut jadi marathon [...]

    8. Strangers in the Night is a story collection from Linda Howard. It contains three short stories written by this author. In my mind, there’s no better way to know if you like an author than to try a short story. It’s like the book equivalent of an hors d’oeuvre, small, delicious without any commitment.The first story is Lake of Dreams and it’s almost a fantasy. It definitely has a fantastical element in it. Sick of not getting enough sleep, Thea Marlow goes to the cottage by the lake that [...]

    9. This is a book of three short stories by Howard.Lake of Dreams was my favorite out of the three stories in this anthology. I'm usually not a big soul mate plot fan, but this time I didn't mind at all because of how well it was done. The suspense Howard managed to build up in about 100 pages was absolutely fantastic. It had me switching my opinions of Thea's "dream man" and biting my nails every time she let him within 5 feet of her.Blue Moon was my least favorite story out of the three. It wasn' [...]

    10. Strangers In The Night 3/3White OutNevascaLinda Howard2002Sou hiper-mega-blaster-suspeita, pra falar alguma coisa sobre este texto da LH, já li Nevasca, pelo menos umas 500 vezes, amo de paixão essa estória.Pra mim é tão básico e primitivo é como se o primeiro homem e mulher do planeta se descobrissem, da mesma forma, que a Hope e o Prince. Numa tentativa mais básica de salvar alguém.Desde que o mundo é mundo não há maneira melhor maneira de se salvar alguém com o calor do corpo. E [...]

    11. Ich habe ehrlich gesagt gedacht, dass es sich bei den Kurzgeschichten um Krimis oder Thriller handelt. Auf jeden Fall habe ich mit einigen Leichen und spannenden Hintergründen gerechnet. Da wurde ich leider enttäuscht, denn im Mittelpunkt der einzelnen Kurzgeschichten steht eindeutig die Leidenschaft - für mich auf jeden Fall einen Tick zu viel.Am schlimmsten war für mich die erste Geschichte "See der Träume": Hier gab es null Spannung, dafür umso mehr Sex und einen sehr hohen Fantasyantei [...]

    12. Three short stories about falling in love with strangers. I thought all three stories were fun and kept my attention, even if they were a bit far fetched. Lake of Dreams was a bit strange. Blue Moon had the best characters. Jackson and Delilah were the right balance or mystery, humor, and intrigue. White Out seemed a bit rushed to me, but the tension when Hope discovers the man she's got in her house might not be who she thinks he is is fabulous. All in all, a good read, especially if you're loo [...]

    13. 3.5 starsI know I read the first story before, and I might have read the second two. They seemed a little familiar. The first one was the best, and the third one was my least favorite. (view spoiler)[After she strips the guy and attempts to warm him up, they have sex while he is still not fully conscious. He just starts making love to her. She doesn't push him away. I still thought there might be an issue of consent as he is not fully aware. (hide spoiler)]

    14. "Lake of Dreams" ~ ★★★ 1/2The story of two soul mates, who get another chance at making things right.(view spoiler)[Thea starts having intense, vivid dreams, of a warrior who loves her and kills her time and time again. At the same time, because of the nature of her death, she develops a crippling fear of water, and in an effort to overcome it, she visits her family's summer house that sits by a lake.To her astonishment, she meets the man of her dreams and she is equally attracted to him a [...]

    15. Linda Howard – Lake of Dreams (rating 2.5)Thea MarlowRichard ChanceCeritanya pendek seperti tipe Harlequin lah…Ini tentang mimpi-mimpi Thea Marlow yang selalu datang setiap malam, mimpi yang sangat nyata. Akhir-akhir ini mimpi itu berakhir dengan terbunuhnya Thea di tangan seorang pria yang sangat dicintainya.Ketika pria di dalam mimpinya itu datang mengetuk pintu rumah musim panas Thea dan berkata bahwa dia juga mendapat mimpi yang sama…Thea semakin ketakutan karena apakah dia akan berakh [...]

    16. Strangers In The Night adalah kumpulan 3 novella dari Linda Howard.Danau Mimpi bercerita tentang Thea Marlow yang mendapat mimpi-mimpi bersambung tentang seorang lelaki. Mimpi-mimpi itu menyebabkan tidur malamnya menjadi tak nyenyak. Terkadang mimpi itu begitu erotis, di malam yang lain lelaki dalam mimpinya datang untuk menghabisi nyawanya. Merasa tak nyaman Thea memutuskan untuk beristirahat di rumah musim panas milik keluarganya. Tapi disana ia justru bertemu dengan laki-laki yang wajahnya mi [...]

    17. Rekomen!Dibuku ini ada 3 crta beda. Awalnya sih sama sekali ngga tertarik, sinop juga ngga terlalu menggugat selera, tp setelah baca jatuh cinta abis sm buku ini! Manis semua!Udah ngga mau nulis apa-apa, entar spoiler lagi :DBaca aja dan ngga bakal nyesel.Yang suka adegan kipas2? Ada! Karena kayanya fokus crta kesitu kali ya, kipas2 sm orang asing >< hahahahaYang g mau mikir keras juga buat bacaan, ini buat kalian, certa ringan banget.

    18. Aku kira ini 3 cerita yang saling sambung menyambung, tapi ternyata berdiri sendiri cerita-ceritanya. Terlalu singkat. Huhuhuhu Semuanya mengenai dua manusia yang sama-sama asing namun akhirnya bersatu (dalam jangka waktu dekat >,<).Danau Mimpi bercerita mengenai mimpi yang dialami oleh Thea. Berkali-kali dalam mimpinya dia bertemu dengan pria itu dan setiap kalinya dia dibunuh oleh pria itu. Hidup dan kemudian mati. Tapi itu semua hanya mimpi sampai dia bertemu sosok pria dalam mimpinya p [...]

    19. Before I beginWhen I picked up this book, from the library, I didn't bother reading the back because I really like Linda Howard's books, so I was kind of surprised to find out there were three books in one. I don't normally like short stories; I find there isn't enough character building or plot development. But anywaysLake of DreamsI thought this one was pretty good. The dreams made you pretty freaked out, and at first, I was thinking, "Oh no! He's a bad guy!" But well, I don't want to ruin it! [...]

    20. baguuusmuax singkat,padat,tepat n kilat ;plake of dreams 4*. yg suka cerita ttg rainkarnasi,cerita ini baguusasax dsetiap cerita ttg belahan jiwa yg mengalami rainkarnasi pasti ada salah satu yg ingat ttg kehidupanx yg sebelumxdy yg berusaha mencari2 pasanganxdsini richard yg igtkasihaaandah 12 kehidupan yg richard n thea lalui n ini kesempatan terakhir mereka untuk bersamatidak ada kesempatan lagi12 kli rainkarnasiweward hrus meyakinkan thea klo bukan dy yg membunuh thea n anakxwalaupun mereka [...]

    21. How do you rate a collection of short novels? Average? Lowest common denominator? I'm never sure, which is why when I first read this some time ago, I didn't mention it here. But last night, in the mood for a very quick reread, I remembered the last of the three stories in this collection: Blizzard, and decided to give that one five stars. The other twowell, I don't remember them except for a vague sense that I almost didn't read the third one, and that would have been a shame!So, two attractive [...]

    22. If you love great romantic suspense novels, you'll enjoy this trio of short stories by Linda Howard. In Lake of Dreams, Thea Marlow dreams of making love to her dream lover. When she meets him in person, they realize they were meant to be through the hands of time, interpreting their dreams, when falling in love and fighting for what they want. In Blue Mondon, Sheriff Jackson Brody has been called to Deliliah Jones's home, and become under her spell. She's no witch, but she has healing powers an [...]

    23. This book comprised three short stories. I'm not that into short stories, otherwise I'd have rated it better.The LakeThis one is about a woman who has been having dreams of her past lives. In every life, she loved the same man. She thinks she's going nuts and retreats to her family's lake house for a rest only to find that he's her neighbor.Blue MoonA sheriff in Alabama meets a woman who lives out in the woods whom everyone says is a witch.White OutA widow who owns a series of cabins out in Idah [...]

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