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Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze

Spiderweb for Two A Melendy Maze Four reasons to cheer Meet the Melendys Mona the eldest is thirteen She has decided to become an actress and can recite poetry at the drop of a hat Rush is twelve and a bit mischievous Miranda is te

  • Title: Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze
  • Author: Elizabeth Enright
  • ISBN: 9780805070637
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Four reasons to cheer Meet the Melendys Mona, the eldest, is thirteen She has decided to become an actress and can recite poetry at the drop of a hat Rush is twelve and a bit mischievous Miranda is ten and a half She loves dancing and painting pictures Oliver is the youngest At six, he is a calm and thoughful person They all live with their father, who is a writer,Four reasons to cheer Meet the Melendys Mona, the eldest, is thirteen She has decided to become an actress and can recite poetry at the drop of a hat Rush is twelve and a bit mischievous Miranda is ten and a half She loves dancing and painting pictures Oliver is the youngest At six, he is a calm and thoughful person They all live with their father, who is a writer, and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper, who takes on the many roles of nurse, cook, substitute mother, grandmother, and aunt Elizabeth Enright s Melendy Quartet, which captures the lively adventures of a family as they move from the city to the country, are being published in new editions Each of the books features a foreward and signature black and white interior illustrations by the author Popular artist Tricia Tusa provides irresistible new cover art that will appeal to today s readers.

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      197 Elizabeth Enright
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    1 thought on “Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze

    1. I've loved this author's book Then There Were Five for many years; it's a charming, old-fashioned tale of four siblings who live in a country home, during WWII. One of my GR friends alerted me to this 1951 sequel, which I had never heard of before, but luckily for me my local library had a copy.In this book the three older children have left for boarding school, leaving the two younger siblings, Miranda (Randy) and Oliver, morose. But they soon receive a letter with the first clue in a treasure [...]

    2. I thought Elizabeth Enright could not keep up such good writing and storytelling over four books but I was wrong. This book was really engaging with a mystery to solve with clues and all the usual poetic details of seasonal nature, family dynamics, memories and humour we have grown to love in the Melendy series. Mona, Rush and Mark have gone away to boarding school leaving Randy and oliver behind. Life looks as though it will be dull until clues arrive for a hunt. These clues lead Randy and Oliv [...]

    3. Unlike the rest of the Melendy Quartet, this one's not really about the whole family: summer has ended, the older boys (Rush and Mark, who's an adopted Melendy now) are away at boarding school, and Mona is living in the city, where she's staying with Mrs. Oliphant, a family friend, and going to school and acting in the radio show she's been doing for a few years now. This leaves the youngest kids, Randy and Oliver, at home in the country, and they're a bit apprehensive about how quiet and loneso [...]

    4. Finishing this book made us a little melancholy. We've come to consider the Melendy family old and dear friends. I think each of my kids saw themselves in the four Melendy children, Mona, Rush, Randy and Oliver. Elizabeth Enright really knew how to tell a story. She had such a delightful way of putting things and was so clever and witty, you couldn't help but smile with delight! We enjoyed the whole series immensely, but this book was a great way to end. As the older Melendy children have moved [...]

    5. I've been listening to this gem while working in the garden, and I must say that Enright and gardens are a simply brilliant pairing. Nothing like being eyeball deep in daffodils and hearing Randy explain that flowers in the woods are white, while flowers in the fields are generally yellow. This is perhaps my fourth visit to this book, and I'm still bemused that I dismissed it so thoroughly as a kid, when all the other Enrights were read to tatters. I think it's because of the clue/mystery format [...]

    6. 07/11 I am growing to love this one as much as I love the rest of the Melendy series. Why, I wonder, did I snub it so firmly in my youth? Here's a quote that I adore from this one:"The truth was that the young Melendys were acquiring a taste for old cemeteries. There was something very peaceful, they thought, about the quiet places; the tilted stones patched with lichens, standing in a bee-humming tangle of myrtle and wild asters. It was pleasant to walk between the stones, tracing the half-erod [...]

    7. We keenly feel the absence of the three older siblings in this book, yet it is still one of my favorites of the series. The two youngest have a mysterious scavenger hunt set up for them. It could have easily become a lame plot device but it is cleverly and charmingly executed

    8. This is a book that I loved growing up, and read a number of times. Unfortunately, my copy got destroyed in the Great Christmas Fire of 2002. My parents house caught fire on Christmas Eve, 2002 when a blizzard caused us to lose power and then candle left burning exploded and caused the fire. No one was hurt, and damage was pretty minimal, but one of the few losses was a massive collection of Young Adult books belonging to me, my brother and sister, that were kept in the guest room. My very very [...]

    9. In this final volume of the Melendy quartet the older children are off to boarding school leaving Randy and Oliver behind. The younger children are bored without their lively family until a mysterious note arrives in the mail leaving clues to a scavenger hunt. The hunt not only promises a great reward but brings the sister and brother closer together. This story is not quite as good as the previous three. I figured out who sent the notes and what the outcome would be right away, but I still had [...]

    10. Though this one isn't quite up to the standards of the previous Melendy books, my lukewarm initial reaction quickly warmed up.I adore Oliver and in this book, his personality became even stronger. Though the clues almost got old, the moments of discovery were well worth it.And then the delightful ending made the whole book even better.One of the things I really love about these books is the friendships that develop between the kids and adults they encounter. I adore Oliver's relationship with Mr [...]

    11. The three elder siblings are off to boarding school leaving Randy and Oliver alone at home. But to help the months to summer go by somebody has arranged for a series of clues leading Randy and Oliver to all kinds of locations as they race to solve the puzzle. Final book in the quartet. The focus on Oliver and Randy and their bonding over the course of the year is just wonderful.

    12. I'm sad to say goodbye to the Melendy children. These books are delightful. The children have much love for their family and friends and a wonderful sense of adventure.Read to my children along with my Howard nephews and nieces.

    13. This last book of the Melendy quartet focuses on the two younger siblings, Randy and Oliver. The older three children have left to go to high school. The boys, Rush and Mark, have left home to go to boarding school. Mona, the older sister, is living with Mrs. Oliphant in order to be closer to her job as a young girl in a radio program. Going to school in town will save having commute a couple of days a week. Randy is ready to have the worst winter of her life when she and her younger brother. Ol [...]

    14. I'm a big fan of the Melendys, although this one wasn't quite as fun as the Saturdays or the Four-Story Mistake. Thought I had a copy of the third one, And Then There Were Five, but I couldn't seem to find it and this one surfaced on my bookshelf next, so I'll have to read the third later.Mona and Rush are away at school, along with a new brother Mark. Someone is leaving mysterious clues for Oliver and Randy. (It's not at all hard to guess who's leaving them.) Rush was always my favorite, so it [...]

    15. The "Melendy Family" quartet concludes with this book, in which the two youngest and most misadventure-prone of the Melendy children are left behind at the Four Story Mistake, while elder siblings Mona, Rush, and Mark are going to school in the big city. It seems a shame to break up such a fun group of playmates for an entire school year. Randy and Oliver are having a tough time accepting it, at first. But then, the first of a series of rhyming puzzles arrives in the mail, each clue challenging [...]

    16. This book pleasantly surprised me. I had already read it, and remembered being a bit bored when I was younger. On the contrary, I was not bored at all. I loved the fun and clever hiding spots, and it has inspired me to do something similar for my brothers. The one part that I didn't enjoy as much was the lack of Mona, Rush, and Mark (but that was the whole premise of the plot). This series is absolutely golden!

    17. While I love Randy and Oliver, I do miss Mona, Rush, and Mark. Still, this book is a faithful old brick. All in all, it's a good series that I enjoy(ed) very much.

    18. I loved this series as a child and this may have been my favorite book in the series. The mystery element adds to the story.

    19. Another fun Melendy kids book to read out loud. . We missed the older siblings, I especially love rush and Marc, but Oliver and randy hold their own.

    20. Spiderweb for Two is probably my favorite Melendy book, simply because of the clues. I love treasure hunt books! And Randy and Oliver solve them with just the right mix of sheer dumb luck and skill that makes it seem like an actual, real-life hunt (again, I love Enright’s ability to make everything seem quite realistic). Enright also continues to include characters’ stories, which is what helps make her books so good.One thing I never noticed is that this book was published seven years after [...]

    21. This is the last book in the Melendy Quartet, and it might be my favorite. As it follows Randy and Oliver Melendy on a mysterious scavenger hunt, this book shows well how the dynamics between younger siblings change as the older siblings go off and do their own things. I love watching the relationship between Randy and Oliver blossom as they work together to solve each clue. They each do things on their own, but still hold a strong loyalty to one another. I hope that my children do the same as t [...]

    22. Age: 8 - 12 Reading Level: 3rd - 7th gradesCleanliness:Attitudes/Disobedience - 6 Incidents: Two siblings are grumpy with each other because their other siblings just left for boarding school and they miss them. When a nanny is about to lecture about how kids should be, a girl replies, “Times have changed. We’re products of another era.” Kids tease a boy. Two kids tell a half truth. Disobeying, a boy sneaks out of his bed to talk to his sister in her room. A grandfather tells his grandson [...]

    23. This was such a relaxing summer read, and a perfect respite from conjugating Spanish verbs (summer classes!). I missed Mona and Rush (and Mark), but I suppose the older siblings had to grow up eventually. The scavenger hunt aspect of this story is pretty irresistible.I'm impressed that they figured out some of those clues. I thought they were hard! It's crazy how much freedom these kids had, and apparently no one ever told them to talk to strangers (the lady who lived in that hidden cottage cree [...]

    24. In Spiderweb For Two, the two older Melendy children and Mark (who joined them in the third book in the series), are away at boarding school, leaving the two youngest (Randy and Oliver) to make do on their own. In this book, Randy and Oliver find a clue that leaves them on a treasure hunt going from clue to clue, and a little mischief at every turn. After writing the first three books in the series very quickly, Elizabeth Enright took a long break (about 6 years) before writing this one, which i [...]

    25. The last of the Melendy books and the only one I hadn't read as a child. The first books remain my most beloved books of childhood, read many times. This summer I began reading them all aloud to my own children, and this past weekend we just finished Spiderweb for Two. It was a treat to be reading it for the first right along with them, not knowing what was going to happen.I can't say I adored this as much as the others, primarily because it is focused on just Oliver and Randy. It turns out the [...]

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