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Darkwing As the sun sets on the time of the dinosaurs a new world is left in its wake DuskHe alone can fly and see in the dark in a colony where being different means being shunned or worse As the leader s s

  • Title: Darkwing
  • Author: Kenneth Oppel Keith Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780060850548
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As the sun sets on the time of the dinosaurs, a new world is left in its wake DuskHe alone can fly and see in the dark, in a colony where being different means being shunned or worse As the leader s son, he is protected, but does his future lie among his kin CarnassialHe has the true instincts of a predator, and he is determined that his kind will not only surviveAs the sun sets on the time of the dinosaurs, a new world is left in its wake DuskHe alone can fly and see in the dark, in a colony where being different means being shunned or worse As the leader s son, he is protected, but does his future lie among his kin CarnassialHe has the true instincts of a predator, and he is determined that his kind will not only survive but will dominate the world of beasts.

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    1 thought on “Darkwing

    1. After immersing myself in the Silverwing trilogy, it was neat to take a step back in time with Darkwing and catch a glimpse of the world that came before Shade and Marina. Although Nocturna's and Cama Zotz's names do not appear in the book, the story sets up the big conflicts the bats must deal with in the Silverwing trilogy.It impresses me that Oppel can create unique voices for so many characters, even though the conflicts they must meet are quite similar to those of the characters in other bo [...]

    2. Darkwing was an interesting book. I have never read a book from a bats prospective and i thought it was a good take on the story. I felt this book had a lot of adventure and some sad and happy parts.In this book a bat named Dusk is different,he can fly. Since he was born he wanted to flap his wings instead of glide. He was born with stronger chest and shoulder muscles. He faced banishment from being different. But as the leaders son he was allowed to stay, but the other bats thought he was dange [...]

    3. 4 1/2 stars. I think I liked this one even better than the Silverwing trilogy--I had a really hard time putting it down once I started reading! Parts were sad or violent, but it was always engrossing and the prehistoric setting was really interesting. There were a few things that I didn't like or felt unsettled about, but I thought it was well-written and all the characters felt real. And the suspenseful scenes were quite tense!

    4. I loved this book! It's about what happened after the large dinosaurs disappeared and the other animals started evolving and adapting to the new world. Dusk is not quite like his fellow playmates. His wings are different and he can use them to fly, not just glide from 1 tree to another. He is a new form of chiropter, called a bat. Not everyone in the colony appreciates Dusk's new talents. And when the beasts (felines) come to his colony's home to prey on them, Dusk helps the group escape. He can [...]

    5. It's been a long time since I read the Silverwing trilogy, and Darkwing is a great reminder of why I loved that series so much! It is fast-paced with a lot of action. It had quite a bit more violence and bloodshed than I remember the original trilogy having, but nothing too explicit. I would say it would be more appropriate for a slightly older audience than Silverwing was. This book left me hoping for a sequel, but for now at least, I guess I will have to settle for re-reading the Silverwing tr [...]

    6. I loved Oppel's novel, and in some ways this prequel excelled the writing skill used in the Silverwing trilogy. The characters were perhaps the best-written features. All of them had provocative personalities, giving even the despicable Carnassial somewhat persuasive reasoning for his deeds in some form. Oppel wonderfully draws up a reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs, or saurians, that roamed their world only years before. Intense action, shocking tragedy, deep emotion, and terrifying de [...]

    7. "Darkwing" has become one of my favorite books. I've read it multiple times as a child and I would gladly enjoy reading it again as an adult. This book had an interesting plot about evolving mammals, filled with engrossing, action-filled, and suspenseful moments with well-rounded, believable characters (even though they are all animals). At the same time, there were real-world themes and applications that I noticed once I thoroughly analyzed the book years later. First of all, the discrimination [...]

    8. I am probably different than most in the sense that I never read the Silverwing trilogy (mainly because when I picked this book up, I didn't realize it was part of that series.) So I don't really have any context to relate it to that. However, you don't really need the Silverwing trilogy to enjoy this book. It's a prequel, from what I've read and just kind of show you how the series came about.I loved this book for one massive reason: It taught evolution and history without being ridiculously ob [...]

    9. Dusk, a young chiropter(a pre-evolved species of bats, only capable of gliding) always found himself different, from the day he had learned to glide he always had a desire to fly. Dusk learns to fly eventually and finds out as well that he could see perfectly well in the dark unlike the rest of the chiropters; he keeps his strange talents to himself as he is afraid of being shunned by the rest of his colony. But Dusk is not the only one with a unique desire; Carnassial, the felid(a species of wi [...]

    10. Set millions of years before the rest of the series Now that's a prequel! Still, you can read it as a stand-alone book, and I liked this installment of the series the most and would recommend them before the others.A quick, enjoyable pageturner that finally avoids all the bad points I didn't like in the Silverwing series. While still totally fantasy and aimed at young readers, it left me a lot more satisfied than the other three books. Which are still super cute and recommendable.It is also the [...]

    11. I'm a sucker for a good animal story, and this one is no exception. I particularly liked that it was set in the prehistoric era. A good, rollicking yarn.I did feel the illustrations were somewhat inaccurate though - the chiropters looked way too batlike (I imagine they looked more like colugo) and the felids looked like felines, not martens, and were way more than twice the size of the chiropters (despite being desscribed as twice their size).Makes me want to draw fan-art!

    12. Unforgivably dark and powerful. This is a very lengthy book that hit me to my very core. You do care for the characters. I couldn't put this book this down.

    13. I haven't read all that many oh-my-gosh-look-the-animals-are-talking books. I never felt very interested in that one about the rabbits and the boat or whatever it is. But I read Darkwing, maybe just because I like bats and bats are cool, and I'm really glad I did. Kenneth Oppel's got a knack for creepiness. And you wouldn't necessarily think a book for kids about fuzzy little bats (or do I mean chiropters, I guess?) would be terrifying-- well, you're WRONG! Darkwing is creepy in a weird, vague w [...]

    14. **Spoiler**I read Darkwing by Kenneth Oppel. The beginning of the book is kind of slow, it describes dusk's(bat) first flight and his lifestyle . The first pages are boring but after about 15 pages the book starts at it's exciting plot with a dinosaur bird falling from the sky dead. then the story turns to a different animal named carnassial(felid) he hunts and destroys dinosaur egg's to try and kill off all the dinosaurs'. the book then goes back to dusk where his father(the leader) explains wh [...]

    15. If Don Bluth was still in the movie-making business, I could see him doing a film adaptation of this book. It has all of the ingredients for a creepy/fun/awesome old-school animated film: adorable talking animal protagonists, seriously creepy not-so-adorable animal antagonists, family issues, identity issues, some surprisingly violent character deaths (view spoiler)[(that scene with the soricids was particularly gruesome, yeesh) (hide spoiler)], and the all-consuming quest for a safe place to ca [...]

    16. How I Came To Read This Book: The nice people at Harper Collins sent it to me as part of their First Look program.The Story: Dusk and his family of chiropters are rocking it out in the last days of the dinosaurs - but Dusk isn't quite like his furry-winged, flightless (but glideable) family members. He has the ability to actually flap his wings and fly, as well as the ability to 'read' echoes much like saya bat? Dusk is continually ostracized by his clan, even in the trying times ahead when the [...]

    17. I have read 6 books by Kenneth Oppel and they were all very good. So needless to say I had some lofty expectations for this book.I kind of expected this book to be a direct sequel to Sunwing (the third book in the series that was began by Silverwing), but rather it is a prequel to the series and takes place in prehistoric times. It features two main characters, Dusk and Carnassial. Both represent advances in evolution (Dusk is the first flying mammal and Carnassial is the first carnivorous mamma [...]

    18. Me gustó mucho más de lo que esperé. Mejor que Silverwing, que ya de por sí me encantó. Ahora amo mucho más a los murciélagos.

    19. When I was in elementary school a fair number of years ago, the Silverwing series was in the height of its popularity and really new. Let me tell youI absolutely LOVED that series. I'm now 23 and still have the copies I bought back then and the two books that I got signed by Oppel when he came to my school's library are my pride and joy! Every chance I get I tell people to read the series, regardless of their age. What does this have to do with reviewing Darkwing? Well, having such an attachment [...]

    20. The book,"Darkwing" by Kenneth Oppel talks about the early life of bats 65 million years ago. The story talks about a chiropter named "Dusk" who was different from his colony. He had stronger chest and shoulder from the rest but had weak legs.Most chiropters were gliding but Dusk flew.The world is changing when the last of the saurian eggs were destroy. A field named "Carnassial" becomes a meat-eater, he begins hunting other beasts. When he and fellow fields find Dusk and his colony,the massacre [...]

    21. Nachtflügel erzählt die Vorgeschichte der Fledermaus-Trilogie von Kenneth Oppell. Der Roman spielt zu der Zeit, als die letzten Saurier aussterben und neue Spezies entstehen, um die Erde zu bevölkern. Erzählt wird diese Entwicklung aus dem Blickwinkel von Dämmer, einer der ersten Fledermäuse, die aus der Rasse der Chiropter hervorgegangen ist. Dämmer ist anders als alle Artgenossen seiner Kolonie und wird von dem meisten deshalb misstrauisch beobachtet oder gar als Missgeburt bezeichnet.D [...]

    22. Darkwing has definitely stayed one of my favorite books ever since I read it years ago when I was around 10 or 11. The fantastical prehistoric world that Kenneth Opal weaves sucked me in and kept me captivated until the final page. I'm sure you've already read the description of the book so I won't waste time repeating, and I'll avoid spoilers as well. Something I really loved about this tale was how two separate stories were being told and slowly woven together. I love when a book adds new pers [...]

    23. Darkwing takes place thousands of years ago. The main caracters are a chiropter named dusk and a felid named carnassil. Chiropters are like bats but they can't fly so they have to fly they also can't see in the dark so they hunt during the day. Felids are a cat like animale that eat bugs and roots but in both thease species there are members that are diferent, the first caracter to enter the story is dusk. Dusk looks diferent than all the other chiropters, he has no hair on his wings and he's mi [...]

    24. I read this to my 10yo, and she was okay with it, especially once we got about five chapters in and she began to care for the characters more. It's a YA story of prehistoric bat-like creatures and their struggles to survive. Main character isn't like the others, has more "modern" (to the reader) bat features like echolocation and the ability to truly fly rather than just glide like the others. At first he's an outcast, but as the colony is plagued by some cat-like creatures, his abilities allow [...]

    25. Title: DarkwingAuthor: Kenneth OppelISBN: 978-0-06-085054-8Earth, several million years ago, the reign of the dinosaurs are ending, the rise of mammals has begun. Our main character, Dusk, is among an early bat-like species called Chiropters. These Chiropters cannot fly, by can glide with their wings. Dusk is different, so different he is driven out of the colony that his father is the leader of. In "Darkwing," Dusk is a Chiropter that has an unique ability that no other of his kind has, the abi [...]

    26. I dislike being tricked into reading a book, which is effectively what occurred with Darkwing. It is often tagged as being part of Kenneth Oppel's Silverwing trilogy, but aside from dealing with bats, or in this case, their evolutionary beginnings, this book has no relation to those books. That said, this book feels stylistically in line with the trilogy. Perhaps that is simply Kenneth Oppel's writing style, I'll get a better sense when I get around to reading his steampunk trilogy. But our prot [...]

    27. I really liked Airborn by Kenneth Oppel and had high hopes for this book and it did not disappoint. It got 3 starred reviews in the reviewing world, which is a good sign. Mr. Oppel is obviously intrigued by things that fly. In this case, it is a predecessor to our bats, called chiropters that lived in trees 65 million years ago. I have to admit that a story that has a bat as the main character caught my attention. Dusk, one of the chiropters, is an evolved creature who can fly and see in the dar [...]

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