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Let the Dog Drive

Let the Dog Drive It s Bud Salem years old is fleeing his mother s TV church and meets a woman pitching oranges in the Mojave She s Sylvia Cushman a year old housewife who loves driving alone through the

  • Title: Let the Dog Drive
  • Author: David Bowman
  • ISBN: 9780140237245
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s 1976 Bud Salem, 18 years old, is fleeing his mother s TV church and meets a woman pitching oranges in the Mojave She s Sylvia Cushman, a 45 year old housewife, who loves driving alone through the desert They traverse through western motels and Apache gas stations where Sylvia gives long lectures about Emily Dickinson and drags Bud up into the mesas to search for peIt s 1976 Bud Salem, 18 years old, is fleeing his mother s TV church and meets a woman pitching oranges in the Mojave She s Sylvia Cushman, a 45 year old housewife, who loves driving alone through the desert They traverse through western motels and Apache gas stations where Sylvia gives long lectures about Emily Dickinson and drags Bud up into the mesas to search for petroglyphs After continuing adventures in Detroit, New York, and Amherst, the travelers part In many ways Let the Dog Drive is an askew detective novel when a character dies under strange circumstances in Texas, Bud goes to the Panhandle to uncover what happened His strange narration does contain pleasures of the genre a shootout inside an aquarium a faked death another shootout on a chicken farm in Texas But Let the Dog Drive is also a freewheeling merging of many other genres and concerns Hollywood, hardboiled novels of the 1930 s, Emily Dickinson s white dress, hallucinatory cacti, the Book of Luke And dogs Sylvia is married to an auto engineer in Detroit, and this man studies auto accidents by letting dogs drive the cars Literally The drivers are often Dalmatians

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    • Best Read [David Bowman] ✓ Let the Dog Drive || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ☆
      485 David Bowman
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      Posted by:David Bowman
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    1 thought on “Let the Dog Drive

    1. This book has perhaps the strangest last couple of chapters of any book I've ever read. It starts out so normal--boy meets Emily Dickinson-obsessed woman twice his age throwing oranges while hitchiking through the California desert--but after getting a bit bogged down in the middle, it just gets really weird. So weird that the narrator warns readers at the start of the penultimante chapter that they are about to descend into "the black stomach" of the bookDavid Bowman is one seriously kick-ass w [...]

    2. I picked up this book for two reasons: the title, and because it made the New York Times Notable Book list. Besides, I always like a good love story, even May December (or maybe May-September) ones. It had moments of interest, and some of those chuckle out loud ones But my overall impression was that it was a little forces -- the author was trying too hard to be clever or offbeat. It just didn't work for me. That's not to say the writing wasn't good, just seemed a tad forced. I think this is a " [...]

    3. Thank goodness for Now I know others have read this book and been left feeling something like I was confused, angry, sad. While I desperately wanted to talk to someone about it, I didn't want to share the disturbing imagery or the rather fantastic writing style in which he described those images. I can't quite say what this book was about about. I can say that my life would not be less if I had not read it. It was disjointed and seemingly random in a ridiculously absurd way. Ultimately, the s [...]

    4. Sigh. I think the only reason I finished this book is because although I didn't really like it, I was never bored! There were a few parts (maybe the equivalent of 5-10 pages) where I thought the author used some cool symbolism or made really intelligent points or had a really interesting and intellectual twist, but most of the time I kept asking myself why I was still reading it. I think the answer was that I was curious to know the point. To each his own I guess

    5. For about 120 pages or so, I thought this was going to become an all-time favorite. Funny, hallucinatory, fast-paced, and vivid -- and Sylvia is one of the most memorable characters I've read recently. Then it goes off the rails, collapses under the weight of its own cleverness and tries to do way too much.

    6. I picked this up randomly for free and wow! Amazing literature and story. One of my favorite books, it's stuck with me. So many literary references and puzzles mixed with a quirky and deeply moving story of two peoples lives.

    7. A clever book - don't know whether it was meant to be so. There just wasn't anything there I could connect with.

    8. Very odd, but compelling for the first half of the book relating the non-traditional relationship of a middle aged mother and a teenage hitch hiker. But as soon as one of the characters dies midway, the novel devolves into noire fiction replete with non-sequiters, unexplained coincidences and attempts to squeeze meaning via metaphor out of a nonsensical plot.

    9. I bought this book in 2002 because it won a prize for best first novel in 1992. It then sat on my bookshelf for another 11 years so in a way it probably isn't surprising that this seemed like an item from a literary fiction time capsule. It had many cultural references that made me think "oh, I haven't thought of that in years" and "few people born after 1960 would recognize that reference". It was a weird return to the 1990s perspective of being 18 in 1976 told in a mash-up of the great story-t [...]

    10. A very weird (often just for the sake of being so), post-modern, semi-detective story, novel within a novel. Mostly of value for its often humorous images and metaphors rather than for its plot, which meanders far too much to be worth following.

    11. This book was many things: dark, disjointed, graphic, and disturbing. But it was also very tender at times and had an extremely colorful cast of characters. I burned through this book in less than 24 hours. It left me feeling uneasy and sad, but I loved the style and pace of the book.

    12. Well. I really don't know what to say about this book. It's surreal, freaky, and I can't even decide if I even liked it. I will leave it unrated. Well-written but has unresolved plot elements, and definitely too weird for my tastes.

    13. Had to put this one down. Pun unfortunately intended. Had some flashes of linguistic brilliance, but I could not give one crap about its characters or where it was going.

    14. I gave this 3 stars because it was so bizarre I didn't know what to make of it and figured I'd split the difference. Weird book.

    15. I wanted to like this book more, but I didn't. It is madcap and perhaps overly allusive. There is some great writing -- vivid scenes, sharp sentences -- but ultimately it didn't hold together.

    16. Great great book, something about being in the desert and running across a lady throwing oranges at roadsigns. the middle of nowhere, reminds me of my wife.

    17. uneven, but with bits of brilliance. definitely plenty of absurd humor. the book takes a decidedly unexpected and darker turn towards the end.

    18. More like a 2.5 but it is definitely imaginative. A bit too tangential, though, and the characters are tough to connect with.

    19. This book is a romp. Not deep literature, but a helluva read. Sylvia reminds me of Maude from Harold and Maude, so if that strikes the right note, check it out.

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