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Calm and Compassionate Children: A Handbook

Calm and Compassionate Children A Handbook Building on such inherent qualities as openheartedness and trust parents and teachers can help children develop empathy and integrity as they grow and mature From nature activities to conscious quiet

  • Title: Calm and Compassionate Children: A Handbook
  • Author: Susan Usha Dermond
  • ISBN: 9781587612763
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Building on such inherent qualities as openheartedness and trust, parents and teachers can help children develop empathy and integrity as they grow and mature From nature activities to conscious quiet time to tips on daily routines, CALM AND COMPASSIONATE CHILDREN provides practical guidance to help grown ups model behavior and suggests dozens of activities to foster chilBuilding on such inherent qualities as openheartedness and trust, parents and teachers can help children develop empathy and integrity as they grow and mature From nature activities to conscious quiet time to tips on daily routines, CALM AND COMPASSIONATE CHILDREN provides practical guidance to help grown ups model behavior and suggests dozens of activities to foster children s joy, wonder, kindness, and love A parents and teachers guide to developing children s concentration, self discipline, and compassion, as well as heartfelt qualities like openness and enthusiasm.Includes than 90 techniques and exercises drawn from the author s experiences as a teacher and director of the Living Wisdom School, a nonprofit elementary school that emphasizes nonsectarian spiritual principles and practical skills for living.Recommends books, music, games, and other resources to help grown ups nurture calm and compassionate kids.

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      407 Susan Usha Dermond
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    1 thought on “Calm and Compassionate Children: A Handbook

    1. I hate reviewing parenting books because the results of applying any philosophy of parenting are always a bit iffy even when the kids seem to be good. When will we know if the ideas in this book worked? When my kids are dead, if some brilliant person (with access to the archived internet of 2009) biographizes them. And who wants to think about the likelihood of seeing that day? Not me.So I'll have to review this against all the other books like it.The author is respectful of and awed not just by [...]

    2. It took me a loooong time to finish this one but I am glad that I did! The book turned out to be insightful and I sense that it will be helpful to me/my children for several yearsNS:- a little new-agey, but her suggestions are easy enough to adapt to Catholic spirituality and it is to the author's credit that she included Christian prayer and thought in her book- seemed a bit dated, can it be that a book published in 2007 seems dated? We live in a rapidly changing world!- the challenges and solu [...]

    3. i count this as one of the three or four books that i turn to for perspective in parenting. a few of my favorite chapters include*concentrating to calmness*in silence we know ourselves*nature awakens feeling*music to sootheour home-life is better for this book name a few!!

    4. This book has some really helpful suggestions. Nothing amazing, but helpful. My two favorites were the suggestion of developing routines/rituals (Dermond gave more detail on how to do this than other books I've seen) and the image of an eternal stream of love and as parents, when we're angry, we need only dip into this stream to offer this love to our children (or ourselves or our partners). It helps me when I'm angry to not feel like I have to come up with the loving feelings on my own, that th [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be very helpful with my children. I have noticed how easily my girls pick up on my anxieties and frustration, and I want to model dealing with emotions positively. I was happy to randomly stumble on this book in the library. Everything about it is calming--the tone, the suggestions, the quotes, the examples. It doesn't make me feel guilty or inadequate, but instead gives a lot of clear and thoughtful advice. I copied all the "Practical Advice" sections [...]

    6. I wasn't sure what to think about a book like this when I read the title. I found myself wondering whether the author would blatantly tell us how to raise our child or tell us that we have parenting all wrong. It wasn't like that. After reading it, I think my husband and I are doing a great job! The author tells you stories about how small techniques and changes can help a child become more peaceful, mindful of others and one with nature and family. There are activities that families can do with [...]

    7. The best parenting book I have ever read, and I've read tons. Most parenting books tend toward generalizations that we all already knew and allow for little adaptation to different the temperaments of child and parents. What I loved about this book is that it has really concrete activities and ideas to work into your life that dramatically shift the energy of yourself and your child. It's great for children of all ages, teachers, and anyone who is regularly in contact with youth.Oh and did I men [...]

    8. A good resource. Each chapter is centered around a theme and the reader is encouraged to dive in wherever seems most interesting. Lots of good, practical ideas and nice stories and illustrations. I may need to buy this book so I have it to dive into whenever I am in the mood to be a better parent.

    9. Our children are actually good, innately kind little beings. Who knew? But when you start following these loose tips, magical things do tend to happen. I'm due to re-read soon.

    10. A great book for parents or teachers wanting to bring a calm, holistic atmosphere to their children. With practical, easy-to-follow instructions, this book gives a lot of ideas of things to change in the daily lives of our kids to help calm tantrums, and out-of-control emotions. I've marked up my copy quite a bit and will likely refer to it often.

    11. Dermond, director of the Living Wisdom School in Oregon, encourages readers to soothe the long-term effects of overexcitement and agitation plaguing children by creating calming environments, exploring nature and music, reading aloud, and modeling nurturing behavior. Lacking these, children "may not develop the emotional reserves to give much compassion to others." While only the most determined readers will, for example, spray frenzied children with calming, lilac-scented water, most will be ab [...]

    12. Well I enjoyed the possibilities that this book presented of encouraging children to become more in touch with their 'calm and compassionate' natures.Perhaps it is more feasible to foster these traits in children within the private school setting that Usha Desmond is used to working in. I must admit that it seems more like a lovely dream and a far stretch in the public school environment.It is difficult for me to imagine being able to create a gently loving, positive and peaceful environment wi [...]

    13. A disappointment. There is in this book some useful information, but it is swamped by multicultural relativistic nonsense. Invent rituals and traditions! Borrow from any and all various traditions to create your own hodgepodge (without any of the underlying foundations that give these things meaning). You end up with a caricature of "spirituality" that is entirely superficial. Heaven forbid that you would deal with real traditions and real rituals that are tightly interwoven into actual religion [...]

    14. This book, I think, will have trouble finding its way into the hands that need it most. Those who pick up this book are likely already inclined to raise calm and compassionate children and won't find many surprises within its pages. Those that could use a dose of its wisdom are unlikely to pick it up in the first place. One of the best features of this book are the activity lists at the end of each chapter that give the reader specific ways to implement the author's guidelines. Like many books o [...]

    15. I've picked this up before. I thought it was time I really read it. It's beside by bed. It's getting a bit of time each night from me. I think my children have a pretty calm and compassionate life. I think I'm the one who needs help to remember to give that life to them. There are definitely some things I disagree with in this book (as a Christian). So, if you are really conservative you might choose to put this book down. Other than that I love the suggestions. I love the stories and personal i [...]

    16. I loved this book, I think the world today is just killing the calm and the compassion in our lives, and this book has many wonderful ideas of how to bring that back to our children. I really wish I had taken notes as I read this, I will the next time I read it. Each section ends with several practical ideas of how to practice what was just discussed. I know with my kids I hope to have more time in nature, more quiet time to notice things, more opportunities to show compassion, less screen time, [...]

    17. I gathered some insight from this book. A very easy read. Some things were just nice reminders, others very insightful ideas. I especially liked the chapters on rituals. The activity lists at the end of each chapter are helpful with actual examples of how to implement the authors ideas.I felt that this book promoted their school a bit too much - I felt like it was almost the handbook / pamphlet for school promotion.

    18. I really like this as a guide and reference, especially for the "Practical Steps" at the end of each chapter. I hope to refer back to the practical ideas again and again as they become more apropos to our family's stages.I recommend it to those who think they will like it based on the blurb. They probably will.

    19. Granted I only made it halfway through, but this didn't particularly impress me. There were practical suggestions, which is nice, though nothing really jumped out as something we aren't doing/haven't tried/would be interested in trying. I was frankly just bored of reading it and even with another library renewal couldn't get through it.

    20. There's nothing terrible about this book, it's just that there's nothing particularly new or provocative in it. Tips include stuff like "play calming music," "be selctive about your child's friends" and "avoid violent video games and overly emotionally intense movies." Kind of bland, wouldn't you say?

    21. What a great book! Full of practical ideas for slowing down and enjoying life. It reminded me of activities I used to do when with my children when they were young and how to implement them now that they are older. Simple suggestions for helping children cope and avoid the media and negative peer influences.

    22. I love this book. A wonderful read for any parent who wishes for their children to slow down and think about others, especially in a world that encourages following one's own whims without a though of how they affect another. It's and easy read with lots of wonderful ideas.

    23. Easy to pick up where you left off or skip around to whatever chapter is applicable at the time. Filled with lovely ideas (though some more nice to imagine than really practical), and many new tools found within the practical advice at each chapter's end.

    24. Very good book on connecting with your children. I wish it was more from the Christian point of view, but I still found the concepts and ideas extremely helpful. It also gets a bonus because it paints homeschooling in a positive light.

    25. Validating but also inspiring. I'm re-energized to work with my Defiant One and know the Mild One will benefit as well.

    26. One of the best books I have read of ways to help our children become the best they can be. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves children!

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