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O Mistério de Sittaford

O Mist rio de Sittaford Numa casa de campo isolada seis pessoas preparam se para uma sess o de espiritismo volta da mesa a tens o aumenta quando os apelos s o atendidos e os esp ritos se fazem ouvir atrav s de uma mensagem

  • Title: O Mistério de Sittaford
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9789724141411
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Numa casa de campo isolada, seis pessoas preparam se para uma sess o de espiritismo volta da mesa, a tens o aumenta quando os apelos s o atendidos e os esp ritos se fazem ouvir atrav s de uma mensagem arrepiante O capit o Trevelyan morto crime Ter isto sido fruto de magia negra ou poder n o ter passado de uma piada macabra A nica forma de esclarecer a situNuma casa de campo isolada, seis pessoas preparam se para uma sess o de espiritismo volta da mesa, a tens o aumenta quando os apelos s o atendidos e os esp ritos se fazem ouvir atrav s de uma mensagem arrepiante O capit o Trevelyan morto crime Ter isto sido fruto de magia negra ou poder n o ter passado de uma piada macabra A nica forma de esclarecer a situa o localizar o visado Infelizmente, Trevelyan mora a alguns quil metros de dist ncia Com a neve a bloquear as estradas, algu m ter de enfrentar o temporal e a escurid o da noite, e fazer o percurso a p Para encontrar Trevelyan assassinado.

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      302 Agatha Christie
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    1 thought on “O Mistério de Sittaford

    1. Just for maximum confusion, many of Christie's novels have different titles in the British vs. American editions. What I actually read was entitled Murder at Hazelmoor, but it is aka The Sittaford Mystery. Whatever one calls it, this novel typifies why Dame Agatha is the Mystery Goddess to me. I love many of her contemporaries--Sayers, Marsh, Tay, Wentworth, and esp. Rinehart--but it is rare for them to stump me. I've just been at this game too long; I usually have the solution figured out by th [...]

    2. A pretty entertaining mystery, although a little excessive as to coincidences and red herrings. The human element would have been stronger if we had ever met Jim -- or would it? Maybe he would have proven to be just as wimpy and dull as he sounded second-hand.

    3. I am really enjoying Agatha Christie novels! I like the way she has a sly laugh at crime detection. I like the way she includes red herrings. I like the way I can’t work out the culprit, dammit! I even like the 1920s language, and laughing at the cultural norms of the time and wondering what on earth Christie would make of life in 2017.

    4. Major Burnaby who has gone to visit with his neighbours the Willets finds himself participating in “tableturning” but after a harmless bit of fun, the “spirits” inform them that Captain Tevelyan has been murdered. Navy Captain Joe Trevelyan had retired to the small village of Sittaford in Dartmoor where he built six houses, one of which he occupied himself, and the rest sold to others, among them Major Burnaby his closest friend. The Captain’s only flaws seem reclusiveness and a fondne [...]

    5. Agatha Christie does it again.No Marple or Poirot in this one. Instead, Emily Trefusis is our plucky heroine. Christie adores creating a smart, attractive, sharp female character. Emily is determined to get her fiancée, James Pearson, out of jail. He's accused of murder - but Emily knows there's no way he could have done it. "Jim is a frightful idiot. But he doesn't murder people.”Once again, Christie's wit and humor blow me away. She is such a funny writer! I would almost classify her books [...]

    6. People don't generally move from somewhere warm in winter to somewhere wintry. But two of the characters in this story do, to everyone's puzzlement. But they're not even the most interesting characters in this mystery. That honour goes to Emily Trefusis who, after Captain Trevelyan is murdered and her fiancé is charged, embarks on her own investigation of all the potential suspects, roping in a reporter and using her wits, intelligence and lots of logic. This isn't a Marple or Poirot story, and [...]

    7. “People don't do things without a reason.”Another entertaining read. No Poirot or Marple in sight, which always means that you have no idea where the narration is going to go. I rather enjoyed following smart and manipulative Miss Emily, sleuthing to prove the innocence of her Fiancé, who yes, looked rather insipid. One ‘thing’ at the beginning gave me a clue that reduced the pool of suspects. Still, it is always fascinating to see what all that colourful cast had to say and more import [...]

    8. A very enjoyable read, like all Agatha Christie, and with some wonderful characters, although I think my reading was slightly marred by having seen a (very different) television adaptation of the story first.

    9. "Major Burnaby drew on his gum boots, buttoned his overcoat collar round his neck, took from a shelf near the door a hurricane lantern, and cautiously opened the front door of his little bungalow and peered out."I love this opening paragraph. It sets the scene for one of my favourite cozy mysteries: A small village near Dartmoor - you know, the misty remote parts of Baskerville fame.Some of the villagers have are gathering for tea and enjoy a game of table-turning, adding a supernatural edge to [...]

    10. THE SITTAFORD MYSTERY made it onto my list, 5 Snowy Literary Escapes from this Summer of Climate Change Horror tinyurl/h6ca8ca You'll get mental frostbite reading this one, but it's better than the heat! #BeachReads

    11. 3.5Un buon giallo, con le atmosfere invernali che avvolgono un paesino sperduto nella brughiera inglese. Sedute spiritiche e gente sospetta, una ragazza investigatrice e un mucchio di pettegolezzi. Un romanzo che non ha risposto appieno alle mie aspettative. Soprattutto per quanto riguarda il finale.

    12. During a freak snowstorm, guests at a country house amuse themselves by conducting an impromptu seance. What starts as an innocent game of table-turning, turns genuinely sinister when the spirits spell out that the house's absent owner, Captain Trevelyan, is not only dead, but that he has just been murdered. Hours later the Captain's body is discovered in a neighboring village, slain just as the "spirits" predicted. So begins Agatha Christie's novel The Sittaford Mystery (published 1931), but pe [...]

    13. I actually guessed the killer right! Ah, how wonderful it is to follow your gut right from the start and not let go even as she started throwing in little hints to who else it could be. Overall, this wasn't too thrilling of a mystery since I followed my gut the whole time and didn't sway with it. Usually, I just go along with mysteries and don't bother trying to formulate too many ideas. Most of my ideas are flexible in mysteries. This is one of the few I've actually gotten right, another notabl [...]

    14. Vintage Christie. However, I found it hard to keep all the characters straight in my head and I'm not sure I completely understood who a few of them were, and next I found the reason for the murder pretty lame. Also, the whole murder episode had a pretty unbelievable element in there, too.This novel didn't not have Miss Marple or Poirot but a different, and never again used, Inspector. While he was present in the story, he seemed to do very little in solving the case.On an aside note, I read thi [...]

    15. Un giallo discreto, tipico della Christie. Bella l'ambientazione del paesino sperduto nella brughiera innevata, abitato da personcine niente male, che hanno fatto, e fanno, del pettegolezzo la loro ragion d'essere.Non mancano però gli "estranei": una ragazza investigatrice (un po' supponente a dire il vero) caparbia e decisa a trovare la verità, e un giornalista che per puro caso è sul posto.Tutto ha origine da una seduta spiritica, fatta tanto per ingannare il tempo, in casa di due donne att [...]

    16. In a small village called Sittaford, most of the residents meet at a house to have a nice evening together. It's winter and heavy snow is falling. The people decide to play a game: table turning. In this game a murder is being announced. And in fact someone dies, outside of the village, but a resident of Sittaford. At first it appears the culprit is quickly found but a fierce young lady, Emily, starts investigating with a little help from everyone. Short paragraph about the plot. I do love Agath [...]

    17. I really like Agatha Christie and i believe that she is maybe the best writer for this kind of fictional stories. This book is one of her early works most probably ( around 1920s?), it is a rather long book for its kind: too much blah blah, until the last pages you cant imagine who is the killer of course but the reasoning of the whole plot at the end isnt believable for me. It is a good story for relaxing but i was waiting for something better.

    18. Re-reading Agatha Christie in order of publication This was an extremely pleasant, if not compelling, book. A classic cozy book. I wasn’t crazy about the seance idea, but it served a purpose in the plot and wasn’t overly emphasized. I fell in love with the characters of Major Burnaby and Emily Trefusis. I didn’t mind the absence of Christie’s famous characters like Poirot or Miss Maple. I also loved how small and isolated the town of Sittaford was. I wish there were additional books with [...]

    19. There is something very appealing about murder mysteries set in remote English villages under heavy snow. It is more than the Christmas card prettiness and the excuse for roaring fires. There is an expectation that something interesting will happen, like the murder of a rich old Scrooge.The Sittaford Mystery is an absolute Agatha Christie classic. It has an interesting mix of characters, young and old, plenty of red herrings, and a clever riddle at its heart. The surprising item here is the youn [...]

    20. I finished this Agatha book this morning and I really enjoyed it. As per usual, I had NO idea who the murderer was and was totally surprised by the twist at the end. This was definitely more of a character drive story than one of action. All the characters seemed to be sizing up the others and spent lots of time gossiping about each other.However, without my favs Miss Marple or Poirot this wasn't one of my favorite ACs. I give it 3.5 stars, but round up because this is the queen and she deserves [...]

    21. When the remote village of Sittaford gets snowed in, the residents set up an ouija board. It is then that they get a message claiming Captain Trevalyan is dead. Major Burnaby, who has never missed a Thursday chess session with his friend in several years before this evening, gets creeped out, and decides to go check on the Captain. When he arrives there, the man is dead. Who murdered him? Why was he killed?Inspector Narracott investigates the case as does the fiancee of the man who ends up in pr [...]

    22. 1931, apa MURDER AT HAZELMOOR; Miss Emily Trefussis, Charles Enderby, reporter, and Inspector Narracott, the little town of Sittaford, near Dartmoor Prison. Cranky (but wealthy) Captain Trevelyan is murdered during a snowstorm and while many suspects have motive, they didn't have the opportunity Four stars.During a snowstorm Major Barnaby becomes worried about his best friend, Captain Trevelyan, who has just recently relocated to a small cottage about six miles away. They're both quite elderly n [...]

    23. This is the third Agatha Christie novel I read. What I love about it and what makes it special to me is that when I started reading it I wasn’t in a good place as a reader, and it just made love reading again so I guess it came in the right place at the right time. It actually caught my attention very early on; I was hooked in the first chapter, which is too early for me because I usually start appreciating a book after at least 2 chapters. It really flew by quickly. I guess this is the Agatha [...]

    24. I've read enough books that I should have been able to figure out the murderer. But I'm glad I switched off my brain a little and enjoyed the suprise when it came. My favourite thing about this book - like most Agatha Christie books I adore - wasn't themystery, though. It was the characters. Or more specifically the character if Emily Trefusis who is now second only to Anne Beddingford of the Man in the Brown Suit fame, as my favourite Agatha Christie hero. "Oh! my God," said Jim Pearson. "Can n [...]

    25. Agatha Christie books are like delicious little snacks. Most of them aren't particularly long, they're incredibly easy to read, and they always leave you feeling satisfied. I think that might be why I love her writing so much. The stories are just convoluted enough that you're surprised by the ending, but not enough that it's completely unbelievable.I get the feeling that I read this story in a short story format, because a lot of the plot seemed very familiar. It's a testament to how interestin [...]

    26. Is there anything better than Agatha Christie for summer reading? No. No there is not.And the thing that's amazing about Agatha Christie novels - and this will sound so contrived - but it's seriously the last person you'd suspect. It gets me everytime! And I love that. I'll even try to suspect who I think is an innocent, and I still get it wrong.I liked this story because it had a plucky heroine who was doing most of the deducing. And the inscription in the front of the book was awesome: "To M.E [...]

    27. One of the most delightful Agatha Christie's I've read. It's fresh and peppy with all of the intriguing Christie twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. And a girl detective a la Nancy Drew!

    28. I didn't like this mystery as much as I like her others. There were a lot of loose ends, or red herrings, I guess which threw me off, which obviously was the point in including them in the story. I suppose I'm used to stories where everything that is written is written because it's important, but no, not Agatha! Kudos to her. The motivation of the killer also seemed weak. However, I loved the character of Emily Trefusis as the main sleuth. She was smart, interesting, and clever. I wish I could g [...]

    29. Ah, les charmes de la campagne anglaise enneigée ! Qui pourrait croire que derrière la carte postale, se cache un tueur ? A la faveur d'une partie de table tournante un soir de neige, un crime est annoncé et si aucun des participants ne veut croire à la possible mort du capitaine Trevelyan, son ami, le major Burnaby prend la route et découvre son cadavre Un seul indice, il est mort aux alentours de 5h25 .Dans cette enquête, le lecteur suit les indices et les personnages, les alibis de cha [...]

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