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The Man from the Other Side

The Man from the Other Side The true story of a teenager s experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II as he discovers his own heritage and finds himself caught up in the war through underground dealings

  • Title: The Man from the Other Side
  • Author: Uri Orlev Hillel Halkin
  • ISBN: 9780395538081
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The true story of a teenager s experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, as he discovers his own heritage and finds himself caught up in the war through underground dealings.

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      196 Uri Orlev Hillel Halkin
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    1 thought on “The Man from the Other Side

    1. Step into the sewers of Poland where you will meet 14 year old Marek and his step father as they climb into a man hole and trudge through the underground pipes to bring food and munitions to Jewish prisoners in the Warsaw Ghetto.Step into the life of Marek where you find a young man who accompanies his father in helping malnourished Jews -- not for the sake of resisting the Germans -- but for the love of the money provided.Step into the Catholic church with Marek and his family as they pray ever [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book because it showed a how people during the time of the Jewish persecution felt. It really went in depth on showing how the Jews felt and what they were thinking during this time period. It also had many important life lessons and lots of symbolic topics.The main character is Marek and he has an interesting heritage. His mother was a catholic, but his father was a Jew and a communist. Even though his father was those things he still respects his father because his mother [...]

    3. The Man on the Other Side was a very interesting story. It put a good picture in my head of how the smuggling worked during the holocaust. I would recommend this story to those interested in WWII

    4. The Man from the Other Side 0-395-53808-4Uri Orieve 8 stars out of 10$13.95 1989 copyrightThe Domino Press 186 pages For middle school to high schoolMarek is just like any other Polish boy in Warsaw, 1942 during World War II. That is, of course, until his stepfather, Antony asks him into his underground business smuggling guns and food to the Jewish people in the ghetto. Later on when Mareks mother finds out that he stole money from a Jew, he was very upset and embarrassed with himself. When he [...]

    5. The Man from the other side is about a fourteen year old boy who is helping his dad smuggle food and guns into the ghettos through the sewage pipes. The problem is that this boy finds a jew on the run and decides to help him get back into the ghetto to help his people fight. This is taking place near the end of world war two. This story would not have made sense to have it in another time period. It took place in Germany near a ghetto in a small town and in the ghetto. The good guy or protagonis [...]

    6. Do you ever wonder what life was like during World War II. Well, for the main character in this book, Marek his life was rough. He had to go through thick and thin to get where he is today. I enjoyed this book, and if you read it, which you should, you'll enjoy it just as much, if not more. The setting of this book takes place during World War II, in Warsaw Poland. The characters in this book are, Marke's mom, his stepdad, Wacek and Janek. Wacek and Janek were the antagonists in this book, becau [...]

    7. Uri Orlev always does a great job explaining the detail and emotion in his books. The book I like the most of his is The Man from the Other Side. Uri Orlev did a great job at making me feel like it was right in front of me. When i read The Man from the Other Side i felt like i was inside the book.When he explains the Germans attacking the ghetto he really points out the fact that everyone is surprised the Jews are fighting back. When Marek gets to go down in the sewers with Antony, his stepfathe [...]

    8. The Man from the Other SideUri OrlevPuffin Books, January 1995, 192 pagesMulticultural, Holocaust0140370889Marek is a devout 13-year-old Catholic in anti-Semitic society who comes to champion the Jews walled in near his home. With stepfather Antony, Marek knows the ghetto having traveled through sewers, taking food to sell at high prices, often returning with a baby to hide with nuns. Marek is casually anti-Semitic until he robs a Jewish escapee and is caught by his mother, who reveals his own h [...]

    9. gr 9+ 186pgsWWII, Warsaw, Poland. 14 year old Marek witnesses the harsh living conditions the Jewish people living in the Warsaw ghetto are forced to endure when he and his stepfather sneak in to sell smuggled goods. But Marek and most of the characters have a complete lack of empathy for the Polish Jews, even the ones who are helping Jewish people hide. Marek only gets involved with helping Jozek, a Polish Jew, hide because his mother is upset that Marek stole money and a note that would've hel [...]

    10. Featuring a boy named Marek/Marian from Poland, this book gives a chilling picture of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising from both the inside and the outside. Marek is not Jewish and lives with his mother and anti-Semitic step-father believing that there are too many Jews in Poland. However, when he starts smuggling food into the ghetto with his step-father, his views begin to change.The story helps to understand what it would have been like from the perspective of outsiders. So much Holocaust literatur [...]

    11. This is the story of a young boy named Marek. He is living during the Second World War in a polish neighborhood. One day when he gets old enough, he helps his dad deliver supplies to the neighboring Jewish neighborhood. Doing so more and more, he learns more about the Jews and meets one in his neighborhood. Being in the wrong place he tries to help the Jewish guy by giving him food and a place to hide. I hated this book. I only read it for a historical novel and regular book for school. It was v [...]

    12. The Man from the Other SideHistorical fiction World War II, courage Orlev, Uri. The Man from the Other Side. Puffin, 1991, 192, secondary.In The Man from the Other Side, a Polish boy named Marek begins assisting his step-father in a money making scheme to provide goods to Jews that are in hiding, but it soon catches up to him when people find out. The text is narrated in first person by Marek and the use of the narration creates a style that is informative and always the reader to be reflective [...]

    13. 14-year old Marek lives with his mother and stepfather on the outskirts of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. He helps his stepfather, a sanitation worker, to sneak through the sewers to sell food and guns on the Jewish side of the wall, a risky but lucrative side business. When he meets a Jewish man on the run from the Germans, he decides to help him, and in doing so, becomes more intimately involved with the Warsaw ghetto uprising than he ever could have imagined. This book is based on a t [...]

    14. This book isn't one of my favorite books I have read. It is mainly about the holocaust and how theres these two people that go under these tunnels and go to the ghettos and supply them with food. My favorite character is marek which is the main character of the book. One thing i liked about marek is that he kept on going under grounds even though it was against the law to do it.One other thing i didnt like about was there was no big main parts it just kinda was the same thing over and over agian [...]

    15. Uri Orlev's work came to my attention when he won the Batchelder Award for Run, Boy, Run. The award is given by the American Library Association for the best work in translation for young people. The Man From the Other Side is another Holocaust related work from Orlev. It is based on a true story told to him by a friend, Marek, a Polish journalist and the voice and protagonist of the tale. The place is the city of Warsaw leading up to and including the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. It was a gri [...]

    16. I gave this book 4 stars, i enjoyed reading this book because it tells about a boy what has to face some very extreme opticals that tested his bravery and his courage which i found out was hard for him to do because back in his time the jews were treated real bad and he wants to help them. My favorite part of the book it when Marek and his mother were arguing and he was crying and she just held him to me that was very heartwarming and touching. I recommend this book to people who like to read bo [...]

    17. This book is about a boy named marek who is a jew. during the world War II.This boy and his stepfather go through the sewer to smuggle food through the getto.So they can make extra money .My favorite part was when they get cought by a man called Krolso he starts blakmailing them. So marek's stepfather kills him and throws him into the flowing sewer. THis book relates to my life because I've passed through many "Getto" places.

    18. This was my 3rd book for Spring Break '09 and came highly recommended by SS teacher friends. It was all and more that they promised. It really helped me understand more about the German occupation of Poland and the role of the Poles. I also felt like I understood more about the ghettos and the Jewish Resistance. Definitely worth reading. Hated to see chapters end and each chapter made me want to read just one more. Definitely a great book!

    19. My 9-year-old brought this home from the school library and urged me to read it. The writing was very straightforward, descriptive but not flowery, and basically let Marek tell the story just as if he were sitting there with the reader talking about it. It was moving. My daughter hasn't finished the book yet but it has already prompted some good discussions in our house.

    20. This is a sad, touching, and informative book all in one. I recommend some background information about the conflicts between Germans and Jews before reading. However, it is indeed a great read. It shows you the discrimination going on between the cultures, and what certain races had to do to survive.

    21. Didn't finish since I was reading at a school and didn't like it well enough to bring it home. A story about a Polish boy during WWII adn his experience with the Jews. This book has been hard to get into (partially because of reading it while trying to pay attention to other people). It keeps jumping around - hinting at something and then backing up to tell the story.

    22. I took a Holocaust Studies class this year, and read this book. It's geared for a young audience, but it does a great job of explaining the way things were in Poland at the time. It also gives an insider account of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, which was pretty interesting. All in all, a good, "light" read about Holocaust events.

    23. This book is a very good book if you want to rtead about before world war 2. At first it was a little confusing to me, but then started getting a better plot. If you enjoy historical novels and want to read about world war 2 this a readly great book!

    24. I read this book with some students. It was a good story and made me think, but put the kids to sleep on a number of occasions. The book challenged me to think "What would Jesus have done, had he been alive during the holocaust." This also made me wonder what I would have done too.

    25. i don't like this book but my ela teacher is making us read a book our level so im stuck with this boring book. I learned that you can fall asleep while reading this book .Ha THATS not funy

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