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Five Little Ducks

Five Little Ducks All children love this traditional rhyme and singing along will help to develop number skills Bouncy illustrations innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every chi

  • Title: Five Little Ducks
  • Author: Penny Ives
  • ISBN: 9780859531412
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Board Book
  • All children love this traditional rhyme and singing along will help to develop number skills Bouncy illustrations, innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child Available in three formats, suitable for babies, toddlers, pre schoolers and the nursery or classroom.

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    1 thought on “Five Little Ducks

    1. It was good for Indy, but holes in the pages confused him (eyes of animals that didn't need to be there, for example) so I was making things up. Easy to sing along rhymes held his attention.

    2. This is an excellent book for nursery or reception children. It features vibrant illustrations that will capture the attention of very young children. The story has a familiar pattern so that children will be able to predict what happens next. The story also helps children learn the names of numbers and introduces the principle of subtraction.

    3. This book is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten.Five Little Ducks by Penny Ives is about a mother duck who with five ducklings.As everyday passesa duckling goes missing, one by one. Luckily, when the mother duck decides to go out searching for her ducklings, they all return, seated at her table.Iv'e heard of the story before, but I've never really listened to it. This is the sweetest little story. At first of coarse it's sad because you feel bad that the mother duckling can't find her ducklings. [...]

    4. Title: Five Little DucksAuthor: Penny Ives Genre: Counting Books Theme(s): Ducks, Nursery RhymesOpening line/sentence: Five little ducks went out one day.Brief Book Summary: Five little ducklings follow the mother duck around. One by one, one duckling stop following the mother duck. At the end all the ducklings come back.Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Children's LiteratureTeachers often bemoan the loss of interest in nursery rhymes because they have traditionally been one of the earliest [...]

    5. I don't know whether you have ever found yourself in a situation of scarcity in terms of reading material per reader. This is the circumstance in which I found myself last night. My sister was apparently reading both The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher and The Tale of Peter Rabbit simulataneously; one cousin had laid claim to Animal Babies in Polar Lands; the other was perusing Goodnight Moon. To me they had allocated a lift-the-flap book on the subject of bunnies; while I am sure it was a very fine w [...]

    6. A children's book about 5 little ducklings one-by-one getting lost. There are rhymes and counting down to help kids learn numbers. Not a particularly memorable read.

    7. The story line of this book follows a mother duck who is trying to get her baby ducklings to get into the water to swim. One by one, the baby ducklings eventually plop into the water and swim along with their mother. With each turn of the page, another duck has joined to swim with them. Therefore, this would be a great book to implement in the classroom in connection with a math lesson plan for a young classroom. Students will be able to count the ducks as they gain the courage to swim and will [...]

    8. ‘Five Little Ducks’ by Penny Ives is a great traditional rhyme. Children will enjoy singing along with this rhyme and will really get the children engaged. This book will allow children to develop their counting skills. The Holes will help assist parents/ teachers with the telling of the story. Teachers can get the children participating by dressing up and singing along with the rhyme. This book is suitable for children between the ages of one and three. I would definitely recommend this boo [...]

    9. This has been read at story time a few time now, though it was an early read in our story time career. At first, I didn't like, but its grown on me. The repetition in the song is nice. Mike dislikes this song, especailly near the end when no ducks come back. I like to think that this book all happens in one day, or else that isn't a very good momma duck! This particular edition has cute outs.

    10. I have this one in BIG book format for story time. We used it with the baby class (Mother Goose) and they loved it. They quacked along with the song lyrics and really enjoyed the page cut outs. You can sing this one just as well as read them. There is quite a bit to look at and discover on every page.

    11. I used this book for a k-12 special education group (with severe mental disabilities), and they really enjoyed it. Though not original in she slightest, this large book has bold illustrations and is perfect for this particular group. It kept everyone's attention, engaged them in singing the rhyme, and went great with a felt activity. Great for sensory storytime.

    12. This classic Nursery rhyme book is a great book to read to children and show off it's vibrant illustrations. This book can be used to teach life in nature. Also, with its predictable pattern children can participate.

    13. Great illustrations with little cut-out holes to view particular items on previous/next page. Very cute. Thought the story was a bit alarming, until i realized it was a nursery rhyme. Well, many nursery rhymes are alarming, aren't they?

    14. This book has fabulous illustrationsa wonderful choice for making observations about the life in and around a pond. The text however is slightly annoying. The author has changed several lines in the song (at least from what I am familiar with) making it rather awkward to sing. Pooh!

    15. This picture book is excellent for younger children. It can be used for addition and subtraction, as well as reading. The repetitive words and predictable nature make it much easier for children that are learning to read.

    16. Love it! This book can be used by a teacher for its repetitive words, rhyming words, predictability so you can ask kids what do you think will happen next? The ducks leave one by one so subtraction can be practiced. I really like this book.

    17. A playfully illustrated version of the "Five Little Ducks" song. Strategically placed holes in the pages allow children to peek into the next page.

    18. Fun to sing/read aloud, even if my niece insists that I did it wrong. Apparently my mom changes the words a bit because it's not how she knows the song. :-)

    19. This is an awesome children's book. It also is good to sing along with and help children work on their counting because it is an early introduction to math.

    20. Five Little Ducksby Penny IvesThe book is age appropriate with rhyming words and sing along. The book helps the children to learn numbers as the ducks go one by one.

    21. This one is fantastic for baby storytime, or even younger toddlers. It works best when you can sing the song that is the text, so don't be shy ;)

    22. Great history, it is a good book with rhythm, and repetitive.Teach children counting.Colorful illustrations.

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