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Songbird The voice of an angel a husband who loved her she had it alluntil a tragedy took it away A Linger story They called her their Songbird but she was never theirs Not in the way she wanted The Donovan

  • Title: Songbird
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9781605046617
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • The voice of an angel, a husband who loved her she had it alluntil a tragedy took it away A Linger story They called her their Songbird, but she was never theirs Not in the way she wanted The Donovan brothers meant everything to Emily, but rejected by Greer and Taggert, she turned to Sean, the youngest He married her for love, and she loved him, but she also lovedThe voice of an angel, a husband who loved her she had it alluntil a tragedy took it away A Linger story They called her their Songbird, but she was never theirs Not in the way she wanted The Donovan brothers meant everything to Emily, but rejected by Greer and Taggert, she turned to Sean, the youngest He married her for love, and she loved him, but she also loved his older brothers Her singing launched her to stardom She had it all The voice of an angel, a husband who loved her, and the adoration of millions Until a tragedy took it all away Taggert and Greer grieve for their younger brother, but they re also grieving the loss of Emmy, their songbird They take her back to Montana, determined to help her heal and show her once and for all they want her They re also on a mission to help her find her voice again Under the protective shield of their love, she begins to blossom until an old threat resurfaces Now the Donovans face a fight for what they once threw away Only by winning it and her love will their songbird fly again Warning Explicit sex, mnage a trois, multiple partners, a committed polyamorous relationship, adult language, and sweet loving.

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      112 Maya Banks
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    1 thought on “Songbird

    1. *If you're planning to read this book you had best get used to all the flying bird references now. So I'll do my best to break you in ;)*Growing up in Montana with a strict conservative father was difficult for Emmy, especially when all she wanted to do was spread her wings and sing her heart out. Emmy used to escape to the Donovan Mountain Pass Ranch whenever she was able to sneak past her disapproving father and within the protective bubble of the Donovan brothers, Emmy nurtured her childlike [...]

    2. 3.75 StarsThe Donovan brothers have come into the city for one thing and one thing only - to get Emily their songbird.Emily is hiding from not only the here and now but also from her dead husband’s brothers. After making some harsh choices years earlier she is now feel guilty and like she has nothing let – Taggert and Greer have found her to prove her wrong. The brother are torn about a decision they made years ago and know they have to make it right and do it now. With Emily care and well b [...]

    3. I'm gonna start by saying that this will be the 11th maya banks book I've read and I have loved the other 10 but this was just awful I hated the characters I hated the story lines even the smut was rubbish is this someone posing as Maya cus it's just absolute dross sorry

    4. 3.0 RATING- An okay menage. Definitely not great. Kind of cheesy but a quick read and one I've been meaning to check out for a while. This isn't one I'd recommend. There's just too many better ones out there. Borrowed thru SCRIBD but the formatting was off which made it difficult to read.

    5. I’ve read a few books by Maya Banks before and I liked them most of the times. The first ménage romance I read was her Colters’ Woman, I think. That was a hot read that I enjoyed quite a bit. Songbird is another one of her ménage stories. Again it involves some hot ranching brothers. Originally there were three siblings, like in Colters’ Woman, but in this story one of them died an early and violent death. He was the one who was married to the heroine, Emmy. She loves all three of the br [...]

    6. I'm not a fan of this ménage, especially considering it included brothers. Not my thing. Once this got to the ménage part I quickly skimmed to finish it up.

    7. It was mostly a very melancholic and erotic story. I feel it lacked substance, though it did touch base on realistic reactions from society on such a controversial relationship.

    8. While this story is short, Ms Banks packs a lot into it. I would also suggest that you keep some tissues handy because their are several moments that will have you crying. I do wish there had been a little better explanation for why the bad guy did what he did. I know that in real life there isn't always a reason but in fiction it is nice to know why. I enjoyed this book very mush. Ms. Banks is a wonderful writer and all her work reflects her amazing talent.

    9. I liked the story, but I was a little confused because I don't see how after losing her husband and locking herself in her apartment for a year and being pretty much numb and not really living just going through the motions, Emily could go back home with her ex-husband's brothers, and suddenly after two days she's ok and having sex with them?! I know she's always loved them all, but just a little odd to me.

    10. Loved this story. It has such heartbreak. In start u have a broken women slowly killing herself after the death of her husband, which she feels is her fault. When her two brothers in law find her and come n get her the story really starts to hear up. With emotions and passion flying everywhere this is a lovely sexy book with the best HEA. If u like maya banks u must get this story n read it.

    11. Maya Banks just has a way with crafting a great story. I just loved this. It encompassed every emotion while not making it seem fake or stretched or too fast. I wanted to cry through most of this, and while most of the time I hate that, but this was just so heartfelt that I had to keep reading. I wanted to see Emily get her happily ever after and to be able to live again. Wonderful story.

    12. It was ok but got repetitive. I made a mistake.I love you.Nervous break down.Sex.I love you.I made a mistake.I love you.SexI love you.Mistake.Sex.Breakdown.Never leave me.I'm yours. Sex. Just add a spattering of bird and flying references and that's the book.

    13. This is one of my favorite menage stories. The heroes, Tagg and Greer, are awesome and Emily had so much pain to work through. It was touching to watch them deal with the challenges in their life.

    14. I'm normally fine with menage, but this didn't sit well with me. Everything about their relationship moved so fast for someone mired in grief.

    15. Great bookMaya Banks has written another great book. I have loved every book she has released. I am looking forward to reading mote of her books.

    16. Loved itOnce again Maya Banks hit it out of the ballpark. Every book I read of hers is my new favorite. I loved the characters and the love they shared. She is quite the romance writer and I love her for it. What I love is that what she writes you feel. That's amazing writer. I highly recommend this book.

    17. Ceritanya dimulai dengan kematian Sean, suami dari Emmy, yang mencintai diri wanita itu apa adanya walaupun sebenarnya Emmy mencintai pria-pria keluarga Donovan (Taggert, Greer, dan Sean) sama rata.Dulu, Emmy berharap dia dapat keluar dari rumah ayahnya. Dengan tiket lolos dari lomba menyanyi dan diajak untuk membuat album oleh seorang produser, Emmy menyatakan cintanya kepada ketiga saudara Donovan itu (tanpa Sean, pria itu lagi pergi entah ke mana), tapi dia malah ditolak oleh Taggert dan Gree [...]

    18. Potete trovare tutte le mie recensioni su bianchianita1971/Lo sò, lo sò che poi non devo lamentarmi se continuo a leggere menage anche se non mi piacciono, ma mi faccio sempre "irretire" dalle trameuff!La Banks scrive bene, riesce a creare gioiellini come la serie KGI, ma quando passa all'erotico non mi emoziona alla stessa maniera. La storia non sarebbe male ma lo svolgimanto manca di sostanza (anche perchè i tre passano più tempo a trom**re che a parlare!). La protagonista è Emmy, una ved [...]

    19. A very readable and romantic story, right in the Maya Banks menage genre, of a woman who is devastated by the murder of her husband, a man who had rescued her from an abusive father and who had been the love of her life--along with his two brothers. Problem: Seth's two brothers had rejected her love, sending her home to a father that beat her for loving them and who believed her love of anything other than folk or religious music to be sinful. Now she is a grieving and broken woman, sick in soul [...]

    20. Well, it's not so bad. She loves them all, but Taggert and Greer she loves the most. But when Emily proposed to have a relationship with both of them, they rejected her. Heartbroken, the youngest, Sean, asked her to marry him. And she said yes, not only because she loves him too, but also it's the only way to escaped her abusive father. But accident happen and it left Emily alone. Weak, giving up and running away, Taggert and Greer determined to get her light and her heart back. They made mistak [...]

    21. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsSongbird begins with Emmy still numb from her husband's death. She hasn't really been living at all the past year just existing and going through the motions. It all changes when her husband's two brothers come to take her back home to help her heal. The thing is she been in love with both of them for as long as she was in love with her husband. But this time they are willing to try a relationship to get her back with them. After a lot of pain and headac [...]

    22. Typical Maya Banks in her earlier writing days. Songbird is the nickname of Emmy Donovan. Emmy escaped her fathers strict and abusive treatment by running off with Sean Donovan and marrying him. She grew up playing with the three Donovan brothers, Taggert, Greer and Sean. She loved them all. When the last straw was the recent beating she received from her father she runs to the MPR ranch to ask the three brothers to take her in and love her like she loves them. Taggert and Greer refused to accep [...]

    23. A nice book. I would have liked to have seen more on the back story on this one and Emily's relationship with Sean. While the book tells us a little bit about it, a couple of chapters telling us about Emily & Sean after they got married and left the ranch would have been nice.All together the book was good. There was enough action/suspense to keep me interested in the plot, not just the romance. I always enjoy a good Epilogue where we get to see the characters farther down the line and this [...]

    24. I think the synopsis pretty much summarizes what this story is about. I can't tell you what a heart warming and yet heart wrenching book this was. The gut deep pain these characters were experiencing due to the loss of their brother and Her husband. She loved all of them so much. It was palpable. These men absolutely adored Emmy and all of them were dealing with alot of guilt for their own reasons through the years. It was a beautiful tale of love and coming to terms with life and how it is so u [...]

    25. Final Score - 5 StarsThis book broke my heart Emily, was rejected by Greer and Taggert. So she turned to Sean, the youngest. He married her for love, and she loved him, but then she lost him in a violent act. Blaming herself, she's shut herself away from everything and everyone. Even the men who still own a piece of her heart.It's up to Greer and Taggert to not only heal her, but help her find her voice again.This book was so touching and melted my heart. The pain all of them went thru after Sea [...]

    26. This was a solid three stars until the reveal of the villain. If we'd had 20 more pages of story, something to (view spoiler)[make me understand the hatred better. Likewas he a member of her father's church? Did he have a jones for her? Was it some weird hardon for the family he worked for? (hide spoiler)] IDEK but it was just too abrupt. I mean, yeah, I totally didn't see it coming. I liked that part. But I needed more about the villain. It could have come after the reveal. That's what monologu [...]

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