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Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories

Three Ten to Yuma and Other Stories Trust was rare and precious in the wide open towns that sprung up like weeds on America s frontier with hustlers and hucksters arriving in droves by horse coach wagon and rail and gunmen working b

  • Title: Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories
  • Author: Elmore Leonard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trust was rare and precious in the wide open towns that sprung up like weeds on America s frontier with hustlers and hucksters arriving in droves by horse, coach, wagon, and rail, and gunmen working both sides of the law, all too eager to end a man s life with a well placed bullet The New York Times bestselling Grand Master of suspense deftly displays the other side of hiTrust was rare and precious in the wide open towns that sprung up like weeds on America s frontier with hustlers and hucksters arriving in droves by horse, coach, wagon, and rail, and gunmen working both sides of the law, all too eager to end a man s life with a well placed bullet The New York Times bestselling Grand Master of suspense deftly displays the other side of his genius, with seven classic western tales of destiny and fatal decision and trust as essential to survival as it is hard earned.

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    1 thought on “Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories

    1. I'm not a fan of most of Leonard's crime fiction, though The Moonshine War and Valdez Is Coming managed to hit all the right buzzers.This collection of seven of the man's western tales didn't start too well for me. The first two, Cavalry Boots and Under the Friar's Ledge, seemed like they were just getting started when they ended. I was thinking that perhaps this Leonard guy just wasn't cut out for short fiction when along came the title tale.DAMN! Contained in just a few pages is a terrific sto [...]

    2. Seven tales of good men in tough situationsWe know all about Elmore Leonard these days, the master of the underworld dialogue and plots like corkscrews. It was a surprise to hear he made his name writing tales of the 19th century western frontier but no surprise at all to find that this early work was very well written and an enjoyable read.I say that but I still don't consider myself a westerns man, the closest I get to that would be drooling over the cinematic achievement of There Will Be Bloo [...]

    3. THREE-TEN TO YUMA AND OTHER STORIES by Elmore Leonard is a wonderful assortment of short western stories that previously were issued in western magazines in the early to mid fifties, with the title story being made into a screenplay for the classic western movie in 1957 starring Glen Ford and Van Heflin; and later remade in 2007 starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale.Elmore Leonard is a treasure for all of his novels, with many having found their way onto the silver screen, but I’ve been re [...]

    4. Basically a re-read, still have a few of his Westerns to read, but for me Elmore Leonard, along with Dee Brown's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, my Dad's favorite 'Native American' book, and his favorite Western Larry McMurtry's 'Lonesome Dove', Terry C. Johnstone's 'Seamus Donegan/ Plainsman Series and watching Westerns on TV, got me hooked on reading Westerns.Leonard in class of his own, along with several other authors that never ever disappointed their readers and created a nice escape from t [...]

    5. Actual rating 3.5.A collection of western short stories. If you are expecting the movie version of Three-Ten to Yuma, forget about it. The story is about the last fifteen minutes of what the movie portrayed and was changed quite drastically.

    6. I am a big fan of short stories and I am always on the lookout for good ones. Leonard does it amazingly. The short stories 3:10 to Yuma and The Captives were the standouts for me. Particularly the latter which I was left wanting more.

    7. A Breath of Fresh AirI've been away from reading anything for some time, consumed with other necessary distractions, and have a good twenty books on my bedside table to read, and another dozen on my Kobo. The kind of funk that settles in when you're away from something you love for a long time clouds everything, so I wanted to read something different.I had not knowingly been exposed to Elmore Leonard until I watched "Justified", and then (as slow-witted as I sometimes can be) realized he had wr [...]

    8. I have only read the title story, but I have a feeling the rest of the stories in this collection are very entertaining as well. Elmore Leonard penned these in the early fifties. This book caught my eye a few weeks ago while I was shelving books at the store where I work. The cover makes use of the colors of the desert.I mentioned the book to a friend before I bought it and he said there's been a good movie called THE 3:10 TO YUMA in the fifties. The next day I heard that Russell Crowe's new mov [...]

    9. As someone who very rarely reads westerns and generally isn't a huge fan, I ended up picking this up because a friend had recommended Elmore Leonard as an author and had mentioned that she thought he was particularly good at short stories. After reading the book, I'd have to agree. It kept me at least interested enough to want to read more, even if it didn't sweep me off my feet. All of the stories take place at various forts and towns in the Arizona Territory during the 1880's. Cavalry Boots - [...]

    10. Leonard was such a great writer. Every story is captivating and original. I especially liked "The Captives" which was the source of one my favorite Western movies "The Tall T".

    11. Three-Ten to Yuma was recommended to me as a great audiobook. As westerns are not my usual genre, and I have never seen the movie, I was not certain what to expect. What I found was a suspenseful short story that packed a lot of drama into a very small amount of time. As a short story, there is no character development, no big insights into the characters’ thought processes. The entire story itself hinges on one main, rather simplistic, plot point: a sheriff is trying to get his detainee, an i [...]

    12. This is a fun collection of western short stories. The draw for me was "3:10 to Yuma", which has been adapted into two very good movies. This story features a lone deputy trying to get a dangerous criminal onto a train leaving for Yuma so he can be transferred to prison. In the meantime, the criminal's gang is trying to rescue the leader before they can board the train. A couple other great stories include a story featuring two hostages being held for ransom, and another featuring someone who jo [...]

    13. What you won't find here is the pitch-perfect master of entertainment you love, but a younger writer still cutting his teeth in these imperfect stories. There are flashes of his later style, and the last story isn't so bad. Fun for fans of the author. If you haven't read him yet, go read Rum Punch, Cat Chaser, or a recent book of crime shorts.

    14. I really enjoy Elmore Leonard's gritty, noir type fiction, but western short stories? Not so much. I found most of these to be dull and uneventful. The only one that was remotely interesting is the title story and even that isn't all that great. Not much to really say here, it left me looking for a lot more.

    15. AhWesternsGreat collection of short stories by a master. I think short stories are a difficult genre to master and Leonard is just that. The fact that they are Westerns is a plus. When I was a kid some of the first “adult” book I ever read were my grandfather’s Zane Grey’s and Louis L’Amours’s. This was great.

    16. These are 7 good western stories, all from magazines such as Dime Western Magazine 1953, Zane Grey's Western 1952 and Argosy 1955. All the stories are by Elmore Leonard.

    17. The real credit here goes to whoever thought they could turn the short story Three-Ten to Yuma into a feature film - twice! This doesn't even really qualify as a short story - it's more of a vignette. You know the scene near the end of the movie where Russell Crowe and Christian Bale check into the hotel before heading for the train? That's where this story starts! It then has no character development and a totally different endingAll of these stories were written in the '50's - the heyday of TV [...]

    18. A fast read, less than 200 pages, but with narratives that are short and enjoyable. It is hard for the Western literary genre, given its inherent idiosyncrasies, to remain meaningful in today's multicultural and politically correct-obsessed society. The stories herein, originally published one by one in various magazines from 1952 to 1956, do not completely escape the stereotypes or the archetypes of 19th century life in the Arizona Territory. However, overall they do a nice job focusing on the [...]

    19. Western stories aren't so common nowadays - or at least I haven't read many - mostly Zane Grey romantic novels in the high school, and italian comic books (Tex Willer, Kit Teller, Commandant Mark, even Zagor, Gil, Blek le Roc, any familiar?) with an older brother. So I was honestly suspicious about what to expect here. Well, what I got were six short stories and a novelette, all easy and exciting to read, all covering very maturely and realistically very different topics. The cowardice and heroi [...]

    20. Sensacional los relatos cortos que componen este volumen, al igual que los ya reseñados de este autor en esta misma editorial.A pesar de estar escritos en su juventud, el autor muestra habilidades extraordinarias como escritor. Tramas llenas de tensión y suspense, que se cierran formidablemente. Personajes con caracteres fuertes, que se revuelven en el jugo de las situaciones en las que son sometidos. Y recreación del seco y árido ambiente en el que se desarrollan casi todos los relatos.Y to [...]

    21. My first Elmore Leonard, and while I had heard that his writing style was rather pointedly minimalist, I found it so sparse that a couple times I wasn't even sure what had just happened. But I seemed to enjoy the later stories more than those earlier in the book, which may indicate there was a bit of a 'learning curve' to reading his work. Once I got into the stories, it seemed like there was often a small twist at the end that made me think, "THAT was the point of this story?" Different than a [...]

    22. Quentin Tarantino owes everything to Elmore Leonard. The dialogue in these six short stories set in Arizona is terse but often funny, revealing hard-bitten characters with simple jobs to do - be it justice, survival or slaughter. Three-Ten To Yuma is one of the shortest. It's a masterpiece of tension and character-driven action as a marshal delivers a prisoner to the titular train, opposed by vengeful townsfolk and a bandit gang. I can see why you'd want to film it - as they did in 1957 and agai [...]

    23. Anytime I read an Elmore Leonard book I am reminded of exactly why I admire his work so much and why he is one of my own personal inspirations in writing. In this particular set of short stories, Leonard has produced some of the boldest and most fascinating western tales I've had the pleasure of reading. Everyone of them contained characters alive and realistic. I could picture them so well I felt as if I were there. The heroes were truly heroes and the villains were truly villain; the mood of e [...]

    24. Here are 7 classic westerns by Elmore Leonard that he wrote back in the 1950s. The first is a Calvary vs Indians story with a humorous twist that explains how heroes are sometimes created. My favorite was "The Captives" about some stage coach passengers taken captive and held for ransom by some very bad outlaws. The plan is for none of the captives to be left alive. "Three Ten to Yuma" of course has been made into a movie 2 times and I like this original written version better than both. Another [...]

    25. These stories by Elmore Leonard are all unique and gripping. The fresh language and crisp despcriptions clearly depict the world that his characters are moving through without dating the period within which they were written. I picked up the book because I had seen the new movie with Russell Crowe of the title story and really loved it. I was intrigued and wanted to know where such wonderful characters had sprung from. The short story of "3:10 to Yuma" is different than the movie but you can see [...]

    26. If you really like guns-a-blazing, western cowboy short stories, then you probably won't be disappointed.I liked each of the stories, "The Captives" more than the others (this should have been the title story of the collection).Pretty macho stuff, really. In almost every story, the climax is punctuated with manly gunfire.I haven't read a lot of western fiction (mostly Cormack McCarthy), and was happy to read something light from the genre and not a big novel that left me exhausted. As I'm pretty [...]

    27. 3½ starsA decent collection of short stories. The Captives and Jugged are my favourites from the lot.Of course I have to mention Three-Ten to Yuma, which would be #3 in my list. Like I said, I'm a big fan of the 2007 movie. I think that reading the story makes me appreciate it even more, for I'm really impressed with what the producers did with the story, and how they expanded it.I wouldn't call myself a western aficionado, yet I love movies like Unforgiven and 3:10 to Yuma and games like Gun a [...]

    28. Three-Ten to Yuma: Honestly, I liked the movie (the Russell Crowe version) better, and it's not often I say that! I know this is a short story, but even so it seemed ridiculously short. Where's the action? And most importantly, where's the character development? I just didn't connect with the characters in the story like I did in the movie. And the end left me thinking "that's it??" I do wonder why Hollywood changed the names of the characters though Perhaps to distance itself from a substandard [...]

    29. I was surprised, and a little disappointed, by how short this was. I'd only seen the Bale/Crowe movie, and I guess I was expecting something of similar scope and scale. Not only does the book itself only cover the story from the hotel to the train (the last twenty or so minutes of the movie), but the characters themselves are different, in name as well as personality. Except for Charlie Prince. Charlie Prince transcends all such substitutions. It works for it's length, though, and packs in a sur [...]

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