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Birth of an Age

Birth of an Age Cloned from the ancient cells of Jesus Christ Christopher Goodman is forced to sit back and watch the destruction of Earth in order to fulfill his destiny

  • Title: Birth of an Age
  • Author: James BeauSeigneur
  • ISBN: 9780446613286
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cloned from the ancient cells of Jesus Christ, Christopher Goodman is forced to sit back and watch the destruction of Earth in order to fulfill his destiny.

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    • Best Read [James BeauSeigneur] ✓ Birth of an Age || [Comics Book] PDF ê
      366 James BeauSeigneur
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      Posted by:James BeauSeigneur
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    1 thought on “Birth of an Age

    1. Unabridged audio.I prefer this take on the end time prophesies (from the bible) to the one found in the The Left Behind series by quite a bit. It's not so drawn out nor "quite" so "hokey". I could never really get into the Left Behind books.In this volume the story continues and to go much into it or give details would require spoilers. In this one Christopher makes some grand pronouncements. The identity of the 2 prophets is revealedd well the story continues. These books are also an attempt to [...]

    2. This is truly one of those books that makes you think, "What the f___ did I just read?"I was led to this trilogy in the comments/reviews of the Left Behind series, of which I read the entire original series and two of the four prequels. (I also read the first book in the Prodigal Project series, which was awful, but I digress) All of the reviews seemed to indicate that this trilogy far exceeded the Left Behind series, so I finally decided to read it.I will say this, it is definitely not what I w [...]

    3. A Quickie ReviewA chilling portrait of the "end times" as prophesied about in Revelation. While I don't know that the end will really happen like this, this book made for some exciting reading nonetheless, especially with the shocking ending. I can't wait to get my hands on the finale!Score: 4/5

    4. Had H.P. Lovecraft been a Christian, this is the kind of book he would have written.The Christ Clone Trilogy’s central characters– Decker Hawthorne, Christopher Goodman and Robert Milner–take a back seat for much of the book as the narrative shifts to a more global scale. One could argue that, for this installment, the central character is the human species as a whole, subjected to horrors that make the content of the previous book–which climaxed with a nuclear war–seem tame.Minus the [...]

    5. So this kicks the pants off the money institution that is the "Left Behind" series. Although this book is in the same vein, it actually uses things into today's culture to show how prophecies in the book of Revelations can occur without all the obvious fire and brimstone everyone else is banking on. Today most Christians lack a sense of reality and really just long for the end to come to prove their faith the "best ever." They miss the true teachings they were asked to learn. (I'm a Christian as [...]

    6. Vote: 3,25Class: L-B2 (FP) (*) (Second book of the Christ Clone Trilogy; to be read after the first and before the last one)I'm not at all certain how it's all going to end and maybe I'm not going to like it; maybe not, but maybe yes For now, I'm going to suspend my judgment until I've read the final book.The world (3,50) is well described even if it has less depth than in the first book.The characters (3,50) are good but less convincing and coherent; mostly it depends on how they develop in the [...]

    7. Definitely a step down from the first book of the trilogy. This is due in large part to the author's decision to lock himself into the popular premillennialist theology with its absurdly literal interpretation of the woes of Revelation. The first two thirds of the book included some truly eye-rolling moments as the God of love destroys most of the world's population in the most grisly ways imaginable. This book does come around, though, and I am actually looking forward to finishing the trilogy [...]

    8. If you thought book one of this trilogy was good, you ain't seen nothing yet! This book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! For the Christian reader, just a note, this book almost seems to have been written for the secular audience. I almost found myself getting mad half way through this book, wondering if I was being led astray, but never fear, just continue reading onto book 3 and you will not be sorry. This is an excellent end times series, and if you are a fan of the Left Behind [...]

    9. Birth Of An Age is the second book in the Christ Clone Trilogy. Christopher (the "Christ Clone") has to deal with nuclear wars, brutal asteroid collisions, two religious "madmen" prophets, various demonic plagues -- and a UN vote to make him Secretary General. Oh, and being killed and resurrected three days later! All foretold by End Times prophesies, but he apparently believes some things from the Bible and not others. Is he the resurrected Christ? Or something more sinister? 4 stars. Looking f [...]

    10. This is a series that should be read rather than listened to in audiobook format. The footnotes are some of the most interesting parts. Written by someone who is use to writing official government papers, he knows the importance of giving frequent references to real world events. Even though the premise is stretching quite a bit, this series is one of the closest reasons of the end time scriptures that I've come across to my own. It projects everything in events that can be explained away by non [...]

    11. I probably need to wait until the conclusion of this trilogy before I really rate it, but so far, it's been very intriguing. I started pulling out Revelation alongside it to see how the author is tying things in and he's definitely been putting an interesting spin on it. Scariest thing so far uncertain it is at first which are the good guys versus the bad guys. (kind of) spoiler alertI'm sad right now that the main character has so far been fated to be aligned with the bad guys and hope he manag [...]

    12. I very rarely say this, but I couldn't finish this book.This series has some very interesting ideas about the end times. I may be able to come back to it at some time, but I had to walk away from it in the middle. Having said that, I have had conversations about some of the ideas in book one and this book two, so I'm not saying it's a waste of time, I just couldn't take some of the declarations that the anti-christ character was saying.

    13. I enjoyed the second book more however the science is really heavy. The science part of the book would bore me to tears and I really had to push myself to read the first half. The second half got so much better and that's when things really started to pick up for me. Needless to say I can't wait to see how this trilogy ends and I'm planning on reading book three very soon.

    14. I got so upset I threw the book across the room when I was done. A friend said read the final book. I did. I love this series. 3rd time reading it and I discover new things all the time.

    15. similar to the first book (which, of the three, is the worst written), leads you along; the second and third of the trilogy are better paced.

    16. The best end times fiction I have ever read. This is what Left Behind should have been. Read these books.

    17. The idea presented in this trilogy interested me greatly, as I had wondered about something similar before. Beauseigneur does not disappoint.

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