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Acts of God

Acts of God BeauSeigneur concludes his powerful epic of man s ultimate destiny and its inextricable ties to Christopher Goodman the clone of Jesus Christ A fine mix of scientific political and religious knowled

  • Title: Acts of God
  • Author: James BeauSeigneur
  • ISBN: 9780446613293
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • BeauSeigneur concludes his powerful epic of man s ultimate destiny and its inextricable ties to Christopher Goodman the clone of Jesus Christ A fine mix of scientific, political, and religious knowledge Charles Sheffield.

    • Free Read [Mystery Book] ✓ Acts of God - by James BeauSeigneur ✓
      146 James BeauSeigneur
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Mystery Book] ✓ Acts of God - by James BeauSeigneur ✓
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    1 thought on “Acts of God

    1. Unabridged audio.This is the third book in the series and I recommend them highly. While (as I've said before) you shouldn't get your theology from these (or for that matter any novel) these are well done interesting books that remain respectful of Christians (and Christ) and still tell a good story.I think it's possible for non-Christians to read these and treat them as a simple fiction read. It will depend on each reader. Still these are good novels simply "as novels"There is a major spoiler b [...]

    2. The best end times fiction I have ever read. This is what Left Behind should have been. Read these books.

    3. It almost feel like the author lost control of the story and basically wrote an easy way out with this book. I don't know what a good ending would have been but this was definitely not it.

    4. Acts of God wraps up the story of Decker Hawthorne, who with his friend, Christopher Goodman (the titular Christ Clone, made from cells found on the Shroud of Turin) has begun creating a new world for humanity, an era full of wonder and possibility, an era free from the tyrannical deity, Yahweh. This new age is not without its dissidents, however, and a lengthy encounter with some of them leaves Decker wondering if Yahweh truly is evild just how far Christopher can actually be trusted.This final [...]

    5. So this kicks the pants off the money institution that is the "Left Behind" series. Although this book is in the same vein, it actually uses things into today's culture to show how prophecies in the book of Revelations can occur without all the obvious fire and brimstone everyone else is banking on. Today most Christians lack a sense of reality and really just long for the end to come to prove their faith the "best ever." They miss the true teachings they were asked to learn. (I'm a Christian as [...]

    6. Specifically for the Kindle edition: This book, thankfully, lacks all the problems that the second book contained concerning the end-notes and the text. So if the second installment made you a little bit crazy having to switch back and forth manually, you will be relieved to download this one and have it function correctly.As I said about the first two installments in the series This is definitely a book that makes you think, "What the f___ did I just read?" Some of the events that occur in the [...]

    7. Well, nuts! I really did want to give this book 4 stars. It was as well written as the first book of the trilogy (which I gave 4 stars) and a step up from the second book (which got 3 stars). No doubt the author is a much better writer and researcher than the bulk of so-called Christian writers. But the book was way too shallow on a theological level to rate higher. As I stated in my review of Birth Of An Age, I was hoping BeauSeigneur would rescue the god of premillennialism from the charge of [...]

    8. Vote: 3,25Class: L-B1 (FP) (*) (Third and last book of the Christ Clone Trilogy)While the first book is a good novel, well written, full of action, plot twists and with believable characters and setting, the second book and finally this one are not so good:- the world (3,25) is well described but it has less depth than in the first book;- the characters (3,50) are less convincing and coherent, not always their actions or changes are well explained;- the story (4,00) becomes the christian history [...]

    9. An interesting enough conclusion to an equally good series, although the book loses steam at about the same time as BeauSeigneur seems to get the idea that he hasn't hammered home his point well enough, and proceeds to beat us over the head with it.The fact that everyone but the Jewish Believers, some Christians, and the protagonist readily swallows the Christopher Kool-Aid also irked me a bit. Related to that, my pedanticism, driven by my Bahá'í background (though I'm no longer a member of th [...]

    10. If you've read the first two books of this series, you are probably getting anxious to see where this trilogy is going. Well get ready!!! You will not be disappointed!!!! I will warn you, there are some pretty graphic sections of this book, and Mr. BeauSeigneur pulls no punches. But this book, number three of the series, is the absolute best one, and will have you totally enthralled and at the edge of your seat till the very last word. The best end times fiction that I have read!!!! Any fan of t [...]

    11. This is a series that should be read rather than listened to in audiobook format. The footnotes are some of the most interesting parts. Written by someone who is use to writing official government papers, he knows the importance of giving frequent references to real world events. Even though the premise is stretching quite a bit, this series is one of the closest reasons of the end time scriptures that I've come across to my own. It projects everything in events that can be explained away by non [...]

    12. Acts of God is the final book in the Christ Clone Trilogy. Christopher (the "Christ Clone") slowly but steadily leads the world towards the final act of the End Times -- with most of the population having no clue at all where they're actually heading. Is he the resurrected Christ? Or the Anti-Christ? Even though the book was a bit long, and QUITE graphic in its plague descriptions, I figure it's still worth 4 stars. The series was quite good, overall.

    13. An interesting series but by the latter part of the third book, I was getting a bit bored. I liked the unusual point of view of what could happen according to the bible, as I never really could relate to it directly. But I don't really believe the bible is the word of God or anything like that, so I got tired of it by the end and just wanted to finish an move on.

    14. Really, really liked this trilogy and the last book was a very satisfying conclusion. Especially good chapter of apologetics. I would love to read all the references this guy used to write this (in addition to the Bible, of course).

    15. This is an incredible series. The first couple books you have to push yourself through them but it's really worth it the last book is amazing. I read this a few years ago and I still gets blipps of it once an awhile.

    16. An entertaining premise. Unlike the Left Behind series this trilogy takes the end time scenario a tad bit differently. The time line is stretched out. The rapture event is different. The concept of cloning blood from the Shroud of Turin is rather thought provoking.

    17. The idea presented in this trilogy interested me greatly, as I had wondered about something similar before. Beauseigneur does not disappoint.

    18. Excellent book and very thought provoking !! Altho it is fiction it really makes you think and question things.

    19. a trilogia começa "Deus, um delírio" com um toque de ficção científica e termina "Violetas na Janela".

    20. So glad the ending was a good ending the storyline seemed to be so out there I had no idea what was going to happen!! (this is a comment from books 1 - 3)

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