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Girls in Trouble

Girls in Trouble Sara is sixteen and pregnant Her once devoted boyfriend seems to have disappeared so she decides her best and only option is an open adoption with George and Eva a couple desperate for a child After

  • Title: Girls in Trouble
  • Author: Caroline Leavitt
  • ISBN: 9780312271220
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sara is sixteen and pregnant Her once devoted boyfriend seems to have disappeared, so she decides her best and only option is an open adoption with George and Eva, a couple desperate for a child After the birth it s clear Sara has a bond with the child that Eva can t seem to duplicate When it seems that Sara cannot let go, Eva and George make a drastic decision, with deSara is sixteen and pregnant Her once devoted boyfriend seems to have disappeared, so she decides her best and only option is an open adoption with George and Eva, a couple desperate for a child After the birth it s clear Sara has a bond with the child that Eva can t seem to duplicate When it seems that Sara cannot let go, Eva and George make a drastic decision, with devastating consequences for all of them.

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      482 Caroline Leavitt
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    1 thought on “Girls in Trouble

    1. Great adoption story from multiple viewpoints: birth mother, adoptive mother, adoptive father, the child, and finally the birth father. The book reveals the characters at their weakest, but I found the characters very sympathetic - although with true-to-life flaws. After all, this is what it is to be human, striving to do right by other people while also protecting ourselves. And a great thing about the book is that the author seems to take an objective view and let you make your decisions about [...]

    2. A reluctant three stars - I'm not really sure how to tackle this one. INitially I thought it was because I read this right after 'Center of everything' that this book seemed weaker - first, the stories are similar so it could just be overkill, and second, specific strengths in the former were distinct areas of weakness in the latter - COE, for one ting, had a supremely likeable narrator who I was rooting for and whose personality was clear - whereas in this book theheroine is for the mostpart no [...]

    3. This is such a simply told and modestly written book, yet underneath runs a current of such authentic and brave moral vision. The bond between a too-young mother's birth child and the ideals which make her want to believe her child can belong to someone else play out in complex, human terms which deepen, rather than gloss over the conflict. It opens us the debate about adoption with sensitivity and without any preachiness. But, more importantly, it is a brilliantly crafted story. By one of our f [...]

    4. I love books that expand my understanding and empathy to others' experiences. A lovingly written book with much wisdom about the journey of a woman who gave up her child for adoption at age 16. What makes this good is to see how the heartbreak affects her and the others in the situation (the adoptive parents,the child, the girls' parents, the father), how all are transformed and the ultimate resolution. I cared about every character because they were so real. I found I couldn't put it down as I [...]

    5. This is the first book I read by author Caroline Leavitt and it certainly won't be my last. Girls in Trouble is a complex, multilayered, unsentimental tale of longing, greed, selfishness, compassion, and absolute overwhelming love in reference to the Open Adoption process. Wrap up a little too neatly at the end, but still very much worth the read.

    6. This book opens with a bang and held me deeply in its clutches for the first 150 pages--so much so, I had trouble putting it down to go to bed at night. Leavitt is a master story teller who understands pacing and narrative tension like nobody's business. But even better, she has a deep psychological grip on her characters, who are portrayed as multifaceted, flawed and sympathetic human beings, all achingly vulnerable, all wracked by fear and need and guilt. They do things the will regret. Often, [...]

    7. This author's books are for fans of Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain, and Kristin Hannah. However, once reading Caroline Leavitt's writing, you will wonder where she has been all your reading life and become a devoted fan. In my opinion she truly stands alone in her powerful writing style. I ordered 3 of her books from a bookstore but finally found the rest of her books through 's used bookstores (and look forward to their arrival any day now! I THINK I have tracked all of her books down!!!). Lea [...]

    8. Anne bitti. Hayatımda okuduğum en güzel kitaptı. İnternette okuduğum yorumlara bakarak almıştım ve iyikide almışım. Hayata bakıs acımın değiştiğini gördüm. Sevginin insanları nelere sürükleyeceğini , hataların nelere mâl olacağını anladım. Keşkeler ve eğerlerle hayat geçirmektense büyümenin yollarını gördüm. Kendimi Sara'nın yeri koydum. Hayatının 16 yaşında nasıl değiştiğini bebeği için neler yapabileceğini ve duygularını çok iyi anlatmışt [...]

    9. This book tells the story of a teenage girl who gets pregnant and then gives the baby up for an open adoption. The interesting part is that it tells the story from different perspectiveshers, her parent's, the adoptive family, and her boyfriend. It reminded me of just how many people and lives are affected, more than you typically think of.

    10. A childless couple and a pregnant 16 year old enter into an open adoption agreement. The author does a good job of revealing the points of view of both. I was surprised the book covered a 16 year time span - it follows both the birth mother and adoptive parents lives and brings everyone back together when the adopted child is 16.

    11. A deeply personal reading experience for me. Need some time to digest this before trying to review it. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

    12. This is a surprisingly good novel. The novel is about Sara, 16 years old, pregnant and scared. Sara is in love for the first time with a fellow high school student named Danny. Sara is highly intelligent and her parents see her attending Yale or Harvard. Sara thinks that Danny will love her and they will live happily ever after. Danny gets scared and runs and Sara has no choice but to tell her parents. Sara who at the time is 5 months pregnant parents are disappointed and they insist on putting [...]

    13. Dikkat bu review aralarda hafif spoiler, gereken ve hakedilen yerlerde küfür, bolca duygu ve duygu karmaşası içermektedir. Ha bir de emin olamasam da uzun olabiliritesi var. Ve bitirdkten sonra farkettim dizideki karakterlerle/olaylarla konuşan yaşlı teyze stayla da bi yazı olabilir Ben uyarımı yapiyim de haniAğlamaktan ağzıma sıçan kitaplar vol.2 dur kendisi. vol.1 de The Sweet Gum Tree dir. Sağolsunlar varolsunlar. Eger kitabı okumayı düşünüyorsanız olmamanız gerekn du [...]

    14. Exploring the Perils of Open AdoptionThis novel started out kind of like an “after-school special” showing the tragic results of teenage sex, but as I continued to read, the characters became more dimensional and I began to see that there is much more to this novel than I originally believed. The author takes the time to fully develop the characters so that you understood where their decisions are coming from. This is the story of Sara, sixteen and pregnant and the novel opens on the drive t [...]

    15. I read "Girls in Trouble" by Caroline Leavitt and absolutely fell in love with it. I just couldn't put it down. This is a very realistic book that attracted my attention with just the cover. It kept me coming back more throughout the whole book. Just when you think things are settling down the drama starts up again and you just get so anxious to see what's going to happen next. This book gets real and down to the truth about what really happens during young teenage pregnancies. It's not as easy [...]

    16. Girls in Trouble flaunts "all the ingredients for a Lifetime television drama" (The Pittsburgh Post Gazette). In this earnest but uneven work, that's a compliment. Reviewers agree that Leavitt's eighth novel skips over one decisive event too lightly, then unconvincingly leaps forward 15 years. Leavitt has mined this territory before--the slow maturation of a lovesick girl. It's not a very remarkable journey, but the author handles it with sensitivity. The Washington Post calls Girls "a canny por [...]

    17. This book was good & well written. It's about a girl who places her baby for open adoption & then tries to kidnap her, so the adoptive parents move far away to get away from her & dont tell their daughter she's adopted. I felt bad for what the birth mother went through, but some of the things she did were really psycho. And the adoptive parents should have been honest about the fact that the daughter was adopted, because she found out when she was a teenager & didnt handle it wel [...]

    18. Oh my gosh!! This book was so great!! This is the first book I have read by this author. If all of her books are as good as this one was, I will definietly be reading more by this author. The book was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I couldn't put this book down ,no matter how hard I tried!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves books, even those that may not have the ending we all hope for.

    19. I really thought I would like this book and it ended up just being eh to me. The timeline for this book was a complete mess. It is supposed to start out in 1987 but so much of what happened is not what would happen back then but written as if it were for nowadays time. There also wasn't a whole lot that happened in the book that seemed believable at all. I agree with other reviews that there was just too much crammed into the book that was unnecessary and really dragged it out.

    20. A pretty good book about a teenage girl who has a baby and then gives it up for adoption. After the baby is born she decides that she wants to have a bigger part in the babies life, yet the adopted parents don't want her in it as much. It is just about this teenage girls life and mainly the internal struggles she is having and the external with the adoptive parents.

    21. I just finished this book tonight, and I LOVED it. I read well over 100 pages tonight because I couldn't put it down. It's a great book about a 16 year old girl that gets pregnant and gives her baby up for adoption, but does an open adoption, and then things go downhill from there. Highly recommend it!

    22. My best friend, Jessica, and I swap books a lot. She lives in DC and I live in TX, so we send a lot of boxes back and forth filled with books. I found this book to be very sad. But, a good chick lit book.

    23. Totally BORING. I forced myself to finish this one, I thought I would love it - it's about a teenager giving her baby up for adoptiond it got great reviews on but ugh, I thought it was a snooze.

    24. I enjoyed this book and how developed all of the characters were. This is an interesting story of an open adoption that goes wrong. The ending is bittersweet but i still enjoyed it. I recommend it and i'd like to read more by this author.

    25. As an adoptive mother in an open adoption, I could problematize this book from beginning to end -- mainly how it plays to so many stereotypes about adoption. Still made for an interesting read, and am thankful for how it ended.

    26. It was a page-turner, but can't say I agreed with some of the choices the characters made. Don't think it was particularly realistic, but still an insightful read for those trying to understand the emotions of both birthparents, birth grand-parents, and adoptive parents.

    27. the teenage years are tough and life-altering for teenage Sara, for her parents, and everyone in her world; a vivid portrayal

    28. I liked it. Kind of book cluby but good. Felt the main character was a little to clueless at times but it was still a good read.

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