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Eternity Weeps

Eternity Weeps It is on Earth and mankind faces apocalypse The Doctor and his companions must find the secrets of an ancient exodus to prevent the Earth being twisted into the image of a long dead world

  • Title: Eternity Weeps
  • Author: Jim Mortimore
  • ISBN: 9780426204978
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 2003 on Earth and mankind faces apocalypse The Doctor and his companions must find the secrets of an ancient exodus to prevent the Earth being twisted into the image of a long dead world.

    • ✓ Eternity Weeps || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Jim Mortimore
      304 Jim Mortimore
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Eternity Weeps || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Jim Mortimore
      Posted by:Jim Mortimore
      Published :2018-09-22T02:45:26+00:00

    1 thought on “Eternity Weeps

    1. The first 2/3 of this is basically Benny and Jason having a domestic in a patch of sheep shit. Then it gets really interesting really fast for a chapter or two, then everything just goes tits-up completely. There was some good dialogue and a few good moments, but leaving that aside, this story basically just dissolves into irredeemable gore porn at the end. And by the end, nothing added up. It was the worst kind of lazy-ass sci-fi technobable ending with such elements as Benny basically survivin [...]

    2. People say this is deep and clever and funny. Clearly I'm not clever or deep or funny enough, because I disliked it the first time and I disliked it the second time.I've bounced off Mortimore hard before. His writing must be compelling, as I read this in a day, but I really don't like it and I'll stay warned off from on, I think.

    3. Doctor Who: Eternity WeepsBy Jim Mortimore / Virgin /January 1997If there's one thing I've come to expect from Jim Mortimore, it's a high body count. This book is violent. But overall, it's a pretty good NA, save for a few complaints.The first complaint is the almost complete absence of the Doctor throughout the novel. When I pick up a NA (at least until BBC Books took over), I expect to read about the Doctor. Not only are his appearances few and far between, I wouldn't call them 'quality moment [...]

    4. A well-written, tense book that has great insights into Jason's character (and somewhat less into Benny's, mainly because we know her too well). It was an enjoyable and quick read.With that said, it also has some major flaws.First, the book is very much not in the service of the Doctor Who series. It's clearly a test run and set-up for the Benny-led New Adventures series, and the abrupt changes in Benny and Jason's status that are also leading up to that are a bit anticlimatic given the content [...]

    5. nwhytevejournal/2350246ml[return][return]concentrating very much on Benny and Jason's disintegrating marriage, with the Doctor and Chris rather in the background; and Liz Shaw is brought back all too briefly. There is some tremendously well-realised and bleak detail with rival expeditions attempting to find Noah's Ark, and getting into difficulties with competing jurisdictions on Mount Ararat. The book ends with 1997 Earth devastated by alien plague, which is a tough one to carry off if you plan [...]

    6. Oh dear. I would say 'imagine if Warren Ellis wrote a nineties Doctor Who book', but even at his most lazily cynical and apocalyptic, at least Ellis wouldn't tell the story of the Earth's near-death by alien terraforming through the prism of a spiteful domestic row. And not only is it miserable as Hell, not only does it bring back an old companion just to have her die a horrible, pointless death - it doesn't even have characterisation or near-future continuity matched up to, well, anything else [...]

    7. I enjoyed reading this story, the plot was interesting, and the story fast-paced (with a little too much foreshadowing), but it felt like Mortimore was writing about different characters than the ones used in the rest of the series. If this hadn't been a Doctor Who story it might be worth another star, despite a few big plot holes. But since it did feature the Doctor, Benny, Jason, and Chris, it would have been nice if those characters had felt consistent.

    8. *sigh* Well, it's just terrible. I finished it for the sake of it, so near the end of the series, and for the wrapping up of Benny/Jason and the launch of Benny's own series, but still. Still. Oh god I just can't even this is a very ungood book.

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