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All or Nothing

All or Nothing Witty wonderful and quirky romance from the USA Today bestselling author Jen Maitland never had any use for handsome guys with easy charm until she met Zach He s the perfect fake date to end her mot

  • Title: All or Nothing
  • Author: Claire Cross
  • ISBN: 9780425214992
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Witty, wonderful, and quirky romance from the USA Today bestselling author Jen Maitland never had any use for handsome guys with easy charm until she met Zach He s the perfect fake date to end her mother s matchmaking scheme before it starts The only problem is that Zach isn t as predictable as he appears Zach Coxwell hates commitment, but loves a challenge Like tWitty, wonderful, and quirky romance from the USA Today bestselling author Jen Maitland never had any use for handsome guys with easy charm until she met Zach He s the perfect fake date to end her mother s matchmaking scheme before it starts The only problem is that Zach isn t as predictable as he appears Zach Coxwell hates commitment, but loves a challenge Like the pretty bar waitress who turned him down flat for a date only to invite him to her family s Thanksgiving dinner Zach knows he can make Jen smile, and he s betting that he can unravel her mysteries Despite Thanksgiving dinner becoming a familial nightmare for Jen, Zach has the time of his life and finds that Jen may be worth a commitment after all even if he has to convince her by any means necessary.

    • è All or Nothing || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Claire Cross
      261 Claire Cross
    • thumbnail Title: è All or Nothing || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Claire Cross
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    1 thought on “All or Nothing

    1. This book was ok, but I don't think it will be one I'll reread.The plot revolves around Jen who is starting to rejoin the world after barely surviving breast cancer. She has had a mastectomy and has been cancer free for a year. I thought this was a very interesting premise and a welcome change from the usual horrific backstory most characters are saddled with. Jen's hippy mother is threatening to start fixing Jen up with some pretty unappealing men so Jen asks her sister, Cin, for help in gettin [...]

    2. My fave of the series! Jen is quite the woman. Her family is whimsical an loving. And they all love Zach. He becomes quite a man in this book, after being the black sheep of the family throughout the series. I wish there was more to this seriesor a spinoffI am going to miss the Coxwell's. I was hoping to read Beverly's story and after this book maybe more about Jen's family, co-workers or even Teresa.

    3. This was my fave of the series. Loved Jen!! She is a strong woman with a heart of gold. Her family is whimsical but supportive and fun to read about. Zach is a man with a heart of gold deep downhis attitude towards life is contagious and pure. I love him and Jen together. I am sad to see this series end. I'd love to read about T, Jen's siblings, and even Beverly.

    4. Jen Maitland doesn't want her family interfering and setting her up any longer, so in line with her sister's plan, the waitress invites trust-fund baby and ex-law school student, Zach Coxwell to attend her family's Thanksgiving dinner. Her mother will hate him, as will all her other family members, and that's the general ideaZach Coxwell is a total sweetheart. Albeit, a tad loser-ish to begin with. His law school buddies have moved on, all married and now discuss their ironing habits and their d [...]

    5. Opposites or are they?3.5-4 starsA very easy read with a heavy background theme. What you have is a black sheep who has turned his life around and a cancer survivor who hasn't really lived since beating the big C. So really they are both damaged. There is a lot of emotional things that has happened to both MC's. Its not the emotional things that happen as you read so yo get emotional like with a Sparks book. These things have already happened and are still effecting the main characters.I felt th [...]

    6. I enjoyed this story a lot. Jen is one year "cancer free" and is struggling to overcome the belief that she has no future and move on with her life. Zach, the black sheep of his family, has dropped out of law school and is struggling to figure out what he wants to be when he "grows up." Together, they spur each other on to overcome their issues and try to build the future they want. This is one of those rare stories where I enjoyed every scene and devoured every word. I usually get agitated by e [...]

    7. Really more of a 3 1/2 stars. I liked the storyline. I liked how the author showed that the craziest families have good points.The health issue was handled wonderfully. I was sitting in the doctor's office, reading, and my eyes teared up. I was trying not to cry, trying to convince those around me that my allergies were acting up.The thing that bothered me about this book was Jen. Her whole purpose in this book was to keep running away. I thought it showed a lack of respect for Zach, a lack of c [...]

    8. This was a fun, well-written book. Jen hasn't been dating for a while, but she needs to stop her mom from matchmaking for her. Zeke, a handsome man with easy charm, seems like just the guy to bring home to stop her mom's efforts. Zeke makes it his mission to find a way to make Jen smile, and she starts to suspect there is more to Zeke than his surface image. This book made me laugh and I enjoyed it very much. It can be read as a standalone book, though it is the fourth book in a series. I loved [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. The characters had lots of problems to overcome; not the least of which were their crazy families. They grew as human beings as they worked through their struggles. It made them real and better people. And there was romance. You don't often find romance and characters with depth in books today. One of the best books I've read in quite a while. I highly recommend it.

    10. Family love & respectI like this book a lot. Family is amazing and we have the family that we get. Their strength, love, respect, and unity reminds me so much of my family. We might agree to everything but we support one another no matter what. I've read many of Deborah's books from the start. She is an inspiring writer.

    11. Very good romanceThe characters were real and the writing was good. The timeline was wonky I find it strange they didn't even talk between events. It would have been more impactful if all communication ceased after Christmas. And she just missed the sound of his voice on the phone.

    12. Fantastic bookThis book has depth, is humorous, and features a great cast of characters. Roxie may or may not be my favorite character, but I'm not telling! I'm used to holiday novels having a certain cliched feel to them. This was not cliched at all. The author did a great job. Well worth the read.

    13. Maybe because I haven't been in the heroine's position so I couldn't relate. The bitter-Betty syndrome was way too hard to take. I couldn't get past 100-pages. Nothing likable about the heroine crept up in that time so I moved on.

    14. Cute romanceEnjoyable book by an author with a bewildering number of pen names that I shall never remember. Good treatment of a sensitive subject that would possibly encourage women who are similarly challenged.

    15. This was the first book I read by this author, and I was impressed. The writing was well-paced, the characters were robust, and I thought she wrote about the character's experience with cancer very thoughtfully. I will look for other books by Deborah Cooke.

    16. I love a book that includes music either in a song list that the author listened to while writing the book or songs that the characters listen to. This book gave me 2 new songs to obsess over '12 fingers' by Young The Giant & 'Smother me' by The Used.

    17. TrustI normally refuse to give 5 full stars for stories with proofing flubs, but this story was so good that the flubs were less annoying. It's a warm tale of learning to trust, taking chances, and love's sneaky ways of winning out.

    18. Sooo cute!I loved this book, it's sweet, funny, super cute I fell in love with the couple I definitely recommend it

    19. .Great bookThis book was well written and the storyline great It gives you a glimpse into the life of someone living with cancer & how important family & friends are.

    20. Couldn't put it down.Definitely enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. Only wished had read the others first. Will do that later.

    21. Terrific romance The way the characters interacted really made the story not the usual love story. The ending was what I wanted to happen.

    22. LifeThis was a great read a typical picture of real life not happily ever after but the real thing and how finding you soul mate can help you over come the trials of life.

    23. A nice romantic read.A nice romantic read. Second chances do happen. And fairy tales can come true with chance encounters. A lovely read for the Romantic in us all.

    24. So much fun!! Absolutely loved the imperfect characters and families. Author had me laughing out loud. Highly recommend.

    25. Well written, well developed characters and descriptive family ties. The fact that the main character was a cancer survivor immediately pulled at my heart strings.

    26. Sweet bookI enjoyed reading it. This book is an easy enjoyable read.I would recommend it to any one. Good story line.

    27. EnjoyedWas a great read. Enjoyable, characters seemed real. Don't read a lot of romance but enjoyed light romance with story line.

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