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The Last Highlander

The Last Highlander While celebrating the reclaiming of a Edinburgh Castle a Scottish warrior heads down a flight of stairs and into another century Scottland When a beautiful American traveller stumbles upon this

  • Title: The Last Highlander
  • Author: Claire Cross Claire Delacroix
  • ISBN: 9780515123371
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • While celebrating the reclaiming of a Edinburgh Castle, a Scottish warrior heads down a flight of stairs and into another century Scottland, 1998 When a beautiful American traveller stumbles upon this handsome Highlander, she is intensely drawn to the mystery surrounding this man, a mystery that has the power to alter history and her heart forever

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    1 thought on “The Last Highlander

    1. While on vacation in Scotland, lost in the rigid and controlled schedule of her sister and brother in law- the heroine is still waiting to get what she came for- folklore stories. During a visit to a castle, she finds a man at the bottom of the stairs, having obviously hit his head. She is disgusted to discover he smells of drink and her history with men who drink is less than stellar. He is quite confused and seem to feel the need to be close to her despite her reluctance to give him the time o [...]

    2. Worth the hangover. Well written! I couldn’t put it down. I have to wake up in 5 hours but it was too good to put down. Well worth the book hangover in the morning. I laughed, I cried, and I will be looking for more books by this author.

    3. This book DRAGGED! I Slugged through it. This is a time travel to the present 1998. I prefer time travel to the past. It took forever to get the story going. The hero took until almost page 100 to let the heroine know he was a time traveler. The last 100 pages were very good. I enjoyed how they worked together to figure out how to get him back to the past. He had to go back because Scotland's history was totally changed when he went forward in time. They eventually get their HEA but there is som [...]

    4. Quotable Quotes:Loving was about knowing when to shelter and when to set free. ‘Tis not stupidity to trust someone held within one’s heart.A promise made was a promise kept.A man’s honor was the only thing of value he could call his own.I’m partial to time travel. I mean, after all, what is better than experiencing the real thing instead of reading about it in history books? Author Claire DelaCroix made it very enjoyable plenty of comical situations and many moments where I related to th [...]

    5. I absolutely love reading time travel books. This one was interesting in that our traveler came forward in time. Seen through the eyes of a young Scottish man, he believed he had crossed over to the land of fey. Having grown up on Scottish folklore, he believed that he had been captured in Morgan's strange but magical kingdom. This is a story of love and the power the heart has to cross over hundreds of years for that special someone. The story of the briar and the rose had me first crying my he [...]

    6. I wanted to read something similar to the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, but have now tried two by different authors and they are a pale imitation. This is very lightweight and the story doesn't really go very far. The history content is very confusing.

    7. AwesomeThe tale is heartfelt, delightful and fun with Scottish history thrown in. What more could you ask for on a cold and snowy night?

    8. The Last Highlander:Magical. Exciting. Superb.Alasdair and Morgan's romance progresses as a magical adventure. Leery of men, thinking they are all the same as her ex, Morgan is more than suspicious when she finds a highlander, clad in traditional attire, moaning at the bottom of the stairs in Edinburgh Castle. She is even more confused when history as she knows it, is lost to everyone else. The last thing Alasdair remembers is an old witch telling him he must ask Morgaine le Fee, queen of the Fa [...]

    9. When Alasdair MacAulay meets a witch while celebrating a victory over the English at Edinburgh Castle in 1314, he is taunted into meeting the Sorceress Morgaine Le Fee. Instead, he finds himself transported into 1998 to land at the feet of American tourist Morgan Lafayette. He thinks she’s a Farie and she thinks he’s drunk. Her sister Justine thinks this is a perfect chance to get her sister to date.Unfortunately, Alisdair’s time travel has changed the course of history causing Robert the [...]

    10. "The Last Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance" by Claire Delacroix, Deborah Cooke, Claire Cross, is an interesting and unique tale of Scottish Time Travel. In this story though, instead of going back in time, the hero gets thrown 800 years into the future.A bit slow in places, but picks up as the reader continues. The hero, is strong, chivalrous, and a supporter of Robert the Bruce. The heroine is safe, doesn't trust easily but determined to help get the hero back to his time, if not, h [...]

    11. The Last Highlander is a wonderful twist on time traveling. Instead of going into the past the hero comes to 1998. It was intriguing to see how history had been changed by Alasdair’s disappearance from 1314. Seeing it happened from one to early afternoon from Morgan’s point of view is ingenious. I found the characters, Morgan and Alasdair, to be a delightful contrast as they sort through what has happened. She is more dreamer and he is more the doer, still they complete each other. The plot [...]

    12. The Last Highlander is an interesting book on how a Medieval man responds to the modern world. After a battle which won Edinburg Castle for Robert the Bruce, Alasdair MacAuley is dared by a witch to find Morgaine le Fee. The witch hands him a sprig of heather and a stone. Alasdair falls down a flight of stairs and awakes in the present day castle to be greeted by Morgan Lafayette. Neither understand who the other is only that once Alasdair appears the history of Robert the Bruce changes.Througho [...]

    13. An enjoyable romp through Scotland with a highlander thrown 700 years into the future and the woman he believes is Morgaine le Fey.He was a little less freaked out by the modern conveniences than I would have thought but it could all have been faerie magic. I enjoyed reading about a possible alternate recent past because of the paradox of him leaving (too often nothing really changes, but how can that be?) and the wandering through Scotland, a place I would love to visit.Copy gifted by the Publi [...]

    14. This was a fun, sweet, well-written, enjoyable book. Alasdair is in Scotland in 1314, when he encounters an old woman with a message from Morgaine le Fee, Queen of the Fairies and suddenly things are very unfamiliar! Morgan Lafayette is vacationing in Scotland in 1998 when she runs into Alasdair! This is a stand alone book, one of the author's Time Travel romance series. I can't wait to read the next Time Travel romance in the series! Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review [...]

    15. "The Last Highlander" squanders a fairly successful storyline and not unappealing characters with tons of typos, transparent writing, pacing issues, clunky dialogue, and repetitive/too blatant issue-labeling (in other words, instead of using her protagonist's behavior to show damage, the author just states again and again that she was too hurt by another man to trust). It's almost like reading a first draft. With a lot more work, "The Last Highlander" could have been good; as is, it's a waste of [...]

    16. I actually put this book down and read two others before I finished it. Many many errors, slow to engage the reader. I'm not a fan of taking someone's work and making a new story out of it. Original ideas are more interesting to me than changing old fairy tales. Hummm, I have two more of her books to read, I seriously hope they are better than the first two. Otherwise I just won't make it through them.

    17. Cute, highlander time travel romance of highlander that travels forward in time 700 years and falls in love with a woman that he at first thinks is a sorceress out to bespell him. Eventually he realizes the truth and longs to return to his own time, if only he hadn't fallen in love. It had it's moments, but rambled at times, still it wasn't bad, but I've read better.ktleyed/2010/06/l

    18. Transportingly captivating!I'm not usually fond of time travel stories, but I have to say that I loved, loved, loved, loved this story. The characters are all captivating and real and you fall in love with them all. So well written you feel like you are a passenger in this journey. Great insight also into Scottish history and how easily changing one thing could change things for ever.

    19. I love time travel romances and not all of them work for me. This one worked great. It was a bit different from many other as the hero came to today's world. Or late 1990's that is. So it doesn't have some of the action one might get from going to the past. I loved it though. What a hero. *sigh. It made me smile at the end. And sigh some more.

    20. Enjoyable time travelI so enjoyed the Jewels of Kinfarlie and the Rogues of Ravensmuir and this was just as brilliantly written, This is about Alasdair and Morgan and the adventures they had getting Alasdair back to his own time to save his son. One I couldn't put down and will read again

    21. So good I criedThis story is just beautiful. Broken hearts, fairly stories, sisters, and a sweet, brawl Highlander. I dont want to spoil the story, but it captures you. The characters are so real, and their challenges and triumphs will have you smiling thru your tears.

    22. I'm not sure what to say I wasn't going to read this after the first one but I started and then finished! The characters felt more realistic to me and even though I have issues with a 800 year time travel and the traveler not freaking out this was more enjoyable.

    23. Enjoyed the humorI read a lot of highlander stories. I loved the humor of seeing things from the highlander's point of view after being sent to modern time.

    24. Almost didn't read this book.The more I read this story the more I got involved with it. Morgan was so believing and yet tried to be practical.

    25. A little slow at the beginning but picked up gradually and had a wonderful ending. It reminded me of Outlander in many ways.

    26. A little drawn out sometimes, but I kept with it. Cute book overall. I've obviously been in escape to Highlander mode lately

    27. Good book overall but did tend to drag in places. Still love a Delacroix novel and enjoy time travel the most.

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