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White Star: A Dog on the Titanic

White Star A Dog on the Titanic Sam Harris is on the trip of a lifetime He s traveling from England to New York on the first voyage of the greatest ocean liner in history the Titanic Here is a story of cowardice and courage of desp

  • Title: White Star: A Dog on the Titanic
  • Author: Marty Crisp
  • ISBN: 9780823415984
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sam Harris is on the trip of a lifetime He s traveling from England to New York on the first voyage of the greatest ocean liner in history the Titanic Here is a story of cowardice and courage, of despair and determination, and of an unbreakable bond between a boy and a dog on one terrifying night.

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    1 thought on “White Star: A Dog on the Titanic

    1. This is another one I want to give a point five rating to - this time a 2.5. I'm not generally a fan of fictionalized accounts of real events, particularly when the sinking of the Titanic offers a wealth of stories to research and detail, so there shouldn't be any need to make things up. I also found the book lacking in emotional depth (this is not helped by the occasionally unnatural dialogue), unable to truly convey what survivor's guilt feels like, or what that night felt like, and the happy [...]

    2. Cody Bigler1-31-088-3White StarOne of the best books that I ever read is called White Star. Marty Crisp who I thought was a very good writer for this book wrote this book. The best genre that would fit this book would be adventure. The main characters in this book would be Sam Harris, White Star, and Mr. Ismay. Sam is a very interesting character and I thought that he was a very caring person for taking care of Mr. Ismay’s dog. White Star would be a sweet dog to have because in a part of the [...]

    3. White Star is about a boy named Sam Harris and he is going on the Titanic to get to America to see his mom. But when he was on the boat he meets a dog named Star. Star was a show dog, and him and Sam are getting along really well and are starting to be good friends. When Sam walked out all the workers were getting lifeboats ready and they were loading kids and women first but Sam wanted to know what was happening. When he got told they hit an iceberg and were sinking he wanted Star to come with. [...]

    4. This book was about how Sam was in charge of watching dogs on the Titanic. He loved this dog named Star. He would sleep with Star every night. One night they heard a big bump at midnight. Sam went out of his room and everybody was being worried while standing in the halls. They put on life jackets, so everybody was in safety. Some people started jumping onto life boats in the water. 10 minutes later the Titanic started calapsing. The people who already jumped were the ones who had a better chanc [...]

    5. I love this book so much. It is such a beautiful story, I actually think this is the first book that made me cry

    6. IN "White Star" By Mart Crisp, The year Is 1912.12 yr old Sam Harris Boards the famous Ship,"Titanic".On the ship,Sam Meets a courageous dog in the kennel,And decides to name is "White Star" But when Disaster strikes,White star is the only one to save Little Sam Harris's Life.This story Of bravery Will is very heartbreaking and will sure bring you to tears! This Book was a absolute treasure to read! The plt had a very Winsome touch it! I felt like i was being glued into the book.The vocaburlary [...]

    7. I'm a Titanic nut! So when I saw this at a used bookstore, I thought, "what the heck? This looks cute."A very fast and easy read if you want your child to read this. Plus, cute dogs!As an adult reading this, though, it flies by and I feel like I don't get to know the characters. The sinking of the Titanic is such an immense story that obviously this book could only hit the highlights of each day of the voyage. I don't get a sense of Sam fretting for his life and I don't feel like the chapters du [...]

    8. Sam Harris, 12, on board The Titanic, sailing home to reunite with his mother and new step-father after six long years. He takes a liking to the dogs on the ship, but one in particular quickly becomes his favoriteStar, a gorgeous Irish Setter that belongs to the owner of the ship. Star and Sam are inseparable, although he knows that they will go their own way when reaching America. In this fictionalized account of the tragedy of the doomed Titanic, the boy and dog worked together to stay alive i [...]

    9. gr 5-8 130pgs1912, Titanic. 12 year old Sam is not looking forward to the voyage at all. He doesn't understand why he can't continue to live with his grandparents in England and instead must return to America to live with his mother and new step-father. Sam still misses his father and is sure he won't like his step-father. His feelings about the trip change when he and his friend Bucky find a dog kennel on board and Sam befriends one of the dogs, Star. When the ship begins to sink, Sam is determ [...]

    10. White Star: A Dog on the Titanic was a very interesting book. I hate reading and not many books keep me attached to them unlike this one. The three main characters are Sam Harris, Star, and Mr. Ismay. Sam is heading back to America with his parents from Germany where his grandparents live. On the Titanic Sam meets Mr. Ismay and his dog Star. Sam asked Mr. Ismay if he could take Star on a walk around the Titanic. Sam and Star become instantly connected. Everyday after that Star is always with Sam [...]

    11. I love books about the Titanic, but I've never read one that really told about the dogs that were on board. Indeed, there was a dog kennel on the Titanic!Sam Harris is a young boy in 1912 traveling on the Titanic. He has a sharp eye for dogs and always enjoys having fun. He makes friends with the boy who works in the ship's kennel, Phineas MacDonald. Together, with Sam's friend, Bucky, these boys create their own adventures aboard the ship (mostly adventures which include dogs).White Star is the [...]

    12. I read this in fourth grade, and I read it again a few months ago, and it's still one of the sweetest book I've ever read. It was one of those books that I liked because there was a dog on the cover, but never end up reading, until I was bored one day and decided to read it. The ending is funny and beautiful as well, and to see how White Star and him bond is just lovely. I nearly forgot that White Star belonged to another person until the end, but it worked out really well. It wasn't like those [...]

    13. This is a really interesting book to read, because you don't find these that often. It relates to the famous Titanic and how it drowned. Sam meets star in the kennel and they start forming somekind of a bond.I don't want to be a spoiler that much, but I do recommend people to read this book. It is a touching book and I know it may be small but it is full of meaningful words.(not saying other books aren't)

    14. White Star is a great way to introduce children to the events that happened on the Titanic. The story of the tragic sinking is presented in a way that children can understand. Since the main character is about 12 years old, elementary students can connect with his experiences on Titanic. I love the relationship that Sam has with his dog and I suggest this book for any child who is interested in the topic or time period.

    15. Just by reading this book, I became a fan of the RMS Titanic. Inside, it has the Titanic timeline, the ship's fascinating mysteries, and some of the famous people's bio who survived and died. It has a nice plot. Talks about courage, friendship, and love toward animals, friends and family. I also love Sam and Star's relationship (team SS lol). Marty Crisp did a great job. If you're a fan of the Titanic or dogs, or both, then this book is a must-read for you.

    16. A must-read for all those fascinated by and interested in the sinking of the Titanic. Well researched as documented amongst others by an extensive bibliography, with lots of interesting facts and mysteries surrounding the tragedy, it is brought to life through the eyes of young Sam and the dog Star. While much will sound familiar to those having read other books about the Titanic, having a young boy and a dog at the center of the action, will surely make it a special treat for all dog lovers.

    17. This book didn't take me long to read since everyone knows the story of Titanic so well. But it is interresting to consider the dogs that traveled along with their masters on the fated voyage. I can personally say that I would be one of the passengers that "Would never let go" of my husband or my dog since they are my truest family, and whether in life or in spirit I would trust their love to save me. Definatly a great book for dog and history lovers.

    18. It was a very enjoyable, very fast-paced and very touching children's book. It had really beautiful illustrations, great characters, really exciting adventure and a very enjoyable story. I got this book from Ms. Marshall from Davis Drive Elementary School. It's one of the best dog books I've ever read. I would recommend this book to dog lovers of all ages.

    19. Easy read for kids. Has a lot of facts mixed with fiction and a few new vocab words for the kiddos. It is a good for prompting "what would you do" and "how would you feel" conversations. Good historical info that people do not think about when discussing the sinking of the Titanic the summary facts at the end are a little sad.

    20. This book is about an unbreakable bond between a boy and a dog on the titanic. This book shows all about a boy and a dogs fight to survive on the sinking titanic. while every other person on the boat is running up stairs he is the only one running down stairs to save the dog star. in this book i learned that dogs really are mans best friend.

    21. This book was very engaging and would catch the attention of any child who loves animals, because the main character in the book is a dog. This book can also be an aid in teaching about the history of the Titanic. It gets students interested in reading while giving them a little bit of history at the same time.

    22. 2004 This book is the typicfal book about the titanic, however it is written in place of the dog that had its own experience surviving the titanic. It enjoyed the fact that it came from a different perspective so that my students can learn to write for and different audiences in mind as they write from a varity of perspectives.

    23. Sam Harris is going to America on the Titanic. He finds a new friend on this ship. An Irish Setter that he calls White Star. The Titanic hits an iceburg and begins to sink. It is up to Star whether they survive or not.Reasons why I like this book-Reason 1- It is a book with dogs.Reason 2- I know it is a book I will read again and again.Reason 3- I couldn't stop reading.

    24. I liked this book because it was happy in most parts butt it gets sad in some parts. My favorite part was when sam fount the dog and wanted to keep him even though his mom said no because i love dogs. I recommend this book to people who like happy,sad, and dog books. I think 5th graders would like this book because it is a good reading level.

    25. This a very moving story about a boy and his new friend, a dog, and their journey across the water. This is another story from the experience of the Titanic sinking on the boat. I am not sure if this is a true story,but it could be. I dare not say what happens in the end!

    26. awsooooom and beutiful book shows true friendship i loved it it really had an efect on me i feel bad for that lady i cant remmber her names who i think died with her dog and i was really really sad for mr.danials dog pye i was gonna cry about it.but verey good book.

    27. I am sure if I had read this at a younger age, I would have enjoyed it much more. There were multiple historical inaccuracies and the story line was basic. Then again, it is meant to be a children's book, and I read it in middle school.

    28. Don't remember too much about this book. Seeing as I read it back in, oh, third or fourth grade. It is about a dog on the Titanic, and a little boy. But I'm sure you could see that because of the cover. And I thought it was amazing! Seeing as I rated it 5 out of 5.

    29. This book is easily relatable if you have ever lost a loved one. It quite accurately describes how the heart can hurt when it happens, and heal afterwards. With comfort and love, and perhaps another to fill the hole the lost one has made in the heart, the survivor can go on surviving.

    30. i like that this book takes a look at the animals that were on the titanic not just the people. it also tells a real tear jurker about a boy and his dog kinda like a titanic version of old yeller

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