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Airframe At a moment when the issue of safety and death in the skies is paramount in the public mind a lethal midair disaster aboard a commercial twin jet airliner flying from Hong Kong to Denver triggers a p

  • Title: Airframe
  • Author: Michael Crichton
  • ISBN: 9780345402875
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • At a moment when the issue of safety and death in the skies is paramount in the public mind, a lethal midair disaster aboard a commercial twin jet airliner flying from Hong Kong to Denver triggers a pressured and frantic investigation in which the greatest casualty may be the truth.

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      361 Michael Crichton
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    1 thought on “Airframe

    1. Rating: 3.5 breathless stars of fiveI really hate flying. I'm not scared of it, I just dislike being herded into inky-dinky seats meant for short people by ill-tempered sky-waiters who charge for pillows and booze, and then I have to pay more than I used to make a week for the privilege of being searched, patted by men I'm not attracted to in places I don't want to be patted unless I am, etc etc etc.Fifteen years ago, all that was more or less to come, and storymonger Crichton used planes for a [...]

    2. I read this book aloud to my husband during the past week or so, and parts of it were very dramatic, but other parts (all those charts!) were a bit dull even though we knew they were important. I don't know how a narrator for an audio version would read them, I either handed the book to Marco and let him see for himself, or else I just said 'lots of numbers that I am not going to read'. We got the gist of it all anyway.Casey Singleton is in charge of a team trying to figure out what went wrong o [...]

    3. Mike gave me this book when we visited him, Anna, and Kaley at their Woodbridge apt--jesus it must be 3 or 4 (or 5?) years ago. I remember how funny he was about it. Convo went something like this:------------MS: Hey Jay - I got this book for you to haveme: Oh really? Well, what's it about?MS: Pfft fuck if I know. Anna tried it. I tried it. Too many goddamn acronyms in it. me: (laughs)MS: I'm serious, dude. It's all about an airliner crash. But the fuckin author uses every acronym under the sun. [...]

    4. I will be putting up my review of Stoner tomorrow, I promise; I need to fine tune it some.But more to the point, Airframe was a book that I enjoyed quite some time back. My mother is a huge fan of Crichton, and as a result, we have his whole collection at home. I was about 15 when she (mother dearest) first read Airframe, and I very vividly remember her raving about it. Being an engineer herself, it was quite obvious that she would enjoy it. And being as far from being an engineer as can be, I w [...]

    5. Read this a while ago. Back then I probably would have given it four or five stars, but tastes change. I remember starting to read this, while sitting in a plane, about to hurl itself down a runway to take-off and thinking "How stupid can I be?" If you want some well written, fast paced entertainment, without having to engage too much brain power, this is a good choice. Unless you are afraid of flying ;)

    6. This is my first Crichton since the Andromeda Strain written so many years ago. Another reason to ignore the professional critics who have not been terribly kind to Crichton in the past few years. I really liked this book. It has a marvelous blend of science, information and a good plot that keeps the pages turning.It’s interesting that many of the reviews I read focused on the aircraft industry. I think the book is more about the media and it’s relentless pursuit of the visual and the sound [...]

    7. As someone who worked most of my life in Aerospace, on the supersonic B-1 bomber, and then on several Titan missile and launch vehicle programs, I found the book well researched. There were a few times when I said to myself, "In what manufacturing area would THAT occur?" But he's right on with the incessant use of acronyms, and the increasing prevalence of cost-cutting maneuvers that end up compromising flight safety. And I believe he's right on about the maneuvers of the airline companies that [...]

    8. When Michael Crichton is good he is very, very good but this effort is just plain horrible. The only reason I finished it is due to my obsession about not wanting to miss anything. I found myself reading the first sentence of paragraphs and skipping the rest to move more quickly to the end. I don't think I missed anything doing it that way.The characters are stereotyped beyond belief: the hard working but put upon single mother, the brusque and impatient boss, the techy nerds, the debonair test [...]

    9. One of those books that I liked but did not like enough. Like most of his other books, this one is well researched by Crichton but I guess not enough to hold my full attention. The beginning was "fun", for a lack of a better word (how fun can airplane accidents be?!?) and even the whole technology mumbo jumbo was somewhat fun (trust me, there is a lot of it) but than the political thing came along where contracts were threatened due to safety issues/concerns and my brain tried to turn itself off [...]

    10. This was my first Michael Crighton book (I know, I know, I'm an idiot for never reading him before). I really enjoyed Airframe. It was a fast paced techno mystery from the first to the last. I feel like I learned a lot about the design, manufacturing and flying of commercial aircraft. I also learned how lax the quality control is for airlines (seriously, I might never fly again). Casey is a quality investigator for an airplane manufacturer who is sent to investigate an incident that occurred inv [...]

    11. Read this one a while back before I joined GR. Learned a lot about how planes are built. Good book for airplane geeks.

    12. Enlightening, enjoyed it. Thrilled me, really. I think it was the first time I consciously became aware of scent of women, it wasn't warning enough. So beware a la Little Red Lung. And, I learned how the planes take off and more importantly stay in the air. Very interesting. See, this is what I love about Crichton, he taught me so many things without being smug about it.I can only hope he is with Odin right now.

    13. Airframe is - for better or for worse, depending on your point of view - exactly what we've come to expect from a Michael Crichton novel. There's a big-budget action sequence to get us going, a myriad of technological details, a mystery to be solved, a conspiracy driving things in the background, one well-developed protagonist, and a cast of supporting players that really don't exist beyond their role in the plot.Having said all that, it's also a novel I finished over the course of a weekend.The [...]

    14. Michael Crichton is a master of taking complicated subjects and easing the reader into them while at the same time making the characters seem well immersed in the details. Airframe is a novel about airplanes, and specifically an investigation into a plane accident by the plane's manufacturer. Though all the characters know more about airplanes than you ever will, Crichton has presented a spectacular mixture of in-depth research and understandable explanations. Not only by the end of the novel di [...]

    15. Warning: Do not read this if you're going to board a plane in the next two weeks. Stunner of a book. Typical Crichton. Supremely complex subject, turned into a very digestible thriller. Airplane technology merged with the greed and machinations of the media industry. Wonderfully written and a satisfying ending. If you like thrillers and don't mind learning a thing or two about aviaton, you'll love this.

    16. I chose this book for my August reading challenge (criterion: must be a book I've never read) only to discover after reading it that I have read this book, and it was utterly forgettable. Though at least now I know why the central mystery seemed so obvious a solution.

    17. Fuselage, Auto pilot, Slat deployment, Stall alarm, JAA, FAA, Autopilot, Avionics,Nose up & down,Cycle electrical test, whatelse??A very good investigative thriller pack. But climax is childish.

    18. Crichton has a true best seller here that holds the attention all the way through the 400+ pages. I like the fact that his protagonist is a gutsy lady who is working with a bunch of engineers in an aircraft plant. She knows how to hold her own and that takes a lot when you know how engineers manage their interpersonal relations and staff. I like the portrayal of the television media for what many of them are; vampires for the latest blood and gore, willing to sacrifice the real explanation of a [...]

    19. Whenever I want to get back in the swing of reading, I pick an easy read. That’s what this book is – easy. It’s about an airplane crash, the media’s desire to sensationalize instead of report the news, and the politics of the airplane business. It has little character development, and much of the dialogue is driven by explaining how airplanes and the airplane business operate (there is always some dumb character around to ask the obvious question that results in a mini lecture). I suppos [...]

    20. If you want a page-turner with a lot of techno-speak about airplanes thrown in for good measure, then this one's for you. The pace of this book is fantastic, and I probably would have read it in 2-3 days had I not had other things going on. However, there are several parts in "Airframe" where I felt that the author was just showing off his verbose knowledge about aircraft.In 1968, Alex Hailey wrote a terrific thriller called "Airport", which was all about what could go wrong on an overseas fligh [...]

    21. I first read it when I was in 11th, I guess. I didn't understand a bit - thought it to be too dense. I promised myself that I would read it again, as and when I sit in an airplane so that I could slightly visualize what was happening.Given the fact that I have now become more adept at reading denser stuff, and now that I have already seen the inside of a plane - the ride was less bumpy. This book has always been an acquired taste. Efforts have to be made, but the rewards are satisfying.

    22. IMO, Crichton's best novel. The technicality of it is really astounding, as though an aircraft engineer wrote the story and not him. A very interesting mystery that goes deep into all the incredible work done by aviation investigators after a crash.

    23. For someone scared of flying, I was recommended this book. Well written, gripping and full of facts about planes and the level of testing involved before they are used commercially. It has alleviated some of my terror and I hope the next time in fly (May), I remember this feeling.

    24. Learnt a few things1. Disasters are often caused by a sequence of unfortunate incidents.2. Record keeping is a good thing.3. Humans ARE the weakest link.4. Don't let your kid fly your plane. 5. Wear seatbelts, just in case.

    25. Scroll down for the English version.Chi ha paura di volare?Ricordo di aver rimandato la lettura di questo libro, in seguito a un commento di un passeggero del volo da Cagliari a Londra, il quale me la sconsigliava prima di un viaggio aereo.Lì per lì ho pensato che dovesse essere veramente inquietante, ma adesso, dopo averlo letto, mi rendo conto che mi ha fatto esattamente l'effetto contrario.Siamo senza dubbio di fronte ad un gran bel thriller, che ci racconta di uno strano incidente aereo e [...]

    26. I'm working my way through a couple other books but felt the need for a change of pace this weekend and took a break with Airframe. It was a quick, engaging read.It's one of those stories rooted in detailed understanding of an arcane subject--in this case the intricacies of commercial aircraft design (fleshed out with excursions into rivalry among manufacturers and carrier problems such as the effects of deregulation). I tend to like such stories, especially when those esoteric details actually [...]

    27. My last two reads from Crichton were Timeline and Prey and I liked them a lot so I was very excited to see what this one was about. From the cover alone I deduced that it had something to do with planes, and as much as I don't like them I have to use them from time to time ( I had a close call twice on the same day same plane, yeah) but it didn't diminish the enjoyment of what this brought, there was nothing supernatural this time, it was pure brain and iron power with a little mystery on top. T [...]

    28. Airframe was the third Creaton book I read in a row (after park and lost world), and I have to say, it is different, besides instead of being about killer dinosaurs it is about airplanes and how they work. While the park and world were more action based, this story is more like a mystery. And unlike a lot of books and stories, where it is pretty obvious what happened and who did it, it actually stays a mystery for the whole story. While some of the characters are just cookie cutter stereotypes, [...]

    29. Before I read this, I’d never read a book by Michael Crichton. As he’s one of the bestselling authors of recent decades, that might come as a surprise. I thought it was time to correct that omission. As someone with an interest in aviation (I’m a fan of trashy TV programmes like Air Crash Investigation, and also the excellent Flaps podcast), I thought Airframe was the perfect option to fill the gap.Airframe is advertised as “a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled thriller from the master of hi [...]

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