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The Dark Vineyard: A Novel of the French Countryside

The Dark Vineyard A Novel of the French Countryside In this riveting sequel to Martin Walker s internationally acclaimed novel Bruno Chief of Police some of France s great pleasures wine passion and intrigue converge in a dark chain of events that t

  • Title: The Dark Vineyard: A Novel of the French Countryside
  • Author: MartinWalker
  • ISBN: 9780307270184
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this riveting sequel to Martin Walker s internationally acclaimed novel Bruno, Chief of Police, some of France s great pleasures wine, passion and intrigue converge in a dark chain of events that threaten the peaceful village of Saint Denis.Beno t Bruno Courr ges devoted friend, cuisinier extraordinaire and the town s only municipal policeman rushes to the scene whenIn this riveting sequel to Martin Walker s internationally acclaimed novel Bruno, Chief of Police, some of France s great pleasures wine, passion and intrigue converge in a dark chain of events that threaten the peaceful village of Saint Denis.Beno t Bruno Courr ges devoted friend, cuisinier extraordinaire and the town s only municipal policeman rushes to the scene when a research station for genetically modified crops is burned down outside Saint Denis Bruno immediately suspects a group of fervent environmentalists who live nearby, but the fire is only the first in a string of mysteries centering on the region s fertile soil Then a bevy of winemakers descends on Saint Denis, competing for its land and spurring resentment among the villagers Romances blossom Hearts are broken Some of the sensual pleasures of the town s dinner of a truffle omelette and grilled b casses, a community grape crushing provide an opportunity for both warm friendship and bitter hostilities to form The town s rival,Max, an environmentalist who hopes to make organic wine Jacqueline, a flirtatious, newly arrived Quebecoise and Fernando, the heir to an American wine fortune act increasingly erratically Events grow ever darker, culminating in two suspicious deaths, and Bruno finds that the problems of the present are never far from those of the past.A splendid mystery and a delectable serving of the pleasures of France.

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    1. Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: In this riveting sequel to Martin Walker's internationally acclaimed novel Bruno, Chief of Police, some of France's great pleasures--wine, passion and intrigue--converge in a dark chain of events that threaten the peaceful village of Saint-Denis.Benoît (Bruno) Courrèges, devoted friend, cuisinier extraordinaire and the town's only municipal policeman, rushes to the scene when a research station for genetically modified crops is burned down outside Saint-De [...]

    2. It is hard not to grab the next book in the Bruno, Chief of Police series after finishing the current read. Once again, the reader is swooped up in the holistic experience of the fictional small town of Saint-Denis (situated loosely in the region of Périgord in France).Police Chief, Captain Bruno Courrèges, is taking care of his beloved town as usual. His love life is tick-tocking between everlasting and heartbreaking, and 'his people' is thrown into the mystery of a GMO-research facility, the [...]

    3. I’d been skeptical of the idea of police procedurals set in the Dordogne, especially since the first book in this series, 'Bruno, Chief of Police,' opened with some hullaballoo about the illegal sale of raw cheese in the small village of St. Denis. I jumped to the conclusion that here was another ‘cozy mystery’, populated with clichéd and overwritten local characters, its plot revolving around quaint but hardly riveting local issues. After a year of reading the brilliant Scandinavian crim [...]

    4. 3.5 starsPolice Chief Bruno Correges of Saint-Denis, France is on the spot when a fire destroys a field of genetically modified crops (GMOs) and a nearby barn - which unexpectedly contains a batch of office equipment. Bruno becomes suspicious of the local ecolos (green party members), who vehemently oppose GMOs. He questions Alphonse, the elderly, hippie leader of the "greens' and his foster son Max, a handsome young man who works for a local wine maker and hopes to become a vintner himself. Alp [...]

    5. I have decided that I will no longer provide in-depth reviews of the middle books of a series UNLESS they make a special impact on me or it is the first or most current book of the series.This second book in the Bruno, Chief of Police Series, is as enchanting as the first. The book delves into French Wine Trade, French Inheritance Law, French Politics and GMO's while leaving behind a few dead bodies and an intriguing mystery.This series provides adult characters, mature writing, crime while maki [...]

    6. It is so easy to be drawn into this series! . Walker writes with knowledge and obvious love for the Dordognes, the area in which Bruno lives. The contemporary issues and politics, part of the fabric of this series, ring true. Here the story revolves around wine production in the region. A big American wine conglomerate wants to buy up land and start producing in and around the town of St Denis. And someone is experimenting surreptitiously with GMO crops in the area. Both of these lead to lots of [...]

    7. It is always a great pleasure for me to find a new mystery series and I was lucky enough to become acquainted with Bruno the chief of police in a tiny community in Dordogne, France by reading Martin Walker’s The Dark Vineyard. Walker has deftly created an interesting series which combines an attractive main character with a wonderful setting, a tasting of food and wine and an exciting mystery. This is not a wham, bam, thank you mam mystery nor is it hard boiled, even though it is exciting from [...]

    8. The second in this book is as charming as the first but my problems with the first have not been resolved. Bruno, the Chief of Police, is again too perfect. He makes all the right decisions, keeps others from making mistakes, knows everyone he should know and everyone loves him. It's all admirable but I think characters are at their best when they're not perfect. Also the life he leads in his rural path of France is perfect. He has dinners with his friends that are always happy occasions. The vi [...]

    9. Bruno Courrèges is chief of the police municipale, and the one and only officer on the local force, in the town of St Denis (in the Périgord region of the Dordogne, France) where he reports to the Mayor. 'The Dark Vineyard' by Martin Walker is the second of (at the time of writing) nine novels about Bruno Courrèges. I was keen to continue with the series having really enjoyed the first book, 'Bruno, Chief of Police'.Once again, a large part of the pleasure of this novel is in the evocation of [...]

    10. Bruno is another of my favourite detectives. St Denis, in the Dardogne, is a French kind of Midsomer, and St Denis happens to be the domain of Bruno, Chief of Police, a fit young police chief who, between hunting, raising hens, making omelettes and training the local rugby team, somehow finds time to solve crimes and have a complicated love life.It must be the French air.An arson attack on an unsanctioned experimental GMO farm generates an investigation by a Brigadier as it appears there was gov [...]

    11. First Sentence: The distant howl of the siren atop the Marie broke the stillness of the French summer night.The alarm on the top of the Mairie (city hall) of St. Denis calls Police Chief Bruno Courrèges and the volunteer squad out to a fire of a field and large barn. Upon investigation, Bruno learns the fire was arson and the property being used to develop GMO (genetically modified organisms) crops; specifically drought-resistant grape vines. The Californians are coming, wanting to buy a large [...]

    12. As L. Bob Rife says, I grew up and got old specifically to get away from this adolescent banter. And more importantly, angst. (Somewhat hilariously, this isn't the first time I've alluded to this comment. Hilarious because the contexts are so different. Anyway.)More seriously, part of the benefit of reading books with older main characters is that there's less adolescent relationship angst and social drama. Theoretically. In this book Bruno angsts a lot about women. It's annoying. Plus, the myst [...]

    13. A friend passed this book on to me and I found it to be a very pleasurable read. Set in the wine country of the Dordogne in France, this detective series features a village policeman who prefers the rural life to promotion to a higher rank in the city. In this novel, he must find out who burned down a secret research station which is followed by several murders. The policeman must tread carefully as his friends and neighbours come under suspicion, outsiders arrive threatening to buy out the loca [...]

    14. This is only the second in this series and I am loving it. It has the small-town feel of a cozy, but the murders are more "real" with more twists and difficulty in solving than a cozy. The main character is Chief of Police, Bruno, of the small town St. Denis in the Dordogne region of France. There's lots of talk about food and wine as Chief Bruno is a bit of an amateur chef and a wine connoisseur. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. He owns a nice house which he mostly built himself with a [...]

    15. Another charming romp through the French countryside to solve arson and, zut alors! murder. What I like about this series in the touchstone cultural references, In the first book the clash of EU standards for food to the local historical traditions ,and in this one controversial GMO crops. But mostly to enjoy the bonhomie that is Bruno-the biggest mystery to this series is how he remains single!

    16. A very good second entry in this series set in a small French village. There was a lot going on with the plot including arson, GMO crops, and a business deal that could change the village forever. The main character, Bruno, was just as smart and enjoyable as in the first book and the narration by Robert Ian MacKenzie was very well done.

    17. enjoyed it a lot.Great setting, great writing. Wonderful portrayal of small village life in France as well as a mystery to solve. He mentions wines I've never heard of. Looking forward to the next book in the series and highly recommend them.

    18. Years ago, I read the first book in this series, loved it, and then never got around to the others. This year, I reread that one and plan of catching up on all the rest, of which this is the second. The charms of southwest France laid out in the first book are carried fully over to this one, however, the engaging plotting has not. Here, the story kicks off with an arson attack, pivots to some shady GMO lab, then a huge American wine company comes poking around for land, ecological extremists des [...]

    19. The protagonist of the book is delightfully charming, hapless, and loyal at the same time. The depictions of French rural life make you want to go live there too. Brain candy like this is not easy to find.

    20. As usual a thoroughly entertaining read from Martin Walker. The characters are believable and Bruno, Chief of Police for the town of St Denis is very likeable. Descriptions of food, wine and love draw one into the beautiful country and lives of the inhabitants. Bruno triumphs as usual.

    21. This is an excellent mystery series set in a French village. The sense of place is fantastic, and Bruno is a chief of police you both respect and adore.

    22. I found "The Dark Vineyard" to be a slow-starter, even though it started with a suspicious fire. I had not read the first book in the series, "Bruno, Chief of Police" so it took a bit of sorting to figure out who all the village characters were. Since it didn't grab me at first, I set it down frequently, which only increased the trouble of keeping the story fresh in my mind. I finally decided to finish the book and finished it over a weekend.One of the problems and strengths of the book is that [...]

    23. Bruno, Chief of Police in St. Denis, along the Vezere, is the perfect antidote to a perfectly ghastly election year. Bruno loves his village, and treats each villager with a respect and dignity that seems almost quaint in light of todays' public behavior. In fact, he wields civility as a weapon, using the traditional shaking of hands/kissing of both cheeks ritual to exert a time-out calming effect on feuding neighbors. He keeps his ear to the ground so when an experimental vineyard burns, as it [...]

    24. The first book in the series was in the box of books at one of my bookclubs when I first joined it. It was a favourite but I'd forgotten about it until it was mentioned at a recent meeting. So it was with delight that I discovered a couple more in the series at the local library. Some of the nostalgic glow came of when I read this, the second book, but it was still a good read. If you enjoy the gentle antics of Guido Brunetti in Venice, you will enjoy Bruno in the French countryside. Both are ge [...]

    25. This is the second book in the Bruno Chief of Police series. I was given the first book as a gift and I was hooked. This second book is just as good as the first. I love the setting - St. Denis, France in the Dordogne district. Bruno Coureges is a wonderful protagonist. He's a policeman who knows his community, and he understands human nature. He is smart, compassionate, warm and kind. These books have wonderful secondary characters too and I'm beginning to get to know the whole of community of [...]

    26. This satisfying sequel to the very fine Bruno, Chief of Police returns us to the Dordogne region of France, where the residents of fictional St-Denis sit uncomfortably between trying to hold on to their traditions and surviving in an age of rapidly advancing technology and a globalized economy. While the first story turned on issues of race and history and what it meant to be French, this time the focus is on the evolving wine industry and the raging debate over genetically modified crops.As wit [...]

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