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Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ

Practice Resurrection A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ The fifth and final book in Eugene Peterson s best selling series of conversations in spiritual theology Practice Resurrection gets at the heart of strong healthy Christian formation Though bringing

  • Title: Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ
  • Author: Eugene H. Peterson
  • ISBN: 9780802829559
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The fifth and final book in Eugene Peterson s best selling series of conversations in spiritual theology, Practice Resurrection gets at the heart of strong, healthy Christian formation.Though bringing people to new birth in Christ through evangelism is essential, says Peterson, isn t it obvious that growth in Christ is equally essential Yet the American church does notThe fifth and final book in Eugene Peterson s best selling series of conversations in spiritual theology, Practice Resurrection gets at the heart of strong, healthy Christian formation.Though bringing people to new birth in Christ through evangelism is essential, says Peterson, isn t it obvious that growth in Christ is equally essential Yet the American church does not treat Christian growth and character formation with equivalent urgency We are generally uneasy with the quiet, obscure conditions in which growth takes place, and building maturity in Christ too often gets relegated to footnote status in the text of our lives.In Practice Resurrection Peterson brings the voice of Scripture especially Paul s letter to the Ephesians and the voice of the contemporary Christian congregation together to unpack what it means to fully grow up to the stature of Christ Peterson s robust discussion will move readers to restore transformed Christian character to the center of their lives.

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    1 thought on “Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ

    1. This is the fifth book in Peterson's spiritual theology series, though you can pick up any one by itself, they do not build on each other. Like the previous four, this one is fantastic. In this one, Peterson takes us on a tour of the book of Ephesians, introducing us to the church in Ephesus. The church community is at the center of this book, it is not too much to say that the way we grow up in Christ is to join others in community who are also moving towards that goal. I highly recommend this [...]

    2. This book focuses on relevant analysis and applications of Ephesians. It is beautifully written and helped renew my belief in the (local) church. Peterson, in his usual gentle voice, reminds us that the church is God's gift to us to minister to one another faithfully and learn to love one another and bear with one another patiently, warts and all. Peterson's lyrical prose resists the prescriptive "how to" reductionism that inundates most Christian bookstores and instead, embraces the tension of [...]

    3. This book is about Christian maturity and transformation based on Ephesians with a focus on the church. This is Peterson's 5th and final book in his series on spiritual theology. It's been a very enjoyable series for me to read. The point that impacted me and encouraged me in this book was Peterson's focus on the people who make up the church. All kinds of people are found in the church at various stages of growth or non-growth. He recounted one man who attended his church for many years, sat in [...]

    4. Grow Up!“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”Paul’s opening words in Colossians 3 remind his readers that the basis for all our right thinking and right behavior is the resurrection of Christ and the believer’s participation in resurrection living. Eugene Peterson has been helping me in my understanding of this as I have read and pondered Pr [...]

    5. I love the Church. I have loved the Church for decades. The Church is the Bride of Christ, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.In my years, there have been many who criticize the church (small c church), and not without good reason. Yes, it's messy. Yes, it is imperfect. But it is still the Church, when taken in all together.Eugene Peterson's study in Ephesians in Practice Resurrection is stunning. He takes this little epistle and shows us how it applies to the Church and everythi [...]

    6. Using Ephesians, Peterson focuses on the Church as a living and local body of Christ. This is thoughtful and consistently challenging - it has caused me to change how I approach and participate in church. I can't recommend this book enough. I will revisit this one often. This is the last part of his five-book spiritual theology series, all written in Peterson's 70s. They don't have to be read in order. The Jesus Way and Practice Resurrection impacted me the most, but I still think all are essent [...]

    7. Excellent! I love his writing style--he makes visible and concrete abstract concepts that we often know all about, but don't necessarily know how to live out.

    8. This book is a great companion to read alongside of the Book to the Ephesians. It provides a fresh perspective on the Christian life through the lens of Paul and prayer.

    9. Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ (2010) is the final book in the 5-volume spiritual theology series by Eugene Peterson. In the book, Peterson explores growth in Christ and character formation for the Christian by going slowly through Paul's letter to the Ephesians. In the introduction, Peterson wrote, "Evangelism is essential, critically essential. But is it not obvious that growth in Christ is equally essential?" In evangelical circles, I think we can become easily [...]

    10. What a wonderful study of the book of Ephesians! In this book, Eugene Peterson takes us on a journey through Ephesians, guiding us and helping us to understand what it means to grow up in Christ, to experience resurrection life. He describes how it is meant to take place within the company of church, for “church is a creation of Christ for growing up in Christ.” Church is not always a peaceful place, it’s not always a hospitable place, and sometimes it’s a messy and intolerant of others [...]

    11. You can safely call me a Peterson fan. All his books seem very thoughtful and caring. He really has a shepherd heart as a pastor. Now in retirement, his reflections continue to be profound (which means he clearly states things I have thought), but he goes way beyond that. Peterson gets the phrase 'practice resurrection' from Wendell Berry (another favorite author), so that got the book off to a great start with me. "Church is an appointed gathering of normal people in particular places who pract [...]

    12. "Practice Resurrection" is the last book of a five book series of conversations in spirituality and theology by Peterson. It is an exceptional ending to an excellent series of books. Peterson looks at various aspects of our faith journey throughout the series in a thoughtful and thought provoking way that speaks to followers of the Way whether they are evangelical or mainline in their traditions and backgrounds. This last book offers a wonderful insight into what it truly means to be church. Foc [...]

    13. Peterson's Practice Resurrection is a book about Ephesians, the church, and Christian maturity. For Peterson such maturity must come via the church and so it is a thoughtful reflection on the nature and purpose of the church (I want to say ecclesiology but do not want to frighten some of you away). The book rambles more than the first book in the series, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. The writing is not as tight and focused. But with that rambling you get much more pastoral advices, people [...]

    14. This was the first book I had read by Eugene Petersen aside from "The Message" translation of the Bible. Practising Resurrection is a reflection on the book of Ephesians. Rather than going though the book verse by verse, it picks up themes and weaves the overall thesis that our life together in Him and as the body of Christ demonstrates our resurrection calling. When I started out on this, I really thought Eugene Petersen was going to be my new favourite Christian author, but I didn't find the i [...]

    15. Having recently read ‘The word Made flesh’ and ‘Eat This Book’, and finding both extremely helpful, I came to ‘Practising Resurrection’ as a Peterson fan. He is one of a rare breed of Christian writers, in my view, who is able to combine the timelessness of a confident orthodoxy with relevance to a changing culture. His feet, as far as I can tell, are firmly planted on planet Earth This volume does not disappoint. It considers Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church and using Peterson [...]

    16. This is my second reading of Practice Resurrection. I have generally the same impression as the first time, that this is a great book about what it means to become mature in Christ and why the local church has to be a part of that. I think this is an important book for local church leaders to read about maturity and I think this is a book that counters the idea among some Christians that the focus of Christianity is on the salvation event. Christianity is not about an event, but about practicing [...]

    17. An excellent devotional read. Not a verse by verse commentary, but draws deep insights out of well known texts. It is the first book I had read by Eugene Peterson - gave me a little more understanding of where he is coming from in his version of the New Testament "The Message" too.What stands out is Peterson's high view of the church. Whilst openly acknowedging the many faults in today's churches, of whatever persuasion, he sees the church as the place where God has chosen to meet with us. As su [...]

    18. I read Practice Resurrection as a complement to a bible study on St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians. I say "complement" rather than "commentary" because Peterson has not written the latter. Although he does work through the book of Ephesians, with each of his 13 chapters corresponding to a section of the biblical text, his approach is to take a particular piece of the passage as a launching point rather than exegete the entire section.And most of it works back to his primary topic of growing in [...]

    19. It took me ten weeks to read this--but then Peterson is not known for being light-weight. Easy to understand, yes. But never shallow. Anyhow, if you've ever been dissatisfied with the church. Disappointed with the church. Romanticized the church. Wanted to give up on the church. Read this book. Peterson makes it abundantly clear that church is not about us having a pleasant experience with nice people and stimulating spiritual talk. It's about loving a bunch of fellow sinners. Messed up, crazy-m [...]

    20. This is Peterson's fifth and final book in the "Conversations of Spiritual Theology" series, and maybe my favorite. It is hard to tell, this entire series is a must read for any follower of Jesus who wants to go deeper in their faith and this one in particular, for growing up in Christ. This book is about the community of the Church and how it helps in the growth of you spiritually. Going through the book of Ephesians, not necessarily line by line, but an overview of each part of the letter from [...]

    21. Peterson is one of my favorite Christian authors because he's thoroughly biblical and preeminently pastoral. Practice Resurrection is the fifth and final book in Peterson's best-selling "conversations" on spiritual theology series. It examines primarily the topic of Christian maturity ("growing up in Christ") and secondarily the topic of the church, both through a leisurely, conversational stroll through the book of Ephesians. I liked the opening chapters okay, but I really got excited when he b [...]

    22. "If we are serious about the practice of resurrection, we have to do it in company with the risen Christ. We pay attention to the ways that Jesus forgave, loved, touched lepers, received outsiders, prayed for his friends. We know a lot about Jesus' ways. Resurrection is not a dogmatic truth that we spend the rest of our lives trying to understand. Resurrection is not a behavior that we can perfect through carefully managed ascetic techniques. Resurrection is a practice in which we engage as we " [...]

    23. I really love Peterson's style. Reading his books feels like a guided exercise in lectio-divina as he encourages you to pay attention to the details (smells, sounds, emotions) of common bible stories. This makes the old old stories feel fresh and new and contemprelevant. Peterson calls his reader back to a simpler faith rooted in wonder. A faith that resists the commercial gospel. Also, he offers some really poignant critique of consumerist self-help faith. Worth a read in my humble opinion.

    24. This is a book I would recommend to everyone in full time ministry or wishes to understand Christian maturity. Peterson understand the exegesis of the text but always brings it back to how we are going to live today. He puts a constant emphasis on God's sovereignty in the maturity process. But balances it with a high dose of personal responsibility, for this Armenian to feel challenged but comfortable. This book is a expose on the Trinity, the Ancient Church and the Church today. It is a must re [...]

    25. I'm not sure where to start, but whatever I say about this book will be gushing, so prepare yourself. This is a wonderful walk through Ephesians focused on the church community and spiritual maturity. After years of over-intellectualizing my faith, Peterson's emphasis on what he calls 'spiritual aesthetics' is water for a thirty soul. (I did warn you about the gushing.) This book has helped give me a vision of what true maturity is and has made me appreciate my local church in a new way and with [...]

    26. Peterson is an invaluable scholar and communicator of the gospel of Jesus. We need more of his insight, challenge and expertise in getting our theology into our hands and feet: in our loving and serving others, playing, working, singing, cooking and walking around everyday lives. I have devoured all his books, and I keep coming back for more!!

    27. Eugene Peterson's conversational style in this series (this is book 5) make them easy to understand and live. Ephesians has always been one of my favorites of Paul's epistle and this study of the letter and its implications for church are insightful and encouraging as with live in a community, growing into our resurrection lives. He has reminded me why I love being a part of my church.

    28. This is an excellent and practical book with some special insights on the book of Ephesians. The book has a very pastoral feel which Peterson displays with his compassionate writing about God's people and our need for patience with each other. W can be patient with each other because God is faithfully and patiently working with us to reveal Christ's resurrection life in us.

    29. A wonderful, narrative style commentary of sorts. Peterson's prose is fantastic and his scholarship seems sound as well. It is a great study in Ephesians that leaves you with hope and a joyfully contended spirit.

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